ATWT Update Tuesday 8/15/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/15/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the airport, Serge is holding Luke, but between Holden and Jack they are able to cause a distraction and Holden is victorious, coming up with the gun. He angrily points it at Serge and Damian, almost daring them to do something.

At Fairwinds, Meg thinks that Lucy inhaled something toxic that she was allergic to and that is why she has been having trouble breathing. They need to get her to the hospital, but Lucy struggles to get up to go find Luke instead. Dusty holds her close telling her she isn’t going anywhere. Meg goes out to her car to go get something to help Lucy.

At Susan’s, Paul finishes balancing Emily’s books and happily turns to share his success when he sees Emily fast asleep on the couch. He goes over and covers her with a blanket; she wakes up and the two stare at one another for a moment.

Inside, Margo is asking Will where he was prior to Gwen and Casey’s attack? Will assures them he did not hurt either one of them – is he an actual suspect? Margo just wants him to tell her where he was? In walks Jade, announcing Will was with her – at Java. Gwen’s face drops, and then she walks away as soon as Will acknowledges that he was in fact with Jade, but an angry Casey is sure the alibi is a lie. Jade defends them and announces that they need to find Maddie and they will find the Oakdale slasher.

Outside Will and Gwen’s cottage, Dallas shines his flashlight around the scene and sees Maddie sitting curled up in the corner. He calls to her and she seems out of it at first, but then she slowly acknowledges him. She acts like she is going to come to him, but then she tries to bolt by him; he grabs her holding her arm tightly. Why was she there? Maddie slowly explains she was there to stop Casey and Gwen.

At the Lakeview, Henry tells Eve is has been unable to find Maddie anywhere, as she has not either. They are becoming more and more worried especially when Lewis comes up empty handed as well. They don’t know what to do, but Henry and Lewis are on opposite sides on how to handle Maddie and they quickly almost come to blows over Lewis’ overbearing ways regarding Maddie.

Luke runs and hugs Holden. Damian pretends to not understand why Serge reacted the way he did. Holden wants Damian to tell Luke the truth. Damian stops for a moment looking as if he wants to be anywhere but there and finally gives in knowing the truth is going to come out. Serge is with the syndicate. They promised to end the vendetta – for a price. It was too much money for him to conceivably come up with alone and so he needed Luke’s trust money. Luke’s face drops as the truth hits him like a ton of bricks. You tricked me, he screeches? Damian claims to not have had any other choice because they would have killed them both – he was trying to protect them. Luke stares open mouthed at him, and then the other realization hits him like a house; he was never going to die was he?

Paul breaks the look first by explaining he balanced her books; Emily is thrilled and appreciative. Just then she cringes and holds her stomach. Paul is instinctively worried something is wrong, but Emily mouth turns into a smile as she announces the baby just kicked. At Emily’s insistence, Paul feels her stomach and when he feels nothing he announces for the baby to kick. Emily grins telling him their child is not a circus dog. She beams as she talks to her unborn child wishing for her or him to “show daddy!” The baby kicks and they are both amazed and happy by this. Paul is even more amazed that Emily referred to him as daddy. Paul informs her as the baby’s daddy of his fool proof plan to assure their baby will grow up healthy. Every time he has the natural instinct on how to handle their child or what decisions to make for their child, he will do the exact opposite. They both laugh at this and agree it may work, as the baby adds its two cents worth by kicking again, as Paul and Emily share the experience as Susan walks in and sees this.

Meg places a needle in Lucy’s arm and soon after Lucy’s breathing becomes less labored. She tells them it was adrenaline. Dusty continues to comfort Meg. Dusty then is able to explain to Meg what happened to them. She agrees to call Holden to make sure Luke is ok. Lucy apologizes to Dusty because she caused Johnny to lose Jen and she almost caused his son to lose his other parent. Dusty assures her that she did nothing wrong; he put himself into this situation. They stare at each other and then Dusty hugs her.

Margo thinks the Jade is just throwing out accusations that are unfounded because Gwen and Maddie are friends. Jade explains that Maddie threatened her and Casey because they are together now. Gwen corrects her; they are just friends. Jade continues by explaining that either way, Maddie told her that she was not going to let the two of them happen. Gwen explains that Will and she broke up because he cheated on her with Jade. So she was going to stay with Casey. Margo wonders if Maddie threatened her? Gwen tries to put a spin on it but in the end she admits that Maddie told her to stay away from Casey because the last person who didn’t was Lia and look what happened to her. Casey tries to defend Maddie’s word still, but he can’t help but remember her words to him at the police station about staying away from her or he could get hurt.

Dallas wants to know why Maddie was there that night? She explains that she wanted to talk to them to talk them out of moving in together because it would be a bad idea. However, then she heard scream and saw the killer run out and she hid because she thought he was coming for her. Dallas wants to know more but Maddie wants to leave now. Did she see the guy? Maddie quickly says that he was the same size and build as the person that attacked her. Dallas looks at her suspiciously; he thinks it is hard to believe a person who changes their story because before she couldn’t remember anything about the attacker. Inside, Margo declares they need to find Maddie, but Dallas explains that they don’t have to because she is right there. Margo gets a phone call and explains to Dallas that there were reports of gunfire at the airport and he needs to get over there. She will handle this by getting shoe prints from Will and Maddie and then talking with them later. Jade becomes very upset at the thought of Maddie getting off without going to jail.

Damian is forced to admit that he isn’t going to die. Luke yells that he knew he would not leave willingly because of Lily so he concocted this plan. Damian promises he did it only because he was desperate. Everything he has done has been about the money, Luke coldly declares. Jack takes Damian aside and asks what he did to Lucy? There was a reported explosion at Fairwinds. Holden and Luke both worry if Lucy is ok? Jack admits that she was hurt but will be ok. Damian claims it was all Serge because he never would hurt her. Then Damian tells them that it wasn’t all about the money because he really wanted to spend time with his son. Holden smirks at that. He loved him enough to want to undo the damage he did when Holden raised him; he wanted to turn him into a son he would be proud of. Holden assures him he is proud of his son, but Damian continues he means he would have turned him into a real man and accepted nothing less.

Dusty explains that she needs to just let it go about Jen. He is trying to move past it and when he takes Johnny to the park and his eyes light up, he sees Jen’s eyes in his. Meg explains that the EMT’s are close but Dusty thinks they shouldn’t wait. Meg explains that he would be doing her more harm by moving her – just to sit tight.

Paul makes his exit from the house soon after Susan arrives home as Emily tries to explain to her suspicious mother that Paul was just helping her with her books. He came over to check on her when she didn’t pick up her cell phone. Susan skeptically wonders if Emily was hoping that would happen because she shut her phone off, almost as if sending up a red flag for him? Emily swears that is not what she was trying to do. Susan hopes Emily will remember to keep her distance because of her track record with Paul. Then she asks Emily to promise if she would tell her if Paul was getting to her again, and Emily promises to, but reassures her he is not, but after Susan leaves, Emily rubs her stomach and reminds the baby how much he or she is loved by their daddy.

Holden demands that Dallas arrest Damian and he promises to see what he can do. Luke asks to speak to Damian. What does he mean about being a son he can be proud of? Damian tries to back pedal; he simply wants Luke to be successful and happy. Luke snidely asks if he wants to add straight into that list? Damian tries to get him to understand that in his mind he feels it takes a person a long time to figure out what they feel and to know the person that they are. Luke thinks he sounds like Ross. Damian thinks if Luke had given it a shot, he would have seen what a success the place is. Luke growls that he can’t understand how a father could do this to their son? Damian doesn’t think he can truly understand because he is not a father. Luke coldly replies, either is he.

Margo delivers Maddie back to Eve and Henry explaining what happened and where she was found. Lewis jumps to her defense; Maddie could not have taken on two people. Margo advises that they better have a good alibi for Maddie last night.

Will asks Gwen if she believes Casey? Gwen nods that she doesn’t think he would lay a hand on her. Casey interrupts explaining they need to get to Memorial to get checked out, but Will wants another moment with her. Gwen explains that although she doesn’t believe he attacked them, it doesn’t change what happened between them.

Paul bumps into Meg at the hospital; how did it go with Emily? Paul grins and announces it went better then he expected.

Dusty is sitting with Lucy when Lucinda arrives and she chastises Lucy for taking unnecessary risks, she turns to thank Dusty for saving her life and he has disappeared.

Luke demands to know how long Damian would have left him at Kreeger’s Foundation – a month, a year? How could he have allowed him to blame Lily? Because of him, Lily could die!

Will wonders why she needs to stay with Casey – why not Carly? Or at their house? She explains this place holds too many memories and feelings of him. Will doesn’t know what else to say so he leaves – with Jade. Casey comes in after they leave and tries to make her laugh to lighten the situation. Gwen acknowledges it is hard to know what is true and what isn’t anymore and Casey seconds that.

Eve and Henry want to know why she was at Will and Gwen’s? Maddie explains she did but noone believes her; she would never hurt Casey. Lewis steps forward as he tells Maddie she is like a sister to him; he wants them to talk like they used to. He holds his arms out to her, but Maddie just glares at him.

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