ATWT Update Friday 8/18/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 8/18/06


Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo

Carly and Simon are at Carly’s house.  Carly tells him that she’s going to the drive in with the kids and warns him might not be his style.  Simon assures her that anything is better than watching Mike and Katie together.  The boys run in.  Carly tells them that Simon is coming.  Parker asks if he has to.  Carly tells Parker he’s being rude.  Simon says he just being honest.  Carly tells the kids to go in the car.  Once they leave, Carly tells Simon it might not be a good idea if he comes, Simon tells her that she promised to take his mind of Katie and by the end of the nigh, she’ll be glad he went.

Lucy sees Dusty having a drink.  Dusty asks if she’s meeting anyone. Lucy tells him that she was looking for him.  Lucy said he left before she could thank him.  She then gives him tickets to a baseball game and a coupon “good for one night’s babysitting while daddy goes to the baseball game.” Lucy say’s she’ll take care of Johnny so he and a friend can go to the game.  Dusty says he short on friends.  Lucy tells him that she knows she doesn’t make the cut anymore.  Dusty apologizes for how he treated her after Jen died. Lucy says that she hates herself for it.  Dusty tells her that she cant change it and not to let a mistake bring her down.  The babysitter then tells Dusty that Johnny is having problems sleeping.  Dusty says that he’ll take Johnny. 

Barbara tells Gwen that she’s sorry she wasn’t there.  She then asks where her hero son is.  Gwen informs her that she left him.  Barbara is furious at Jade and pleads with Jade not to divorce him.  Barbara then heads down to the Wagon Wheel to talk to Jade.

Jade and Will are at the Wagon Wheel Hotel.  Jade tells Will that he’s a free man and can do whatever he wants.  Will replies with, “you’re right.  And I don’t want to do this.”  Jade tells him that if he wants to chase after a girl that doesn’t want him, then she wont stop him.

Dallas and Margo are at the police station.  Dallas reveals that there was no frat party the night Maddie said she was raped.  Margo beings to question that Maddie was raped at all, but says that something triggered her odd behavior.  Dallas asks if she’s just lost touch with reality and is making it all up.  Margo doesn’t think so.  Dallas admits to being worried about what she’ll do next.

Maddie and Louis are in Louis room.  Maddie tells him she wants to leave, but Louis tells her no.  He tells her that he cares about her and she cares about him.  Maddie disagrees and says that she hates him.  Louis asks why she’s acting like this.  Maddie then says, “Because you raped me.”  Louis denies insisting that it was her that came onto him.  “Always seeking me out, asking my advice, excluding Eve, making sure we had time alone, wearing those skimpy little tops and short skirts.”  Maddie tells him that she didn’t want him to touch her like that.  Louis said that she was inexperienced and had to show her.  Maddie says again that he raped her.  Louis tells her to shut up and asked if she told anyone.  Maddie admits to not telling anyone because she couldn’t even admit it to herself.  Louis starts making comments about her skin and smell.  Maddie grabs a knife.  “Don’t touch me! You come near me again and I swear I will kill you!”    Louis tells her that she loves him and could never hurt him.  Maddie calls him crazy, but Louis insists that she’s the crazy one, according the police anyway.  Louis says they should start over and be two people who share a very special relationship.  Maddie threatens to tell Eve if he rapes her again.  “And who do you think she’s going to believe? Oh. Maddie likes it rough.” Margo then knocks on the door.  Louis tells Maddie not to say anything or she’ll lose Henry and Eve.  Louis lets Margo and Dallas in.  Margo tells Maddie they have some questions to ask her.  Louis says no, she’s a minor.  Maddie says she’ll go to the station with her, but Henry and Eve walk in and wont allow it.  Margo says that they can interrogate her in that room.  Dallas tells her that he knows there was no frat party.  Maddie admits that there wasn’t but she was assaulted.  Margo asks who it was.

Gwen and Casey are at Java.  Gwen tells Casey that she feels better after talking to Barbara.  Casey asks what her plan is.  Gwen says that Carly told her to talk to Will and Jade was there.  Now Barbara is going down there.  Casey tells her that the only person she should be listening to is herself and that Will is a lost cause.  Gwen asks what she should do.  Casey tells her to do nothing.  Gwen says she can’t give on her marriage.  Casey says that he’s not pushing Jade away.  Casey also tells her that he doesn’t like the way he’s treating her.  He tells her that he went back to Maddie so many times, but she keeps pushing him away so that’s it.  He also says “Maybe she is the slasher.”  Gwen says that she can’t give up on Maddie or Will and he cant either.

At the drive in, Carly, Simon, Parker, JJ and Sage begin to watch the movie.  Carly leaves to get drinks.  Parker asks Simon what he wants with her.  Simon says he wants to work with her and be her friend because she’s very talented and a good person.  Simon assures him that that’s it. Parker replies with, “Keep it that way.”  After the movie, Simon tells Carly that she missed a great movie.  Carly apologizes for falling asleep.  Simon admits to having a great time. Carly asks Parker if it was okay having Simon there, Parker says it was.  Simon then says that he’ll call it a night. 

Will and Jade are still at the motel.  Will informs her that he doesn’t love her.  Jade says that she’s not on the market anyway, but it’s nice to know that she’s a friend with benefits.  Will tells Jade that he wants his wife back and thinks that they should go there separate ways. At that moment, Barbara knocks on the door.  Once they open the door Barbara starts in on how disgraceful this all is.  She tells Will that she knows this isn’t what he wants.  He shouldn’t be in a cheesy motel with a girl he doesn’t even care about.  He should be at home with Gwen.  Will tells Jade to go put on a dress, they’re going out.  Barbara leaves.  Jade thanks Will for standing up for her.

Barbara reports back to Gwen at Java.  She tells her that Will is taking Jade out just to spite her.  Gwen thanks her for trying.  Barbara leaves.  Casey asks her if she ever gets tired of worrying about Will and Maddie.  He then suggests the two of them go away for the weekend.  Gwen refuses at first, but then says she’ll think about it.

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