ATWT Update Wednesday 8/30/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 8/30/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the farm, Jack is sitting at the table drinking coffee when Carly shows up with some school clothes for the boys. Jack smiles and asks if she really doesn’t mind if he is the one to drop them off at school. Carly returns the smile and agrees only if he takes lots of pictures, and of course he shouldn’t forget to videotape it. Jack mentions the kid’s health forms they need for school and runs upstairs to get them. After he does, there is a delivery for Jack that Carly signs for; it is a wine bottle, with a bow and a card. Carly snarls as she sets it down on the counter, guessing she knows who it is from. She starts to walk away from it and then glances upstairs and then back at the bottle. Her curiosity gets the best of her and she opens the card and reads it; “Dear Jack…thanks for always listening. Here’s to a happier future! Eve.” Carly can’t help herself as she scoffs at the card. She hears Jack coming back downstairs and quickly puts the card back in the envelope and tries to act casual. He sees the bottle and asks Carly what it is? Who is it from? Carly pretends to not have a clue, as she turns to hide her knowing look.

At the farm, Paul has brought Meg flowers; what is the occasion? Paul tells her it is because he loves her, but Meg quickly deduces Emily has done something. Paul stalls for a moment and then answers that he asked Lucy to contact Craig about selling the paper to him so Emily can be relieved of her stress. Meg tosses the flowers back at him, telling him there aren’t enough flowers in the world.

At the lake, Casey is glaring at Maddie standing before him. What is she doing there, he demands? She is not the killer and she can prove it; he can call his mother. He snaps that she shouldn’t be there and she should go before she is seen. Maddie just stares at him unmoving, so Casey snaps for her to go, as he starts to walk away. We see Louis watching them through binoculars.

Elsewhere, Jade and Will are walking when she notices a praying mantis; she picks it up and holds it as Will touches it gently as well. Gwen has walked up a ways behind them and is watching them huddled together briefly before she turns around and leaves. Will and Jade’s hands brush together and suddenly Will thinks they should go find Luke, so he heads off.

Maddie follows behind Casey, who whips around and tells Maddie he wants her gone because he is trying to keep her from getting hurt. Maddie is adamant that they need to talk and when Casey turns to walk away again, Maddie grabs his arm as she begs him not to walk away. He wonders what will happen if he does? She doesn’t want to see him look at her that way. Casey tells her he won’t tell anyone she was there and again turns to leave as Maddie tries to stop him from doing that, a knife falls from her bag. Casey’s eyes widen; he yells for her to get away, as Maddie pleads with him to believe it is not hers. He is trying to frame her to make her look like the killer because everyone will know what he did soon enough, but he wants her dead now.

A girl in a bikini is jogging out of the water nervously, as a man races by her. She yells to him, then turns in another direction and sees Gwen there; did she see the guy that was watching her? Gwen looks after him.

Casey tosses the knife angrily into the lake; he wants to know what guy she is talking about? What did he do to her? Maddie stares for a moment before she is able to form the words; he raped her. Moments later, Casey has found an empty cabin for them to talk; she wants him to lock the door behind them. He sadly asks why she didn’t tell him? She mumbles that she couldn’t; she didn’t want to remember and was pretending it had happened to someone else. She thought she was handling it… until Dallas. Casey cuts her off; was he the one? Maddie assures him he wasn’t; he was the officer who responded to the hospital when she was in Chicago. She couldn’t hide from it any longer and that is when things got weird in her head. Whenever they got close, she couldn’t stop the memories from flooding back. She started becoming confused, jumbled and was losing time, and then she was beginning to think she was the murderer so that is why she pushed him away – to protect him. She starts to cry as she begs for him to believe her; he pulls her into his arms, as he reassures her that he does. As he is holding her, he wants to know who the guy is? Maddie freezes but then finally tells him it was Louis.

Gwen wonders if she got a good look at the guy? The girl, Geneva, tells her not that good, but he also had binoculars. Gwen takes off her sweatshirt, as the girl shivers in a subconscious reaction; they need to go find the others.

Luke is sitting by the lake, watching Kevin not too far off shore in a boat with his girlfriend, Liv. Jade and Will walk up from behind. They don’t think he should sit there; it isn’t helping matters. The kids are all building a fire; does he want to come? He answers he may later; he will catch up with them. They leaved him just staring after Kevin.

Liv is teasing Kevin in the boat; Kevin seems to be brooding so she asks if he thinking about his boyfriend? He snaps for her to knock it off, but she persists - weren’t they close? Didn’t he stay over Luke’s house last year? He replies coldly that he doesn’t switch teams, so his girlfriend wants him to prove it, which he is more then happy to do, as he grabs her and kisses her.

Gwen and Geneva are telling a couple of guys about the man they saw; she thinks he was close to her dad’s age. One of them tease her that maybe he wants pictures of her for his website; the other one doesn’t think it is so funny and wants everyone to keep their eyes open. They should start the bonfire; can she go get the marshmallows in the cabin? Geneva heads out to go get them and Gwen is about to go with her when one of the other guys stops her to ask her a question about chords on his guitar, so she stays behind.

Will is walking quickly and Jade wants him to slow down; he wants to find Gwen – that is the reason he is there. Will is in it for whatever it takes. Jade angrily reminds him how much Gwen has been shooting him down. How many more ways can she try? Jade angrily guesses that means she isn’t good enough? Will tries to explain that is not what he means, but she is already heading off in a huff. Will lets her go and heads in the opposite direction.

Casey tells her she shouldn’t have come up there alone. She explains she had to come to make him understand. Casey wonders where Louis is now? He escaped the police and they are looking for him, but they haven’t found him yet. She sadly tells him she couldn’t stand the thought that he may hate her. He never could, he tells her. She was so scared, but she is so sorry for what she put him through. She wants to get better so they can get back…there is a noise and Maddie jumps as Casey whips around. What was that, she nervously asks? Casey isn’t sure, but stands protectively in front of her.

Jack reads the card and tells Carly that it is from Eve. Carly admits that she knew because she already read it. Jack shakes his head; some things never change. Isn’t she married, Carly wonders? Jack nods that she is, and they are just friends, plus he barely knows her. Have the kids met her, she asks? Jack shakes his head no, and then adds that they haven’t gone to the drive-in yet either. Would he like to, she presses? He tells her that they are newly separated, and he is one step away from living with his mother. Carly snickers, but the kids love it there. Is there anything else he wants to tell her about Eve? He thinks it is strange that they are discussing this. Carly acknowledges their lives are changing quickly and that maybe they need to crawl out of the limbo they have been living in. Jack asks what she means? They should consider finally filing for divorce. Jack stares at her for a moment before he catches his breath and agrees that maybe they should, which appeared to not exactly be the answer she was hoping for.

Paul tries to stop Meg from walking away as she tries to do her chores in the barn, really simply trying to ignore him. Her negative thinking will bring on the worst if she assumes it is coming. Craig won’t give him the time of day never mind a depreciable asset. Paul thinks they could keep whom the sale is to from him. As for Emily, the paper is only an investment, a name on the check, and he would delegate the responsibilities. Meg is sure that Emily would circumvent those people to find any way she could to deal with him. Paul wonders if Emily and Craig are not the only problem between them? Until she lets him put a ring on her finger, all their hard work will not be worth anything!

Maddie worries about having come there; she probably put him in danger. Noone should have known she was there. Henry thinks she is with Eve in Chicago and Eve thinks she stayed with Henry. Casey wants them to get out of there, but Maddie is frozen in her tracks. He asks her if she trusts him? She nods that she does, so she follows him out of the cabin.

Kevin and Liv continue to kiss in the boat as Luke continues to watch blankly from shore. Unknown to Luke, the slasher is standing hidden behind a tree close behind him, gripping a large butcher knife. Kevin snaps off Liv’s bikini top and has jumped into the water. She puts on a life preserver on reminding him she doesn’t know how to swim. He taunts her with her top, as she pleads with him to give it back. She picks up the oar and tries to swat the top away as he waves it over his head. She slips and hits him hard on the head, knocking him out, as blood drips down his forehead. Liv screeches for help when she realizes he is hurt. Luke, who was still sitting there, jumps up and races for the water, as the slasher lunges at him, barely missing him.

Will is walking up to one of the cabins when he sees a girl walk out, who he assumes is Gwen because of her sweatshirt. Geneva shows herself and explains Gwen gave it to her to wear. She is getting some marshmallows for the bon fire and will be back in a jiffy, she says giggling.

Gwen is sitting at the bon fire playing the guitar with the other guy. He laments that he plays better when Zach is playing the harmonica. They all wonder what happened to him?

Casey and Maddie are walking cautiously, all the while watching behind them. They stop and crouch behind a tree; he tells her he needs to tell her something. An insecure Maddie thinks he is about to tell her he thinks she is crazy and there isn’t anyone really after them. He corrects her; he was going to apologize for giving up on them. She understands because she pushed him away. He feels horrible that she went through that; no wonder she pulled away when they got close. Maddie starts to pace; what if she never gets better? What if that causes her to never be ready? Casey holds her; he wants to help her so she just as to tell him how to help her. She stares deep in his eyes and assures him he already has. They are interrupted when a shocked Maddie notices a bloody Zach lying face down on a concrete slab with a knife protruding from his back. Casey tries to calm her because Zach pulled this earlier and thinks it is funny; he yells at him to get up because it isn’t funny, but Zach remains motionless, as Casey and Maddie nervously wait for what they hope will be Zach getting up.

Inside one of the cabins, Geneva is grabbing the marshmallows; she drops a bag, bends to pick it up, and sees someone she doesn’t seem too fazed by, as they appear to be helping her. Then suddenly a knife appears and Geneva screeches in response.

Maddie is completely freaked out as she asks Casey if Zach is dead? Casey is approaching Zach and realizing that this is no longer a joke. A growingly apprehensive Maddie starts to mumble that only one person could have done this; Louis is there!

Gwen is playing a few notes on her guitar for a few people. After she is done, Will tells her she sounds great. Is she sticking around? Gwen agrees to, as he tells her he will too then. Gwen then coldly asks if Jade will be as well? Will explains that what Jade does doesn’t matter; they were together just looking for Luke. Gwen vents that it doesn’t matter or change anything, as she walks away.

Luke swims up to Kevin and flips him over on his back; he grabs him and tells Liv he is going to swim to the shore. Liv cries after them that she is sorry.

Maddie nervously asks if he is dead again? Casey nods that he is. Maddie starts to cry; it is all her fault. Casey holds her promising to not let anything happen to her.

Paul is confused; he does what she asks by being nice to Emily and she shoots him down. Then she won’t let him put a ring on her finger. Meg wonders if he is tired of jumping through hoops? He corrects her; he is tired of her moving the hoops. Meg thinks this move with Craig will cause him also never to be out of the picture. Paul thinks that isn’t at all how it will go; once he sells it to him, the paper is no longer even his. If he has to, he will sell the paper when it is solvent. Does that cancel out any remaining hoops? Meg can’t help but smile, let her think about it, she answers coyly. He is happy to see that because he is about to make her late for work then.

Carly asks if he wants her to call the lawyer? Jack offers to be the one; actually he doesn’t think it really matters. Carly agrees then to take care of it. Carly turns away heavy hearted. She tries to lighten things when she offers if Eve really knew him she would have sent him a six-pack. Jack answers that maybe it is time for a change. Carly sadly smiles. She will call him once she has talked to Jess. Jack thanks her. She tells him to enjoy his wine, as she heads off. Once out of the kitchen and standing in the porch, Carly has to hold onto the chair to steady herself, as she looks back through the window at a motionless Jack.

Luke pulls Kevin onto the dock and starts to perform CRP on an unconscious and unbreathing Kevin. A frantic Liv wants to know what to do? Luke tosses her his keys and tells her to get the car. After she leaves, Luke pleads with Kevin to stay with him.

Carly wanders slowly into Java and orders a coffee. Simon approaches her from behind. Carly tries to make a joke mentioning she almost didn’t recognize him in clothes. Simon teases saying he can arrange things to be as they were before, but Carly doesn’t respond much. She sits at the table sullenly. Simon wonders what it wrong? When she doesn’t answer, he promises to keep asking until she is forced to answer. She finally admits that her and Jack are taking the final step and filing for divorce. Simon apologizes knowing how difficult it must be, but wasn’t that where they were heading all along?

Will stands next to Gwen again wondering if the seat next to her is taken? Gwen admits it isn’t, so he sits. He explains that he misses her so much. Gwen sarcastically mentions Jade probably misses him too. Will again explains that Jade came to support Luke. He doesn’t want her. He stares at her longingly before he tells Gwen how much he loves her. Gwen seems moved however, a guy interrupts them wondering if they have seen Geneva? Gwen offers to go get her. Will offers to go as well, but Gwen tells him she can handle it and off she goes.

Casey and Maddie are running and then stop; they listen for any sounds. Maddie is sure Louis is still coming for her, so Casey tells her to walk ahead so he can put himself in between her and him. Maddie doesn’t want to walk separated from him, but he promises not to be far. Soon Maddie is walking and then turns to ask him if they are being followed when she realizes Casey is no longer behind her. She shrieks his name.

To be honest, Carly admits she doesn’t know what she wanted out of this. When things have gotten this far, divorce seems inevitable, Simon believes. Carly glowers at him, telling him it is comforting for someone with his lack of long term relationship experience to be giving her this kind of advice. Simon admits he should probably keep his nose out of it. Does she want to trade her coffee in for something stronger? He wants her to look at this as not a sad ending but rather an exciting beginning, perhaps jump starting it with some champagne with an Australian who wants nothing more then to see her smile.

At the Farm, Holden is sitting at the table drinking Eve’s wine with Jack. He seems to have a new friend? Jack explains she is married, as Holden points out technically that he is too. Jack bemoans, not for long. Holden looks at his watch and explains he has got to go get the girls. Does he need anything? Jack answers wistfully no. Holden makes him promise to call if he does. After Holden leaves, Jack takes another gulp, picks up Eve’s note and wine bottle and heads for the sink. He pauses before he pours the remainder of the wine down the sink, as he mournfully stares out into space.

This is happening as Carly is turning Simon’s offer down; she doesn’t want to be rude, but she would like to be alone right now. Simon understands and agrees to leave her for now. He gives her one last look as he heads out the door. Carly stares despondently out into space as well.

Paul and Meg are reveling in their recent lovemaking in the loft at the barn. Paul jokes about her brother walking in on them. Is there any room service there? Meg thanks him for being honest about the Craig thing. He appreciates that and explains that this disclosure thing is new to him. It is new ground, so it makes him want to throw caution to the wind, as he rolls over. Maybe it is the romantic setting or the distinctive smell of her mother’s barn. He rolls back holding a ring box. He wants Meg to make an honest man out of him and spend the rest of her life with him; will she marry him? He opens up the ring box for Meg to see the stunning diamond ring. Meg’s smile widens as she agrees to marry him. Paul hugs and passionately kisses her in response to her answer.

Maddie continues to screech for Casey pleading to know where he is. She picks up a large stick and walks cautiously forward.

Luke continues to do CPR on Kevin, who finally spits out water, his eyes flutter as he tries to open them. Luke promises that help is on the way; Liv has gone to get the car. Suddenly, Kevin loses consciousness again, as Luke yells for him to wake up.

Will is staring into the direction Gwen left in. Gwen walks into the cabin calling for Geneva. She walks into the room that is scattered with marshmallows. She walks slowly forward and then sees the bloody handprint and splattered blood. She covers her mouth to stifle a scream, but cannot hold it in when she finds a bloody throat slit Geneva dead on the floor.

Maddie sobs as she calls out for Casey, holding desperately onto her stick for protection; there is a noise behind her and something falls. Maddie whips around only to find a bloody Casey lying on the ground. She lets out a blood-curdling scream.

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