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As the World Turns Update Monday 9/18/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

In Santo Domingo, Simon and Carly continue to make love and Simon tells Carly he will do anything she wishes him to do so she tells him to surprise her but when he is ready to do so he has to get up and go to the bathroom because he is sick from all the drinks he had at the bar.

At the Movie Theater, Dusty wonders why Lucy got such a big bucket of popcorn and huge candy bar and Lucy explains that she wanted to get the action figure from the movie to give to Johnny. Dusty thinks that is sweet of Lucy but he is a little young for action figures but he agrees to save it for him to play with when he is older. Dusty asks Lucy to come home with him and give Johnny the present herself.

At the Church, Bob tells everyone at the memorial service that inside the program for the service there is a blank piece of paper for them to write a prayer or a good-bye message to their friends then they are to put the pieces of paper inside a box. Bob also tells them they can stay at the church as long as they need to stay. Liv tells Casey she is sorry for all the things she said about Maddie. Tom tells Casey that he thinks his words at the service had a healing effect. Casey is disappointed Maddie wasn’t there to hear Liv’s words to him because they would have helped her heal.

At the Lakeview, Maddie turns down Margo’s kind offer to move in with her because Margo kicked her out because of her relationship with Casey. Margo apologizes for her mistake and tries to persuade Maddie to move back in with her and Tom but Maddie doesn’t think she can leave Henry alone because he needs her. Henry arrives and Margo tells him she invited Maddie to move back in with her and Tom and Henry thinks it’s a great idea Maddie is hurt because she thinks Henry doesn’t want her around because she was raped. Henry explains to Maddie that he is very uncomfortable talking to her about the rape because he is a man and doesn’t know how to help her but since Margo has also been raped she understands and can better help her. Henry tells Maddie that he will see her as often as possible at the Lakeview or at Margo’s for dinner he also tells Maddie that he loves her very much and wants her to be in a safe place where she can heal. Maddie is surprised that Henry would allow her to live with Casey. then Henry tells Margo that Maddie can’t be near Casey right now but Margo explains that Casey is going to live in the dorm and while he may visit occasionally he won’t be living at the house. Casey and Tom arrive and Henry asks Tom how he feels about Maddie living with them. Tom tells Henry that both he and Margo agree that Maddie should live with them but the decision is up to Maddie. Maddie accepts the invitation and Casey says if Maddie is moving in then he is going to live at home not the dorm. Tom, Margo and Henry all say that is absolutely impossible and begin to argue with Casey all speaking at the same time. Maddie stops them and asks them all to leave so she can speak to Casey alone so they all leave and Henry remind Maddie that he will be outside if she needs him.

Outside the church, Will wants to go someplace where he and Gwen can talk alone but when Gwen turns and sees Jade listening to their conversation she wonders what Jade has to do with this problem that is bothering him. Gwen also insists that Will tell her what is wrong now so Will screams for Jade to leave so he can talk to his wife alone. Gwen thinks Will is in love with Jade but Will makes it clear to Gwen that he only loves her and isn’t in love with Jade. Will also tells Gwen that he promised himself that he would be honest with her from now on so he must tell her Jade is pregnant. Gwen wonders if Will used protection and he says he did but they are not always effective so this had to be an accident. Will tells Gwen that Jade wants to keep the baby so he has to take responsibly for the child but he doesn’t want anything to do with Jade. Will once again begs Gwen to forgive him and move past this latest mistake. Gwen tells Will she can’t forgive him this time and she must be alone right now so he shouldn’t follow her.

Luke wonders what Jade has to do with Will and Gwen and Jade tells him she is pregnant with Will’s child. Luke stops Jade from following Will and tells her she must face the fact Will doesn’t love her. Jade goes back inside the church and Dallas apologizes to her for everything that he put her through and he also offers his sympathies to Luke for the loss of his friends. Dallas is curious about Jade and Jessica tells him he will see her often at the police Station because she is trouble.

Barbara is also worried about Will and Gwen but Bob and Kim tell her not to interfere and if Will and Gwen need her help they will ask her for her help.

In Santo Domingo, Once Carly has put a cold washcloth on Simon’s head and he feels a bit better then she takes his clothes off and puts him under the sheets so he can sleep off the hangover but Simon wants to make love so Carly helps him to the shower and turns the cold water on so Simon can get sober. Simon also drags Carly in the shower with him and they both start laughing.

At the Lakeview, Lucy gives Johnny the action figure she brought for him and Johnny spills his drink on Lucy. Lucy tells Dusty that Johnny is a wonderful little boy and he is doing a great job raising him. Dusty thins that Johnny is very stubborn and determined like Jennifer but Lucy points out his father is very determined Dusty is very hurt that Lucy mentioned Craig and makes it clear that he not Craig is Johnny’s father. Lucy apologizes but she can’t help but think of Craig when she looks at Johnny and then she tells Dusty that she knows he is Johnny’s father and she will never tell Johnny anything else. Lucy asks Dusty if it okay if she comes to visit Johnny so she can get to know her little brother. Dusty smiles and agrees he even tells Lucy that she can come visit Johnny tomorrow.

Maddie tells Casey that she understands he wants to help her but the best way for him to do that is to live his normal life so she can have time to heal and someday feel normal again herself. Casey agrees to move into the dorms and Maddie tells him she will come visit. Him and he can see her when he comes home to do his laundry on the weekends.

In Santo Domingo. Carly tells Simon she was ready to make love but he wasn’t because he still loves Katie. Carly thinks that he got drunk on purpose so he wouldn’t have to make love to her. Simon tells Carly that isn’t true he just got drunk with her so she could forget her troubles and he can’t understand why she didn’t get drunk. Carly smiles and tells Simon she asked the bartender to water down her drinks. Simon makes it clear to Carly that he does want her and he isn’t thinking of Katie so Carly tells Simon they should wait to make love until their building project is over and then they can have time to see where this relationship takes them. Carly tells Simon to finish the project quickly because she could change her mind.

At the Lakeview, Barbara arrives and isn’t happy to see Lucy with Dusty so Dusty explains that he and Lucy ran into each other at the movies and Lucy came to bring a gift for Johnny. Lucy thinks she should go home to wash the stain out of her dress. Dusty insists Lucy go wash the stain out in the bathroom before it has a chance to set. Once Lucy is gone Dusty blasts Barbara for making Lucy feel like his rebo8nd romance. Dusty demands to know why Barbara hates Lucy so Barbara tells him she thinks Lucy are dangerous.

In Santo Domingo, Carly comes back inside Simon’s room and gets in bed with him but once she sees he is in deep sleep she leaves to go back to her room.

Outside the church, Will calls and leaves a message for Gwen telling her he loves her and he is worried about her so she should return his call.

At Jade, place, Luke brings Jade home and she thanks him for all his support because she really needed to tell someone about the baby. Jade turns on the light puts her keys on the table and is shocked to see any angry Gwen inside her apartment.

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