ATWT Update Tuesday 8/29/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/29/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Java, Paul asks Lucy if she has gotten a message to Craig letting him know that he is interested in buying the newspaper. Lucy tells Paul that she has not reached her father yet but she will as soon as she can. Paul reminds her that she promised to help her for the sake of Emily and the baby. Paul also reminds her Lucy that she owes him a favor. Dusty arrives and wonders what Lucy owes Paul and advises her to be careful because Paul will get what he wants from her and make her pay the rest of her life.

At the farm, Emma wonders how Luke is doing and Holden tells her he is doing fine and that he is glad he is having some fun with his friends in Chicago. Emma tells Holden that Luke will probably find a nice girl to help forget about Jade. Holden tells Emma there is something she needs to know about Luke. Meg tries to change the subject by telling Emma that she ran into an old elementary school teacher of hers recently. Holden tells Emma that Luke is gay Emma is so shocked by the news she is speechless.

At Raven Lake, Jade interrupts Luke and Kevin and is so shocked at the mean attitude Kevin has toward Luke that she tells Luke she can’t believe that he ever loved Kevin. Jade tells Kevin that Luke, is kind and compassionate person who is more of a man then he can ever hope to be. Kevin is so shocked and angry that Luke had feels for him that he tells him he never wants to be friends with him and walks away.

At the Lakeview, Emily arrives and is shocked that Henry is drinking a soda, which is non-alcoholic. Henry wonders why Emily isn’t at home resting like the doctor ordered. Emily explains to Henry that the doctor said it would be okay for her to get out for a little while but she still has to relax and not do too much. Emily wonders how Maddie is doing and Henry tells Emily she is doing better since she told the truth about Louis raping her. Henry is also happy that Maddie is safe staying with his sister Bernadette in Chicago. Henry thanks Emily for not running the slasher story in the intruder. Emily smiles and jokes that anybody could run a slasher story on the front page but it takes true talent not to do the same story as most of the other newspapers.

At Raven Lake, Gwen twists her ankle playing touch football and leaves the game to go sit under a tree. Casey notices Gwen is hurt and follows her and asks if she can wiggle her toes she says yes and then Casey feels for Broken bones and since Gwen tells him she doesn’t think anything is broken Casey thinks its just a sprain. Gwen smiles and tells Casey he is acting like a doctor and Casey reminds her that it runs in the family. Will is about to throw the ball when he notices Gwen and Casey are gone and Gil tells him they are sitting under a tree. Gil also tells Will that if he wants his wife back he better get her away from Casey. Will sees Casey and Gwen laughing and talking and gets jealous and walks over to the tree to check and see if Gwen is okay. Gwen tells Will she just sprained her ankle and she wants to go back to the cabin. Will offers to take her back but Gwen tells him to go back to the game because she wants Casey to go back to the cabin with her. Will wants to insist on taking her back but Casey notices that Gwen is uncomfortable that everyone is staring at them so he tells Will that everyone is staring and Gwen is uncomfortable so he should go back to his game. Will looks back at everyone staring and decides Casey is right so he goes back to the game even though he isn’t happy about leaving Gwen alone with Casey. Ann screams as Alex’s dead body falls out of the closet. Ann and Zech don’t know what to do but Ann decides to take off runnig to get Will, Gwen, or Casey to help her. Ann is very nervous and as she runs she calls out for Will, Gwen, or Casey. Zech calls out for Ann saying that it isn’t good for her to go alone but Ann is so far ahead of him she doesn’t hear him so Zech runs faster to try and catch up to Ann calling her name hoping she will stop and wait for him. Maddie watches Will, Gwen and Casey from her hiding place behind a tree. At the cabin, Casey tells Gwen that he wishes Maddie was fighting for him like Will is fighting for her. Gwen admits to Casey that she did want to talk to Will and was happy to see him arrive at the lake but when she saw Jade she just got so mad she couldn’t look at Will anymore. Casey encourages Gwen to talk to Will because Will has no intention of giving up on her. Gwen decides to talk to Will but she is distracted when she finds Alex’s insect repellant sitting on his bed. Gwen wonders where Alex might be and Casey jokes that he might be exploring the flora and fauna. Gwen jokes that Ann and Zech are probably exploring a different kind of flora and fauna.

At the farm, Emma doesn’t take the news well that Luke is gay but she is more hurt that Holden and Luke told everybody else in the family and didn’t tell her the news. Holden explains that he was only trying to protect Luke from her rigid reaction to the news because he knew she would reject him since she has a black and white view of life. Emma is also hurt that Luke and Meg think that she is such a judgmental person. Holden apologizes for hurting Emma but he is just telling her how he feels Holden leaves because he thinks Emma is mad at him. Meg tries to explain to Emma that all of her family love her and respect her and Holden wasn’t trying to hurt her he was just trying to protect Luke. Emma tells Meg that she loves Luke because he was always her favorite grandson even though she loves all her children and grandchildren. Emma fears that Luke made this decision because he didn’t grow up in a stable home. Meg asks Emma to remember when Emma when she fell in love with her husband and try to imagine someone telling her that wonderful feeling was wrong. Emma admits Meg has a point and Meg wonders if she minds that Luke is gay. Emma hesitates and then says that she loves Luke and it doesn’t make any difference to her that he is gay. Holden comes in and asks if everything is okay so Emma smiles and gives Meg and Holden a hug.

At Raven Lake, Ann shouts for Zech and tells him she is lost Ann turns and sees the slasher screams and a few minutes later the slasher drags Ann’s bloody body behind a tree.

At Java, Paul explains to Dusty that he is only asking Lucy to get a message to Craig that he is interested in buying the intruder from Craig to lessen the stress on Emily. Lucy is angry that Dusty thinks she is a little girl who needs to get saved from Paul. Lucy reminds Dusty that she is all grown up and can take care of herself. Paul thanks Lucy for helping him and leaves Lucy and Dusty to talk alone. Dusty wonders why Lucy is helping Paul. Dusty thanks Lucy is a wonderful kindhearted woman who had a bad father and tends to look for men who have a personality like her father to help so she can save them from their evil ways. Lucy is hurt that Dusty thinks she has failed as a person because she wants to help Paul. Lucy explains to Dusty that the favor she owes Paul is that he flew her to Williams college when she was having a hard time. Lucy also explains that Emily is having a hard pregnancy and she thinks this would help reduce her stress. Lucy admits to Dusty that she has a hard time accepting anybody’s help because she likes to think she is an independent person. Dusty tells Lucy everyone needs a little help sometimes and Lucy admits that she is happy that he still cares about her. Dusty confirms to Lucy that he still cares about her. Lucy promises to be careful with Paul and tells Dusty that she had a plan to keep herself as far away from Paul and Craig as possible. Lucy also advises Dusty to let go of his hatred for Paul and concentrate on the happiness he shared with Jennifer.

At the Lakeview, Emily offers to help Henry catch Louis but he refuses the offer because he doesn’t want her to get hurt. Emily tells Henry she won’t get hurt she just wants to run stories about Louis in the newspaper everyday until he is caught. Emily tells Henry to give her the most current pictures of Louis. Henry thanks Emily for her help and Emily smiles and tells Henry that nobody hurts the people she loves and gets away with it. Henry kisses Emily’s hand and jokes that if she keeps talking to him, like that he won’t allow him to buy him a drink.

At Raven Lake, Luke tells Will that he told Kevin he is gay and now Kevin hates him. Will tells Luke that he tried to reconcile with Gwen but wasn’t able to do so because every time he gets her alone jade interrupts them and Gwen remembers why she hates him. Luke smiles and says they have to come on these camping trips more often because they are a lot of fun. Zech walks along and sees blood and finds Ann dead then he turns and the slasher kills him right after Zach screams. Will sees Jade and wonders why she is walking in the woods alone. Jade reminds him that she is there to support Luke because Kevin was very cruel to him. Will tells jade that he doesn’t believe her story because he just saw Luke and he talked to him because Luke was unable to find her. Will tells Jade he wants Gwen back and once again asks her to stay away from him. Jade encourages Will to help her support Luke because he needs his friends now. Will agrees and they both go look for Luke. Luke watches Kevin and his friends who are on a boat Kevin stands up and toasts to Luke a former friend, a liar and a faggot. Gil interrupts Casey and Gwen because he needs Casey to go chop wood for the campfire. Gwen decides to go look for Will so they can talk but she is unaware someone us following her. Jade and Will talk about Luke as they look for him. Jade explains to Will she became friends with Luke because they were both lonely and didn’t have many friends. Jade picks up an insect because she thinks it is also lonely. Maddie sees Casey chopping wood alone and tells him she must tell him everything. Louis watches Casey and Maddie talking through his binoculars.

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