ATWT Update Thursday 8/24/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 8/24/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Walsh Mansion, Lucinda sets a romantic table with candles and all of Dusty’s favorite foods because she wants to play matchmaker. Dusty and Lucy arrived and are surprised to see each other Dusty knows this is all Lucinda’s plan and tells her thank you but he isn’t ready to be social and leaves the house. Lucy tells Lucinda that Dusty clearly isn’t ready to start dating and she (Lucinda) shouldn’t have pushed him. Lucinda insists that Dusty cares about her (Lucy) and she should wait patiently and be the friend that he needs until he is ready to date. Lucy admits to Lucinda that she isn’t ready for a relationship with Dusty and she hated being pushed by her.

At Crash, Jade wonders if the club will be closed for the Labor Day weekend and Casey says yes since the whole crowd will be at the big party at Raven Lake. Jade also tells Gwen that she is crazy to let a great guy like Will go and not fight for her marriage. Gwen tells jade that her relationship with her husband is none of her business. Gwen also tells jade she doesn’t care about her opinion or what she does with Will Jade tells Gwen that if she hadn’t been there to help Will pick up the pieces someone else would have because great guys like Will don’t spend too much time alone.

At Will and Gwen’s house, Will is sad as he looks at a picture of Gwen Barbara arrives to tell him that Hal told her he was a suspect in Gwen’s attack. Barbara also tells Will that Hal got a call from Margo to let him know they had a major lead in the case and Maddie was being questioned. Will is sad that Maddie could be the slasher because he never beloved she could do such a thing.

At the Lakeview, Eve begins to cry as she sees Henry holding the black hooded sweatshirt and realizes that Louis is the slasher. Eve blames herself for not leaving Louis before he hurt Maddie and so many other people. Jack arrives because he was passing Eve’s door and heard her crying so he wonders what is wrong. Henry shows Jack the black hooded sweatshirt and explains that he thinks Louis is the slasher. Jack holds Eve as she sobs and keeps she remembers the rape and stops herself. repeating its all my fault. At the station, Maddie gets ready to make a statement about the mask but she remembers the rape and stops herself. Jack calls Margo and tells her he has crucial information in the case and asks her not to question Maddie until he arrives with Henry and Eve. Jack, Henry and Eve head to the station and Louis watches them from his hiding place in the hallway. Louis then goes inside the hotel room to look for something.

At Will and Gwen’s place, Barbara thinks Will should take care of himself and think about his future and when he feels better he should think about giving Gwen a call. Will doesn’t think that Gwen will answer his calls but Barbara gives him a hug and encourages him to give Gwen some time.

At the police station, Jack, Henry and Eve arrive and Henry tells Maddie it is okay for her to tell the truth because Eve knows everything. Eve gives Maddie a hug before Maddie tells Margo that Louis was the person that raped her. Jack hands Margo an evidence bag containing the black hooded sweatshirt and Henry explains that he found the shirt in Louis’s drawer at the hotel and he was also the one who used Maddie’s mask to make people think she was the slasher. Jack, Dallas and Margo, promise to catch Louis and put their heads together to come up with a plan to catch Louis. Eve cries and hugs Maddie as she apologizes for all the pain Louis caused her. Eve tells Maddie the nightmare is over now but Maddie isn’t sure it will ever be over.

At the Lakeview, Louis takes a knife out of the clothes drawer and sharpens it.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Luke wants to make a picture collage of pictures of Ethan so that when Lily awakens she won’t feel lie she missed the important moments of his life. Holden thinks that is a great idea but thinks that Luke should go have some fun with his friends. Luke tells his dad he never really had many friends and he is scared of how his friends will react when they find out he is gay. Luke tells Holden that he tried to tell Kevin but he didn’t get it and he set him up with a girl and the date made him so frustrated that he got drunk and crashed his car. Holden explains that he should try to make friends and he doesn’t have to tell them about himself until he feels he can trust them. Luke hears Ethan crying and goes to check on him.

At Will and Gwen’s house, Jade arrives and Will tells her about Maddie being quested as the suspected slasher. Will is surprised that Jade isn’t happy that she was right about Maddie. Jade tells Will that Casey and Gwen are going to the big Labor Day party at Raven Lake together. Will decides to call and get tickets for the party because he thinks if he can get Gwen alone they could reconcile. Jade wants to go but Will says he won’t take her and excitedly walks over to the phone to get tickets while he tells Jade to see herself out. Jade is sad so she calls Luke to ask if she can come over and talk. Luke says sure so Jade heads over to Luke’s house.

At the police station, Henry is told to take Maddie to the Lakeview along with a policeman who will stand guard at the door. Jack tells Eve to call Louis and find out his location so they can catch him. Eve calls Louis and he tells her he is at Yo’s but will be going over to Java to get some coffee. Eve agrees to meet him there and hangs up the phone. Margo tells Eve not to pick up the cell phone if Louis calls again. Margo and Dallas take some men with them to go look for Louis while Jack stays with a worried Eve. Eve tells jack she should have divorced Louis a long time ago when she caught him looking at pictures of young girls on the Internet. Eve explains to Jack that Louis told her it was for a client who needed some young models for an ad campaign. Eve thought it was strange because he was looking at the pictures in the dark but she beloved him because she loved him. Eve begins to sob again and jack holds her as he tells her it isn’t her fault.

At the Lakeview, Henry gives Maddie a hug and tells her how proud he is of her for telling the truth. Henry tells Maddie she is a brave young lady. Henry asks Maddie if she wants anything and she asks for some ice water but Henry sees there is no ice in the ice bucket so he goes downstairs to get some ice. Once Henry leaves Louis comes out of his hiding place in the closet grabs Maddie and puts a knife to her throat and tells her if she screams he will kill her. Louis vows to make Maddie pay for telling everyone their secret.

At the Hughes house, Gwen tells Casey she doesn’t think Will attacked her. Casey wonders how she can defend Will after everything he did to her. Gwen tells him he is still defending Maddie after all the things she did too him. Casey and Gwen think they are both too nice and toast with a soda to getting tougher. Casey and Gwen’s friends arrive to pick them up to go to the party. They say that they have three tickets one for Casey and two for Will and Gwen. Gwen informs them that Will won’t be going with them and the two friends wonder why Gwen isn’t going with her husband. Gwen goes to get the backpacks and Casey whispers to his friends that Will and Gwen are splitting up and they shouldn’t talk about it with her. One of Casey’s friends jokes that maybe he should date her.

At the Lakeview, Maddie bites Louis and gets away for a few seconds before Louis grabs her again. The policeman knocks on the door to check on Maddie but Louis covers her mouth so the policeman can’t hear her. When Maddie manages to scream for help nobody is at the door. Henry comes back and knocks on the door and keeps knocking until Louis whispers to Maddie this isn’t over and climbs out the window. Maddie opens the door and runs into Henry’s arms and between sobs tell him that Louis was there but climbed out the window.

At Java, Lucy runs into Dusty and apologizes for Lucinda’s behavior and Dusty says he understands she was just trying to be a friend. Dusty invites Lucy to have coffee with him. Lucy laughs and tells Dusty Lucinda was always trying to be matchmaker with Craig and Sierra and would set up romantic dinners for them on the terrace every time they had a fight. Lucy tells Dusty that Sierra got back at Lucinda once when she had a fight with John because she set up dinner for them on the terrace in the winter and locked the doors so they couldn’t get back inside. Dusty wonders how Sierra is doing and Lucy says she is fine and Dusty tells Lucy that Sierra is a very strong lady just like her daughter. Lucy wonders how Johnny is doing with his pain from teething and Dusty says he is doing fine. Dusty pays for the coffee and tells Lucy he has to go check on Johnny. Dusty smiles a little and tells Lucy that it was nice to talk to her. Lucy asks Dusty not to tell Lucinda they had coffee because she doesn’t want to give her the satisfaction. Dusty agrees and says Lucinda won’t know about it from him.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Jade and Luke look at pictures of Ethan and Jade tells Luke she is sad because she thinks she is losing Will as a friend. Luke tells Jade she shouldn’t have tried to steal him from his wife. Jade tells Luke she thinks she is falling in love with Will and she has to go to Raven Lake to stop him from reconciling with Gwen. Luke doesn’t think that is a good idea but Jade tells him she thought he understood what it was like to love someone who didn’t love him. Jade asks Luke to take her to the party and promises he will have a good time and if Will doesn’t want to be with her at least they will have fun together. Luke asks Jade not to throw herself at Will so she promises not to do so and gives Luke a hug for taking her. Jade promise Luke this will be fun for both of them.

As Gwen is getting the backpacks she finds a picture of Will and thinks about him. Will looks at a picture of he and Gwen and thinks about her.

At the police station, Maddie thinks that Louis will hurt Henry and Eve or kill someone else to get revenge on her for telling the police he raped her. Jack and Margo assure Maddie they will catch Louis and the nightmare will be over. Maddie doesn’t think the nightmare will ever be over.

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