ATWT Update Thursday 9/14/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/14/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the hospital, Meg arrives to check on Emily and is shocked to see Paul asleep beside Emily’s bed. Meg awakens Paul, which also causes Emily to awaken from her sleep. Emily is surprised that Paul stayed with her all night and thanks him for his kindness. Emily orders Meg to go get her doctor because she wants a real doctor’s opinion on the condition of the baby. Paul also wants to leave but Emily asks him to stay because she and the baby both need him. Emily tells Paul that she had a dream that the baby was a girl and he arrived to save her and the baby from a huge rainstorm.

At Carly’s place, Will asks Gwen what kind of sugar cereal she would like and Gwen wonders why Carly would give the kids so much sugar for breakfast. Will explains that Carly feels guilty for putting the kids through a divorce and so she gives the kids whatever they want to eat. Will tells Gwen that when his parents divorced Barbara always let him have pizza because it was his favorite food. Gwen and Will tell each other they love each other and share a kiss but Gwen tells Will she feels guilty being happy when today is the memorial service for their friends. Will thinks that the nightmare is over but Gwen reminds him that it is over for them but for some people it won’t be over for a long time.

At the Lakeview, Maddie opens the closet and sees some of Eve’s things in the closet she also sees a newspaper with Eve’s picture on the front page. Maddie’s cell phone rings and once she sees that it is Casey calling again she doesn’t answer and tells herself she wishes Casey would give up on her for his own good.

At the hospital, Casey starts to get out of bed to go look for Maddie but Margo stops him saying he is going back to bed. Casey explains that Maddie didn’t come home all night and he is very worried about her. Margo promises Casey she will go check on Maddie because she is sure Bob would tell him he needs to take it easy and stay in bed.

In Santo Domingo, Carly tells Simon she is officially divorced from Jack and pretends to be happy about the situation but Simon knows her better and promises to find a way to make her forget her sadness.

At the hospital, Bob tells Casey he can leave the hospital and go to the memorial service but then he has to go straight home and rest and take it easy for a few weeks. Casey promises to follow his grandfather’s instructions but Margo is still worried so once she and Bob are in the hallway she asks Bob if he thinks Casey should go to the service. Bob assures Margo that Casey needs to say good-bye to his friends and put the grief and pain behind him so that he can move on with his life. Bob admits to Margo that Oakdale will never forget this tragedy or the loss the families of those young people have suffered. Bob gets beeped to go to emergency and Margo goes back inside to give Casey her sympathies about the loss of his friends. Casey asks Margo to take him to the Lakeview to go pick up Maddie to go to the memorial service. Margo warns Casey that Maddie may not want to go to the service so Casey tells her if Maddie doesn’t go he won’t go either and stay with her for a while instead because he needs to be with her today.

At Carly’s house, Will asks Gwen to move back home with him and Gwen explains that she feels at home whenever he is with her but she does miss waking up in their bed. Gwen gives Will a kiss and straightens his tie then she tells him she will meet him at the church because she has to go by crash and pick up some music. Gwen gives Will one more kiss before he leaves and Barbara arrives and wonders if Gwen and Will are back together. Will explains to Barbara that he has to go but Gwen will tell her everything. Gwen smiles and tells Barbara to figure out the answer to her own question.

In Santo Domingo, Simon suggests to Carly that they should get drunk and dance until she forgets all about that man whose name they won’t mention anymore. Carly thinks Simon pushed her to get a quick divorce because if she could divorce Jack then it would also mean that he could move on without Katie. Carly also thinks Simon hasn’t moved on because he can’t even say Katie’s name. Simon proves Carly wrong by repeating Katie several times and saying Katie doesn’t affect him. Simon explains that he still thinks of Katie eventually but each time it hurts less to think of her because he finally realized that he and Katie were not meant to be together. Carly tells Simon it felt strange to be standing in line with a number in her hand waiting to get a divorce like she was standing in line at the grocery store. Simon encourages Carly to look to her bright future instead of to the past. Carly sees their chief investor and isn’t happy when he tells she and Simon he is broke and can’t invest in their project. Carly blasts him and tells him he signed a legal and binding contract with them and he can’t back out or they will sue him. Simon smiles and tells Carly that he is glad to have her on his side and although things look bleak he promises to find a new investor for their project. Carly briefly considers backing out of the project but then tells Simon that she ended one chapter of her life today and she is eager to see where this new beginning will take her. Simon and Carly both smile and toast to new beginnings as they begin to get drunk to forget about the past.

At the hospital, Emily’s doctor tells her to take it easy and avoid stress she also makes it clear that she doesn’t want to see her again until her next doctor’s visit. Meg talks to Paul in the hallway and is angry with him because he continues to enable Emily. Meg suggests that he go away for a few weeks on vacation so Emily can prove to herself she doesn’t need him. Paul thinks that is a great idea until Meg tells him that she can’t go with him because she just started back to work. Paul thinks that he should lie to Emily and tell her he is going on a business trip but he will be hiding out with her some place in Oakdale. Paul goes in to Emily’s room to talk to her when he tells her about the business trip she doesn’t believe him. Emily thinks the real reason Paul wants to leave town is because of Meg. Paul goes along with Emily’s assumption and tells her that he needs a break from Meg’s constant pressure so Emily tells him to take as much time as he needs to get away from Meg.

At the Lakeview, Maddie lies to Henry when he calls to check on her she tells him that her friends have been very supportive sending her e-mails , cards and flowers. Henry tells her that their parents are very upset about the situation. Maddie doesn’t want to listen anymore so when she hears a knock at the door she tells Lisa is knocking and she says good-bye and hangs up the phone. Casey tells Maddie he isn’t leaving until he talks to her so she finally opens the door.

At the church, Will sets things up for the service he overhears Gil, and Ada talking wondering if Maddie will come to the service. Will tells Gil and Ada that if Maddie comes they should treat her with courtesy, kindness, and respect because she is suffering too. Jade arrives and tells Will she must talk to him now so Will Makes it clear that he and Gwen are back together and are trying to move on with their lives because they realized despite everything they love each other. Will tells Jade starts reminding Will of all the favors she has done for him and also thanks him for defending her when everybody thought she was a killer.

At Carly’s house, Barbara warns Gwen she should still watch out for Jade because she will do anything she can to hold on to Will. Gwen appreciates the warning but she and Will are too grateful for what they have to be worried about some one like Jade. Barbara thinks Gwen is right and wonders if she would like to go shopping for clothes for college. Gwen says she hasn’t had time to think about buying new clothes Barbara tells Gwen that she and Jennifer used to go shopping for clothes every year before she started school at Brindall’s department store then they would have tea at their tea room. Gwen wonders if it’s a good idea for Barbara to go to another memorial service so soon after Jennifer’s death. Barbara explains to Gwen that she feels grateful that she was given the chance to say good-bye to Jennifer so now she wants to be there for the parents who didn’t get a chance to say good-bye to their children. Gwen tells Barbara Carly’s car has been acting strangely so she needs a ride to crash and then to the service and maybe on the way they could stop and look at the department store windows at Brindall’s. Barbara gives Gwen a hug and then they head out the door to the car and go to crash.

At the Lakeview, Maddie refuses to go to the memorial service with Casey and Casey tells Maddie he won’t go to the memorial service without her. Maddie shows Casey the newspaper headline and tells Casey that those headlines are the reason its better she not go with him. Casey tells Maddie he really need s her to be there with him and hold his hand or he won’t be able to get through this awful day. Casey thinks that if they can get through today they can get through anything together.

Outside the church, Casey and Maddie arrive hand in hand for the service while Gil and Ada stare and are surprised that Will, Gwen, Casey and Maddie have all reconciled. Barbara tells Gwen she feels blessed that even though God took her daughter away he gave her another one. Barbara also tells Gwen she is happy that Will is happy and back with the woman he loves then Barbara gives Gwen a hug.

Inside the church, Jade tells Will he won’t be able to forget about thee past and move on with his life so easily because she is pregnant with his baby.

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