ATWT Update Tuesday 8/22/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/22/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Lakeview, Carly arrives to drop off J.J for his visit with Jack and Jack asks Carly if he can talk to her. Jack apologizes for acting like a jerk about her job with Simon. Jack also tells Carly he respects her for trying to make it on her own and promises not to interfere in her life anymore. Jack also asks Carly for a chance to make things up to her.

At Simon building site, Mike informs Simon that the building has so much structural damage it would just be easier to tear down the building and build a new building. Simon thinks that he (Mike) nd Katie would miss the building too much since the last time he stopped by he and Katie turned it into their own private bedroom Simon reminds Mike that he isn’t paying him to have private time with Katie.

At the Library, Nancy discovers Katie reading a book about babies and wonders if Katie is expecting a baby. Katie smiles and tells Nancy that she isn’t expecting a baby but she did find out that she and Mike have been working on the wrong schedule. Nancy tells Katie that having a baby can’t be scheduled they just happen naturally. Katie smiles and gives Nancy a kiss on the cheek and tells her she is sweet but she has to go speak to Mike now.

At the hospital, Meg is upset because Paul runs every time Emily calls him because she thinks Emily is using the baby to get him back in her life. Paul explains that he only helped Emily do the intruder books because the doctor said she couldn’t be under any stress. Paul also reminds Meg that she advised him to develop a civil relationship with Emily for the sake of the baby. Meg wonders when Emily and the baby became Paul’s full time responsibility. Lucy tells Emily that she must keep her blood pressure down and asks Emily to identify her main source of stress in her life. Emily shocks Lucy when she says your father Craig. Lucy wonders why her father is causing Emily stress so Emily explains that Craig still owns the intruder and since he is in prison the newspaper’s assets are frozen Emily tells Lucy that she wishes she could be the only owner of the paper it would mean a secure future for her and the baby. Lucy tells Emily she doesn’t know anything about newspapers but suggests Lucinda as a possible partner in the intruder. Emily tells Lucy she would much rather is the only owner of the paper because she can’t work with Lucinda.

At the Lakeview, Henry confronts Louis and accuses him of raping Maddie an accusation that Louis denies by saying that Maddie is unstable and needs professional help. Henry tells Louis that he has seen how Maddie is scared of him and doesn’t want him to touch her. Louis then taunts Henry by whispering that he should get in on the action too. Henry then grabs Louis and begins to push him Louis pushes back and they continue this for a few minutes until Eve arrives to stop them.

At Tom and Margo’s house, Casey tries to take Gwen’s mind off things by asking her to play a card game but Gwen doesn’t know how to play any card games. Casey then goes to the place where they keep all the board games hoping that Gwen will find a game she wants to play. Gwen finds a game called brain boilers, which Casey explains, belongs to Maddie. Casey smiles when he remembers he actually won one game he played with Maddie but she beat him the other times because the game is for really smart people. Casey drops the game pieces on the floor so Gwen and Casey kneel down to pick up the pieces of the game while Maddie watches them through the window. Casey and Gwen play the game while Casey tells Gwen how much he misses and loves Maddie. Casey also thinks that Gwen misses Will very much and should try to work things out with him. Maddie imagines that Casey is telling Gwen that he doesn’t miss Maddie because in order to miss a psycho like her he would also have to be crazy. Maddie also imagines that Casey is telling Gwen that he hates this game because it reminds him of Maddie. In Maddie’s imagination Gwen tells Casey to throw the game in the trash so Casey gets up and throws the game away while Gwen and Casey both laugh. Maddie also imagines Gwen and Casey saying that they should lock her up in jail and throw away the key. Casey asks Gwen once again to go with him to the party in Chicago but Gwen doesn’t think a party will help either one of them forget about Will and Maddie.

At the Lakeview, Henry repeats the accusation that Louis is the person who raped Maddie but Eve defends her husband and says that Louis has his faults but he isn’t a monster. Louis decides to go up to his room and rest so he leaves Eve to talk some sense into her brother. Henry tries to make Eve see that Maddie is afraid of Louis and can’t stand to have him come near her. Eve screams at Henry to stop saying these nasty things about her husband and not repeat his accusations to anyone. Once leaves extremely mad to go upstairs to her room Henry tells himself he will find out the truth.

At the building site, Mike is offended by Simon’s implication that he isn’t doing his job because he knows how to do his job very well. Mike tells Simon that the building commission won’t allow the building to open without an inspection certificate and they probably won’t give him one for this building because it has too many problems. Simon leaves to get an inspection certificate for the building.

At the Lakeview, Carly explains to Jack that her relationship with Simon is strictly business. Jack tells Carly that her relationships are none of his business anymore and he promises to stay out of her personal life. J.J arrives and Jack asks him if they can go to the drive in instead of bowling because he can’t bowl because of his gunshot wound. J.J tells jack that he already went to the drive in with Carly and Simon yesterday and Parker got mad because Simon almost held Carly’s hand. Jack wonders if taking Simon to the drive in is part of her professional relationship with him. Carly smiles because jack didn’t keep his promise for very and Jack says he shouldn’t have asked her the question. J.J decides to go play in the arcade instead of going bowling and leaves Carly and jack alone.

At the hospital, Paul asks Meg to trust him and tells her that everything he is doing for Emily is for her (Meg) and for the sake of his child as well. Meg tells Paul she trusts him and Paul gives Meg a kiss before she leaves to check on a patient.

At the building site, Simon arrives and tells Mike he has an inspection certificate and when Mike asks him if he bribed someone to get it Simon doesn’t deny it and tells Mike he is confident the problems in the building will be fixed. Katie arrives and doesn’t notice that Simon is in the room before she tells Mike they have been having Sex all wrong. Simon smiles and jokes he could have told her they have been having sex all wrong. Simon leaves the room so that Mike and Katie can talk alone.

At the Lakeview, Eve arrives looking for Jack because she is nervous because Louis isn’t in his room like he said he would be and she is worried about what Louis might do. Jack introduces Eve to Carly as Henry and Maddie’s sister. Carly struggles a bit but introduces herself as Jack’s soon to be ex- wife and tells Jack she has to leave to meet Simon and tells Ava it was nice to meet her. Eve is sorry to barge in and interrupt things between Jack and Carly but Jack is happy to help her.

At Tom and Margo’s house, Casey finds an old picture of he and Maddie inside the game box and when Gwen looks at the picture she tells Casey Maddie is wearing the same mask as the person who attacked her. Outside Tom and Margo’s house, Henry grabs Maddie’s arm and whispers that they must talk because he knows what Louis did to her.

At the building site, Mike tells Katie that Simon bribed someone at the building commission to get a building certificate. Mike tells Katie he would quit the job if they weren’t planning to have a baby. Mike is confused but he decides to tell Carly about what Simon did and Katie also thinks Mike should go home to think about things.

At Tom and Margo’s house, Gwen is positive her attacker was wearing Maddie’s mask but Gwen and Casey don’t know what to do with the information when Margo arrives home. Outside Tom and Margo’s house, Henry tells Maddie he will take her some place safe where they can talk and he will make sure Louis will never hurt her again.

Inside the limo, Henry tells Maddie about a bully he had in high school that would beat him up every day and once when he tried to stand up to him the bully broke his arm. Henry explains to Maddie that he never told anyone about the bully but a school counselor figured it out everything was okay again. Maddie admits to Henry that Louis raped her and Henry holds her as she cries. Maddie tells Henry she never told anybody because she was ashamed of what had happened to her. Maddie tells Henry that Louis was really nice to her and treated her like his daughter and took her to baseball games. Maddie explains that one night after a school dance she was sad and went to her room because she was disappointed that her friend didn’t come for a sleep over. Louis came into her room and talked to her he put his hand on her knee and then his hand traveled up her thigh and he kissed her. Maddie resisted and said no so Louis pushed her down on the bed and got on top of her he called her a tease and the n raped her as she kept screaming no she tried to fight him but he was too strong. Maddie tells Henry that the next morning she made Eve and Louis breakfast and called him and asked if she could come to Oakdale to live with him. Maddie tells Henry she tried to forget about the rape but when she fell in love with Casey the memories came back to her.

At the Lakeview, Eve tells Henry that Louis and Henry never got along but since Louis arrived they have been fighting and today Henry made some wild accusations against Louis. Jack encourages Eve to tell him what accusations Henry made against Louis.

In the Limo, Maddie tells Henry she can’t tell anybody about the rape especially Casey because he won’t like her anymore. Henry tells Maddie to tell Casey the truth because he might surprise her.

At the hospital, Meg checks on Emily and decides to have a talk with her. Meg tells Emily that while she is in the hospital she will treat her like any other patient. Meg asks Emily to treat her with courtesy as well. Meg warns Emily she won’t allow her to use the baby to get Paul back in her life Meg tells Emily she is going to be a part of the baby’s life so she better get used to it. . Paul tells Lucy that he doesn’t want Emily to work so he has decided to buy the intruder so that he can help her to run the paper. Lucy figures out that Paul was listening to her conversation with Emily. Paul asks Lucy to help him make this baby his second chance to do things right. Lucy promises she will get a message to Craig that Paul wants to buy the paper.

At the Lakeview, Carly and Simon get ready for a meeting with investors and both are happy because they are sure to succeed in their new lives. Jack asks Eve to call him if Louis doesn’t come back in a few hours.

In the limo, Henry thinks Maddie should tell Eve about Louis but Maddie is scared to tell anyone because she doesn’t want more people to get hurt because of her.

At Tom and Margo’s house, Gwen shows Margo the picture of Maddie and Casey and tells her that the mask is the same that her attacker used. Margo asks Casey whom the mask belongs to and although he doesn’t want to say it he finally admits to Margo that the mask belongs to Maddie. Margo tells Casey and Gwen to lock all the doors and not open the door to anyone. Margo also tells Gwen and Casey to call her on her cell Phone if they need her.

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