ATWT Update Thursday 9/7/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/7/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Lakeview, the waiter that Kim called and won’t be able to make it for their business meeting informs Katie. The waiter asks Katie if she still wants the table and Katie reluctantly says yes even though she hates to eat alone. Simon arrives and asks Katie if she wants to keep him company. Katie accepts Simon’s invitation and sits down at his table. Simon wonders how Katie and Mike are doing and Katie tells him that she and Mike are closer then she and he (Simon) could ever be so Simon thinks Katie has feelings for him. Katie thinks the idea is absurd and wonders how he ever got such a ridiculous idea. Simon explains to Katie that she is trying to hard to prove to him she is happy with Mike. Katie tells Simon that she and Mike are trying to have a baby so Simon takes that as further proof that she is trying to show him she is happy with Mike.

At the police station, Carly shows up at the police station looking for Hal but Dallas informs her that he is still on assignment in Washington. Carly also tells Dallas that Will called and told her what happened at Raven Lake. Dallas tells her that the killer was Henry’s sister Eve and Carly wonders if Jack is at the station so she can talk to him. Dallas explains that Jack was one of the arresting officers and the police commissioner gave him the day off since the case was so emotional for him.

At the Lakeview bar, Jack tries to forget his rough day by having a drink but the drink doesn’t help him forget what happened to all those teens.

At the hospital, the nurse tells Gwen that she was lucky the slashe didn’t hit an artery in her leg because if she had then Gwen would have bled to death. The nurse tells Gwen she has to stay overnight for observation and Gwen thinks that is good because she doesn’t have a place to go. Will tells Gwen she could go home with him since she needs someone to take care of her for a while. Barbara arrives and assumes that Gwen and Will are back together. Will tells Barbara not to assume anything because they are not back together. Barbara reminds Gwen that Will saved her life twice Barbara also wonders what more Will has to do to prove to Gwen that he loves her.

At the Lakeview, Emma is very upset to see Paul with Emily and once Emily excuses herself Emma tells Paul she wanted to celebrate and welcome him into the family but she isn’t in the mood to celebrate anymore so she asks Holden to take her home. Emily apologizes to Paul and Meg for ruining their family celebration. Emily wonders what they were going to celebrate Meg starts to tell Emily about the marriage proposal but Paul hides Meg’s hand so Emily won’t see the ring. Paul explains that the Snyder family always has something to celebrate. Emily congratulates them on their celebration and leaves but Meg is upset with Paul because he stopped her from telling Emily they were engaged. At the Lakeview Bar, Carly arrives to give Jack moral support because she knows he is beating himself up because he didn’t see the signs that Eve was a crazy killer. Carly tells Jack to stop beating himself up because he didn’t do anything wrong he is still a great cop. Carly reminds Jack that this wasn’t even his case it was Margo and Dallas who were in charge of the slasher case. Jack tells Carly that he spent time with Eve he should have seen something that told him she was a killer. Jack tells Carly that you can’t always tell when someone is a killer. Jack thinks he should have learned something from his experience with Julia. Jack tells Carly he was even thinking of asking Eve out on a date. Carly tells Jack that doesn’t make him a bad cop it just makes him a single man. Jack feels awkward talking about this with Carly but Carly thinks its nice because they have 3 kids they should at least be able to be friends for their sake. Carly tells Jack that Will told her that Gwen is going to be fine and Casey is at the Raven Lake hospital. Jack reminds Carly that Casey could die but Carly thinks that Jack should be happy he caught Eve before she hurt more people.

Also at the Lakeview, Katie tells Simon that she is happy with Mike and she feels comfortable and safe with him because she has the kind of marriage she always wanted to have with him (Simon) but always seemed impossible. Simon tells Katie he has changed but Katie doesn’t think that Simon could change that much. Simon tells Katie that he is very happy with his new life and he only wants the best for her and Mike. Mike arrives and Simon congratulates him because he is trying to have a baby with Katie. Simon pays for his drink and leaves Mike and Katie alone to talk. Mike is upset that Katie chose to confide something so private to Simon when they haven’t even told thief family and friends yet. Katie assures Mike she doesn’t have feelings for Simon. Mike thinks Katie is jealous of Carly because she will be single soon and can be with Simon.

At the farm, Emma tells Holden that Paul will only hurt Meg and Meg is so in love with him she can’t see it. Holden explains that Paul is only trying to be civil to Emily because she is having his baby. Emma doesn’t want to talk about Paul anymore and she goes to the barn to do some chores.

At the hospital, Will leaves Gwen and Barbara alone to talk even though he doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Barbara tells Gwen it took her a long time to accept her but she opened her heart to her and now she is going to listen to her before she throws her marriage away. Will tells Bob that Gwen is in no condition for Barbara to rip her apart right now. Barbara wonders if jade is still in the picture. Gwen tells Barbara that Will told her he isn’t with Jade anymore but she showed up at Raven Lake chasing after him. Gwen also reminds Barbara that she told her they were together at the wagon wheel motel. Gwen tells Barbara she can’t figure out a way to forget Will slept with Jade. Barbara tells Gwen that Will is kind, sweet, smart and caring and he loves her. Barbara tells Gwen there are always going to be predatory females who will come after Will for his money or just because he is a wonderful young man. Barbara tells Gwen she should always remember he loves her and wants to be with her. Barbara advises Gwen to save her marriage if she still loves Will. Gwen tells Barbara to give her time Barbara says that Will is going to give her all the time she needs but she should let him know she loves him because he has been so sad without her. Gwen asks Will to go home but Will offers to stay until she goes to sleep.

At the Lakeview, Paul explains to Meg that news of their engagement might cause Emily too much stress and he doesn’t want the baby to be at risk. Paul assures Meg that after the baby is born he will sell his part of the paper to Emily and have as little contact with her as possible. Meg tells Paul she understands better then anyone Emily’s condition so she will agree not to tell Emily they are engaged until after the birth of the baby. Meg takes the ring off her finger and puts it on a chain to wear around her neck. Meg reminds Paul they are still engaged and gives him a kiss.

At the Stewart house, Susan isn’t happy that Paul is buying the newspaper from Craig or that Emily will have to work so closely with him. Emily smiles and tells Susan its just until the baby is born and then he will sell his half of the paper to her.

At the Lakeview, bar, Simon interrupts Carly because he has a work emergency although Jack isn’t happy he tells Carly she should go handle the emergency. Jack also tell Carly Jessica sent him the final divorce papers and he will send them to her to sign soon Carly says that is okay even though inside she is having doubts about the divorce. Once Jack is gone Simon can tell Carly is having doubts about her divorce.

At the farm, Jack apologizes to Holden for not letting him know Luke stayed with Gwen, Will and Jade while they were trying to capture Eve. Jack tells Holden he feels drained and to top things off he got his divorce papers and he isn’t sure he wants to sign them. Holden advises Jack to wait a little while but Jack says he told Carly about the papers and she seemed eager to get on with her new life so there is nothing he can do to stop the divorce now. Jack reluctantly signs the divorce papers in front of Holden although he isn’t sure he should have signed them at all.

At the Lakeview, Carly tells Simon that she and Jack were having a nice conversation about dating and it seems Jack is ready to move on with his life. Carly comments that it’s a shame the divorce is going to take so long. Simon tells Carly she can fly to Santo Domingo tonight and get a quick divorce. Simon tells Carly to give Jack a call on her way to the airport. Carly is unsure at first but after a few minutes Simon persuades her to go to Santo Domingo and get a divorce. Katie assures Mike she doesn’t have feelings for Simon and all she cares about is having a family with him.

At the Stewart house, Emily sits on her couch and tells her baby that once his daddy starts working closely with her again he will realize he wants to be with her so the three of them can be a family.

At the hospital, Gwen has a nightmare that Eve came into her room and gave her a shot. Gwen screams but Will is there to hold her and calm her nerves. Will suggests the only way to forget about something bad is to make a new start. Will thinks they should have a memorial service to honor their friends so that everybody including them can have a new beginning. Gwen thinks that is a wonderful idea and gives Will a hug.

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