ATWT Update Monday 8/28/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 8/28/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At Frasier towers, a naked Simon is standing rather awkwardly behind some construction paraphernalia while Carly enjoys making him blush. He stutters as he explains about the Spackle. Finally, Simon has had enough of her teasing and he throws his humility out the window and prances naked across the floor to retrieve his clothes, as Carly eyes him. Mike walking in interrupts them. An embarrassed Carly tries stumbling over an explanation, as Mike tries not to get involved. Simon stirs the pot when he tells Mike he did in fact catch them in the middle of something, as Carly glares at him.

At Raven Lake, Gwen is incensed to hear from Luke that Jade came along with him. She snaps at Will that she should have figured that wherever he is, Jade is not far behind. Will tries to explain that he didn’t know Jade would be there, but Gwen doesn’t care. Luke apologizes for making things bad between them, but neither blames him. Will explains to Gwen they can still talk he will just tell Jade to go home, but Gwen wants to know how she will get home – on her broomstick? Gwen leaves in a huff and Luke apologizes again, but Will tells him to relay a message to Jade to simply stay away from him so he can fix his marriage.

Elsewhere at Raven Lake, Kevin, his girlfriend, her friend and her new boyfriend are talking down by the water. They remark about how much fun they are having. The girl mentions it is much better then when she was with Luke – what a loser she remarks. Luke wanders up overhearing this, trying to take it all in stride. Luke asks Kevin if he could talk to him, but Kevin isn’t interested in talking with him and walks away.

At another part of the lake, Casey and Zach are about to jump in the water; they are trying to entice Anne to do the same but she isn’t in the mood. Zach comments about the fact she should stick close to them because the lake is haunted, as is every lake in the movies and he adds that the girl with the perfect hair who stays behind not wanting to go in the water is the one to get killed first. Casey and Zach smile at one another as they run towards Anne, dragging her into the water with them. The slasher watches this from behind the trees a ways away but takes cover when Will and Gwen walk nearby. Will wants to talk and Gwen doesn’t; she soon gives in and they walk away to talk. We see the slasher standing there watching them through the mask, brandishing a very large knife.

Simon is getting dressed as Carly tries to talk to Mike who is collecting more of his tools. Carly points out the spilled Spackle to prove that is why Simon is naked. Mike tells her he isn’t really interested in what is going on between them either way. Mike’s cell phone rings interrupting them. It is Katie telling him to hurry home because she just took her temperature. After Mike leaves, Carly turns on Simon angry that he wants Mike to believe they were having sex. Simon thinks it would be nice to replace the image of what he saw between Mike and Katie a few days previous. Carly is mad that Simon is using her to get back at Mike, knowing it will get to Katie. It is a small town and she doesn’t want people to think she is having sex with her boss in broad daylight on the work site. Carly shakes her head as she decides this is not going to work, as she heads for the door. Simon reminds her that they have a very important meeting in a few minutes, but Carly is mad at Simon for using her; it is always been about Katie and not about her or her designs. He is still trying to make Katie jealous. Simon thinks Carly is just mad because it may get back to Jack. Carly glares at him and heads for the door. Simon pleads that he is sorry and that this meeting is important; Carly responds so is her reputation, as she heads out the door.

At home, Margo comes home to find Tom there; she is surprised considering both have been so busy. She falls to the couch and is clearly upset because they still can’t find Louis. He is not at all familiar with this town, yet he is still able to elude them. Tom sits beside her. Margo slowly opens up further. Sometimes she can go days or weeks without thinking about the rape. She got through it because she had the complete support of family and friends and it is her fault Maddie didn’t have that. How could she have not seen the signs? She was more paranoid about her seducing their son. She got all caught up and that is why Louis is not behind bars yet.

Casey takes a moment to lie down on the beach, as he does, he is daydreaming about Maddie being there kissing him, asking him not to give up on her. Anne telling him he is lying on her sarong wakes him out of it. He moves and she surprises him by squirting him with a super soaker water gun, soon Zach also joins in the fun.

Gwen doesn’t want to mice her words anymore; the bottom line is he slept with Jade and ruined their marriage. She is tired of talking about it. Will thinks they should talk about something else then; they could talk about college, work and someday their plan to adopt some kids. Gwen doesn’t want to hear about that either right now. Will wants her to know he loves her, but Gwen wants him to go. She needs to go anyway. Where? She tells him to go find Casey. Will smirks as he tells her that figures. Gwen snaps back that he has no right considering the girl he slept with showed up here to find and chase after him again. She wants him to leave her alone.

One of Casey’s friends approaches him, Zach and Anne with the idea of putting together a touch football game. They could all meet down at the field about a mile through the woods. They all decide it sounds like fun.

Kevin walks back over to Luke; he needs to leave because him just standing there is freaking people out. Luke wants to talk to him so he can explain why he left the other time they were all out. Kevin’s girlfriend tells him about the football starting in a half hour. Luke thinks that will give them time to talk, so Kevin reluctantly agrees.

Gwen walks over to meet up with Casey as Will stands a ways away. Casey sees him and wonders cautiously if they are all going to bunk together? Gwen looks sadly back at Will, who returns the look, before he turns to walk away. Gwen then turns back to Casey and tells him she is guessing Will is going home.

At the cottage, Katie is lighting candles when she hears a car door. She jumps on the couch and assumes a seductive position waiting for Mike to walk in. She says outloud, as the steps approach the door, for sexy to get in there because she has something to show him. She is shocked to see Carly walk in. Carly apologizes for her bad timing; she will just get going, but Katie tells her judging from her facial expression she is not going anywhere until she tells her what is going on?

Luke and Kevin find a cabin and go inside to talk. Kevin doesn’t know why they had to go so far away just for Luke to tell him why he left them stranded. Luke tries to find the right words. He starts by reminding Kevin how long they have been friends; he just didn’t feel as if he could talk about what was going on. Kevin then looks apologetic; is he sick again? If he is then he fells like a jerk, but Luke interrupts to explain that is not it. He started drinking to deny what was really going on. He was hiding a secret and he didn’t know how to tell anyone. Kevin starts to feel bad. He isn’t exactly an alter boy; he could have talked to him. Luke explains he didn’t know how he would have reacted. Kevin still doesn’t understand. Luke takes a deep breath and finally admits to him that he is gay. This admission is met by Kevin’s stunned silence; soon though Kevin’s stunned look turns to something else as he glares at Luke and walks away without a word.

Will is walking through the woods when he comes across Jade, who is obviously thrilled to see him, however the sentiment doesn’t seem to be returned. Will doesn’t want to be around her; why did she come here since she knew he was coming there to patch things up with Gwen? Is she trying to ruin things for him? She came there solely for Luke and when she saw him and Gwen together, she even ducked out of sight. She lies and claims she came here to support Luke since he was coming out; she wanted him to know she was there to support him; she hopes Will will be there for him as well. Will assures her he will be supportive, but he is there to get Gwen back. She hopes her presence didn’t mess things up? Will admits it did, but he won’t be deterred, as he walks away.

Casey, Gwen, Zach and Anne arrive to check out their cabin. Anne mentions there is room for one more, maybe Will is around? Gwen doesn’t want to talk about it. A nerdy awkward looking student named Alex, who is thrilled to be bunking with them, interrupts them. The other three cast each other looks. He rattles on about how he is allergic to what seems like everything, but he has his trusty inhaler. He also brought a cell phone because again you can never be too careful. He was supposed to call his stepmother when he got there but the call was dropped because the reception is so bad. When Alex steps out of the cabin, Zach teases him by pretending a plastic snake was on him, which freaks the timid kid out a bit before Anne comes to his rescue. She asks him to join them at the football game. Alex agrees, but not before suggesting they put on their bug spray. Inside, Casey thinks it was cool of Will to come; he is trying and it makes him think of Maddie, but Gwen doesn’t want to talk about it, in fact she thinks she may just stay behind. When Alex overhears this after walking back in, he offers to stay behind as well so they can play chess or dominoes. Gwen suddenly has a change of heart and they all head out. When they are outside, Alex stops and they ask him what is wrong? He tells them he had this weird feeling they were being watched. Casey and Gwen downplay his feeling, as we see the cabin door they just came out move slightly behind them. They all start to walk away when Gwen wonders if she should change out of her flip-flops since they are walking a mile through the woods. Inside the cabin, the slasher steps inside the closet to hide.

Carly tries to explain by saying she didn’t want Mike to misunderstand, but she seems to be babbling and not making sense to Katie. What would Mike be misunderstanding? Carly explains she and Simon were at the construction site, and just so she knows, she was clothed all the time. Katie interrupts to comment about the name brand dress she is wearing; where did she get it? Carly offhandedly mentions Simon gave her it, which throws Katie off a bit. Carly explains that he got it for her to wear to a meeting at work. Then she starts to explain why she is there again. Simon was naked, but she wasn’t when Mike walked in. Katie repeats the words that Simon was naked? Mike arrives wondering what Carly was doing there? Carly explains she wanted to make sure that he understood nothing was going on between her and Simon, even though he acted as if there was. Mike again takes it all in stride. Carly excuses herself for having bad timing again and heads out. After she leaves, Katie is interested in what Mike saw, but Mike isn’t interested in talking about them. Katie is preoccupied; Carly came all the way out there to tell then nothing was going on; it seems to her now that there is.

Margo is surprised that Tom doesn’t seem to be heading back to work, and instead he has some soup on for her and some tea steeping. He is taking care of her. Tom wants Margo to remember that it is not her fault Maddie was raped and chose not to tell anyone. They will find Louis and put him in jail where he belongs soon enough. Margo smiles warmly at him. Maddie needed Casey just as she needs him. She took that away from Maddie and now she is unraveling. Tom reminds her that she doesn’t know that. She is recovering, but Margo doesn’t know about that; she wishes she did though.

Kevin rejoins the group; what did Luke want, they wonder? Kevin snaps that he didn’t want anything, as Luke walks back up. Someone throws a Frisbee and Luke catches it. Kevin wants it back; Luke whispers that he just told him something that was the most important thing he could tell anyone and he couldn’t even muster up a word to him. Kevin snarls slightly at him before agreeing to talk with him.

Right outside their cabin, Gwen stops to pick a four-leaf clover. This must really be lucky since there doesn’t even appear to be grass growing near this, as she heads for the cabin door. She stops outside, her hand resting on the door handle. The field is only a mile away? She decides to not bother changing her shoes. They all head out again when Alex remembers he forgot his inhaler. They ask if he wants them to wait, but he has been here before for camp. That was the time he got stung by a bee, but he at least remembers the trails. Gwen smiles and mentions that is why he is always prepared? He will catch up with them at the field. Inside, Alex is getting his inhaler out when he hears squeaking of shoes behind him. Without looking up, he smiles and asks who he thinks is Gwen if she changed her mind about her shoes? Too bad it is not Gwen, but the slasher who grabs him from behind, lifting the knife to his throat.

Margo phones the station and unhappily reports to Tom they still haven’t apprehended Louis. Tom suggests a nap, but she can’t sleep, so Tom gently massages her shoulders and then smiles as a plan formulates. They are all alone as he kisses her neck. Casey won’t be walking in because he and his friends are all out of town. Margo smiles as she catches on enjoying his small kisses. With everything that is going on, at least Casey and his friends are safe out of town at the Lake, as she turns to kiss Tom.

Casey and Gwen arrive at the field where Will is already waiting. Gwen tells him she doesn’t want to talk and he replies it is fine because he is there to play football anyway. Casey tries to calm Gwen down when she second-guesses coming, but Casey tells her it will be fine as she stares back at Will.

Meanwhile, Anne and Zach are no longer in the mood to play football, but they are in the mood for something else, as they sneak away and start to kiss. Anne stops telling him she wants a bed. Soon they have found their way back to their cabin and collapse on the bed kissing. We see a pair of sneakers from in the dark of the closet.

Katie is still preoccupied wondering why Simon was naked? Mike reminds her of their story about the Spackle; Katie asks if he believes them? Mike doesn’t care and wants to focus on them, as he starts to kiss Katie who doesn’t seem as interested. He pulls out a small circular container of lotion. He made a pit stop after leaving work, thinking they could rub this on each other. Katie suddenly seems completely out of the mood, as she remarks she didn’t know he was going to stop before coming here. Mike notices her displeasure and mentions they don’t have to use it; they could stick to the old fashion way, as he kisses her again. Katie pulls away annoyed and tells him she can’t do this anymore. Mike is noticeably frustrated what about the thermometer? Katie snaps she called him over an hour ago. Mike mentions that there is a slight chance Carly and Simon are hooking up and suddenly they can’t have any fun. Katie realizes how it looks and tries to back pedal claiming to have an appointment. She thought he would be there much sooner and now they are cutting things too close, as she apologizes and heads upstairs with promises of a rain check.

At Java, Simon walks in and finds Carly waiting for him at a table. How did it go? Simon admits he got the merchandise, but at 20% higher cost then if she had been there. It goes to show that he needs her. He promises to not disrobe in front of her again -- unless she invites him to, he says coyly, as Carly smirks in return.

The touch football game is about to start as they are looking for a few more people who are no longer there – namely Zach and Anne, as Casey remarks he is sure they are otherwise preoccupied. Will suggests he and Casey be captains and chose their teams. He will pick first; he picks Gwen.

Zach and Anne continue to kiss when Anne reminds him to get some protection. They get up and that is when she notices the sneakers in the closet. She nervously points it out to Zach. Someone is watching them, but he thinks it is just plain old sneakers, but she is nervous, so Zach whips the door open prepared to do battle if someone is in fact watching them. When the door swings open, a dead throat-cut Alex falls out and to the floor, as Anne screeches.

Luke is trying to explain to Kevin that he had to tell him because he is sick of pretending to be someone he is not. Kevin snarls at him coldly; he knew something was wrong with him - - he is a freak.

Gwen doesn’t want to play anymore, but one of the other guys reminds her if she doesn’t play they won’t have the right amount of players. Gwen doesn’t want to have to play, but Casey tries to calm her down; she doesn’t want to be pressured. Casey tries to remind her that Will’s heart is in the right place; he is there and trying to make an effort. She asks if he wishes Maddie was there? He does, but then he covers, because he thinks he is never going to see her again anyway. He grabs Gwen’s hand as they head back to the football game, as Maddie watches close by hidden underneath the stands.

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