ATWT Update Wednesday 8/23/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 8/23/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At Simon’s building, Carly and he are talking about the investor’s meeting they have coming up later that day. Simon delights her by reminding her how much she was able to charm them in NY and he can only imagine how well she will do with the group coming to their stomping ground. Mike walks in grabbing his tools and packing up. Simon asks what he is doing and he shocks them when he announces he is quitting. Simon smirks and Carly’s mouth drops open.

At the hospital, Lucinda and Lucy are talking about how much of a risk she took with Damian. Lucy doesn’t want to talk about it because she did what she felt she had to. They change the subject to Lily. Lucinda explains there has been no change, but she feels more of a sense of confidence today. Why? She sees today as a new beginning of life and they need to celebrate; Lucinda and Lucy leave.

At home, Holden and Luke are looking for the list of baby names that Lily wrote out a few months ago. They can’t seem to find it and Luke wonders if they really need to find it tonight, but Holden thinks it is a necessity because they can’t go on calling him Baby Snyder or Wiggles as Luke laughingly reminds him what the girls are calling him.

At his home, Casey is angrily bouncing a tennis ball on the ground as he sits outside; Gwen joins him joking he will be in trouble if his mom finds them outside. She worries that he may be mad at her for mentioning the mask to Margo? He isn’t, but he hates the mask belonged to Maddie. Gwen wonders if they aren’t jumping to the wrong conclusions; Maddie couldn’t kill anyone. Casey is confused; he doesn’t know what to think because she is into those movies too. He shakes his head not knowing what to think.

At her Lakeview room, Eve is on the phone leaving a message for Louis apologizing for the horrible things Henry said about him; she loves him very much. A knock at the door interrupts her and she goes to answer it; it is Margo looking for Maddie. When she finds out she isn’t around, she holds up the photo of Maddie and Casey wearing the mask; has she seen this mask before? There is a flicker in Eve’s face before she answers emphatically no; Margo looks her square in the eyes and declares she is lying.

In Henry’s car, Maddie and Henry are talking about what happened to Maddie. She has done the hardest part and admitted what happened to someone. When they “drop a dime on that sicko, it will be the best money he has ever spent” Henry declares. Maddie is adamant that they can’t tell anyone. Henry understands Louis must have threatened her; Maddie explains it wasn’t just her he threatened. Henry understands; Maddie also wonders if he hasn’t done more? Henry realizes where she is going with this and is quickly convinced she may be right. He may have attacked Casey and Gwen thinking she told them something and Lia and Nate may have been killed in an attempt to undermine Maddie and make her appear insane. Maddie is more convinced then ever that they can’t go to the police and if he does then she will tell people he is lying about her rape. Henry empathizes with her, but he reminds her if she doesn’t step forward more people will get hurt. Maddie explains that Louis told her that Eve would be devastated at her betrayal; Henry shakes her to make her understand that she did nothing wrong, and it is not like she had a willing affair with her sister’s husband. He spits that people like Louis do this to their victims; they pile on the guilt and fear so much that it weighs the person down to the point they can’t do anything. Henry acknowledges that Eve will be hurt, but she needs to know so she can get away from him. Maddie doesn’t think Louis would hurt her, but Henry reminds her if he is the slasher and he has gone as far as he has to cover this up, then they don’t know what he is capable of. Maddie finally agrees; they have to go to Eve before the cops though so she can hear it from them first, but then she chickens out and asks Henry to do it for her because she is afraid of what her sister will think of her. Henry doesn’t want to leave her alone, but Maddie pleads with him; she will lock the door and stay put until he comes back. She only asks him to tell Eve she is sorry and she loves her. Henry agrees finally and heads out.

Eve wonders where Margo gets off? Margo explains that Casey identified the mask as Maddie’s and then Gwen identified that same one as the one the slasher was wearing. Eve reminds her that they have no real evidence on Maddie; they are just fishing with their circumstantial evidence. Margo realizes it is hard to figure out what is the best thing to do for the people we love. Eve looks at the picture again and then points out that Casey is the one wearing the mask and maybe he is trying to frame Maddie because he is sore she broke up with him. Margo is taken aback because Casey has stood by Maddie’s side throughout and continues to defend her even as the evidence mounts against her. Her accusation is way off base and downright ungrateful. Margo would like to search the hotel room, but Eve immediately declares there is no way in hell she is doing that.

Gwen tries to convince Casey that it will all be ok. Casey is aggravated; this summer was supposed to be fun and relaxing and he was supposed to be spending all his time with Maddie. He is sure that Maddie can’t be capable of the gruesome killings; she has kittens on her notebook and wouldn’t even eat a grape from the supermarket if she didn’t pay for it. He starts to pace as he tries to make sense of this. If Maddie had been jealous of Lia, she would have wanted to sit down and talk about it for hours; she wouldn’t have handled it by butchering people. He looks down and sees two of Maddie’s bracelets lying on the ground outside his front door; he looks at Gwen and then declares that maybe he doesn’t know her at all though.

Luke finally finds the list of baby names with their meanings next to each name; he and Holden look the list over. They remember the one that was Lily’s favorite and they agree the name would be perfect. Luke wonders why he didn’t name the baby earlier, but Holden explains he wanted to wait till he had both sons home. He happily surprises Luke next when he asks him to be his brother’s godfather, which an overjoyed Luke eagerly agrees to. Lucinda, Emma and Lucy interrupt them as they arrive for the christening bearing the christening gown. They have everything the women happily agree, but what is the little baby’s name? Holden and Luke smile at each other.

Simon reminds Mike he can’t quit because he is under contract. Without looking up, Mike dares him to sue him and he will simply tell the judge about how he bypassed the building inspection to pretend the building was up to code, when clearly it is not. As he is about to leave, he tells Carly that she still has a chance to get out of this partnership, but it is up to her. He storms out and Simon looks at a growing furious Carly; he is just being dramatic. Carly just glares at him. She isn’t going to quit on him too, as he reaches for her arm? Carly angrily pulls it away as she declares, for him to watch her. She storms for the door as well, as Simon pleads with her to reconsider. She snaps she will be out of here as fast as she can providing she doesn’t get trapped in the elevator. Simon begs for her to stop and consider what she is throwing away, but Carly sadly and still angrily replies that she can’t get into anymore trouble, and she is not willing to risk her future on him. She is not going to trade in her children for an orange jumpsuit because he is too cheap and bribed an official. What he is doing is fraudulent undoubtedly. Simon explains that they would have lost the deal if they had to wait for the construction; he has a signed document promising that he will make any fixes after the investors signed off. Carly is still furious that he is not putting safety first, but Simon reminds her that you can get anywhere in life playing it safe; you have to be willing to take risks. He will take care of everything after; she has his word. Together they can make this building the talk of the town. Carly is repeating her mantra to walk away, but the lure of making herself into a successfully independent woman starts to get to her as Simon admits the choice to stay or go is still hers though.

Holden whispers the name to Emma, then Lucinda and finally to Faith and Natalie. They all agree the name is perfect. Luke admits things are starting to finally feel like home again. He asks Lucy how she and Dusty are? She admits that things are better since he saved her life and the guilt feelings seem to be less intense, but she is still sure Dusty sees her as a grim reminder. Holden calls Luke over and the doorbell rings; Lucy goes to answer it and finds herself face to face with Dusty.

Henry approaches Eve’s door and hears Margo and Eve talking; he hides as Margo leaves. After she goes, Henry knocks wanting to talk but Eve is still very much furious with his accusations about Louis. Henry explains he just came from Maddie and she admitted what Louis did. Eve shakes her head no over and over; Maddie has been confused for weeks and has not known what is reality. Henry reminds her she just lied about the mask; he knows it was Maddie’s and she had sent it with some of her things. Someone attacked their sister – not at a frat party, but in her own home. Eve continues to shake her head, as Henry pulls her in to hug her. Someone knew about this mask and is using it to make her look guilty and it can only be Louis.

Casey tells Gwen that Maddie must have been watching them, but Gwen thinks that the bracelets could have been there for weeks. Casey tells her that they weren’t there that morning. Gwen can’t imagine he thinks that Maddie came there to finish them off? They walk back in the house. Casey just wants to get out of town for a little while to clear his head. Just then the lights go out and a petrified Casey and Gwen stand there. Gwen whispers and asks if he locked the door when they were outside? Casey grabs a kitchen knife for protection.

Simon thanks the investors for coming and then walks over to Carly to ask her if she is standing by him? She agrees to stay and talk to them and heads over to the group to start her presentation and within seconds she has turned the charm on and the group is captured.

Lucy stutters as she remarks she didn’t expect to see Dusty at the christening. Holden walks over and tells them of course he was invited since he saved his baby’s godmother’s life. Lucy lights up when she realizes what he said. She happily agrees to take on the role. The minister then arrives and the christening is about to start. Holden whispers to Emma that he is having second thoughts about doing this without Lily. Emma reminds him that Lily is with them all the time and she feels confident she is there with them today. Holden smiles.

Casey looks out the front door and tells Gwen that the lights are on across the street. Gwen wonders if the breaker is inside or outside? Just as Casey is about to go check things out armed with a knife, but the lights come back on and Tom is walking into the livingroom; he apologizes because he must have tripped the breaker. Then he looks down at the knife Casey is holding and nervously asks what he is doing with it?

Eve is in denial; her husband can’t be a monster nor could he be a murderer. Henry stares at her and tells her the details Maddie gave to him; Eve was out for the evening at book club – specifically for the Da Vinci Code. Right away, Eve seems to remember this. She starts to recite the events of the evening; she got home early that evening and Louis was making dinner; the table was set with fresh flowers and he was waiting for her with a glass of wine, freshly shaven and showered she says as she chokes out the words and back the tears. She had asked if Maddie was going to join them? He said she was out with friends. She recalls being secretly happy for them being able to have the place to themselves. She had gotten scared later though when Maddie hadn’t gotten home. She breaks down; she never knew. Henry holds her and reassures her that it is not her fault. Eve laments over not being able to have protected her. Henry is sure Louis would have found a way to get to her no matter what Eve had been doing. They couldn’t help her then, but they can help her now, Henry assures. They need to go to the police. Eve cries as she wonders if there is another way? They have to do this because something bigger is going on, but Eve keeps saying not Louis. A frustrated Henry tells her that if she continues to defend him, he doesn’t need her statement. Eve realizes he is a rapist so Henry wants to know why she is defending him? What if Louis isn’t the murderer, but he drove Maddie to become one?

Maddie is waiting in the car, fitfully trying to rest; she falls asleep and has a nightmare with Louis threatening her, and then justifying his actions by claiming he loves her by saying what they have is special, and then threatening Eve and Henry. There is a loud knocking on the window and Maddie opens her eyes and sees Louis there, as she lets out a blood-curdling screech. Then we hear Margo’s voice and Maddie realizes she was hallucinating. Margo asks to come in. How did she know where to find her? She figured she would go to a safe comfortable place, plus Henry’s vanity plates are hard to miss, she adds with a smile. She holds up the photo; the mask that Casey is wearing that she made, when was the last time she saw it?

Eve explains; she wonders where Maddie would put all her anger, rage, fear and confusion? They have to go somewhere; is she trying to get back at him or at them for not protecting her? What if Louis damaged her so much that, as Henry cuts her off; no, their sister is not a murderer! Eve reminds him all the evidence is pointing to her and not him. Not all, Henry reminds as he asks where Louis keeps his stuff?

The christening is finishing up as the minister declares the baby Ethan Walsh Snyder. Everyone spreads out and soon wander out. Lucinda approaches Dusty wondering what he is doing for dinner? He admits Barbara has Johnny and they are at a concert in the park. Lucinda asks him to join her so they can discuss his next business venture. He isn’t really in the mood for that just yet, so Lucinda tells him she is just looking for company. He agrees then to meet her later. Dusty heads out and bumps into Lucy, who is walking in with an armful of gifts, as they drop to the floor.

Carly is finishing up her presentation for ‘Frasier Towers, - the 24 story personalized residential building, and it is apparent she has the investors eating out of the palm of her hand. They tell Simon that they will meet tomorrow morning to go over the final details. After Simon walks them out, he turns to face Carly, both of them brimming with excitement over closing the deal; Simon rushes over - great doesn’t even come close to what she was – she was amazing, as he pulls her in and plants a big kiss on her. They kiss for a moment and then they break free, staring at one another not sure at what just happened. Simon wonders if he should do it again, but a frazzled Carly tells him she has to go, as she walks out. Simon smiles as he watches after her; soon Carly returns to get her computer that she left behind while in the fog she left in. Simon smiles as he watches her nervously grab it and leave again.

Holden is in Lily’s hospital room with the newly christened Ethan. He explains he chose that name because he knew it was her favorite and the minute he saw what the name meant - steadfast and constant - he knew it was perfect because that is what describes their love better then anything. They celebrated this special day with the family and her not being there was rough. Their baby needs her, as do all of them. He needs for her to come back to them and the sooner the better.

Lucy apologizes to Dusty; she should have been looking where she was going. Dusty wonders why she was ignoring him tonight? Lucy claims she wasn’t and he is glad to hear that. He heads out and Lucy watches him go, as does Lucinda, who was watching their interaction. She approaches Lucy wondering what she is doing for dinner? Lucy wonders why? Lucinda claims she shouldn’t need a reason for her company. Lucy agrees and accepts her invite. She needs to promise her one thing though that she will not mention Dusty’s name; Lucinda smiles coyly and promises she won’t mention him.

Tom apologizes for not announcing himself considering what has been going on. Casey puts the knife down on the counter. Margo has been so busy he hasn’t gotten the latest, but he assumes Maddie is still off limits? Casey admits she is as he slips Maddie’s bracelets secretly into his pocket. Soon, Tom heads upstairs to call Margo, as Casey wonders if his parents would mind him leaving town for a few days to head to Raven Lake? Gwen assumes they wouldn’t considering and asks if he wants company? He is happy she is going with him and they joke about racing to see who can pack first.

Maddie mumbles almost inaudibly that she made the mask. Margo asks her again when the last time she saw the mask? Maddie doesn’t answer so Margo tells her she leaves her no choice but to bring her in.

Henry is ransacking Louis’ stuff, as Eve wonders what he is looking for? They talked about the slasher wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and Maddie’s mask. Why isn’t he looking in Maddie’s stuff then? This is why, Henry declares, as he victoriously holds up a dark hooded sweatshirt.

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