ATWT Update Monday 8/14/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 8/14/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

In NY, Carly is on the phone checking in with her kids while at the restaurant with Simon. After she hangs up she tells him that everything is ok for her to stay another day there. As they are talking, Carly notices a woman who sits down near their table wearing a larger then she’ll ever know in this lifetime necklace around her neck. Simon turns and starts rattling off information on quality, clarity and price of diamond in today’s market. Carly sneers and then answers that she now sees how dumb it is to have gotten into business with a jewelry thief, as Simon smiles coyly.

At the airport, Luke is concerned he still hasn’t reached Lucy to say goodbye. Damian alleviates his fears by claiming she is probably in surgery or on rounds and unable to get in touch. Damian is noticeably nervous so he asks Luke to go inquire about when the plane is going to take off. Serge arrives and Damian snaps that he thought he was going to stay with Lucy to make sure she doesn’t show up. Serge assures him it is taken care of. He has decided to accompany him and Luke on the plane. Damian doesn’t like to hear this, but Serge persuades him this is the only way it will be. He seems to be having trouble getting his son on the plane and he may need his help. Damian threatens for him to stay away from his son! Meanwhile, Jack and Holden have arrived and are watching from around the corner.

In the basement wine cellar at Fairwinds, Lucy and Dusty’s hands are tied above their heads to a pipe. Dusty tries to tell Lucy how to do things so they can get out of this predicament. He wants her to wiggle her hands in hopes of untying her hands and then come help him. As Lucy is trying, she gets lightheaded and almost passes out, as Dusty is inches from her face.

At Java, Meg is buying coffee but the worker surprises her when he tells her that her coffee was already paid by the gentleman sitting over at the table, as he nods in the direction of Paul. Paul smiles as Meg approaches; she doesn’t need to work because he could take care of her. Meg smiles as she tells him she loves to work and he knows that. Paul then tells her he may develop a rare ailment and need a private nurse. Meg smiles at this. She thinks that Paul loves a challenge and maybe a little of wanting something he can’t have. Paul answers back that must be why she plays hard to get. Meg wonders what Paul is going to do now that she has plans? He answers simply that he is going to sit there and worry. Meg asks why he doesn’t just call Emily then?

At home, Susan is wondering why Emily isn’t in bed resting? Emily tells her that she needs a job, but she is sure she is not someone everyone would be kicking the doors down to hire – pregnant and fresh out of the loony bin. She needs to keep herself occupied and she has plenty of work to catch up on with the newspaper. It keeps her mind off of Paul she says after a moments pause. Her cell phone rings interrupting her; she looks down, sees it is Paul and puts the phone back on the table not answering it.

At the cottage, the slasher has Gwen on the floor and is ready to stab her when she breaks free and rolls out of the way, screeching for Casey as she does. The slasher jumps up, turns off the lights and locks the front door. He lunges at Gwen swiping at her with the knife, grazing her arm. She yells for Casey again and then asks the masked person if they killed him? When the slasher jumps at her again, she throws a chair at him and runs for the door. He catches up with her and grabs her by the neck. Gwen is able to reach for a vase on a near by table and knocks him out.

Paul tells Meg that Emily is not answering which is funny since she is on bed rest. How far could she be from her phone? Meg suggests calling Susan then, but Paul timidly replies that he can’t call Susan but maybe she could? Meg scowls; she isn’t going to call her because it isn’t her place. He needs to figure out a way to peacefully coexist with Emily for the baby’s sake so the baby has a good life. Paul jokes when he tells her she is tough. Meg tells him that is why he loves her; she leaves him with a kiss, a flirtatious comment about watching her leave and then is out the door. Paul’s grin fades after she is gone, replaced by a worried look.

Emily tells Susan that she doesn’t want to think or talk about Paul as she meets Susan’s concerned look. He was wonderful at the hospital, but she is home now following doctor’s orders. She is trying to work at her newspaper after ignoring it for too long; she wants to do something for herself so she can stand on her own two feet. Too much contact with Paul is unhealthy she says, without too much conviction though.

Serge reminds Damian how much money he owes their friends. He needs to get Luke to Malta to get him to sign over his trust. Damian glowers at him; he knows what needs to be done. Serge coldly reminds him that if his son predeceases him then the trust reverts to him. Damian demands to know if he is threatening his son? Serge just suggests they make it to the plane and board it as planned. Luke walks up and Damian is forced to cover claiming Serge is a business associate who he tries to casually introduce. Serge explains he will be flying with them. Holden and Jack slip away unnoticed. After Serge leaves, Luke jokes about him sounding as if he were doing a bad remake of the Godfather. Luke notices that Damian looks unsettled and he tries to cover claiming he needs to take his pills and sit down for a moment. Luke and Damian leave to find a place to sit. Meanwhile, Jack and Holden are aboard Damian’s plane. A Federal agent meets them. Holden wonders if there is anything he can do to keep Damian from taking his son and leaving the country?

Lucy tries to shake the lightheaded feeling off and promises she is fine. They banter back and forth whether she can untie them. She reassures him that she learned how to stitch someone up in the dark and she can even tie a cherry stem in a bow with her tongue – she is confident she can get herself untied. After a little bit, Lucy frees herself and Dusty and they pull themselves free by breaking the pipe and fall to the ground. There is a sudden sound of gas escaping and they realize fearfully they were tied to a gas pipe; Dusty tells her they need to get out of there now!

A confident Simon tells Carly he will have the woman’s jewelry in his hand in less then five minutes. Simon suggests she take out her camera and take some pictures because what he is about to pull off is much more exciting then her Statue of Liberty pictures. Simon grabs Carly’s drink, walks over to the woman and takes on the role of waiter. Before he approaches her though, he drops her wrap on the floor that was lying on her chair behind her. Simon hands her the drink and then quietly and closely talks with her, as a disbelieving Carly watches.

Emily is reading some papers when there is a knock at her door. She goes to answer it and it is Paul, who walks in uninvited. Isn’t she supposed to be on bed rest? Emily answers that she was just on the couch. Paul notices all the paperwork strewn over the table. What is she doing – working? Emily explains that is why she couldn’t answer his call earlier. Paul is not happy to hear she is back at work when the doctor told her she is suffering from preeclampsia. Is he trying to tell her how to be a good parent, she asks? No, but this condition is exasperated by stress, he offers. She is trying to not get stressed but the issue won’t go away, as she stares blatantly at him.

Dusty anxiously tells Lucy that this place will probably blow if they don’t’ get out; they need to get the door open. He picks up an ax and starts for the door as Lucy warns that he needs to be careful to not create a spark. Dusty hesitates but they both seem convinced this is their only option considering the alternative. He hits at the door and it opens; Lucy and Dusty sprint for the door and reach the hallway just as there is an explosion inside the wine cellar, that sends them hurdling through the air.

Gwen looks at the masked person on the floor, picks up the knife and then picks up the phone to call the police. She starts to relay what has happened when suddenly the slasher grabs her from the floor and drags her down. Gwen tries to struggle but is overcome by the person as he tries to strangle her.

Paul realizes Emily is talking about him causing her stress. He apologizes for upsetting her, but he just got worried when she didn’t answer her phone. Emily in turn feels badly and apologizes as well. She appreciates his concern, and she is trying to get used to it. She is trying to get back to work a bit. Paul starts to ask if it is a question of money? Emily tells him no, but Paul tells her he will be giving her child support, but Emily thinks they can talk about that later. Paul tells her that they have known each other for a long time and they have always been friends; he realizes they have both changed and both made mistakes, but he wants to get along for the sake of their child. He is only there to help and if he oversteps then she should tell him. Emily smiles and tells him what is stressing her right now is reentry into the workplace at the newspaper. Craig left the place a mess. Paul picks up the papers and immediately mentions that whoever wrote these papers up confused the fiscal with the calendar year. Emily is thrilled to see there is a reason for the confusion. He mentions it doesn’t look like her taxes got paid yet, but there is still time; he just needs to weed through these papers to figure it out. Emily tells him he doesn’t have to do that because it will take him forever, but Paul reminds her he is a whiz at this and should only take him a few hours; it is the least he can do. Emily relents and tells him how nice it is of him to help her.

The Federal agent answers Holden by saying that Damian came to the states on a private jet registered to Serge and he is a person the US is interested in speaking with, so by default and association, Damian will have to stay as well. Holden wonders how long they can keep them? He is told a few days. Serge overhears part of this conversation and leaves soon after. Elsewhere back in the airport, Luke wants to call Lucy again, so Damian feigns being lightheaded again to divert Luke’s attention away from doing just that. Suddenly, Serge is at Damian’s side, grabbing him and pulling him away from Luke. Damian is angry, but Serge demands they need to take another flight and leave the airport right now. They need to find another way to Malta because there is a Federal agent on their plane.

The explosion in the wine cellar has left debris scattered all over, half burying Dusty and Lucy. There is no movement at first, but then Dusty comes to suddenly and calls out for Lucy. He sees her lying close by not moving; he rushes to her side trying to awaken her. When he can’t, he scoops her up into his arms and carries her upstairs.

Will is gently patting Gwen’s face when she awakens with a start. She struggles for a moment before she realizes Will is standing over her. He tells her he raced in here when he heard her screaming for Casey. If he hadn’t come back for her, her voice trails off; he saved her life. She hugs him declaring how much she loves him, which Will happily says in return. He was in disbelief when he got in here and some guy was choking her, but he scared him off. Casey wakes up calling for Gwen. Gwen rattles off what happened; Casey wonders if she can identify her attacker, but she can’t because he was wearing a mask with a black hooded sweatshirt. Casey looks suspiciously at Will, who is wearing just that. Does she mean a sweatshirt like Will is wearing? Both Gwen and Casey look at Will.

Carly continues to watch Simon in action. Soon the woman gets up from the table; Simon picks her wrap up from the floor and places it snuggly around her shoulders and neck and off she goes. Simon comes back to the table smiling slyly. How long? Carly answers four minutes and 37 seconds. Simon smiles in response, but Carly reminds him he doesn’t have the necklace, so he suggests she hold out her hand, and when she does he calmly drops the sparkly item into her hands. Carly is shocked; how did he do that? She can’t believe he stole from that woman; she has half a mind to take this to the police. Simon is pleased with himself; he just informed her after a nice conversation she had a call at the front desk. Carly hands the necklace back to him telling him to get that away from her. She wants to leave and go back to the room; she is frustrated that she is working with the likes of him. The woman has now made her way back to the table. Simon counts down and when he gets to zero, we hear a frantic cry for help from the woman about how she has been robbed. Carly glares at him.

Damian tries to calm Serge by reminding him Air Marshall’s are normally on flights these days, but Serge explains he overheard them talking about bringing them in for questioning. Damian nervously explains to Luke that he was right about him not feeling well and they need to get home. Luke is confused now because Damian was so intent on leaving that very night. Damian gruffly promises to explain everything later. Luke is growing suspicious now and tells him he is not going anywhere until he tells him what is going on? Serge grabs Luke as he whips out his gun.

Jack and Holden have just shown up as, Jack tries to calmly tell him to let Luke go to Holden.

Dusty places an unconscious Lucy on the couch and is trying to get her to wake up when Meg arrives. She heard the explosion from her car on the way to work and called 911. She came in to see if everyone was ok? What are they doing there? Dusty tells her he’ll explain later; he needs to help Lucy now. Meg evaluates Lucy and suggests Dusty go get her some water.

Will angrily asks Casey if he thinks he is the slasher? How could he think he could possibly hurt his wife; he would never hurt his wife nor him for that matter. Casey isn’t sure what Will would do to get his wife back. And what’s with sweatshirt then? Will tells him he was cold, but Casey angrily replies that it is 70 degrees out. The police show up with Margo leading the pack. She rushes to hug Casey and then she asks Will what happened and Will repeats what he said happened before. Where was he before he came in? Will pauses and Gwen answers that she was in the process of moving out and Casey was helping. Margo apologizes but has more questions. Why didn’t he come in the front door? Will answers he must have lost his keys. Then she sees something on his shirt; it is a splinter. Where did that come from? Will thinks maybe the window? Casey snaps that is how the slasher came in and then attacked him first. Will snaps back that he had to come in the window since the door was locked.

The woman is explaining that the necklace is a gift from her husband that she can’t replace. Carly sneers at how Simon is making her suffer. So Simon walks up to the woman innocently, supposedly happy to have found the woman. Is this hers? He holds out the necklace, as she joyously takes it. Where did he find it? Simon claims he found it under her napkin when he was clearing the table; he points out that he thinks the clasp may be loose and she should get it fixed. The woman is so thrilled that she wants to reward him, but Carly steps in telling her she doesn’t need to do that. The woman tries again and Carly again suggests that he doesn’t need that kind of reward. The woman thanks him again and then leaves. Carly can’t believe that he was going to let her pay him for stealing her necklace. Simon beams and then says he wasn’t going to, but it seems like it would have made her happy. Carly half smiles and calls him incorrigible. Simon reminds her of his time coming in under the five minute mark. Carly agrees he is good, and Simon answers that she has no idea how good, as he sips his champagne.

Paul is poring over Emily’s records and finally he declared he is done; he has reconciled her financial statements for the last six months. He turns around and Emily is sleeping on the couch. He picks up a blanket and covers her. As he is staring at her, Emily awakens and returns his gaze.

Dusty tells Meg he turned off the gas so they are fine now, but Meg is concerned that Lucy’s blood pressure is dropping. Dusty doesn’t understand because he thought she was waking up. Meg isn’t sure they should move her in case she has some internal injuries; they need to wait for the ambulance, which is apparently taking their time, she notes. Lucy then opens her eyes; Dusty and Meg are happy to see that. She tries to get up but they stop her. She needs to get to Luke, she mumbles. Meg is concerned why Luke needs her saving, but before they can get into it, Lucy is racked with a coughing fit and then doubles over unable to breath while an anxious Dusty and Meg try to help her.

Luke is frantic as he is being held by Serge, as Jack tries to calm the situation. A guard walks by and Serge knocks him out to cause a diversion, but it doesn’t work and suddenly there are bullets flying. Jack is shot as Holden grabs him to protect him.

Casey yells about how Will could come in through the window and not see him; he would practically have to step over him. Will explains he missed him because he was preoccupied with getting to his wife who was screaming. Casey barks that he thought Gwen was being choked. Will explains that he heard her yelling when he was outside and that is why he rushed in and when he got inside the guy was chocking her. He isn’t the only guy in Oakdale with a black hooded sweatshirt by the way. Gwen is looking at them both confused, as Margo tries to separate them. Margo asks Will again where he was prior to coming home? Will answers that he would not hurt his wife; someone else is obviously the slasher. Outside, Dallas is surveying the scene with a flashlight cautiously walking around hoping to find some evidence. There is a noise and he yells out for whoever is out there to identify themselves. He moves his flashlight around some more and suddenly he sees Maddie sitting on the bench curled up, her legs pressed to her chest, looking out of it.

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