ATWT Update Thursday 8/31/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 8/31/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Raven Lake, Maddie desperately tries to make an unconscious Casey wake up but when she shakes him she gets his blood on her hands. Maddie cries and keeps repeating Casey you can’t be dead then she sees the slasher and begs the slasher to please stop this now. Maddie takes off running to get help for Casey and because the slasher is now chasing her.

At the Hughes house, Margo wants to contact the Raven lake police because she can’t reach Casey on his phone and she has a very bad feeling that he is in danger. Tom tells her that Casey probably turned his phone off because he is having a good time with his friends enjoying the last party of the summer. Tom also thinks the last thing Casey wants is his mom checking in on him. Tom tells Margo they should go back to enjoying their time alone together. Tom gives Margo a kiss and things get romantic between them again.

At Raven Lake. Gwen arrives at the cabin and she cries when she sees Geneva’s bloody body and realizes that the slasher has followed them to the lake. Will continues to stare at the cabin and wonders if he should go talk to Gwen he decides to go and a scared and nervous Gwen runs into his arms and tells him that she is so glad he is there with her. Will sees Geneva and thinks the slasher thought she was Gwen because she let her borrow her sweatshirt. Will suggests they get out of there and find everyone so they can go back to Oakdale as soon as possible.

At the Lakeview, Barbara finds Dusty and tells him she brought some presents for Johnny because she missed him very much while she was gone on her business trip. Dusty tells Barbara that Johnny is fine but he could be in danger if she doesn’t tell Paul not to buy the intruder from Craig. Dusty thinks if Paul buys the newspaper it is going to allow Craig to somehow be a part of their lives again. Barbara thinks that Lucy is a bigger threat to Johnny’s safety then Craig and tries to persuade Dusty not to have any contact with her.

At Java, Lucy thanks Lucinda for the dinner she set up for her and Dusty and admits that after he left the mansion they saw each other and had coffee and a nice talk. Lucy tells Lucinda he called her princess whom he hadn’t done in a long time. Lucinda gives Lucy a knowing smile and tells her Dusty still cares about her. Lucinda encourages Lucy to take things slowly with Dusty maybe invite him to a movie or a restaurant but not to pass up this chance because life is very short and you should appreciate every day.

At Raven Lake hospital, the doctor tells Luke and Liv that if Luke hadn’t performed CPR on Kevin he wouldn’t be alive. Luke wonders if Kevin will be okay and the doctor says it is too early to know anything and again tells Luke Kevin owes him his life.

At Raven Lake, Will and Gwen tell everyone that Geneva is dead and the slasher is at the Lake. The group decides to go back to Oakdale as soon as possible once they find the rest of the group. Will and Gwen walk ahead and Gwen admits to Will she is scared and Will assures Gwen on his love for her that he will make sure they all make it back to Oakdale safely. Will and Gwen run into Maddie walking and in shock they both wonder what she is doing there. Will and Gwen look at each other after seeing the blood on Maddie’s hands and the audience can tell they both think Maddie is the slasher.

At the Hughes house, Margo and Tom are enjoying their time alone together but Tom can tell that Margo has a case of empty nest syndrome and misses Casey before his is officially gone off to college. Margo admits Tom is right and that she can’t shake the bad feeling she has that he is in danger. The doorbell rings Tom goes to look out the window and tells Margo Kim is at the door. Tom gives Margo a few minutes to put on her robe. Kim walks in and figures out she interrupted them having a romantic day. Kim tells Tom and Margo that she just stopped by to give Casey a laptop for his belated graduation going off to college present. Kim also wants to ask Margo if she has had a break in the slasher case. Margo responds no and admits to Kim the case has her very worried about Casey and his friends. Tom tells Kim he is at Raven Lake with Gwen and his other friend. Kim worries because she encouraged Will to go to the lake and talk to Gwen. Tom assures Kim that things will be okay and tells her he will make sure Casey calls to thank her and Bob for the present when he returns from his trip.

At Raven Lake, Tad, Ada, Gil, and the rest of the group accuse Maddie pf being the slasher when they see blood on her hands. Maddie who is in shock says Casey’s dead and its all my fault. Gwen sits Maddie on a rock and she and Will try to make her tell them what happened to Casey but the only thing Maddie says is Casey only wanted to help I never meant for any of this to happen. Ada Tad, and Gil consider that a confession from Maddie that she is the slasher.

At Raven Lake hospital, Kevin awakens and can’t remember what happened to him so Luke tells him he was hit in the head by an oar. The doctor arrives and tells Kevin that Luke saved his life. Kevin thanks Luke for saving his life and apologizes for the cruel things he said to him. Luke explains to Kevin that despite the cruel words he considers him a friend and he couldn’t just watch him die. Kevin admits to Luke that he isn’t comfortable with the fact that he is gay but he shouldn’t have treated him so badly.

At Raven Lake, Will and Gwen decide to walk to the gas station to call the police for help. Will makes it clear to the group that the police are the only ones who should hand le Maddie and get justice in the slasher case. Will and Gwen tell the group to stay with Maddie but once Will and Gwen are gone the group decide to frisk Maddie and tie her up with jumper cables so she doesn’t get away. Gil informs Tad that the jumper cables are on the bus and he left the bus keys by the Lake where Luke and Kevin were looking after the keg of beer. The group make Maddie stand up and walk with them to the spot once they get their Gil can’t find the bus keys and when they move the beer keg they find Geneva’s body. Gwen can’t believe that Maddie could have killed Casey or that he is dead. Gwen tells will that the slasher is an awful person for leaving Casey alone to die will corrects her and says Maddie attacked Casey and left him alone to die.

At the Lakeview, Dusty doesn’t think Lucy could be a danger to Johnny and advises Barbara not to hold Lucy responsible for Craig’s mistakes. Barbara blames Lucy for Jennifer’s death because she didn’t refuse Jennifer’s request to leave the hospital and that caused her death. Dusty explains to Barbara that he fell that way at first because he was angry and needed to blame someone but now he realizes that nobody would have been able to stop Jennifer from leaving the hospital.

At Java, Lucy thinks it’s too soon after Jennifer’s death for Dusty to be ready to date. Lucinda encourages Lucy to call Dusty and ask him for a date because she should grab life by the scruff of the neck and live it.

At Raven Lake, The group is so scared that they decide to leave Maddie alone and make a run for the bus. Maddie sees the slasher and then screams.

At the Raven Lake hospital, Liv tells Luke and Kevin she called her parents and they are coming to take her home she offers to call Luke’s parents and Kevin’s as well so Luke decides to stay with Kevin until their parents arrive.

At Raven Lake, The group bangs on the bus door when they see Ann in the drivers seat Ann’s head falls on the steering wheel making the horn honk the bus doors open and the gang put Ann’s body on the floor and drive the bus. The group is unaware that an unconscious Maddie and Casey are in the back of the bus and someone else climbs in the back of the bus as well. Gwen is almost to the highway and asks Will which way the gas station is and when he doesn’t respond she walks back a little and finds an unconscious and bloody Will. Gwen cries and begs Will to wake up and when he does Gwen tells him she is going for help. A groggy Will tells Gwen they must stay together but Gwen insists on going to get help. Gwen gets up and sees the shadow of the slashers mask and screams.

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