ATWT Update Tuesday 9/5/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 9/5/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Raven lake hospital, Luke explains to Holden that Kevin almost drowns in the lake but he rescued him. Holden knows by the look on Luke’s face that something else is troubling him. Luke whispers that he came out to Kevin and Kevin responded with hateful words which he later apologized for because he was so happy that Luke saved his life. Luke also tells Holden that he knows Kevin is grateful to him but their friendship is probably over now.

At Raven Lake, Will tells Gwen that if the killer comes after one of them again the other should run as fast as they can and get help but Gwen refuses the plan and insists the other way they can survive is if they stick together.

At the Hughes house, Dallas explains to Tom, Margo, Jack and Henry that Gil one of the kids that road the bus out of the campsite told him that the slasher was there and had killed several people. Dallas also gives Margo a list of all the kids that were on the bus and Margo worries because Casey and Gwen’s names are not listed. Henry grabs the list and doesn’t see Maddie’s name listed so Dallas explains that the kids thought Maddie was the killer so they left her behind when she tried to climb on the bus. Dallas tells a worried Henry that the kids had no idea Maddie had been cleared of all charges and the suspect was Louis. Jack thinks the kids may have been pulling a practical joke but Dallas tells him the kids sounded really scared and he thinks they are telling the truth. Margo tries to call Casey on the phone and gets no answer so she begins to cry and worry. Tom decides to try to call Casey from his cell phone rather then use the home phone but Tom gets no answer from Casey either. Tom decides to call of Casey’s friends that he has listed on his PDA because he is sure one of them will know where he is Tom also remembers that Casey and Gwen took Casey’s car so maybe they are already on their way home. Henry starts to rush out the door to protect Maddie but Jack stops him by saying that he should let the county police handle things. Henry tells jack that those kids are so scared of Maddie they might hurt her or Louis might try to touch her again. Henry tells jack he can arrest him if he wants to but nothing is stopping him from getting to his little sister. Jack tells Henry they should wait and see what the county sheriff’s office does and if they are slow he will drive Henry to Raven Lake himself.

At Raven Lake, Louis tells Maddie that he isn’t the killer and before he can tell her the killer’s identity the killer stabs him dead. Maddie cries screams and demands to know the slasher’s identity and why he killed all those people. Maddie takes off running from the slasher while still screaming why did you kill all those people.

At the Hughes house, Margo cries and continues to worry while she looks at Casey’s picture. Dallas gets on the phone to the county sheriff and tells him that the Oakdale police requests assistance in capturing a killer who is at Raven lake killing kids at a campsite. The sheriff doesn’t believe Dallas so an angry Tom gets on the phone and demands that the sheriff send somebody to the campsite before more kids die. Tom hangs up the phone and afterwards, Tom, Margo, Dallas, Jack and Henry decides to go to Raven Lake and help speed up the investigation.

At Raven Lake hospital, Luke admits to Holden that he worries Kevin will tell all his friends that he is gay before he can tell them himself and put a bad spin on things. Luke also worries that he will get teased and Kevin and his friends will make his senior year a living nightmare.

At Raven Lake, Will and Gwen hide inside a cabin and Will goes outside when he hears a noise but it turns out to be a deer. Will and Gwen smile when they hear a police siren but get worried when the siren gets further away. Will assumes that the sheriff thought it was a teenage prank so he and Gwen decide to go find the sheriff and tell him the truth. Maddie stops to rest and hide in the boathouse but the slasher finds her and draws his knife Maddie screams.

At Raven Lake hospital, Holden tells Luke he can go to a boarding school out of state if that would be easier on him. Luke wonders what Holden would do and before Holden responds that he knows he would stay and fight. Holden tells Luke he doesn’t want him to be hurt by bullies. Luke tells Holden Lily told him how hard he (Holden) fought Lucinda to prove that he was worthy to marry Lily. Luke tells Holden Lily explained to him that he (Holden) took a job at Walsh industries to prove to Lucinda that he was more then just a farm boy. Holden tells Luke that was a very different situation but Luke thinks that they are the same and that he should stay and fight as well because he can’t spend his life running away its time to be a man. Luke tells Holden that he wants to be the kid of man that he (Holden) is and he is going to stay and fight to be happy. Luke wants to go to the campsite and check on Jade and he asks Holden to stay with Kevin until his parents arrive to take him home.

At Raven Lake, the sheriff arrests Will and Gwen while they try to explain to him about the killer. Jack arrives just in time to vouch for Will and Gwen and he explains that there have been killings in Oakdale and now they think the killer has killed kids at this campsite. The sheriff still thinks it’s a practical joke but Jack finally persuades him to look for back up while he and Dallas search for victims and survivors. Will and Gwen tell Henry that the last time they saw Maddie was by the Lake with the rest of the group who took the bus to safety. Henry rushes to the Lake to look for Maddie before Jack has a chance to stop him. Will and Gwen also tell Margo and Tom that when they saw Maddie she told them that the slasher had killed Casey. Margo cries and thinks that Casey can’t be dead but Will and Gwen tell Margo that Maddie was crying and in shock with blood on her clothes. Margo wonders if Maddie is the killer but Will and Gwen assure her that Maddie isn’t the killer because she loved Casey very much and she would never hurt him no matter what happened between them. Will and Gwen also tell Tom and Margo that they never saw Casey’s body so they can’t be sure he is dead. Jack catches up to Henry and tells him to stand back because he just saw a body. Henry and jack come closer and discover it is Louis and Jack feels for a pulse to assure Louis is dead. Jack and Henry worry that if the killer isn’t Louis the real killer is still out there and could kill again. Will also tells Tom and Margo that Maddie couldn’t be the killer because the person that attacked him and Gwen was taller. Margo continues to cry while Tom holds her while a scared Maddie continues to run from the slasher and scream for help.

At Raven Lake hospital, Holden calls home to tell Lucinda Luke is fine but quickly hangs up the phone when Kevin calls for nurse. Holden goes in Kevin’s room and gives him a glass of water. Kevin again apologizes to Holden this time for the way he treated Luke at the lake. Kevin explains to Holden that he was just shocked that Luke was gay. Kevin wonders if Holden had a hard time with the news. Holden admits he did and he didn’t treat Luke very well but then he accepted it. Holden wonders if Kevin thinks that his friends will think he is gay just because he is a friend to Luke. Kevin admits that is the reason he was so cruel to Luke. Holden asks Kevin not to be cruel to Luke at school or give him a hard time because he hopes that Kevin learns a lesson from him (Holden) and not be cruel to Luke just because he can’t understand his lifestyle. Holden tells Kevin he expects better behavior from Kevin because he was Luke’s friend. Kevin’s parents call and say they will be there shortly and he thanks Holden for the advice and for staying with him at the hospital. Holden tells Kevin he should give his thanks to Luke for saving his life.

At Raven Lake, Luke arrives and is told by Will and Gwen that the slasher followed the group to the Lake and killed several people. Luke wonders if Jade was with the group that got away on the bus. Will and Gwen tell Luke that they have not seen jade in a long time. Gwen tells Luke and Will she suspects Jade is the slasher because Jade hated Maddie enough to make her look like the killer and she also hates her (Gwen) because Will loves her. Luke defends Jade and says that Jade could never kill anyone. Jack and Henry find another body a girl and Henry is relived it isn’t Maddie. Jack also finds a woman’s glove beside the body so now he knows the killer is a woman. Maddie screams for help again and an alive but very week Casey uses his foot to kick over some wood and canoes, which are in a pile, and the slasher is buried in them before he can hurt Maddie. Maddie is so glad to see Casey isn’t dead she thanks him for saving her life, gives him a kiss and tells him she loves him. Casey tells Maddie that he loves her too and for a minute forgets about the stab wounds and tries to get up but he gets dizzy and lies back down on the ground.

At Java, Holden tells Lucinda Luke is fine except he came out to Kevin but Kevin rejected him and said some cruel things to him. Holden tells Lucinda that despite how Kevin treated him Luke saved Kevin from drowning in the lake. Lucinda and Holden both admit they probably wouldn’t have saved Kevin. Lucinda corrects Holden it is exactly what he would have done. Lucinda tells Holden that Luke is just like him and he grows more like him every day. Holden also tells Lucinda that Luke has decided to stay and fight the bullies just like he (Holden) fought to prove himself worthy of Lily. Lucinda tells Holden he has every reason to be proud of his son because he is a good man just like him. Holden smiles at Lucinda’s compliment because he realizes that Luke is more like him then his biological father Damian. Lucinda also tells Holden that Luke has real courage that was instilled in him by all of his love and support.

At Raven Lake, Gwen continues to think jade is the killer while Luke continues to think that Jade is innocent. Casey asks Maddie to go get help for him but Maddie refuses to leave Casey alone with the killer. Casey tells Maddie the slashe is buried and can’t hurt him. Maddie goes over to lift the slasher’s mask because she has to know the identity of the killer.

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