ATWT Update Tuesday 9/19/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 9/19/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At their Lakeview suite, Dusty assures Barbara he doesn’t need to be warned about Craig or that he would use Lucy to get to Johnny. She thinks he is vulnerable right now and is not able to judge. Doesn’t she trust him to take care of Johnny? He and Lucy are friends. She thinks they are walking around in a fog since Jen’s death and adding Lucy into the equation complicates things, as Lucy walks back into the room. Dusty angrily answers he doesn’t want to hear anymore, but Lucy answers that she does because she is sure Barbara has much more to say.

Elsewhere at his Lakeview suite, Henry opens the door in front of a darkened room, to find a worried Emily standing there. She wants to know how he is and she is worried about him sitting alone drinking in the dark. He is dandy he sarcastically answers, fresh back from Chicago trying to explain about Maddie and Eve. She appreciates it must have been brutal; he needs something to get his mind off of it. Henry answers sarcastically that he does and it starts with an “M” and ends with an “-ini”. Emily doesn’t think he needs to drink alone. He needs a good friend and an adventure. Henry sees where this is going, when she assures him he needs a full-blown dust off your maid’s uniform adventure. He replies that he has “housemaid knee”, a debilitating condition. She admits Paul is missing. He claimed he and Meg needed some time apart so he took a trip but she doesn’t know to where. Henry thinks that tracking him down is wrong, but Emily assures him that she needs to find him as much as he needs to get up and start living again.

At his apartment, Meg and Paul playfully rush through the door as they are kissing and in the background tropical music is playing. Newsflash – they are still in Oakdale she mentions, but Paul pretends they are in heaven. Meg kisses him back but believes it will be a short while before Emily comes looking for him. He smiles; he bribed the doorman to tell any crazy pregnant woman who may be looking for him that he is on vacation. Meg smiles at this and kisses him again. So they are going to hide out? They are, he admits, until he can whisk her away to paradise. Paul wants her to think of this similar to their trip to Fiji, but Meg thinks it is more like Hawaii considering the music. Paul smiles coyly and tells her he is imagining her in a grass skirt.

At church, Will is leaving another message for Gwen still worried about where she is. Luke walks up interrupting him, explaining he is just fetching Jade’s sweater she left behind. He admits she told him about being pregnant. Did she also tell him that thanks to her his life is now worth nothing, he has used up his last chance with Gwen, and there are no second chances this time.

At the Wagon wheel motel room, Jade finds Gwen waiting for her. She is stunned but soon asks what she is doing there? Gwen wants to know what she ever did to her? She tried to be her friend; she gave her a place to stay and stuck up for her when people called her a liar and user. Jade tells her that she never meant to hurt her. Gwen laughs coldly saying she doesn’t believe her because she finally gets one good thing in her life and she has to take it away. Why? Jade snaps that she doesn’t hate her. Gwen doesn’t agree, and furthermore she thinks it was a set up from day one. If she got Will to cheat at school then maybe he would cheat on her. Jade angrily defends that she didn’t get him to do anything because she was the one who pushed him away that night. Gwen snaps back furiously that she moved in with lightning speed. Jade reminds her that she told Will that they were over. Gwen icily responds that she has no idea what was said between them that night. She never intended for this to happen, especially getting pregnant. How many guys since Will has she slept with, Gwen demands to know? Jade claims there are no others. Gwen wonders if she would take a pregnancy test? Jade answers coolly that she would have no problem with that. Gwen is quickly convinced that she would be able to scam her way through that anyway. Jade bitterly answers that those women who can’t give a guy what he needs always blame those who can. Gwen stares at her disbelieving. If she wasn’t pregnant right now… Jade wants to know what she would do? She needs to get over it because history proves they are alike. Gwen yells back that Casey was not married and neither of them were in committed relationships. They won’t have a problem if Will comes through, Jade says. Does he have a choice? They always do, Jade reminds her or has she forgotten that too? Gwen thinks she loves this, as if this baby is going to buy her all the things she missed out on growing up. Jade sneers that blowing up like a balloon and having no life is her idea of a great time. Are wrecking lives her idea then? Jade tells her that whatever happens between her and Will, she needs to live with it… she will.

Emily wants to just break into his apartment to find out where he is? Henry wonders if she likes the holding cell at jail that much? What choice is he leaving her? Amnesia, Henry answers. She needs to forget about Paul. If she could just get her hands on a brochure, itinerary or a receipt that may lead her to where he is. Or maybe he left breadcrumbs, Henry jokingly says? She needs him because he is the only one who knows how to pick a lock. Haven’t they been over this? Rational people don’t do this - they knock on the door. She normally would these days, but Dr. Schiller is making a lot of noise about doing some genetic testing on the baby and she needs to talk to him because she can’t make a decision without him. Once she is inside, she will take it from there. Henry wonders what that cryptic statement means? She thinks the less he knows the better, but he begs to differ on that. The last time he was left in the dark, things turned out really badly.

Meg jokes about where Paul would get music like this? She didn’t know this was his type of music. He admits that a fabric supplier at BRO from Hawaii used to send him CD’s at Christmas. Meg cozies up to Paul and admits it creates quite a mood – it makes her want to make love with him on a beach underneath the stars. Paul smiles slyly there are stars they can see from his balcony. Meg returns his sly look. Doesn’t he have neighbors? They will just have to turn off the lights and be really quiet, as he leads Meg towards the door.

Will laments to Luke that he made a promise to Gwen that he would make her life easier; how can he do that with what is going on with Jade now? Will’s cell phone rings interrupting them; it is Gwen and she needs to talk to him, as Jade listens from behind the door. She will meet him back at the church. Will tells Luke that it was Gwen and she wants to talk; he hopes that is a good sign. Luke hopes that he is able to get through to her. Will thanks him for what he didn’t say. Luke smiles understanding and leaves.

Barbara doesn’t think she can understand what they have gone through since Jen’s death. They smile through the pain, pretend they are a happy family and that their hearts aren’t breaking; they do everything they can to make it ok for Johnny. Lucy can understand it must be hard, but Barbara snaps that she truly can’t know since she has never lost a child. Dusty wants Barbara to aim her anger at him if at anyone. She is mad at life. Dusty wonders how this is Lucy’s fault? She is just afraid that she will take advantage of Jen’s death so they can get comfortable again and walk down memory lane. Dusty doesn’t want her to have to listen to anymore of this so he offers to walk her out. Once outside, Dusty apologizes but Lucy admits she understands. It is soon. Dusty asks if she is implying it is too soon to see a movie? There was a moment or two where he wasn’t reaching for Jen’s hand. He doesn’t know how he feels about that but that is a fact. She doesn’t want to cause problems between he and Barbara because they need each other right now. He needs all the friends he can get and he is sure that Jen would approve of her. Lucy leaves and Dusty goes back inside; Barbara is there sadly clinging to Johnny. Dusty carefully takes Johnny from her and cuddles him as he tells her calmly that if she ever pulls a stunt like that again they are out of there. Barbara understands and apologizes for being blunt; it is not about Lucy personally. How can he not think it isn’t something that she is Craig’s daughter and Johnny is his son? Dusty corrects her; Johnny is his son. Barbara doesn’t think Craig cares about some legal document; he cares about flesh and blood. Dusty reminds her that Lucy cut him loose a long time ago; he is in jail and won’t be getting out. How can he be sure, she cuts him off – he is her father. He chooses to believe her. What if he sends her a sappy heartfelt letter about wanting to know what Johnny’s first words was etc? He doesn’t believe it will happen or matter. She is sure that letting Lucy into Johnny’s life is practically the same as letting Craig into his life; Jen would never risk Johnny’s safety like this. Dusty wants her to stop this because she isn’t scared of Craig or Lucy; he thinks she is afraid that he will forget about Jen.

Lucy is sipping wine at the bar in the Lakeview when Lucinda arrives. Is she celebrating something or drowning her sorrows? Lucy answers neither. Why is she there? Lucinda sighs heavily – a long Board meeting. She asks for something strong from the bartender. How was her movie? Fine, but she will never guess whom she saw? Lucinda grins – Dusty – it must be fate. Lucy would rather think it was dumb luck. He invited her upstairs after and they ran into Barbara who bounced her out. Why? She thinks she resents that she is alive and Jen isn’t. Dusty got her out of there before it got to ugly though. Lucinda asks about what it was like before Barbara beared her claws? It was nice – like old times, she admits. Lucy takes a deep breath and then admits that she was right – she is still in love with Dusty and has never stopped.

Meg and Paul are lounging on his balcony sipping some tropical fruity looking drinks. They kiss some more. Meanwhile, outside Henry and Emily, dressed in disguises of Barbara and her blind ‘cousin’, are giggling how they got one over on the bellman. As Henry is using his expertise to unlock Paul’s door, Emily is struck with the thought that he should be the baby’s Godfather. Henry laughs; does he need to rob a bank for that honor? Emily jokes that isn’t a bad idea. As he opens the door, he comments about having his hands insured. Once inside, Henry wants to wait outside. As he is leaving, he hears the Hawaiian music playing and thinks they need to get lost but Emily stops him assuring him that Paul leaves music or a TV on when he is gone. Henry teases that he is too cheap for a security system apparently. Once Henry steps out, Emily is trying to figure out where to start; she mumbles to herself about where he could be or if he left a clue? Meg and Paul, who are enjoying their Hawaiian fantasy, stop upon hearing her voice. Meg worries; didn’t he change the locks? He did. What are they going to do now?

Will is sitting in the pew with his head in his hands when Gwen comes in. He is thrilled that she is there. Where did she go? She admits she went to see Jade; she had some things she wanted to say to her. He understands. He has been sitting here praying – for them, but he realizes this time he needs more help for a second chance. He needs her to forgive him again. Gwen sadly tells him that it doesn’t matter if she gives that to him. He understands that it is worse now that a baby is involved. She admits that it changes everything. Dose he remember when they brought Billy home? They became so close caring for him, going through the process of taking care of a baby. This time though he is going to be experiencing this with Jade. Will drops his head. She has learned in the past few weeks that she loves him and she doesn’t know how not to. He seconds that. She is not that strong though. She can’t spend the rest of her life watching Jade give him something she couldn’t. Will looks devastated at her admission.

Lucy explains that it doesn’t matter how she feels though. Lucinda wonders since when love doesn’t matter? She answers directly, since the man she is in love with is still in love with his dead wife. When she first heard his voice when she originally came back to town, her heart stopped, but then she heard him talk about Jen and how much in love they were, and she had to pretend to be happy. She can’t do that anymore. Lucinda thinks she doesn’t have to; she can be his friend and if something develops she will know and handle it when that happens, but in the meantime she shouldn’t let Barbara bully her.

Barbara apologizes again; she is worried that they will forget Jen. She is afraid she already has. She tried to remember her voice when she was 16 and she couldn’t, so she had to get out some movies of her then to remember. Dusty approaches Barbara closely in a comforting way. He assuredly tells her he will never forget her; all he has to do is to look in Johnny’s eyes or smile. Dusty doesn’t think any of this is Lucy’s fault. She is not going to spy on Johnny for Craig; she is just a friend. Barbara wants him to apologize for her. He is going for a walk. After he leaves, Barbara quickly gets on the phone and calls Lucinda, who is still sitting with Lucy, and pleads with her to come as soon as she can they have a big problem.

Meg gets up and tells Paul she will handle Emily. As Meg is walking into the livingroom, Emily smells a shirt of Paul’s. What is she doing there – did she pick the lock, Meg demands? Emily poses the same question. Meg pretends to be packing up some of her stuff. Has she heard from him? No. Emily goads her, so she thinks, by bringing up the fact that she heard they were having problems. Meg snaps it is none of her business. When she forces Paul out of town, then it is her problem. Dr. Schiller wants to do some genetic testing and she needs to talk to Paul. Meg wants to know specifics but Emily dodges the question. Emily snips about her emptying bedpans does not qualify her to ask or know about why they do genetic testing. Meg thinks making up needing Paul because of genetic testing for her baby is pretty low – even for her. Emily comments back that being jealous of an innocent baby is sad. Meg replies that Paul has committed to the baby and that doesn’t mean he is committing to her. Emily demands to know where Paul is or she will tear the place apart. Meg looks nervous knowing Paul is right outside stuck on the balcony with no place to go. Emily then spies Paul’s laptop and comments bitterly how she could understand Paul leaving her behind but he would never leave his computer. Meg is starting to feel the pressure of Emily figuring something out so she asks her if she wants her to call the police? Emily is unfazed that she is threatening to cal her cousin Jack. Meg thinks that jail wouldn’t be the best option for a mother who supposedly needs genetic testing. Emily backs down. She will leave; Paul will call her soon and she will say hi for her. After she leaves, Paul comes out and explains he will call Emily in a couple hours so she won’t have to deal with her. Meg angrily answers of course she will always have to deal with her – she is like death and taxes. Is she ok? No, Meg snaps; she wanted to drop kick a very pregnant woman… she is not ok!

Luke comes to see Jade to bring her sweater. She tells him how Gwen was there and how she blames her for everything. Luke wants her not to get her hopes up because Will is not going to come running to her like before. Is he sure about that? He just saw Will and he could see in his face how he felt about Gwen; it is all about her, and just because she is pregnant, don’t expect that or anything else to ever change his feelings for Gwen.

Will urges Gwen not to leave the church; they need to talk this through. Gwen is insistent that this can’t be fixed this time. Will tries to sway her by explaining how much she means to him; he feels as if he can finally breath when she is near him; he knows who he is when he is with her. She admits she feels the same way. She wishes this feeling is all it takes to make it. She has gone over the past couple of months in her mind and she realizes she was somewhat to blame as well. She pressured him a lot she now sees. She tells herself that she can do this now and that she will be big, but then she imagines him, Jade and baby as a family. Will reassures her that they will never replace her or what they had with Billy. They are supposed to adopt someday and he can be a real dad to their child. She knows he is not the type of person to simply write a check and walk away. A good father raised him. Will reminds her it is equally as important for him to be a good husband. He will never feel the same way about anyone else as he does for her. She agrees that she will never feel for someone as she does for him too. She wishes she could close her eyes and get lost with him, but then when she opens them she knows how things will play out. There isn’t going to be a happy ending. It will happen slowly at first, but soon she will start to resent him, Jade and then the baby. That is no way to live and she would rather end things now then later and she gets up slowly and walks away with Will calling out for her to come back.

Lucinda arrives soon at Barbara’s door since she was just downstairs. Barbara tells Lucinda her grand daughter is sizing up Dusty. Lucinda reminds her they are just friends, but Barbara also reminds her that Dusty is Jen’s husband too. Lucinda gently reminds that Jen is gone unfortunately; none of them expect to outlive their children. What is all of this about, she wonders? She shouldn’t forget that all you have is your life and it doesn’t stop for any of them. Barbara is sure that Dusty will break her heart, but Lucinda thinks if that happens then it happens – at least she will know that she is alive. Barbara thinks it seems heartless, but Lucinda thinks that they aren’t children and can’t be told whom they can and cannot see. Barbara is sure Dusty will never be able to love another and Lucinda frowns saying she hopes that is not true and that their lives didn’t end with Jen’s death.

Dusty sees Lucy at the bar in the Lakeview. She was with Lucinda until Barbara summoned her. Dusty explains he talked to Barbara. How did it go? She summoned Lucinda so maybe not as well as he thought, they both grin. He really feels that Barbara is more afraid then angry. Lucy truly believes she hates her. Dusty explains she may think that but she really doesn’t know. Lucy smiles at his attempt to cheer her up. What are friends for? Are they still friends against Barbara’s desire, Lucy asks? He is sure she will settle down. Lucy hopes she does by next week. Why? There is another movie. She will get the tickets if he buys the popcorn. That stuff is bad for you. Lucy wonders why the stuff people like is usually bad for you. Why is that, Dusty also wonders? They both stare at each other for a moment.

Emily is talking with Henry outside Paul’s apartment. Meg was in there packing her things and not looking happy, she says with a smirk. She is back in the winner circle. Henry holds out his fake blind man’s walking stick – she truly does need this since she is the blind one.

Meanwhile, inside Meg is irate; she felt like a fool lying for him. Paul apologizes. This is a recurring theme and she doesn’t want to live like this; they can’t have even one night to themselves.

Back in the hall, a satisfied Emily thinks that the fat lady has sung for the two of them. Henry, who has moved closer to the door, tells Emily to listen. They hear Meg asking how much more she has to take? Emily grins thinking she is driving Meg over the edge. Her smile fades in lightning speed however when she hears Paul answer her saying he promises to make everything ok. She growls to Henry about him being in there with her the entire time. She barges back through the door and rages at Paul that his vacation is all over she sees. If they think they can make a fool out of her then they can think again!

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