ATWT Update Friday 8/25/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 8/25/06


Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo

Carly walks into the building she is going to design.  She calls out for Simon.  He doesn’t answer and she thinks about the day before when they kiss.  Simon waits outside the door and finally comes in.  The two talk about what happened.  Simon tells her that he enjoyed it, but he’s sorry if she didn’t want it.  The two decide not to kiss again, although neither of them seem to mean it.  Simon tells her they should have a professional relationship.  “Take your clothes off.”  Carly begins to walk out, but Simon gives her a dress.  He tells her that she needs to flirt with some of the shipping guys to get them to send their order.  Simon demands her to come back, but then, after Carly says she doesn’t like to be given orders, he asks if she could come at two o’clock. 

Luke see’s Kevin and his friends at Java.  Kevin tells the guys “anyone not hooking up at the lake doesn’t deserve to be in the game.” He points to Luke. “Like him.”  Kevin asks if he is going to Raven Lake.  Luke begins to answer but Kevin cuts him off and tells him not to.  Kevin says that if he’s not bringing a girl he shouldn’t go.  Luke leaves.  Kevin tells the other guys that there’s something weird about Luke.  Jade walks in.  Kevin asks if she needs a ride to the lake.  Jade laughs sarcastically. 

Maddie is tossing and turning in her sleep on the couch in her hotel suite.  Henry and Eve walk in and Maddie suddenly wakes up.  The two rush to her side.  Maddie asks if they found Louis.  Eve says no but it’s over.  Maddie thinks back to Louis saying, “It’s not over.”  Maddie is convinced that they will never catch him.  Eve decides she’s going back to Chicago and wants Maddie to come with her.  Maddie says she doesn’t want to.  Maddie worries about how she messed things up with Casey.  Henry suggests they tell Casey what happened before they leave for Chicago. 

Will is at his house packing.  Kim arrives with some Macaroni and Cheese.  She sees Wills bags and asks if he’s going anywhere.  Will says that he was going to go chasing after Gwen, but decided not to.  “I’m really scared that I’m going to blow my last chance to get her back.”  Kim tells him to grow up or he’s going to lose her.  Kim asks if he’s made any changes or if he’s figured out how to give her concrete proof to show her she can trust him.  Will thanks her for telling him to straighten up.  Will decides to go to Raven Lake and talk to Gwen. 

Gwen and Casey are at Tom and Margo’s house.  Casey leaves a message telling Margo that he’s leaving.  Gwen sits sadly on the couch and thinks about how her marriage is ending.  Casey says that they should get away.  If she forgets how she’s feeling for at least five minutes while she’s there it’ll all be worth it.  Gwen is hopeful, but admits the only reason she wants to go is because Jade isn’t going to be there.  Casey says he’s just going to have fun.  Gwen asks if he starting to think Maddies the killer.  Casey says it’s scary to think that someone could be that messed up.  Ann comes in with food.  Zack and Ann go outside to put stuff in the refrigerator.  Gwen starts sorting CD’s and a person wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a mask walks in holding a long knife.   Gwen screams.    Casey runs in and tackles the guy.  Casey un-masks him and it’s only one of his friends, Zack. 

Luke is at home.  Jade rings the doorbell and comes in.  She asks why he didn’t wait for her.  Jade tells him not to worry about Kevin.  Luke says he’s not going to Raven Lake with her and she’s on her own.  Jade tries to convince him, but Luke doesn’t relent.  Jade tells him he needs to go to the Lake for himself.  Jade asks what happened to the Luke that stood up to his parents.  Luke says that he’s afraid of telling Kevin, but eventually Luke agrees to go to the lake. 

Maddie walks up to Casey’s house and imagines Louis in a mask standing behind her.  She sees the mask Zack was wearing and throws it aside. 

Ann and Zack walk out the door.  Maddie hides in the bushes.  Ann says that she thinks it’s weird that Gwen is not going with Will.  Zack says that he thinks Gwen and Casey will hook up because he’s always had a thing for her.  Maddie hears them.  Zack and Ann go in the house and hurry Gwen and Casey out.  The four walk out together.  Maddie sees Casey help Gwen carry her stuff.  The car tires screech in the distance.   Henry walks up.   Maddie lies and tells Henry that Eve called her and said to wait there.  Henry is skeptical but says he’ll wait in the car.  Maddie calls Eve and tells her that she’s not going to Chicago because Henry wants her to stay with him.  Eve agrees.  Maddie then calls for a bus ticket to Raven Lake. 

Eve is at the police station.  She walks up to Jack.  Eve says that she’s glad to know who Louis really is.  She tells Jack that she’s leaving and wants him to know how much he helped her through this.   Jack says he’s glad to have known her.  The two hug and Carly walks in.  Jack runs to her and says it’s not what she thinks.   Carly says, “You don’t know what I think.  But you’re about to find out.”  Jack says she hopes she doesn’t make a scene.  Carly says she not.  She says that it’s none of her business, and the details of his life is not important to her. Carly says that they can email each other about when to pick up the kids.  Carly leaves.  Jack walks back to Eve.  Eve apologizes for complicating things.  Jack says that she doesn’t have to leave Oakdale.  Eve says that once Louis is caught and Maddie recovers she’ll come back.

Luke and Jade are in the car.  She says to stop the car because she’s worried about how Will will react.  Luke tells Jade to go to the lake and tell Will how she feels.   Jade asks if he’s on her side.  Luke says yes.   Jade asks him to tell Will she’s looking for him  if he sees him and she’ll tell Kevin if she see’s him.  Jade asks him to pop the trunk.  She says that she’s going to get her back pack and go for a walk. 

The teens arrive at Raven Lake.  Zack runs off with two girls the second the car stops.  Gwen tells Casey to go have fun and not hang around her trying to cheer her up.  Casey thanks her and walks off with some girls.   Gwen goes to unpack from the trunk.  She turns around and sees Will.  Gwen admits to be thinking about him on the way there and they should talk.  Will says she should talk and he’ll listen.  Gwen asks if he’d like to go for a walk.   Luke comes walking up and says that Jade is looking for him.  Gwen gets upset and says she’s not surprised. 

Carly walks back into Simons building.  Simon walks out of the shower naked. Simon says that he had spackle on him and needed to wash it off.  Simon asks for her to bring him his clothes, or he can go over there and get it himself.  

Casey jumps into the water with girls; someone watches from the bushes. 

The slasher then pulls out a mask and a knife from a black backpack. 

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