ATWT Update Wednesday 9/6/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 9/6/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the Lakeview, Paul is meeting with Emily; he explains how he wants to help her with the Intruder by buying it from Craig. This will reduce her stress level and in turn allow him to be less worried about his baby. Emily stares at him through narrowing eyes; how does Meg feel about this new venture? Paul answers that she is fine with it. Emily wonders if he has even told her? Paul explains they don’t have secrets; she is fine with everything he does right now.

At the farm, Holden is explaining to Emma and Meg what happened with Luke and Kevin up at Raven Lake. Luke is worried about what the other kids will say, but he still insisted on going back to the Lake. Emma proudly declares that Luke is a Snyder and will hide from noone. She turns her attention quickly to Meg’s ring when she notices the multiple carat sparkler. Meg nervously but happily tells them he asked her in the barn and she said yes. Emma wonders what made her say yes?

At a cabin at Raven Lake, Henry and Jack are standing over another murdered girl. Jack realized based on the bloody print that the slasher is a woman, which Henry quickly deduces he may be assuming again it is Maddie. It could not be her because these attacks are sick and it is not possible that Maddie did it. Jack is confused; she lied in order to get up here. Henry snaps that he is not going along with this idea and is no longer helping him. Jack snaps back that he needs to stop this person before they kill again, and he will use whatever methods he needs to do, to accomplish that.

Elsewhere at the Lake, Gwen is becoming more and more convinced the killer could be Jade. Luke doesn’t believe her and Will wants her to calm down, but she is concerned that Maddie is still out there alone and Jade hates her.

Also at the Lake, Maddie is lying on the ground with an injured Casey; she needs to know, as she gets up and heads toward the pinned masked slasher. She slowly approaches the masked murder, kneels down, takes a deep breath and removes the mask. She is horrified to find her sister, Eve, staring back at her. Eve angrily remarks about her sitting there as if she were watching one of her movies, cow eyes and mouth agape. Maddie stares not able to comprehend what this means, as her sister snaps about her not being too quick to catch on. Maddie emerges form her stupor; she killed all those people, she stammers? Eve glowers as she tells her the death of all those kids was her fault, as was Casey’s. Maddie just stares at her as Eve bellows for her not to look at her with that hurt and innocent look. Every stupid man falls for that; poor helpless Maddie; poor pretty Maddie. How can we help her? If they only knew. What? That she is a disgusting little slut, Eve spits. Maddie is taken aback, but Eve continues at her; don’t try the little innocent act. She moves into her house, parades herself in front of her husband and makes him crazy. Maddie tries to deny this, but Eve shouts that the truth is coming out. So Maddie yells back that he raped her. Eve roars about her making that happen traipsing around in her little outfits cooing at her husband. He was unable to resist her disgusting behavior. After their useless family, Louis was the only thing that was hers, and she took him from her, she screeches. She thought after she moved away last year it would be over, and then Margo and their useless brother convinced her to be free by talking about it and she had to stop her; she couldn’t have her blaming Louis. A stunned Maddie wonders if that is why she killed all those kids – all of whom she didn’t even know. She did it to frame her, but it became harder then she thought because everyone seems to fall for her ‘poor pitiful Maddie’ act. She never hurt anyone Maddie yells back, but Eve needed to do it to protect her marriage. Maddie shrieks that she tried to kill her own sister. Eve snarls at her that she is not her sister – just some pathetic lying slut. Every time she bats her eye lashes or wipes away a tear. She is a vicious grasping slut who pretends to be the girl next door and men fall for it, like Louis did. She starts to stifle a sob as she says his name again, but Maddie barks that she was the one who killed him. Eve tells her flatly that it was her fault causing her no choice in the matter.

Paul wants them to work together for the baby’s sake, but how Meg feels is not her concern. He won’t buy the newspaper if she doesn’t want him to, but he sees it as the perfect solution. She won’t have to deal with Craig and the problems this entails when your boss is in jail. He has already proven himself to be helpful to her when he balanced her accounts at the Intruder. He is trying to take the pressure off of her. Emily acknowledges that he really seems to have thought about this, which Paul agrees. Too bad she hates the idea.

Meg thinks her mother’s question is strange; why does anyone get engaged…because they are in love and want to build a life together. Emma qualifies her statement; she means why did she say yes now since he has been after her for so long? Meg snaps that he hasn’t been after her, but rather in love with her. Emma doesn’t want her to get defensive. Meg recognizes the obstacles they face and she is not blind to the problems Emily could make, but she has faith in them. Holden teases her to lighten the conversation when he reminds her when he caught them in the barn. Meg teases also that she helped back in him up before and she could use the help now. When people get engaged usually congratulations follows, but at her house it is the third degree and jokes. Holden walks over to her, hugs her, congratulates her and comments how lucky Paul is to have her. Meg stares at her mom and wonders if she is done with the questions now? She is, but she has a suggestion and hopes she will like it.

Will understands why Gwen might think it is Jade, but noone else seems to agree so maybe she should let it go. All of the sudden, cue Jade walking up confused at what is going on and why Gwen looks the way she does? Gwen jumps up defensively; how can she not know what is going on around here; there is a killer on the loose; where has she been? Dallas walks up and wonders that as well? Jade answer that she was out walking, but Gwen snaps back about the fact she doubts she has been walking for three hours! Jade tells Dallas that Gwen has it in for her because she slept with her husband. She whirls around to Will pleading with him to tell them that he believes her. Will remains quiet.

Tom is trying to stop Margo from collapsing as she frantically searches through the woods for Casey. The trooper calls her over to the car, as Margo thinks it is regarding Casey, but he wants her to see he found a bracelet and signs of a struggle. They see drag marks, so they go to call it in and follow the tracks.

Eve snarls about Maddie being in Louis’ blood; he wanted her even if he thought she was a killer. They both had to go; she had to go because she deserved it, and Louis needed to be kind of released. Maddie sadly wonders why she had to kill all the other kids? Didn’t their lives mean anything to her? Eve coldly sees them as collateral damage. Maddie wants to run away, but Eve grabs her explaining she has something else important to tell her. Lia, Nate and all the others whose names she barely remembers because they didn’t matter, meant nothing to her, but Casey was different because he was special. He had to die because then she has taken away someone Maddie loves, just as she did to her. Maddie stares in disbelief at her sister; you must really hate me, she says. Eve happily answers, she very much does. Maddie turns away declaring she is going to be sick, and when she does, Eve eyes a large rock nearby and reaches for it.

At home, Carly answers the door to find Katie there. She wants to talk to her for a moment about a job opportunity. Carly reminds her that she has a job with Simon. Katie jokes about her how she can call it work when her boss is showing up naked. Carly slowly reminds her that she already explained what happened. It was a simple accident and that is why she went to their house to prevent a misunderstanding. Katie thinks that Simon can be persuasive, especially naked, as they both laugh. Carly explains that her life is a bit too complicated to deal with anything with Simon since she is in the midst of a divorce. Katie’s smile disappears as she apologizes for not knowing. When did they decide this? Carly explains it was recent; she figured the way they were going it was inevitable, but it doesn’t make it easier. Katie switches back into gears regarding Simon; that situation could lead to human nature happening. People end up getting involved who shouldn’t and they end up regretting it.

Emma wants them to go out and celebrate, and Meg should ask Paul since he is going to soon be part of the family. Emma laughs as she notices Meg’s confused look; she doesn’t always have her figured out. She must know though if she is happy, then she is happy as well. She hugs Meg and declares they are going out for champagne. Now? Yep, and she can’t wait to see the look on Paul’s face when she is nice to him. They all laugh over that.

Paul is surprised that Emily hates his idea. If she is worried about working with him, it is just a temporary solution and he will be selling the paper after. Emily tries to make him see it is temporary for him, but this is her career and permanent for her. Paul wants her to see he is not taking over since she can handle all the day-to-day stuff. Emily sees herself as going from one absentee boss to another. He loves saving, fixing and owning things, and he loves to swoop in and save things, but then he takes off and who is left to clean up the mess he left behind… thanks but no thanks, as she starts to leave. Paul gets up to stop her, but his cell phone rings interrupting him. He asks Emily to wait. It is Meg. He tells her coyly he is at the Lakeview finishing up a meeting can he call her back? Meg tells him not to worry and she will see him later. After she hangs up, she tells Emma and Holden he is at a meeting at the Lakeview; Emma thinks it is perfect because they can go over there to meet him and celebrate. Meg smiles at this.

Will finally talks; Jade wouldn’t kill anyone. Gwen grumbles about him taking her side – even now. Will explains it isn’t about sides, but he agrees with Luke. Gwen coldly answers that is the only thing she wouldn’t do. The trooper interrupts Dallas talking to Jade, by saying they got a call and they are closing in on the killer. Dallas takes off as Jade bitterly tells Gwen she is obviously not as bad as she thought.

Casey calls out and Maddie sees Eve with the rock, they struggle and Maddie is able to wrestle the rock away from her. Maddie is holding the rock above her head staring down at Eve for a moment and then tosses the rock away, as Eve spits, she knew it. Maddie crawls back over to Casey willing him to wake back up so they can get out of there. She hears Tom and Margo calling for him and she calls back to them. Tom and Margo race over anxiously to find Maddie cradling an unconscious Casey. She is mumbling how he saved her. Casey comes to for a moment to mumble that she - Eve - did this to him. Maddie confirms it as she points in the direction of where Eve is – except when they aim the flashlight over there, Eve is gone.

A sweating, out of breath, darkly clad Eve runs smack dab into Jack. She turns on the fear quickly; he has to help Maddie – he is after her, but Jack is not at all convinced. He grabs her, whips her around and starts to recite her Miranda rights. At first Eve tries to act innocent and in disbelief, but when Henry walks up and sees this, his mouth wide open, she starts to laugh. Henry incredulously asks if she did this? She coldly and flatly tells him the look on his face right now, almost makes it all worth it.

Emma, Meg and Holden are all dressed up ready to go paint the town. Holden is glad to have some happiness in their family finally. Meg promises that he and Lily will be there with her dancing at her wedding. Emma wants Meg to call Paul to tell him of their plans, but Meg would rather surprise him.

Paul wonders what the big problem is? Does she not want him selling the paper to someone she doesn’t know? She agrees it is something like that. Then he won’t sell the paper unless she gives her consent; they can draw up papers. Emily wonders why he is making all these concessions for her? He is trying to create a partnership; he is trying to streamline her workplace so she is happy, healthy and stress-free. Emily apologizes; he is being thoughtful and generous and all she has been is suspicious. They shake on it as their hands linger together. Emily is ready to leave, but Paul stops her reminding her it is traditional to toast a deal. Does she have somewhere else to be? She doesn’t as she sits back down; she has all the time in the world.

Gwen approaches Jade as she apologizes for trying to have her arrested for murder. Jade assures her it is no big deal. They can just chalk it up to the fact that the ambulance is on its way again for her after this being the second time she has been attacked. They should just be thankful they are all ok. Dallas runs up and tells them that Casey is ok, so is Maddie, but he saved her from her sister – the real killer. Everyone is stunned as Gwen recalls a conversation with Eve when she seemed so concerned for Maddie. Dallas wants to take this statement, so she walks away with him to give him one and Will goes with her, but behind her. Right away, Jade mentions to Luke how when Gwen left with Dallas and Will tried to help, she didn’t let him. They are still not back together she deduces. Luke is irritated; kids have been killed, Maddie’s sister has been the one doing it and all she can think about is Will. Jade snaps that she knows what she just saw and if he is trying to make her feel shallow, he can just stop it!

Carly comes back downstairs after having looked at the kids rooms. They have cleaned them without even being harassed about it. Carly is sure they must realize she is at the end of her rope. They probably feel badly and know something is up. She doesn’t want to talk about that anymore she wants to talk about something cheerful. What about the job offer she came by about? Katie seems almost dismissive when she talks about it. Kim will probably be doing a home and garden type of show and she was thinking Carly could help out with some decorating tips. Carly wonders if she would be working with this show often, but Katie doesn’t know. Would she just be helping out every so often? Katie admits they are just in talks and she would have to talk to Kim. Carly suddenly realizes what is going on. She came here not to feel her out about a job, but rather about Simon. She can’t take any more lectures or unsolicited advice. They need to stop feeling she is some poor dumb sap who is going to let the likes of Simon sweep her off her feet because Jack left her. Katie promises noone feels like that. Somewhere along the line they became friends and they are just concerned and care for her. Carly hugs her and tells her she is glad somebody does.

Henry is absolutely stunned as he stares at Jack handcuffing a smirking Eve. She coldly snaps about how Henry is just taking Jack at his word - so much for family loyalty. He stutters out how she made people believe Maddie committed these crimes. Eve growls about how she is standing there in handcuffs and all he can worry about is how this is affecting poor Maddie. Henry is speechless as he starts to say she must be – Eve cuts him off. Is crazy the word he is looking for? She is not really interested in his analyzing her mental state. Does he know what it was like as he fawned all over poor Maddie how come he never worried about her? Henry reminds her he did, but she doesn’t want to hear it take her away. As they are walking away, a strangely casual Eve wonders how Jack liked the wine she sent him?

Margo is hovering over Casey who is being attending to by the EMT’s. They start to wheel him away as Tom assures Margo things are going to be ok; he was awake and knew who they were. They are all standing there in shock when Jack walks through with a handcuffed Eve. She smirks at Maddie and ask her if she told Margo about how it was all her fault? Maddie cowers as Margo tightens her grip around her. Eve is hauled off with a eerie, “later Maddie!”

Will sits down next to Gwen, who is frustrated at herself for trying to lay the blame on Gwen. Will reminds her how scared they were. Gwen admits that wasn’t why she said that; she wanted to hurt Jade. Will empathizes; she had a human reaction because someone kicked her and she kicked back. Gwen doesn’t think that sounds like him. Will admits they all screwed up on how they handled this; he said some rotten things to Casey as well. Gwen thinks they will all come out of this fine in the end. Casey knows he was going through an awful time and she is sure it won’t hurt their friendship.

Luke thinks Jade should stop staring at Will and Gwen; they are not lab specimens and she should give them their privacy. Jade responds sarcastically about the great mood he is in. Luke can’t imagine why he would be acting this way after the ‘great’ day he had. Once Jade sees Gwen walk a little bit away from Will, she quickly approaches him. She wanted to thank him for defending her. Will stares at her and quickly asks her if she can ever give it a rest before he walks off.

Margo asks Jack if Eve gave anything up? Jack explains she hasn’t directly, but she obviously snapped. They will make the case; she just needs to think about Casey right now; he will handle Eve.

Henry comforts Maddie. Did she hurt her? Maddie answers she slammed her head against the car. Henry wants her to see a doctor. She stutters about how she thought Casey was dead. Maddie disbelieving mentions she also killed Louis. Henry shakes his head shocked. Maddie tells him how Casey saved her life twice and Eve wanted him dead just because of her. Maddie tells her that Eve said she did all of this because of her. Henry wants her to try not to think about it right now; it will be ok, he reassures her. Maddie falls into his arms; it will never be ok again, she sobs.

Emily and Paul are toasting with sparkling cider; they toast to a new era. She drops her glass and declares it is not going to work. Paul assures her they can work together, but Emily doesn’t mean them, but him and Craig. He hates him, did he forget? Why would he do business with someone he hates? Paul reminds her he would not be a good businessman if he only did business with people he likes. Fine, then how will he get Craig to sell his newspaper to him? Paul explains he has taken care of it with Lucy getting a message to him. He has thought of everything, she smiles. Emily toasts to Paul, who will do anything for his child. As they are smiling and raising their glasses, in walk Meg, Emma and Holden.

The EMT tells Will and Gwen they are short staffed and don’t have a gurney so Will picks Gwen up into his arms to take her to the ambulance. Luke and Jade are standing close by as he suggests she give it up for tonight. Jade laments how when they were driving up there she thought things would turn out great for them; they didn’t, did they? They slowly walk off wit their heads down.

Back at the station, Jack is telling some police officers he Mirandized Eve, but she hasn’t lawyered up yet, so keep things low key and no pressing. He tells Eve that these officers are going to take her downstairs to book her and then she can get some water etc. They can talk after. Eve stares at him strangely as she tells him he is good at his job and she likes that in a man. As the police officers are leading her away, she calls back at Jack and to the officers beside him about how she and Jack had a connection and it is a shame things didn’t work out. Jack wants her lead away, and as she is, Eve tells him to enjoy the wine.

At the hospital, Casey mumbles to Margo about how Maddie didn’t do it. Margo quiets him and tells him not to worry, she knows and she is ok because he saved her life. He is tired so Margo tells him to sleep now. Casey is wheeled away as Margo and Tom walk behind him. Henry and Maddie walk up right after and Maddie watches after them. She pleads outloud for Casey to be ok.

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