ATWT Update Wednesday 9/13/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 9/13/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the hospital, Bob walks up to Lucy, dressed in her cocktail attire, and wonders what she is doing there? She stutters as she claims she is there to check up on a patient in post-op. Bob glances at the folder and mentions the file folder is for a new patient. Why is she really there? Dusty, who has just walked up overhearing this, wants to know why as well?

At Yo’s, Paul is with Meg when he has to call Emily to tell her about how his buying the Intruder fell through. He explains with kid gloves that he has to see her and they agree to meet at Yo’s in a little bit. After he hangs up, a frustrated Meg is crushing the peanuts into little bits. Paul jokingly asks what the peanuts did to her? Is there something wrong? Meg sarcastically answers that there is nothing that can ever be wrong with her, that is Emily’s forte. Paul smiles and then convinces her to talk to him. She explains that he seems to be worried about having to tell Emily about the deal falling through, but she sees it as kind of a good thing. Emily supposedly wants to be a self-sufficient woman independent of him, and this is his chance to make it happen.

At the hospital, Will and Gwen are talking outside of Casey’s hospital room allowing he and Maddie some alone time. Will can’t help but find the weirdness in planning a memorial when they should be attending going away parties as everyone heads off to their respective colleges. Gwen doesn’t want to think of the enormity of what has happened. She just wants to feel useful right now; speaking of which, she needs to head over to the church to make sure things are all set up. Will gently takes her hand and tells her how proud of her that he is.

Inside the room, a depressed Maddie poses her question she can’t stop obsessing over; what happens if she never gets over what has happened? Look at all the damage, hurt and pain her sister caused and it is all her fault. Casey is adamant that they need to face this together for both their sakes. Maddie is unconvinced; he makes it sound so simple but it isn’t. Assuredly Casey tells her that it will be better to do this together then alone. He holds onto her hand, but soon Maddie gently pulls away. She knows he wants her to get and feel better, but she is not sure how or when it will happen and she is afraid to let him down. He heard part of what Eve said to her and he knows she wanted her to feel bad, and it is obvious she does, and all that happened she aimed at her, but something was obviously wrong with her before all of this. She has a lot to figure out and process, as does he, so he really feels it would be the best to do it together.

Will is impressed with how she keeps it together for everyone, and she always knows the right thing to do. Gwen doesn’t see what he sees. She is handling this so well, he thinks. Gwen admits she is just trying to get through this, and all she can hope is it will get better with time. He wants to thank her for letting him go through this with her.

Maddie compliments Casey on how great and strong he is being. He adds that she is stronger then she thinks she is. He is going to need her for many things, for instance he will probably miss the first couple weeks of school, so he is going to need a tutor. She doesn’t want him to flunk out before he even finishes his first month, does she? Maddie looks at him knowing full well what he is doing. He teases her by asking how she could possibly say no to him as he is lying there in a hospital bed? Will and Gwen come in to drop off the book he needs. Maddie’s eyes light up when she hears the name of the book; it is one of her favorites. They are also heading over to the church. Maddie makes up her mind and chooses to stay with Casey, which makes Casey very happy.

Meg decides she is going to go to work. Good luck handling Emily, she teases. She is going to head out the back door so she doesn’t run into her because then they would get to chatting and giggling and she would end up late for work, she teases further. She is still going to marry him though, Paul asks? She tells him yes even though she feels he may not deserve her. With a grin, she heads up not a moment to soon when Emily breezes in with a big smile on her face. He sounded as if he was in a good mood, and she is as well. She quickly starts rambling about she stayed up late last night thinking about ways to improve the Intruder’s circulation. When Paul doesn’t return her enthusiasm, she asks what is her soon to be boss’ problem?

Lucy snaps at Dusty to excuse them because she is talking to her boss, the chief of staff. He steps away as Lucy mumbles about picking up the wrong chart. Bob looks a little concerned and annoyed as he reminds her that the hospital is not a social club. He doesn’t know why she is back here, but she needs to leave personal stuff out of work. As an intern, she has a lot of responsibilities and he doesn’t want to see external things getting in the way of those. He walks away as Lucy tries to do the same thing, but Dusty grabs her and asks her what is wrong? She answers that her boss just chewed her out because of him. A nurse approaches Lucy wondering why she is back at work on her day off? Lucy side steps the question as Dusty reminds her she said that she was called into work. He pushes to find out why she left? She answers firmly that it is not the place. Then he wants them to go to where ever that place is. Lucy tries to walk away claiming she can’t do this. Dusty again stops her; he doesn’t like fighting with her. That is not what they are doing. Why is she trying to bolt without talking to him? She agrees she shouldn’t have done that. Did he make her angry without knowing? Lucy doesn’t want to talk about it there. They agree to talk finally – just not at the Lakeview. Lucy sarcastically mentions that he had a big reaction to being ditched – doesn’t it happen all the time to him?

Paul explains to Emily that Craig blocked his way; he is sorry because he really believed he could get through to him. Emily is instantly aggravated; he dismissed her when she told him it wouldn’t work. The problem with him is he doesn’t think about the details, he just forges ahead without thought of the end result. She is starting to raise her voice as she strongly suggests he should have kept his big plan to himself. She is so angry that she fell for his empty promises again; she thought this time he would come through for her but he never does. She is now in full-blown anger as she tells Paul how excited she allowed herself to become over the possibility of where his owning the Intruder could leave them. She was up until 2AM last night strategizing. Paul is trying to get a word in edgewise, especially when he hears she was up that late, but Emily wants to finish. She wants him never to make her believe in him again. She starts to get up and then is hit with a sharp pain, which causes her to double over. She grabs her stomach and pleads with an increasingly concerned Paul to call someone for help.

Maddie and Casey are talking about the book after only a few pages. Casey doesn’t get it and has already decided he doesn’t like it. Maddie patiently tries to explain that when he has his music that he plays…. he doesn’t just listen to the first few bars, because he has to listen to the full song before he likes the song or not, right? Casey laughs and comments about how good she is. He wants to continue reading the book and he promises to keep more of an open mind. Maddie smiles warmly at him, admitting she is glad she stayed. They are interrupted when two of Casey’s friends, Aida and Gil, interrupt them coming for a visit. They walk into the room and then stop in their tracks asking what Maddie is doing there?

At church, Will approaches the altar slowly. Gwen remembers this is where he said goodbye to Jen. Will nods and now they are here to say goodbye to a lot of their friends. Gwen walks up to Will closely and admits to him that he is the only thing that is helping her get through this. Will he stick by her still? Of course, and will she for him? Gwen agrees and smiles as they hold hands facing the front of the church.

Paul and the EMT’s bring Emily into the hospital on a stretcher. She is scared and calling for Paul. Paul does his best to calm her before they bring her into a room. After she is wheeled away, Meg walks over and asks if Emily is here again? An anxious Paul explains how Emily got furious with him, was screaming at him, grabbed her stomach and doubled over. It was so scary. A skeptical looking Meg answers it is preeclampsia or is it Emily’s special brand of payback?

Dusty and Lucy are sitting at Yo’s ordering drinks. Dusty reminds her that they have always been able to talk. Something must have happened at the luncheon to make her act the way she is. Lucy stares at him intently then admits something did happen – Barbara.

Casey asks for Aida and Gil to give them a moment. Maddie tells Casey that she is going to leave, but Casey doesn’t want her to. She puts on a happy face claiming she is going to give him time to visit with his friends, and she is sure they don’t want to see the sister of the person who murdered their friends. It is hard for her to be in this town when everyone knows what happened to her; she can see it in their eyes. Casey wants her to stick around and notice that there is someone (namely him) who knows all this and wants her to stay anyway. She can take a break and he will talk to them, but he doesn’t want her to run away. She does fine when it is them one on one. Maddie smiles and agrees; it is hard to say no to a pale sick boy in a hospital bed. She will come back and finish some reading with him and then she is going to force him to watch some ‘chick movies’ with her too. Casey happily agrees. Maddie tells Aida and Gil to come in as she heads out. After she leaves, Aida wants to know what Casey is all smiles about?

Gwen asks if Will knows what it is like to go through something but only figure out what it means later. When Jen was dying she desperately wanted to marry Dusty. She thought it was beautiful, but she didn’t get why it would make them any closer. She now understands why she wanted it that way. As screwed up and as mad as she was, she wasn’t alone; they were still connected in that way. Will acknowledges sometimes it takes screwing up something to realize and appreciate how good you have it. Gwen adds that Jen knew that if she married Dusty she would not die alone. She wants that. She wants to be married to him! Thank God, Will declares as he holds her tightly. It is silly, but a while ago she saw a puppy playing in Casey’s neighbors yard and she wanted to call him and couldn’t. She realized how alone she was. Will kisses her and promises that he is not stupid like before and he realizes how precious this second chance he was given is. Will and Gwen profess their love to one another and then kiss.

What did Barbara say, Dusty wonders? Lucy stalls at first claiming she doesn’t remember exactly. Dusty presses and finally she admits that Barbara wanted to remind her how little time has passed since Jen has died, and also it was too soon for him to be out with a woman. Dusty chalks it up to in-laws. Lucy doesn’t want him to be mad at Barbara though. Dusty isn’t because he understands that grief can make you go crazy. Lucy acknowledges it hasn’t been that long and they do share a history. Dusty tells her that he isn’t mad at Barbara but rather her; Lucy is confused. He invites her to a business event and she disappears like Cinderella. He doesn’t like the drama. Does she think he is hitting on her? She tells him no. She thinks he is lonely man dealing with a new baby and a huge loss. He smirks as he suggests that she not hurt his feelings then. Lucy explains she just felt embarrassed – like a piece of – garbage – Dusty finishes her thought. That is what Barbara does. Lucy thought he liked her? He does because she is Jen’s mother but it is what she does. She apologizes for hurting him and Dusty admits sometimes he overreacts. He tells her that he is glad he has her as a friend. Does she want to be beaten now at some pool? Lucy seems to dig in to make her point; she didn’t go about it the right way when she left him this evening but the impulse was right and they are not going to do this again.

Meg is frustrated; she has bent over backwards for him, put their lives on hold, she is wearing her engagement ring around her neck and he is buying a newspaper so poor Emily won’t get upset. Guess what? She got upset. She can get upset at anytime over whatever and there isn’t anything they can do about it. Paul tries to explain that it wasn’t made up; this was real. The preeclampsia is real; the stress that triggers it is real, Meg concedes, but she is in charge of the stress, not him. She has it on a drip and she monitors the dosage. Whenever he gets out of line, she slides the drip up. Frustrated, Paul wonders what he can do? Meg suggests simply disengaging. She realizes he is in a no win situation, but she is like a drunk who keeps claiming she will stop after one last drink. He understands what she is saying, but this is his child. This is a hostage situation and he can’t afford to play tough; it is just too scary. This is the second time in a couple weeks she has been in there and she knows by now that he isn’t going anywhere and that he will be holding her hand until the next crisis passes. Why would she ever want to let go of a constant crisis? Paul thinks it has to end at some point; she is having the baby soon. Meg mumbles that she thinks he has to believe that, but Paul’s attention is quickly diverted away from her and to Bob who has come back out after having checked on Emily. Meg can’t help but notice how quickly he left her side. Bob tells Paul that the baby is fine, but he is seriously concerned about her hypertension. It is imperative that she stays quiet and calm. She will, Paul promises. Can he see her now? Bob agrees, and without even a backwards glance Paul heads into see Emily.

Aida asks Casey if Maddie was there to say she is sorry? Casey wants to know why she would do that? Aida slowly answers, because her sister attacked him. He snaps when he says that people are having a hard time remembering there is a difference between Eve and Maddie. Gil thinks he should not take on a charity case; Aida agrees. Casey stands firm; she is his friend and he is hers, and he is worried about her blaming herself for what happened. They think he is being too much the nice guy here and it is going to get him in trouble. An angry Casey reminds them that Maddie didn’t do anything to anyone, she had things done to her, as his voice trails off. Aida understands and that is why they think she would be a time bomb. Gil adds he wouldn’t want to swim in that gene pool. Casey has heard enough and tells them to leave. Aida reaffirms how she thinks she is trouble because they can’t forget what she did to Lia’s car and then when her sister was running around killing people she didn’t even have a clue. She never even told people what that freak did to her when people were dying. Why was that? Maddie only pretends to be sweet, but under that she only cares about herself. He demands that they get out because they are wrong about her. Maddie, who has been listening outside the door, wonders to herself, if they are wrong?

Will explains when he made their vows; he didn’t really understand what they meant. He does now, and he will never hurt her again. He wants to be the guy she first saw in him, that noone else did. Gwen reminds him that they went through something horrible and they are still together, and that means something. She is just hoping that tomorrow will be better and then the next day will be even better. He wants them to go home, and Gwen whole-heartedly agrees as they kiss again.

Dusty jokes that Lucy can’t leave until she pays for her drink. Lucy looks at him confused. She is going to pay for her drink if she is going to follow Barbara’s orders. Lucy snaps that she didn’t say she was going to do that. She recognizes that Dusty is mad over this and that means something. Furthermore she knows what Barbara is doing, but if there weren’t a part of her that didn’t kind of see her point, then she would have told her to take a flying leap. She agrees with her then? Lucy states the obvious; they have a complicated history. He wonders if that means that they can’t be friends then? It isn’t all about him; he heard Bob’s not so subtle warnings for her to buckle down. She is a first year intern who has a lot of responsibility for stuff sometimes she shouldn’t and she doesn’t get enough time to sleep, and on top her heart aches for him. He doesn’t want her pity. She knows he doesn’t, but he can say a million times that they are just friends, but it never ends up like that; it is too intense and she can’t handle it right now. With that, she is off in a rush.

Paul is sitting with Emily. He wants her to get some sleep since she was up so late last night. Emily doesn’t want him to leave. She realizes it is not fair to ask, but she is scared. Paul strokes her cheek telling her not to worry that he will be there when she wakes up. Meg is standing outside the curtain unhappily listening to this.

Aida and Gil apologize for the things they said; they didn’t mean to freak him out. Casey wants them to go get Maddie, and when they do, could they treat her like a human being? They go out and Aida walks back in to tell him guiltily that Maddie isn’t out there. The nurse told them she saw her run off. Casey is aggravated now, and he wants to be left alone. After she leaves, he picks up his cell phone to make a call.

Maddie arrives back at her and Henry’s room. She sees some packed boxes of Eve’s stuff and a note from Henry telling her he went to Chicago to talk to Bernadette to explain what happened. She crumples up the note and mumbles sarcastically to herself about how that is going to make it all better. Her cell phone rings, and she takes it out of her bag and looks at who is calling; it is Casey. She reluctantly puts the phone down unanswered on the table and drops wearily down on the couch staring at it.

Will and Gwen arrive back at Carly’s. He offers to carry her over the threshold, but she jokes that is silly now. He just wants to do whatever he can to make her happy. She doesn’t want big things; she just wants normal things like going to school and making plans. Will smiles and adds that they could watch puppies too. She is not made of glass though. He just didn’t want to be like a guy. She thinks maybe she wants her guy to wrap her in his arms right now. Will happily obliges, kissing her passionately, as they fall to the couch declaring how much they love each other and how happy that this time in their lives is over.

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