ATWT Update Tuesday 9/12/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 9/12/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At The hospital, Margo worries because Casey hasn’t awakened yet but Tom assures her that Dr. Bob said he was fine. Casey awakens and asks his mom where Maddie is and if she is okay. Margo tells Casey that Maddie has been with him since they brought him to the Raven Lake hospital. Casey thinks Maddie doesn’t want to see him anymore that is why she isn’t there now but Margo explains that Henry took her home so she could get some rest. But Maddie will be back to see him later.

At Carly’s house, Gwen thanks Will for taking such good care of her injured foot and explains the doctor told her that it was because of his good first aid that her wasn’t in worse shape. Will smiles and says that when you work as a janitor at a hospital you pick up a few basics from hearing the doctors talking. Will wonders if Gwen really wants him to stay with her. Gwen tells Will that she really doesn’t want to stay home alone because she is still very scared especially at night. Will hears a knock at the door and Henry arrives to ask Will and Gwen if they would go visit Maddie and lift her spirits.

At the Lakeview, Kim tells Barbara about her new joint business venture with Lucinda and she admits she is a little nervous about their meeting with Mr. Yamamoto. Barbara is surprised to see Dusty is back at work and is a little annoyed that Dusty didn’t tell her he was going back to work. Lucinda asks Dusty if he got a date if not she will go get him a companion. Lucinda smiles when she sees Lucy arrive but Dusty and Lucy both quickly add that this isn’t a date. Paul and Meg arrive for lunch and Paul notices the large sign in the dinning room welcoming Yamamoto industries so Paul pays the waiter so he can crash the party. Mr. Yamamoto congratulates Lucinda on a wonderful video presentation. Lucinda introduces Dusty and Lucy and Dusty tells the Yamamoto’s Lucy is a doctor. Mrs. Yamamoto steals Lucy away to tell her about all f her aches and pains from playing tennis. Lucinda goes over to politely kick Paul out of her meeting but Paul informs her that he has every right to be there since he is buying the Intruder. Barbara isn’t happy about this news because she knows that Emily will try to insinuate herself back into Paul’s life. Paul tells Barbara that Emily can try all her schemes but they won’t work. Barbara is also surprised that Meg supports Paul’s decision to by the newspaper. Barbara warns Meg not to underestimate Emily she will do anything to get close to Paul.

At the Lakeview, Will and Gwen arrive to visit Maddie but when Maddie asks them if Henry asked them to come and they say yes she asks them to leave. Henry leaves the friends alone to talk so Will tells Maddie that they have given her enough space now its her turn to listen to them. Will tells Maddie he wants to have a chance to stand up for her and defend her in the same way she defended him even though he had cheated on his test. Will also tells Maddie he wants to trust her like he has always been able to do. Will gives Maddie a hug and then Gwen tells Maddie that there is nothing going on between her and Casey because thee times she saw them together they were both talking about her or Will. Gwen also gives Maddie a hug and encourages Maddie to go see Casey and talk to him. Maddie admits to Will and Gwen that she is scared that Casey will turn his back on her and she couldn’t handle it if that happened. Henry arrives and agrees that Maddie should go see Casey and Will and Gwen offer to take Maddie to the hospital. Gwen tells Maddie they will wait for her downstairs and she should go out the back way so reporters don’t see her. Henry assures Maddie everything will be okay and gives Maddie a hug before she leaves. Once Maddie is gone Henry puts his head in his hands and sits on the couch. Emily arrives and when she asks Henry what is wrong he says everything and Emily goes to give him a hug. Emily gives him the balloon shaped like a dog she brought him and Henry smiles a little bit. Emily tells Henry she felt she needed to be there for him now in the same way he is always there for her. Henry admits to Emily that he has no idea how to get Maddie through this tough time because Eve was the normal one in the family. Henry worries that Maddie is caring all this guilt about the killings and it won’t be easy for her when she returns to school because teenagers can be very mean. Emily advises Henry to tell Maddie how much he loves her when he feels she needs to hear it, hold Maddie when she cries and listen to her when she needs to talk just like he always does for her (Emily. Henry tells Emily he is trying to pack up Eve’s things so that he and Maddie don’t have to look at them. Emily offers to supervise the packing since she can’t help because she is pregnant. Emily’s words make Henry smile again and he gets up from the couch to start the packing.

At the hospital, Margo warns Casey that maddie has a lot of pain to get through and she may not be ready for a relationship with him again. Casey tells Margo he is ready to help Maddie get through the pain and make sure she doesn’t go through this alone because he loves her.

At the Lakeview, Lucy smiles when Dusty tells her he is about to close the deal with Mr. Yamamoto. Dusty wonders how Lucy knew about the Yamamoto’s anniversary and Lucy explains that she did some research on the computer while she rode in the limo to the Lakeview. Dusty thanks Lucy for her efforts but Lucy informs him that she deserves a little more then a thank you because she had to listen to Mrs. Yamamoto talk about her sports injuries all night. Dusty invites Lucy for a drink after the business dinner and she accepts his invitation. Lucy sees Paul and Meg and goes over to tell Paul that if he wants to make contact with her father from now on he is on his own because she doesn’t think its wise that she should have any further contact with him. Meg goes over to talk to Dusty and explains that Paul wants to buy the paper to keep Emily stress free until the baby is born. Dusty notices the ring on Meg’s necklace and she explains they are waiting until after the baby is born to tell Emily because she might get jealous and the stress could hurt the baby. Dusty thinks that is a wise idea and Meg asks Paul to talk to Lucy to persuade her to change her mind. Meg tells Dusty she wishes the same kind of happiness for him she has found with Paul. Dusty wonders if Meg has set a date for the wedding Meg responds no but it will be soon. Lucinda congratulates Dusty and Lucy on how well they handled the Yamamoto’s and tells them to go enjoy the rest of their non-date. Barbara runs into Lucy in the hallway and asks her not to rush Dusty into a relationship for which he may not be ready because she will be the one to get hurt. Lucy makes it clear that she isn’t rushing Dusty into anything he just asked for her help with a business dinner. Barbara tells Lucy that Jennifer died because she was always in a hurry and because she wanted to hurry home to Dusty and Johnny she refused to listen to Lucy’s warnings about her illness. Barbara thinks that Lucy is a lot like Jennifer she rushed through high school, college and medical school but if she rushes into a rebound relationship with Dusty in a few months he will realize he is still grieving Jennifer and she will get hurt. Barbara asks Lucy to put Dusty’s needs before her own.

At the hospital, Margo is happy to see Maddie , Gwen, and Will arrive to visit Casey but tells them he should only have one visitor at a time. Will and Gwen go to the gift shop to buy Casey some flowers. Margo apologizes to Maddie for believing that she was a killer and also for everything she put her through. Maddie tells Margo she understands she was only doing her job. Margo gives Maddie a hug and assures her that Casey has wanted to see her since he awakened. Casey smiles when he sees Maddie because he can’t believe she came to visit him.

At the Lakeview, Paul calls his lawyer Cass and asks him to make Craig an offer he can’t refuse to buy the Intruder. Meg wants to set a wedding date and she wants to get married in October at the pond. Paul reminds Meg that the baby is due in October and he really wants have time to participate in the wedding planning. Meg then says that they could make it earlier but Paul insists he wants her to have the wedding of her dreams so they should get married early next spring. Meg thinks that is too far away and the conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Cass who tells Paul that Craig doesn’t intend to sell the paper and if he did sell it he would never accept an offer from Paul.

At the hospital, Casey apologizes to Maddie for believing even for a minute that she could be a killer. Casey wonders if Maddie is going to break up with him now. Casey tells Maddie he loves her and wants to be with her. Maddie explains to Casey that she blames herself for the deaths of all of their friends because she should have told someone about the rape sooner. Casey points out that nothing would have happened if Eve hadn’t married Louis and invited her to stay with them. Maddie tells Casey to stop being so logical and Casey smiles and says that he is just being smart even though she will always be the smartest girl that he knows and Maddie corrects him by saying smartest person because it shouldn’t matter that she is a girl. Casey smiles because Maddie is back after such a long time and that makes Maddie smile a little.

At the Lakeview, Lucinda thanks Lucy for her help and when Dusty asks Lucy if she is ready for a drink Lucy remembers that she has to cover for a friend at the hospital and cancels on having a drink. Dusty has a puzzled look on his face as if he is wondering why Lucy suddenly changed her mind. Paul tells Meg he will find another way to buy the newspaper.

At the hospital, Casey tells Maddie if she needs to see a counselor or read books and go to counseling they can do it all together if she is willing to let him help her.

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