ATWT Update Friday 9/1/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 9/1/06


Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo

Will, Gwen, and the Slasher are in the woods.  The slasher is dragging Gwen and Will chases after her.  As Gwen’s being pulled, she grabs a tree branch, hits the killer and runs off.  The killer pins her to the ground and stabs her in the leg.  Gwen screams and pleads for mercy.  The slasher raises their knife and prepares to stab her a second time.  Will runs up, tackles the slasher and fights for the knife.  The slasher stabs at Will, but misses.  The killer runs off and Gwen begs Will not to leave her.  “I would never leave you.  Don’t you know that?”  The two hug.  Then together they go into a cabin.  Will grabs a shovel and checks all the windows.  Gwen wonders where everyone else is and is worried that they’ve all been killed.  Will starts to believe it’s Maddie but Gwen tells him she knows it’s not.  Gwen asks about the attacker and tells him that the attacker was taller than Maddie.  She then says that she remembers something.    She tells Will about the guy watching Geneva through the binoculars before she was killed.  Will says it doesn’t matter who it is and they should be worrying about Gwen’s leg.  He finds matches in a drawer and lights a lantern.  He tears her pants and stares at the wound.  He finds some alcohol in the cupboard and begins to clean Gwen’s wound.  Gwen cringes as the alcohol touches her skin.  Will tells her that Hal taught him how to clean it and he thinks he did pretty good at tying the bandage.  “I trust you.”  Will is shocked that she says this.  “I never thought I’d hear that from you again.”  Gwen and Will hear a bird outside and are worried it’s the slasher.  Will tells her not to worry because it’s only a loon bird.    He also insists that hikers will find them tomorrow.  Gwen is skeptical and Will says that if they don’t, they’ll wait till noon then make a break for it.  Gwen says she can’t walk but Will says that he’ll carry her.  Gwen tells him that she’s sorry for not standing up for him when everyone was accusing him of being the slasher.  “I’m so sorry.  Can you forgive me?”  Will says of course he forgives her and he tells her how much he loves her.  Will and Gwen then lean in to kiss. 

Maddie bangs wildly on the car door but the kids in the van, thinking that she’s responsible for the murders, refuse to let her in.

The van drives off and they kids fight about where the nearest phone is.  Ada says that they should have let Maddie on the bus, but Ian tells her no and is convinced Maddie’s the killer.  Ian says that by the time they get to the phone Maddie will have gone.  The teens start to snap at each other and tell him they’re not going back to arrest her because they’re all scared.  Ian replies with, “I’m not scared of Maddie Coleman.”

At Tom and Margo’s house, Margo worries about Casey.  The phone rings and Margo hopes it’s Casey.  Tom answers and it’s just one of the teens moms.   Margo worries more about why Casey isn’t calling her but Tom insists he’s just growing up.  Tom tells her that when Casey’s home driving her nuts tomorrow, he’ll remind her of this moment of her missing him.  Margo says she’ll remember and stares at Casey’s picture.

Casey  is still lying in the woods bleeding.   

At the police station, Henry asks Dallas and Jack about Louis.  The cops tell him that they have a list of unconfirmed sightings of Louis all around the country.  Jack walks away and thanks Dallas for helping with the case.   Dallas says it isn’t necessary and starts to feel guilty about not solving the case.  Henry consoles him.  Dallas asks if he’s heard from Eve.  Henry says that Eve told him not to call yet.  Jack walks up and asks why.  Henry explains that Maddie needs time to feel safe and not be reminded of what happened in Oakdale.  Jack says that all of this doesn’t make sense and asks why Louis would go after Maddie’s friends.  Henry says to get back at her for rejecting him by making her look like the killer.  Jack says the need to get the whole story so Henry calls Eve. 

Maddie is still where the van left her.  She stares at Ann’s dead body and runs off.  She goes to the dock and sees Alex’s body.  Maddie stares into the distance and remember Casey, just hours before, telling her he wants to help her.  She then remembers Casey being slashed and his body falling to the ground.  She snaps out of her trance, curls into a ball and says she’s sorry to Casey.   She hears footsteps and grabs an Oar.  Ian walks up, stares at her strangely, and says he came back just for her.  Ian grabs an Oar.  Maddie asks what’s with the Oar.  Ian asks if she’s afraid because she doesn’t have her knife.  Maddie says she didn’t kill his friends, but Ian doesn’t believe her.  Maddie tells him that it’s her brother in law and that he can call the police and ask if he wants.  Ian doesn’t buy it and hits her oar away.  Maddie runs away and Ian chases after her.  As they run, Louis watches them from binoculars. 

Jessica shows up at Tom and Margo’s.  Tom explains that Maddie’s brother in law Louis was responsible for the rape.  Tom also tells her that Louis threatened Maddie with a knife during the assault.  Jessica asks if he’s the slasher.  Tom replies with, “presumably so.”  The phone rings and tom goes to answer it.  Jessica asks where Maddie is.  Margo says she with Eve in Chicago.  Tom tells Margo that it’s not Casey.  Jessica asks when she’ll be back but Margo is distracted and doesn’t hear the question.  Margo shares her worries about Maddie with Jessica.  Jessica tells her, “You are a wonderful example of someone who has suffered a similar situation and come out stronger on the other side.”

Henry calls Eve but can’t hear her very well because of bad reception.  Henry asks how Maddie is and Eve says that she hasn’t talked to her since she called her and said she’d stay in Oakdale.   Eve asks Henry if he think Louis has her.  Henry says he doesn’t know but will call her back.  Henry hangs up and tells Jack and Dallas that Maddie isn’t in Chicago.  Dallas suggests that she’s with Casey.  Jack says he thinks he knows where that is.  Jack and Henry leave. 

Maddie runs into a cabin where all the boats are stored.  She runs behind one and hides.  Ian runs in and starts hitting the boats to find her.  “I’ll smash every damn boat in here if I have to!  Say goodbye, Maddie.  You’re a dead woman.”  Maddie pushes a boat in front of him and runs out the door.  She hears the bushes rustling and runs.  She slows to a walk and see’s Ian’s dead body.   Louis emerges from the bushes.  Maddie runs to where Casey is and tells him how much she loves him.  She kneels by his side and Louis grabs her arm.  She pushes him to the ground and runs away.  Louis catches up with her and puts his hand over her mouth.  Maddie says to kill her because he killed all the others.  Louis says he didn’t kill them.  He begins to say, “They were stabbed--” But as he starts to say it, the slasher comes up behind him and stabs him in the back.  Maddie stares stunned.

Jessica and Dallas are in the interrogation room.  Dallas tells her that he should’ve known that a family member was involved in Maddie’s rape.  Jessica asks if he feels guilty.  Dallas simply tells her that he should have realized.  Jessica tells him that he is a great cop and tells him how proud she is.  The two hug.  The phone rings and Dallas is shocked at what he hears. 

Henry and Jack go to Tom and Margo’s.  Henry asks if they’ve heard from Casey.  Margo says no and Henry explains that Maddie’s missing.  Dallas walks in and says that he got a call that someone’s killing kids at Raven Lake. 

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