ATWT Update Friday 9/15/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 9/15/06


Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo

Carly and Simon are in Santo Domingo.  Carly has just gotten her divorce and Simon attempts to cheer her up by getting her drunk.  “Well, now Simon—if I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you were trying to get me in the sack.”  Simon replies with, “you’re right.”  Simon suggests that she get a new man.  Simon gets up and dances a little by Carly.  He then leaves to get the soundtrack changed.  Carly goes to the bar and throws away the drink Simon bought her.  She sees a stack of taro cards.  The first card says that there’s a dark handsome man in her future.  The second card means loss and gain, it says the future will bring much joy if she lets it.  She looks over to Simon and sees him dancing with another girl.  She smiles at him.  The other song finishes and the girl walks away.  Simon looks at Carly and she starts to dance.  He spins her in and pulls her close.  They start to dance.  Simon spins her one more time and suggests they go upstairs.  The two go into their room.  They kiss, but Carly stops him.  She says she’s only been divorced for a couple of minutes and doesn’t want to ruin their business relationship.  Simon says it wont and kisses her again.  Carly tells him to stop.  Simon says he will if that’s what she really wants.  Carly thinks about it for a minute but then kisses him. 

Casey and Maddie are outside of the memorial.  Maddie sees all the people and refuses to go in.  Casey tells her that she can do it, but Maddie is not too sure.   Maddie tries to explain that she can’t go in because her sister killed all of those people.  Casey tells her to cut herself some slack.  He says that they’ll sit together and go home afterward.  Margo, Tom, Jessica, and Dallas walk in and say they should take their seats soon.   

Will and Jade are in the church.  Jade has just dropped a bomb on Will; she’s pregnant.

Gwen, Barbara, Bob, and Kim are at outside the memorial.  Kim pesters Gwen about her leg and Barbara says that she’s lucky she didn’t bleed to death.  “I’ve been lucky in a lot of ways.”

Will is shocked by Jade’s news.  He hears Barbara, Gwen, Bob, and Kim outside so he takes Jade and they hide in the other room

Lucy is with Lucinda at the hospital.  She tries desperately to convince Lucinda that she doesn’t want to date Dusty, but Lucinda doesn’t believe it.  Lucy tries to think of reasons why they can’t be together, but Lucinda works around them.  Lucy says that she’s going to the movies by herself, and that’s how she likes it.

Gwen, Barbara, and Kim walk into the memorial.  Kim talks about how Bob knew all of the kids personally.  Bob walks in and Gwen asks if he saw Will outside.  Bob says no, and Gwen starts to look worried.  Barbara suggests that Will is with the minister since they organized all of this.

Will and Jade are in the other room of the church.  Will questions Jade about how she got pregnant and when she found out.  Jade says that she found out the day before.  Will says that he doesn’t know how it happened because he wore protection.  Jade tell him that they sometimes don’t work.  Will has a hard time believing it, but Jade insists she’s pregnant.  She explains that she got a test from the drug store and she went to the free clinic.  Both tests came back positive.  Will asks what she’s going to do.  Jade says she considered abortion.  She also considered adoption but she doesn’t want her baby to be given to people that didn’t love it, like what happened to her.  Jade finally says that she’s keeping her baby.  She also says that he doesn’t have to be involved if he doesn’t want to.  Keeping the baby was her choice and she can make it on her own.  Jade tells him that the memorial is starting and he should take a minute.  She leaves and sits in the front row next to Luke. 

Lucy is at the movies.  She just settles down when a tall man goes right in front of her.  She gets up to find another seat and crashes into Dusty.  Lucy asks if he’d like to join her; Dusty accepts.  They find some other seats.  Lucy shares her popcorn and licorice with Dusty and smiles.  She lets her hair down and looks at him.  

The minister walks in and tells everyone to take their seats.  Gwen takes a seat in the front row next to Barbara and looks around for Will.  Maddie walks in with Casey; she sees all of the pictures of the kids and runs out.  Casey wants to go look for her, but Margo says that she’ll go. 

Gwen looks around for Will, but doesn’t see him. Will finally walks up and sits next to Gwen.  Jade looks over at him.

Bob stands up and talks about each of the kids that he’s watched grow up.  “The energy force, the life force that we felt from these young people lives in us.  It also lives in every baby that is born.”  Will hears this and walks out of the church.  Gwen follows him out.   Will tells her that she should go back in.  Gwen asks, “What happened? Something bad?”  Will replies with, “yeah.  Something bad.”  Gwen thinks he’s talking about Jen, and how it must’ve been hard to be in the church again.  She says that she’s not going anywhere.  She feels more married to him now then she ever did before and nothing he says is going to change that.   Gwen asks what’s wrong.   Will says that all he wanted is to be together.  Gwen says that they are and they’re going to have the family that they’ve always wanted.  Jade watches from inside the church.

Maddie is talking with Margo in Maddie’s room.  She explains that Eve never used to hate her and how everything used to be okay when Eve was around.    Margo tells her that Eve is mentally ill.  Margo explains that she felt to same way when she was raped.  Margo tells her that what happened was Louis’ fault and Eve was just Louis’ victim.    Margo says that she has so much to look forward to, like college, a career, and marriage.  Maddie cries and says that nobody will want her.  Margo tells her she needs to move along because she can’t change the past.  What makes her feel better is talking to people who understand.   Margo asks her to move in with her.  Maddie is hesitant, but Margo insists. 

Back in the church, Bob asks if anybody has anything they want to share.  Casey gets up.  He says that people should blame Eve, not Maddie for the death of the kids.  He also says that there’s no point in taking out their feelings on Maddie.  “She needs our support.  And anyone who doesn’t want to do that, who thinks they’re just going to turn their backs on her, they’re going to have to answer to me.”

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