ATWT Update Wednesday 9/20/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 9/20/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the farm, Carly arrives and stares at Jack through the kitchen window before she summons up her courage and comes in to find him making the kid’s sandwiches. He is surprised to see her; she took an earlier flight because there was no real reason to stay on and Simon got sick – nothing serious. They chat politely but awkwardly about the kids and their homework. Then Carly broaches the subject cautiously as she slowly pulls out the papers. She wanted to be the one to give these to him; he got what he wanted; the divorce is final.

At the Lakeview, Simon is wheeling and dealing on the phone when Katie and Mike walk up and drop something in an envelope in front of him. Simon gets off the phone and asks sarcastically if this means Mike has gone postal? Mike answers ignoring his comment by suggesting he pay his suppliers. He is getting his mail still because they probably think he is still working for him. He also heard about his biggest investor, George Kirby, pulling out. Katie looks concerned as Mike is asking Simon about business.

At the hospital chapel, Holden is sitting in the pew, when Bob wanders in. He wants him to stop by his office later. Holden wonders if there is news about Lily? Has there been a change? Bob explains that is the problem - there hasn’t been any change in a very long time. Usually they see some type of improvement at this point and typically with other patients they have been put into nursing homes for long term care. Holden wonders about the specialist from Johns Hopkins? Bob tells him sadly that the specialist believes that Lily’s coma is permanent.

At Paul’s apartment, Henry is trying to usher Emily out, but she wants to stay. She angrily confronts Paul about the great job he did with Meg. He got another woman to lie and do his dirty work for him; he must be awfully proud. Paul tries to make her understand that he did it this way so they wouldn’t upset her because they were worried about the baby’s health. Meg adds that they felt if he was around less then she would become less dependent on him. Emily laughs without emotion; she was trying to get on with her life when Paul came bulldozing into it wanting to help her in every aspect. He thought he was helping because she appeared overwhelmed. Can they just go somewhere and talk alone? Emily calmly but forcefully answers that is when he does his best lying – when there are no witnesses. When they were alone, he told her he was having problems with Meg and that he needed to get away. Paul nervously tells her that he doesn’t want this to create another episode. Emily assures him she is just fine. She is fine now that she realizes she needs to quit listening to him because he is incapable of change – once a liar always a liar. Paul promises that they were not doing this to be malicious or to laugh behind her back. She knows what she is up against with him. She wouldn’t be surprised if he tells her that her baby died and use Meg to alter the blood work. Emily is on a roll and wanting to be told of everything – put it all on the table. Meg steps forward claiming they do have to tell her something, but Paul tries to stop her wondering if Emily should hear this right now. Meg feels Emily wants to be treated like an adult and should be. Emily laughs and tells Henry they are working to the big build up. Meg answers that she and Paul are engaged. Emily’s smile seems frozen on her face as she glares back at them both.

Simon assures that his project is on track and that he shouldn’t worry about the gossip on the street. When he saw George Kirby in Santa Domingo he explained he ran into some bad luck but it will all blow over. Katie wonders what he was doing there? He was helping Carly with her divorce. Katie is concerned; how is Carly? Simon glosses over the fact that this end part was just a formality. Katie answers abruptly that nothing about divorce is a formality. Simon heads off and Katie laments over the break up of Carly and Jack. She can’t believe they are really over. Should they warn her again? Mike feels confident that if Carly is grown up to get a divorce then she is grown up enough to handle Simon. Katie relents. She wants to talk about something great anyway. She got a call today and she wants to talk about it.

Jack is looking over the papers, probably reading the same sentence over and over. Carly tries to change the subject; does he need help with the sandwiches? He snaps back to reality that he can finish them. She will pick up the kids tomorrow then. Great, is all Jack can muster up. She answers that she has had a glimpse at ‘great’ and this is definitely not that. Jack eyes seem frozen on the papers; it is strange that through all the years, the kids and the arguments that can fit into a legal size envelope. Jack thanks her for bringing them by. Carly and Jack stare at each other longingly still when Carly finally breaks it by somberly saying good night to him before she hastily leaves.

Holden thinks this doctor could be wrong; he was planning on flying in another specialist anyway. Bob reminds him that the best doctors have examined Lily and it has not changed anything. She has been non-responsive for weeks. Holden feels that he can sense her there and that there is brain activity. Bob explains that because of their friendship and Lucinda being on the Board was the reason Lily wasn’t moved before. Holden angrily wonders if he should thank him then? He does not plan on giving up. Bob understands and he doesn’t plan on giving up either; he shouldn’t forget that he loves her too. He knows that Holden is exhausted from being here all the time and also trying to raise three young kids. How did they get to this point, Holden sadly wonders? Bob reminds him that this was a possibility, but Holden never believed it would come to this. He doesn’t know what to believe anymore. When does he need to decide by? Bob comforting tells him to take as long as he needs. After Bob leaves, Holden looks upwards and talks to himself; he wants to understand why nothing makes sense anymore? Why is she not with him? There is a light and then Lily’s image appears before him. She tells him that she is there with him.

Parker and JJ are trying to avoid going to bed so they ask Jack for some milk before they go upstairs. They are stalling as they look at the papers on the table; Parker comes across the divorce papers as Jack tries to cover them up. He realizes there is no use so he explains as best he can that he and Carly have been separated for a while and they thought it would be for the best to make it official. It is just paperwork; just because they are divorced doesn’t mean they don’t still love them. He doesn’t want them to worry because everything is going to be fine. JJ and Parker look at one another, each goading the other into asking. Finally Parker asks if his mom is going to marry Simon?

An exasperated Carly arrives home and starts to go upstairs but is interrupted by the doorbell ringing. She opens it to find Simon, who lets himself in. He needs her. Is that his best come on? It is late and she just saw Jack so she isn’t in the mood. He explains that they have a big problem and his name is George Kirby. For the next 48 hours, she is his – body, mind and soul.

Emily summons up forced congratulations through a phony smile. Paul starts to explain that they wanted to tell her before but there was never a good time. Emily sarcastically answers that she is shocked that there would be secrets between them. Sarcastically again, Emily comments that Paul would know best though. He doesn’t want to not be open about Meg. Emily adds until he implied that they were apart. Plain and simple, he is a liar! Frustrated, Paul raises his voice as he tells Emily that the deal fell through with the Intruder, he can’t save her from herself, and he is tired of pretending Meg isn’t the most important person in his life! He loves this child, but enough is enough. Emily is glad he told the truth finally so she knows where she stands and what she has to do now! Paul demands to know what that means? Emily turns to leave, but Paul orders her not to use their baby. She screams that she will keep the baby healthy, but they will never be a part of his life. All he has done is fail her and his promises mean nothing, so she has nothing to lose. Meg wonders if she is trying to punish them? Emily smirks as she comments about their healthy egos. She is sure Paul had a plan to sick a team of lawyers on her to deem her unfit. Paul intercedes that he has no plans to take their baby away from her. Emily doesn’t believe him, otherwise he wouldn’t have control and he can’t do without that. He will tell her lies and then lower the boom after the baby is born. She forgot for a while what he is capable of. She sneers at Meg that she is only good for being Paul’s lapdog. Paul jumps to her defense and orders her not to talk like that to Meg. Emily snaps that he doesn’t need to worry because the baby and she will be fine without him. Paul bellows that he will die before she takes his baby. Emily screeches back for him to die then… but this time he should stay dead, but he will probably fail at that as well, as she storms out the door with Henry in hot pursuit.

Holden stares disbelieving - is it really you? Lily smiles at him, yes it is. He has missed her so much and they are all so lost without her. He has been so strong. Holden explains that he can’t be everything though. She reminds him that she is never far away. He sometimes feels her close but other times he is scared that she is so far away that she won’t be able to find her way back. He doesn’t know what to tell the kids anymore; Natalie has been asking a lot of questions. She tells him softly that their mother is coming home to be with them soon. She doesn’t want him to let go. Holden promises not to. She doesn’t want him to forget their oath to love each other as long as they both shall live. She holds onto his hand and then the light disappears and his hand is empty.

Katie tries to explain that this doctor she has been talking to is a genius. She can make their dreams come true. Mike pushes to know what kind of specialist Dr. Chen is? Katie hedges but finally admits she is a fertility doctor. She has helped so many couples Katie quickly offers. Mike doesn’t think they should waste this doctor’s time with a problem that doesn’t exist. Katie doesn’t think it can hurt, but Mike is adamant that they are not going to see this doctor – end of discussion.

Katie is shocked by his extreme reaction.

Jack promises that he is always direct with them and if that was going to happen then he would have sat them down and they would have talked about it. They try to stall going to bed again, but Jack sends them on their way. Sleep tight and don’t let the tarantulas bite JJ says. Parker turns as he is heading upstairs and says to him that he bets him mom will come back to him. Jack sits back down to stare at the divorce papers again.

Carly is looking over the papers Simon brought; it is a lot of money. Simon claims money isn’t the problem, but Carly isn’t sure about that. They can always find more money unless potential investors hear they are in trouble and then they are dead in the water. He can cover the money they need but it isn’t a good investment move because by the time he liquidates enough money too much time would have been lost. They need to get buyers in the units right away. Carly doesn’t see how that is possible because they are in no way ready. That is why they are going to hold a broker open house. Carly likes the idea; she could get them ready in about a month. Simon smiles that coy smile and offers her two days. She is stunned but he works his charms and she relents. He knew she would save him, but she tells him she is saving herself. The sooner there is cash in the bank then the sooner they can focus back on what was happening between them in Santa Domingo. Carly grins at his suggestion.

Mike wonders if she is really concerned they have a problem? She is worried – and that is a problem. Why not put her mind at ease? Why wait months and months only to be disappointed? He wants a baby as badly as she does, but instead of talking about techniques shouldn’t they just be enjoying this? Katie smiles; if he wants to talk about enjoying something, then she is all for that, as she whips out a hotel key to the Honeymoon suite. Mike laughs at this. She is not showing much patience, but he likes her style. How will she ever wait nine months when they actually get pregnant? He wants her to go upstairs and get into bed and he will meet her up there. Katie leaves and Mike heads in the other direction.

Emily is sobbing as she tells Henry how much of a fool Paul made of her. Henry hugs her. If she wants to go toe to toe in that department she will lose considering he thought his sister was one of the most responsible and stable person he knew, who would keep Maddie safe from harm. Emily realizes his pain and apologizes. He wonders what the attraction is with Paul? He has two gorgeous women falling all over him. It is a dream, Emily explains. He weaves a beautiful dream; it isn’t your dream but he makes you believe it is. Emily has an idea; he knows people who can help her disappear. Henry doesn’t want to think about that. She means it. Henry asks if she is going to up and leave her whole world behind? No, she is going to take it with her.

Paul is really concerned about what Emily threatened. Meg tries to comfort him; she will calm down, but Paul thinks this time was different because she was calm. He has checked on the terms of her probation. She doesn’t have to stay in Oakdale. They will track her then, Meg answers. Paul is nervous that would only work if Emily stays in touch. Meg is sure that she was just trying to scare him, but Paul is unconvinced. What should they do then? Paul doesn’t want to talk about it because he feels her has tested the boundaries of her loyalty. They are a team, she promises. He wants her to promise no matter how ugly it gets or what happens she will always be by his side? Meg looks nervous at this request.

Holden stands to leave the chapel when he runs into a priest. Does he feel better? He knows prayer helped him. Holden agrees, especially when you feel your prayers are about to be answered.

Mike meets Katie in the hallway with a big bouquet of flowers. He also has champagne, but Katie doesn’t think she is going to need that because he already knows how to make her feel dizzy. They kiss passionately and decide that it is time to make a baby.

Jack is asleep at the table when his cell phone rings. He answers it and it is Carly telling him how she feels that they made a mistake and she didn’t really want to go through with the divorce, but Simon talked her into it. Jack can’t believe that it is over, but Carly tells him that it is not over for her and it will never be. Jack’s cell phone rings again and rouses him from his dream. It is Carly however, which noticeably throws Jack considering what he was dreaming about. He answers it half expecting it seems to have the same conversation he just had in his dream, but Carly needs a favor instead. She needs him to keep the kids a few more days. There is an emergency at work and they need to work day and night. Jack starts to complain about how Simon is working her too hard when he catches himself. Old habits die-hard. She loves the challenge and she wants to be proud of something she accomplished, so this is important to her. Jack agrees and wishes her good luck. They hang up and Jack stares into the distance with this sullen look on his face.

Paul explains he has a meeting with a lawyer in Springfield who is a cutthroat and who knows every family court judge. He is hoping he can get an injunction from allowing Emily to leave town. How long will he be gone? He hopes only a day or so. What does he want her to do in the meantime? He doesn’t want to prove Emily’s theory about him using her. She loves him and she doesn’t want him to worry about that. She hopes what he wants her to do is legal though. He agrees of course it is. He just wants her to prevent Emily from leaving town.

Emily tells Henry she has made a list of possible moves Paul could make so she can block him and make her escape. She has forgotten one thing on her list Henry notes… how much he is going to miss her. Emily smiles warmly and reciprocates that feeling. She has one more obstacle though. What is that, Henry asks, fearful of her answer? They can do this; Emily believes, which makes Henry look more nervous. She needs one more favor and then Paul and his team of private investigators will never find her!

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