ATWT Update Wednesday 8/16/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 8/16/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

On the airplane, Carly and Simon are coming home; they talk about the success they had with the investors, and they both heap compliments upon one another. Simon wonders if she has forgiven him for hanging up on Jack? Carly smiles; she should thank him. She is starting to realize that her life has changed and what happens with Jack is not for her to worry about.

At the airport, Jack is being bandaged from the bullet grazing his arm. The EMT asks him if there is anyone they can call for him to meet him at the hospital? Jack pauses for a second and then answers no. Meanwhile, feet away Luke is becoming more agitated as he talks with Damian; it is his fault that his mom is in a coma. His mom could still die because of what he started. Damian tries to explain that he and Lily agreed on how to handle him, but Luke doesn’t want to hear his words, as he screeches at him that he is creepy psychotic control freak and Lily realized that too just before she fell.

At the Lakeview, Lewis wants to talk with Maddie alone, but she wants to go to bed; Eve and Henry think that might be for the best after the day she has had. Lewis won’t be deterred; they need to stop burying their heads in the sand and meet this issue head on. The police are going to be expecting answers tomorrow. He and Maddie were always so close and he is sure he would be able to get through to her. Henry thinks Lewis is making this into a contest. Maddie finally agree to sit with him, while Eve and Henry stand close by. Henry thinks Lewis is taking the brother-in-law role a little too seriously. Eve rationalizes it by trying to get Henry to see when she was with them she missed him and Lewis did his best to step in for him. At times she felt he knew more about her then she did. Eve has to run some errands so she heads out, but Henry tells her he is going to stand by and make sure everything goes ok.

At the hospital, Bob checks Casey out; he is fine with no signs of a concussion; he was lucky. Casey flashes back to when Maddie warned him to stay away from her or risk getting hurt. Gwen walks in saying she got a clean bill of health too. Bob wants to make sure both of them come back the next day for a follow up though. After Bob leaves, Gwen admits that she realizes she could have been killed but all she can think about is the fact that Will was with Jade right before she was attacked.

At the Wagon Wheel motel, Jade happily shows Will around; it is not so bad. If she smiles at the front desk manager she could probably get a cot delivered to her room or they could just share a bed; it is not like they haven’t slept together before, she says with a seductive smile. Will looks at her and then tells her to forget it because he can’t do this. He starts to walk away but she stops him; she won’t snore or hog the covers she says trying to keep him from leaving with some jokes. Will tells her he already has enough problems without adding this to it. Is he mad because she provided him with a phony alibi? Will reminds her that they lied, but she adds that you never know when you need a good alibi. Will wonders if she needs one? She explains she was simply trying to stick up for him. He explains he is not going to win Gwen back by staying with her at a motel. Jade wonders snidely why he wants her back anyway adding that she just stood by while the police grilled him. Will explains that Gwen believes him because she told him, but then Jade reminds him that she still left with Casey anyway. Jade tries another tactic; she is scared with Maddie not being arrested and the slasher on the loose; can’t he be a friend and stay with her? Will pauses for a moment before he tells her he will, but they are going to do it his way.

Casey starts to go off about Will acting dumb and how he is allowing himself to be led around like a puppy by Jade. Gwen cuts him off; she knows what he is trying to do but it isn’t helping. They are interrupted by Eve checking on them. She is sorry for what happened to them, but she is glad that they are still on Maddie’s side. She knows that some people think that Maddie is involved, but she feels good about Casey’s loyalty to her sister. Casey seems anxious to leave which doesn’t go unnoticed by Eve or Gwen. Eve asks Casey if his silence means he has lost faith in Maddie? Casey remains silent.

Lewis tells Maddie he is happy to have this time together with her, as he reaches for her hands. Maddie just stares at him, seemingly devoid of any emotion. He tells her that he missed her and this alone time is exactly what they needed. Maddie pulls away and tells him she doesn’t need him; she just wants to go upstairs and go to sleep. Lewis answers that everyone needs someone ‘Maddie-pie’. She snaps for him not to call her that. Where was she the night the kids got hurt? She can tell him anything. Doesn’t she remember that; he was the one she would talk to when she came home from school and some kids were being mean and calling her names. They are friends, but Maddie, whose glare is now ice cold, assures him they were a lot of things but friends were not one of them. She starts to walk away but Lewis angrily tries to grab her to stop her; Henry steps in and demands Lewis let go of her.

Carly is arriving in the airport after deplaning. She sees Jack sitting in a wheelchair; what happened she asks frantically? Jack calmly tells her that someone shot him. Carly is almost hysterical; who shot him? Is he ok? Has that person been caught? Jack turns and sees Simon and suddenly his demeanor changes as he tells Carly that she is not his wife and it is not her job to worry anymore. Carly smirks, how can she not worry? He is being wheeled off to go to the hospital as she yells after him that she will see him there. She starts to rush off when Simon grabs her and tells her to let him go.

Damian stands firm in his belief of the Kreeger Foundation program, but Luke can’t fathom how he could believe it would be good for his son to have quacks messing with his head. He now sees that his mom caught on to his agenda and that is why he didn’t want him going to the hospital. He is furious that Damian led him to believe it was for the best because Holden didn’t want to see him, but it was all a lie and an act. Did he think these freaks would cure him so he would learn to become a strapping Grimaldi man? They would show him pictures of Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Anniston and when he was in a haze, he would have him sign over his trust. He must have been terrified that if he got to see his mom then she may wake up and say something. Her falling into a coma and staying in one worked out great for him though. It was all about driving a wedge between him and his family. Damian stutters that he just wanted time with his son. Luke roars about how he was taking him away from his family for his own needs when his mom could have died. What if he had never gotten a chance to say goodbye? All in the name of time. You are a ‘selfish stupid son of a bitch”, Luke sobs! Damian tries to comfort him, but Luke violently pulls away.

Carly explains to Simon that Jack is hurt and needs her, just as he was there for her when she was hurt. Simon sarcastically asks if Jack needs her to fluff his hospital pillows? He thought she had given up on this. Carly reminds him that they are still friends and she didn’t get off the plane and expect to find Jack shot. Is he jealous? He knows she can be there for Jack in a way that he can never be there for Katie. Simon takes a deep breath and tells Carly to go chase after Jack, but he will be at the bar with his clean start. Carly snarls as he walks off.

Luke is ready to take a swing at Damian when Holden pulls him back. Holden tells him not to, but Luke thinks maybe he should kick his teeth in so Damian will feel like he has a real son. Damian tells him to do whatever makes him feel better, but he did all of this to make sure Luke learned whom he truly is. Luke threatens if his mom dies and leaves her son and his baby brother without one memory of her then it will be all on him. Dallas interrupts telling them that he got word that they can arrest Damian, but Luke has to be the one to press charges. Luke sees Lucy, who just walked in, and tells Damian it looks like he won’t be the only one to be doing that.

Henry demands to know why Lewis is grabbing his sister? Lewis answers so she knows she can’t walk out in the middle of a conversation. He is trying to teach her responsibility and respect, unlike Henry who taught her how to mix martinis and place bets. Henry reminds Lewis that most people don’t need to be taught that by being man handled. Lewis snaps that someone needs to get through to Maddie. Maddie tries to leave again and Lewis grabs at her gruffly again. Henry orders him not to touch her again. Maddie starts seeing flashes of a darkened bedroom and her struggling for a knife. She starts mumbling something about not being there and a bedroom. Both Henry and Lewis stop and ask her what she means? Maddie stops turns to looks at Lewis as she says that she was in the bedroom and he was there – tell him, nodding at Henry.

Eve wonders if something has caused Casey to lose faith in her sister? Casey pauses and then says no, but it isn’t like he is getting too much support. Her husband made it clear how he feels about him being around. Eve tries to explain that Lewis likes to feel like he is in control, but he doesn’t mean to be insulting. He just wants to get to the bottom of this like everyone else. Casey tells her they have to leave and he can’t do this right now, and then high tails it out of the room.

Will has gotten another room at the motel; he opens up his patio door and steps out only to be met by Jade who tells him they are in synch since they both need air at the same time. She was about to wish upon a star but then realized it was a plane. Will claims he doesn’t believe in that kind of stuff, but Jade wants to know if he did, when would he go back and start changing things that happened? It is funny how things turn out, but that comment is met with a glare, as Will heads back in the room. Jade, of course, follows. They stand closely by one another and hold some looks, but then Will steps away. Jade asks him if he ever wonders what is meant to be? Does he think there is a message out there and it is up to them to figure it out? Will walks up behind her closely, as Jade offers to go, but Will - hook line and sinker- takes the bait and tells her that is the last thing he wants. Jade walks around making comments about how much better his room is then hers. He has little shampoo and conditioner bottles while she only had a plastic sanitized strip across her toilet. She falls down on his bed and tells him his bedspread is softer; does he want to feel it, she flirtatiously asks? He is fine where he is and will take her word for it. She notices he has cable; she asks what day it is? He tells her Wednesday and then she tells him there are these popular slasher movies that play on that day; she loves them and thinks they should watch them, but Will thinks considering what is going on in real life they should pass. Jade explains that she can get into these horror flicks because they aren’t real life. Jade walks near Will as she talks and they keep holding each other’s looks. She asks if he is starving because she will make a food run. He tells her whatever she wants to get is fine. Jade grins widely and tells him ‘two whatever coming up.’ However, she needs to ask for some money to cover it though. Will hands her his wallet and tells her to use whatever is inside. Jade pulls out some money, sees there is a lot inside, smiles happily and tells him she will be back.

Now at Java, Gwen asks Casey why he was acting so weird with Maddie’s sister? Casey tries to avoid the question but Gwen continues to call him on it. Was he wondering if Maddie was involved in their attack? She noticed he got quieter when his mom asked him if Maddie did anything to make him feel threatened. Had Maddie threatened her and Jade? Casey answers no, but it was something she said about him.

Maddie piercingly stares at Lewis as she says that she saw him in the bedroom, and is he going to tell her brother or not? Lewis hesitates for a moment and then tells her she isn’t making sense. Does she know what she is saying because he was resting with Eve earlier upstairs in bed but she wasn’t there, was she? Maddie doesn’t say anything. Lewis demands that Henry let him handle her, but Maddie takes off, as he tries to stop her. Henry threatens that he never laid a hand on his sister again or he will rip his arm off and shove it down his throat.

Lucy walks over to where everyone is standing and tells them to add attempted murder onto attempted kidnapping charges. Damian assures her he would have let her out. Lucy doesn’t want to hear it; she wants to make a statement about what he did to her. Damian angrily replies that she needs to tell the whole story then. She should mention that she moved in with him under false pretenses and tried to gain access to his personal papers. Lucy admits that and Damian sees it as a betrayal. Lucy spits that he was willing to sacrifice his own son for his own means. Her own dad did that to her and she wasn’t about to let him do that to Luke. Luke quietly answers that they should let him go though. Everyone is stunned, but he explains that if he presses charges then this will be dragged through the courts for months when he should be spending time with his family and focusing on them. He just wants to let him leave and pretend he doesn’t exist because he is already there.

Damian tries to stop him by saying his name, Luciano. Luke snaps that is not who he is or will he ever be. Also doesn’t he have some papers for him to sign? He doesn’t want any Grimaldi blood money. Damian pulls them out as he signs them. He hands back the family ring as well. He is a Snyder and that is who he will forever be. He walks away. Holden approaches Damian and tells him to let this be the last time he shows his face because the next time he will have to fight both him and his son. Damian feels confident he has a good heart and he will forgive him, but Holden promises that will never happen. He walks away and heads over to where Luke and Lucy are standing and they all join in on a big group hug.

Gwen can’t believe what Casey tells her about Maddie’s warning to him. Casey admits he tried to ignore it, but then he piled it onto the other threats to Gwen and her showing up at her and Will’s house made him realize how sick of it he is. He tried to stand by her and there is a part of him that still believes in her but how far can he take this? Gwen empathizes that she knows how it feels to have someone you love turn out to be someone you don’t even know. Casey knows there is still something Maddie is holding back from her past; first she pulls him close then she shoves him away – how much more can he take? Gwen thinks you can take about anything from the person you love. Casey wonders if she also lumps her and Will into that category? Cue Jade walking in the door as Gwen is about to answer.

Lewis demands to know where Henry gets off? Maddie is out of control. Henry threatens again to never put his handprints on her again. Is this how he handled her in Chicago and that is why she sought out a frat party? Lewis angrily wonders if Henry handles things with one olive or two? Henry admits he is not Ward Cleaver but he has never instilled a look of panic from his sister and that is exactly what he saw in Maddie’s eyes when she looked at him. Lewis jumps at Henry, grabs him by his lapel and orders him to shut his mouth.

At the hospital, Eve is leaving a message for Lewis wondering how his talk went with Maddie? She hangs up and sees Jack. Jack immediately worries why she is there? Is Maddie ok? Eve explains she is fine, but her friends Casey and Gwen were attacked but are fine now. Maddie was at the scene and doesn’t remember much again, but she looked so scared and lost. She stops herself and apologizes for heaping all her problems on him when he is hurt. Jack reassures her he is fine and welcomes the diversion. He can tell her his screwed up life sometime. The two share some laughs and are standing closely enjoying each other’s company when Carly walks up and watches their interaction through gritted teeth.

Lucy tells Luke what Serge did, then how they escaped causing gas to leak and then an explosion. Luke thanks her because without her help he would have been on a plane to Malta. Lucy gives Holden a lot of the credit too. She is going to leave to go see Lucinda so she can hover. Luke apologizes to Holden explaining he should have known better but Damian showed up essentially blind siding him and he fell for his lies. He was pretending to be cool with him all the while trying to control him. He remarks that Holden could have legally stopped him. Holden agrees but when he was with Lily the other day he remembered how they rebelled. He also told himself that he wasn’t leaving with Damian to hurt them but because he thought he was helping. He smiles and adds that he probably would have been on the next plane leaving Oakdale to follow him though. Luke laments how he wishes his mom were there as does Holden, but he thinks it would benefit everyone if Luke went to see her.

Damian is sitting on the plane wistfully looking at his family ring Luke gave back to him. He remembers Luke declaring he is and always will be a Snyder. Damian’s face tightens as he promises to see about that.

Simon is at the bar ordering a drink when the bartender asks where his ‘pretty business partner is?’ Simon frowns and tells him he will tell him about his trip to NY instead. Just then, Carly walks up and tells the bartender to get her whatever Simon is drinking. Simon and Carly exchange smiles.

Eve admits to Jack that she thought having Lewis in town would be a good thing because he and Maddie were so close. After Maddie left to come here, Lewis moped around, hardly ate and was not himself for a long while until he finally snapped out of it. Now that he is here, his only focus and drive is regarding Maddie. She realizes she is going on again and apologizes but Jack promises it is fine. Eve then asks when he was married if there was a time when – then she stops herself. Then starts again. She thought she knew Lewis so well but other times she feels as if she hardly knows him. Has he ever felt like that? Jack stares back at her without answering, but looking sad almost as if he can understand what she is going through thanks to Carly.

Henry orders Lewis to back off because right now he is reminding himself that his sister Eve loves him, but in another few seconds he will forget that. Lewis steps back; he will take care of Maddie and noone will tell him otherwise.

Gwen sneers how her day just gets better and better as she looks at Jade. Casey thinks they should go get some air; they head for the door and Jade stops them trying to casually make conversation, but what she is really trying to do is lead them into the revelation that Will is staying with her at the Wagon Wheel motel, claiming she is telling them that under the pretense of Gwen probably being worried about him. With that, she prances out the door with her order while Gwen and Casey watch her go.

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