ATWT Update Friday 8/11/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 8/11/06


Written By Amy
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Will is on the phone leaving Barbara a message. Once he’s finished, Barbara walks in. Will asks how things went, but Barbara tells him that they need to have more than one conversation. Will gets impatient and demands to know where Gwen is. Barbara said that she found her at Crash with Casey. Will asks what Gwen said, but Barbara refuses to tell him. “It doesn’t matter what she says right now. What matters is what she decides to do when she’s thought this all through.” Barbara tells him that she planted a seed with Gwen and if she thinks that it’s all Jades fault then it’ll be easier for her to forgive Will. Will tells Barbara to leave because when Gwen comes back they need to be alone so he can do whatever it takes for her to forgive him.

Gwen and Maddie are at Crash. Gwen is a little nervous by the way Maddie is looking at her. Maddie asks what she’s doing with Casey. Maddie says she saw them hugging and now they’re moving in together. “Just because Will cheated on you, doesn’t mean that you get Casey!” Gwen tells her that she shouldn’t spy on people or treat her like she did anything wrong. Maddie tells her that she’s using Casey. Gwen informs her that they’re just friends and she needed a place to stay. Gwen tells her that Casey told her that she pushed Casey away. Maddie says that he shouldn’t have told her that. Gwen tells her that she has plenty going on and doesn’t have time to deal with her psycho head games. Maddie tells her that Gwen saved her, so she will repay the favor. “Stay away from Casey, for your own sake. Look what happened to Lia. She got close to Casey, too. And now she’s dead.”

Luke and Jade are at Java. After Jade says that Gwen wont be around much longer, Luke tells her that seeing how there’s a slasher running around, it sounds really creepy. Jade says she didn’t mean it that way. Luke asks how she knows this, but Jade tells him she just does. Jade tells him that she thought he wanted to be her friend again. Luke says that “being your friend doesn’t mean that I’m blind or an idiot, or that I forget the way you work.” Luke asks why she’s so interested in Gwen. Jade says that she’s just concerned about her. Holden walks in and Luke sends Jade away. Luke informs Holden that he is leaving for Malta that night. Luke tells him that he doesn’t want to fight, just talk. Holden says that he respects him standing up for himself but he’s making a big mistake. He then says that he should just say good-bye and asks Luke to call him when he gets there. Luke agrees and leaves.

Damian and Lucy are at Fairwinds. Damian demands to know why Lucy was trying to drug him. Lucy tells him that she knows he was lying about being sick. Lucy tells him that he’s taking Luke away from his mother who’s sick. Lucy asks what happens if Lily dies while they’re in Malta. Damien says he’ll comfort him. Lucy asks him why he’s doing this. She guesses that it’s because he needs something from Luke. Damian tells her that he switched the teas and “next time, up the dosage so we can skip all the small talk. Of course, there won’t be a next time.”

Henry, Eve, and Louis are at the Lakeview. Louis tells them that Maddie can trust him and when he talks to her, she’ll listen. Henry answers him sarcastically. Louis suggests professional help. Eve said that Maddie didn’t want to. Louis tells Eve and Henry that they’re just alike. “Both just stand there, smiling indulgently as she goes off the deep end.” He also tells them that Maddie is covering something very dark, very disturbing. Henry tells him it’s a family matter and to back off. Louis tells them that he’s the only one can face the truth that Maddie has never been normal. Henry says that he can’t make those generalizations because he doesn’t know her. Louis tells him hat he wasn’t there, he just took off and never looked back. Henry defends Maddie and says that she didn’t do those things. Eve loses patients and tells them to stop it. Henry and Louis apologize. Eve decides that the best thing is to stop fighting and make sure that Maddie doesn’t hurt anyone else or herself.

Jade sees Maddie at Crash and blames her for Gwen and Will breaking out. Maddie says that it’s Jade’s fault and “you need to be punished!” Maddie tells Jade that Gwen and Casey are together now and it’s not right. Jade calls her “mayor of crazy town” and Maddie freaks and tells her to shut up and listen to her. Jade tells her don’t start trouble because you cant handle the consequences. Maddie has a flash back to a person saying, “Don’t make trouble, Maddie. It might be more than you can handle. Don’t make trouble Maddie, maybe more than you can handle.”

Gwen returns to their house. Will is excited to talk to her, but Gwen says that she’s only there to pack. Will is shocked and agrees that maybe it’s best. He tells her that he hurt the one person that he really loves and he doesn’t want to lose her. Gwen says she doesn’t want to lose him either but she cant stay there. Will asks if she has another place. Casey walks in and says that she’s moving in with him. Will gets angry and tells them to stay and play house and he’ll move out. “I see how you guys really are. Finally.” Will storms off. Gwen starts to blame herself but Casey doesn’t let her. Casey suggest they leave but Gwen admits that she wasn’t thinking when she was packing and she needs to go and pack more carefully. Casey offers to help and tells her that she’ll get through this because she’s tough as nails. Casey goes up to get a suitcase. Gwen hears a noise and calls for Casey. There’s no answer. “Casey did you drop something? Casey, can you hear me? Casey, you’re scaring me—“

Dusty arrives at Fairwinds and demands to see Lucy. Damian says that she’s not there, but Dusty doesn’t believe him. He then hears Lucy calling for help. Dusty tells her not to worry and he’ll get her out. Sergio asks Lucy to tell him the truth. Lucy says that she found Damien’s records and faxed them to the police. Sergio doesn’t believe her. Sergio says that if they have another unexpected visitor he might not be as restrained. Lucy tells him that he’s disgusting and cowardly. Dusty agrees but tells her that she’s got a gun. Sergio says that she’s accomplished nothing and they both have a long time to think all of their mistakes over.

Holden calls Jack and Jack quickly arrives as Java. The two try and think of a plan to keep Luke from leaving to Malta. Jack suggests that Holden just forbid Luke from going. Holden says he cant cause he might lose him. Holden asks Jack to arrest him for something, but Jack says he cant. Jack tells him not to lose hope because there’s got to be something they can do. Holden starts to tell him about Lucy but Jack stops him. “I think it’s best if you don’t tell me everything.”

Luke returns to Fairwinds. He tells Damian that he’s ready to go but wants to say goodbye to Lucy first. Damian says that she’s not here. Luke asks him to page her, but Damian tells her not to worry. Luke says he’s not worried, he just wants to say goodbye to someone that he cares about and isn’t going to see for months. He tells Damian that it’s just hitting him that he’s actually leaving. Luke tells him that he’s ready to and they should get it over with.

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