ATWT Update Monday 9/11/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 9/11/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the Lakeview, Lucinda is talking briefly with Dusty about their upcoming meeting with Worldwide’s newest potential client, Mr. Yamamoto. She wants to make sure that all last minute details are done including the guest list and gift bags. Speaking of which, does he have a guest he is taking? Dusty smirks at the suggestion and answers no. Lucinda returns his smile, much wider and informs him she has just the right girl.

At the hospital, Lucy is giving Gwen some last minute information on the aftercare for her leg wound. Gwen asks about Casey and she tells him he is in ICU. Can she see him? Only immediate family members right now, but if she calls later she can give her an update. Is someone coming to see her home from the hospital? Gwen explains that Carly is coming, but no sooner that she gets this out of her mouth then does Will walk in declaring he asked Carly if he could pick her up.

At a bar where Mike is working, Katie happily wanders in babbling on about just seeing a real estate agent to see about buying a new house. Location is key and she has a few options way outside of town, miles away from anyone, set up cozy in the woods. Mike looks directly at her, as he declares Simon is not going to run them out of town.

At the farm, Jack is painstakingly staring at his divorce papers when his cell phone rings interrupting him – thankfully. It is Carly and she wants to talk to him. Is it the kids? Gwen? She explains it is about them and she wonders if she could see him in a bit? They agree to meet up in a little while. After she hangs up, Carly stares sadly at her packed bag by the door. Her thoughts are interrupted by a knock at her door; it is Simon; his jet is ready and fueled and she can be single by sunset. This comment is met by an unsure look. Does she still want to go? She did, but now she is not so sure.

Dusty wonders why Lucinda feels it necessary to play matchmaker for Lucy and him? Lucinda coyly asks when she brought Lucy up? Dusty reminds her he is working this event, but Lucinda tries another route. Mr. Yamamoto is a very traditional old-fashioned client whom is big on family values; he never goes anywhere without his wife. Dusty doesn’t see the connection? She wants him to feel as if he is investing in a company that feels the same way he does. Dusty smirks at how Lucinda works. Lucinda happily adds that Lucy even has the afternoon off. As Dusty is walking off, he tells her, although not forcefully or convincingly, that he doesn’t need a social director.

At home, Luke and Jade are sitting on the couch as she holds and coos over Ethan. Jade feels as if Holden wouldn’t be happy that she was there, but Luke isn’t sure he feels like that anymore, but still he isn’t due home for a while. Luke notes that she is really good with kids. Jade sarcastically answers that she is a regular Mary Poppins. She recalls that she had a lousy childhood and if she can make it so one child feels love and attention then she is happy. Just then, Holden rushes in wanting to find a CD to play for Lily, when he stops dead in his tracks staring at Jade with Ethan.

Carly explains if he hasn’t read the newspaper then he wouldn’t know that there was a serial murderer that attacked kids up at Raven Lake and one of them happened to be her sister, Gwen. She is fine, but nonetheless she isn’t sure now is a good time to duck out. Simon is instantly apologetic; he didn’t know. Cue Gwen and Will coming to the door. Carly introduces them and there is a slight bit of awkwardness, but Carly stresses he is her boss. Gwen sees Carly’s packed bag and wonders where she is going? Carly tells her that she had something she was going to take care of but she isn’t sure she should now that she is staying with her. Gwen assures her that she is fine and plans on doing nothing more then hanging out on the couch to recuperate. Simon sees his opportunity and tells Carly nothing is holding her back now. They need to get going then, as Carly still looks unsure.

Jack continues to stare at the divorce papers as if waiting for a sign. Emma walks in having forgotten something but then sits when she sees Jack still poring over the papers. She has been watching him struggle with this decision; she watches both he and Carly when they are together and they both look at each other as if it were their wedding day. Jack thinks looking at Carly and still feeling the way he does is like breathing, but it is the talking part where he realizes it can’t be the way it was. Emma empathizes with him about trying to end his marriage; they have taken vows for life and it isn’t easy no matter what to throw that away. Jack unconvincingly tells her what they had is over, but Emma is not so sure. Jack again tries to explain that love isn’t always enough, but Emma challenges him wondering if he is sure about that? Ending the marriage was his idea and she is sure that if he told Carly he had changed his mind, she is sure Carly wouldn’t put up a fight. She leaves Jack contemplating this.

At the hospital, Dusty is wondering through the halls talking to himself, asking himself what he is doing there? He sees a nurse and asks if Lucy is on duty still? She is, does he want her to page her? It isn’t an emergency so he will take care of it. Lucy walks around the corner and sees Dusty as she greets him with a wide smile.

Katie wonders with a pout why they can’t move? They love their house for starters, Mike answers. They have a lot of memories there, which Katie also adds, are not all from just them. Mike reminds her that they have since made the house theirs. He also thinks now that they are planning a family she would want her family close by. Also, Margo may need help with Casey. Katie worries that Simon will always be in their face. Mike agrees he doesn’t like living in the same zip code as him, but he will be damned if he runs them out of town. Katie wants to know if he is still mad that she told Simon they were trying to have a baby? He was irritated at first, but now he just doesn’t care what Simon knows or doesn’t know. She is all that matters to him, as he holds her close, Katie cringes. Mike worries and wonders what is wrong? She tells him it is a cramp, and she is not sure how to answer him right now, as she heads off to go to the bathroom; Mike watches nervously as she leaves.

Carly and Simon walk up to the farm; Carly advises him she doesn’t really need him to hold her hand. He wonders why she didn’t tell her sister what she was doing? Is she afraid that if she says the words outloud then it makes it real? Carly tells him it is because she is having marital problems of her own. Plus, she quietly explains she has said the words when she is alone, when she is in the shower and she stands there long enough not remembering if she washed her hair and she even asked Parker’s magic eight ball if their divorce will happen? The answer is hazy – try again later. Simon poses a question; what if Jack didn’t want to go through with the divorce anymore, would she puddle up and run back to the man that left her?

Gwen is sitting on the couch looking thoughtful; she thought it was weird seeing Carly with another guy; Will reminds her she said it was her boss. She wonders if maybe it is time for her to stop holding out hope for Carly and Jack to get back together. Will admits that hope is hard to let go of. They change the subject to how he slept in the chair in the hospital room. He admits that after she had her nightmare he stayed up and watched her sleep. Gwen suddenly gets solemn; many of their friends are dead and Casey is in ICU. She keeps trying to remind herself of how lucky they were to escape with their lives. She made a list of things she wants to do when she gets better. She wants to go play with Johnny and hug him tight, raid the Snyder’s pumpkin patch, dance and sing with her band. Will smiles at this. He thinks she should try to rest now though, but Gwen is afraid to close her eyes and have that nightmare again. Will offers to stay to keep the bad dreams away.

Carly wonders if Simon would go back to Katie if she took him back? Simon stops for a split second before he recovers claiming that they are over and he has moved on. Carly adds an FYI that she doesn’t dissolve into puddles either. She orders him nicely to wait in the car. As she walks into the front porch area of the farm, she is flooded by memories of her and Jack. She pushes on and walks into the kitchen only to find Jack still staring at the divorce papers. She says she doesn’t have to guess at what those papers are. Jack confirms what they are but adds that he hasn’t signed them yet. Carly’s face shows a flash of hopefulness; she goes over and snatches them out of his hand declaring and he isn’t going to sign them either, as she rips them up, stunning Jack.

Gwen understands that she was out of it last night and might have said something about them, which was done so prematurely because she is still not ready. Will understands that they can’t go back to the way things were. He was thinking they could be housemates of sorts. She would sleep in one bedroom and him in the other; he could support her through this physically and emotionally. He owes her at least that. He has gotten it wrong for so long that it is about time for him to get it right. Gwen looks nervous; he knows why she looks that way; she thinks he is going to get his hopes up that if she lets him stay and he will take it to mean the marriage is back on track, and then he will further pressure her to give the marriage a second chance. He looks sadly at her before he tells her he is going to get a few things out of the car and then he will be on his way. Gwen looks conflicted.

Holden wants to know what she is doing there, but looking more at Luke as he asks this? Jade quickly gets up explaining that Ethan needs a diaper change. After she leaves, Holden is definite is his feelings about how he doesn’t want Jade holding Ethan. Luke reminds him she held him before, but Holden explains that they were in public and he felt cornered into it, but he is at his home now. He also doesn’t like the idea that this felt as if it was going behind his back. Luke didn’t mean it to be but he tries to defend Jade. She really stood up for him at Raven Lake and fiercely protected him with Kevin; she was a real friend. He appreciates that but it doesn’t change what has happened. Luke thinks with everything that is going on with how hectic things are for all of them right now maybe she could help out as a babysitter. Holden’s eyes widen; he doesn’t want her in his house or around his children; he and Lily do not trust her. Luke pushes; he feels she did all she did because she wants a family; she wants to be needed. Holden stands firm; she is not going to be welcome back in their lives, as Jade walks back in.

Jack wants to know what Carly is doing? She is shredding their divorce papers… does he have a problem with that? She looks at him with pleading eyes hoping that he will tell her that he doesn’t want the divorce. He admits to being confused, but Carly doesn’t understand what he is driving at. So she then tells him that they both agreed to this divorce so why are they dragging it out? They have to file and wait; it is not good for either one of them. She continues nervously; she went online and in Santa Domingo they can speed up the process. She takes the papers she downloaded out of her purse; this way they only have to wait 48 hours. They both look sad and then Jack finally says that he can’t let her do that. A small almost undetected smile forms on Carly’s mouth.

Dusty claims he is at the hospital to pick up a prescription for swimmer’s ear. Lucy offers to go with him to get it, but he changes the subject. It can probably wait because he has to get back to the Lakeview because Worldwide is wining and dining some media type from Tokyo and Lucinda is in charge so he better get going. Lucy stops him trying to make conversation; did she go over the top in Lucinda syle? Dusty smirks and admits she has a sushi bar and gift bags. They both get a good laugh. Lucy thinks it sounds like fun, so Dusty bites; how fast can she get ready? Lucy teases as she asks him if he is asking her out on a date? Dusty covers claiming it is more a business thing. They are friends though. Lucy tells him that is the nicest thing he has said to her in a long time. She knows he is not ready for that so if he wants they can even call it something else… like an ‘herb.’ Don’t wait up I have got an herb tonight; I have an herb to play golf this Saturday. She isn’t married to that name though; they could go on a ‘Felix’ instead. They both giggle and start to leave together.

He doesn’t want her to go to Santa Domingo for a couple reasons; number one she can’t afford it and number two he doesn’t want her going to a strange country by herself. Carly’s face drops slightly as she realizes he is not saying what she was desperate for him to say. She tries not to sound irritated and not try to hurt him back as she unintentionally felt he is doing to her, but when she explains that with what Simon is paying her she can and she wouldn’t be going alone because Simon is giving her his private jet and accompanying her, you can see the anger and hurt flow back into Jack’s face. It isn’t his business anymore what she does. She does clarify that Simon is going just as a friend. Jack tries to joke about what you can do on the Internet now, as he turns his back to her to hide his somber look. Jack and Carly both stand there frozen looking at one another, each wanting the other one to admit to wanting the other back, but neither willing to put themselves on the line for one reason or another. Where does he sign, Jack finally asks? Carly walks up close, very close to show him, as they hold each other’s gaze. Simon is watching this silently through the screen door.

Mike is pacing while Katie is in the bathroom. Finally, she emerges and he nervously asks her what is wrong? She rushes to him explaining that she is not pregnant, as he hugs her tightly, as she cries.

Will brings in a box of stuff; Gwen asks what it is? He takes out the items: her stuffed pig, Bacon, cookies, candles, pillow – which Gwen notices smells like Will, MP3 player and a picture of them at Christmas. He hesitates holding the box as Gwen asks what else is in it? She pulls out his shirt and remembers it is the one that she steals from him that she likes to sleep in – she notices it smells like him as well. He knows she is not ready to come home, but he thought these things would help her feel safe. Gwen looks touched by the sentiment. He promises to do whatever it takes to make things right. He will check back in with her later. Will heads for the door and Gwen hesitates but then stops him from leaving.

Katie laments that she was so sure she was pregnant. Why didn’t she tell him? She didn’t want him to get his hopes up until she knew. Too bad she got her hopes up – way up. She was two days late and she was going to go to the store and grab a test this evening. She had it all worked out; she would have the test placed inside a father’s day card waiting for him when he got home. She stifles a whimper; she thought she was really pregnant because she thought she was having cravings for Chinese food, her clothes felt tighter and she felt as if she was glowing. That is what she gets for jinxing it with Simon. Mike assures her that had nothing to do with it. They just started trying and it will happen when the time is right. He loves her and he can’t wait for the day he finds that card waiting for him when he gets home. In the meantime, he wants to take his wife out to Chinese – he has a craving. Katie wipes the tears away as they both laugh and head out.

Carly and Jack are inching more and more towards each other’s lips, and just before they are about to give in, the horn blows and the moment is lost, especially when Jack is reminded who is waiting for Carly. Carly admits her ride is waiting, and Jack tells her she shouldn’t keep him waiting. He grabs the papers, signs them and hands them back to her, as Carly sadly takes them. That is that they agree. Carly turns and rushes out.

Jade hands Ethan to Holden and runs out. Luke asks if he is going after her? When Holden doesn’t budge, Luke goes after her. He catches her right outside the door. He apologizes for Holden; he loves his dad but he doesn’t know everything. Jade adds that he knows she doesn’t belong there. She tried to fake her way into his family – how pathetic. Luke now understands she was just looking for a place to belong. She doesn’t belong anywhere. Luke doesn’t agree, but knows how she feels. She doesn’t want him to compare himself to her. He has a place to go where the lights are on, his sisters worship him and dinner is waiting on the table. She is always in the wrong place, with the wrong people at the wrong time. She doesn’t want to talk about it, but she needs to figure out the mess of her life on her own. She doesn’t have to do it alone, but she feels she does and she knows what she has to do, as she rushes off.

Gwen knows what she said about them and it being too soon, but she knows what will happen to herself in this house; she will hear a noise, a creak or a branch hitting up against the window and she will be on the phone in a flash to 9-1-1. If he means what he said about being housemates, then she would like him to stay. Will looks thrilled and relieved.

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