ATWT Update Thursday 8/10/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 8/10/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

Will wakes up at home alone while Gwen wakes up at Crash and they both think of each other. Casey encourages Gwen to call Will so they can talk but Will’s cell phone is busy because he is calling Carly and asking her to call him if Gwen contacts her.

At Crash, Casey encourages Gwen to go home and talk to Will and work things out because they love each other. Casey tells Gwen he went to the police station and spoke to Maddie but she never wants to see him again. Gwen tells Casey to stop listening to her problems and go find Maddie so Casey takes her advice.

At the Lakeview, Henry tries to make Maddie smile but she doesn’t feel like being out in public and wants to go to her room. Maddie feels awkward because her picture is on the front page. Henry reminds Maddie that Eve wanted to meet them because she has a surprised for them. Eve arrives with her husband Louis and Henry wonders what he is doing in town. Eve explains that he only wants to help Maddie because he cares about her. Louis goes to give Maddie a hug but she steps backward to avoid thee hug. Maddie tells Henry, Eve and Louis that she feels suffocated by all their help and she wishes they would just leave her alone. Maddie leaves the room and Louis accuses Henry of not taking good care of Maddie because he was concentrating on his martinis and horse racing.

Henry tells Louis that he took such good care of Maddie that she ran away from his house and came to Oakdale. Eve tells them both to stop fighting because they have to figure out a way to help Maddie. Louis is sure that he can get Maddie to tell him what is bothering her.

At Lucinda’s house, Dusty arrives to give Lucinda some papers to sign and he also asks her how things are going with her family. Lucinda tells Dusty she is sad because Luke is going to Malta with Damian tomorrow. Dusty asks Lucinda if Lucy is still at Fairwinds and Lucinda responds that she can’t get Lucy to move back home. Dusty thinks Lucy is still determined to discover if Damian is lying about his illness.

At Fairwinds, Luke tells Lucy that he and Damian are leaving for Malta today so she can stop spying on Damian. Luke makes it clear to Lucy he is leaving no matter what she finds out about Damian. Lucy tries to get Luke to think about his family in Oakdale who needs him. Damian arrives and Luke tells him he has to leave to say good-bye to his friends. Lucy thanks Luke for not blowing her cover but Luke explains to Lucy that he didn’t want Damian to have anymore stress because it could make his illness worse. Lucy tells Luke she will let things go if it upsets him so much. Lucy asks Luke to reconsider because he can’t leave his family and friends. Luke explains to Lucy he doesn’t want to leave his family especially since he is leaving things so badly between he and Holden and now he won’t even have time to tell him good-bye. Lucy waits until Damian and Luke leave to call the hospital and asks them to take her off the rotation today because Lucinda is sick and she needs to stay home and take care of her. Lucy goes inside to search the house and Damian’s friend Sergio arrives for one of his visits to Damian.

At Lucinda’s house, Dusty tells Lucinda Lucy is in danger because he noticed a dangerous man following Lucy at the hospital the other day. Lucinda wants Lucy out of the plan but Lucy is too stubborn and won’t change her mind. Dusty offers to help protect Lucy from any danger but Lucinda asks him to stay out of things because given he and Lucy’s history it wouldn’t be a good idea. Dusty promises Lucinda he will stay out of the plan with Damian.

At the Lakeview, Casey arrives and asks Henry and Eve where Maddie is because he needs to talk to her. Henry tells Casey that Maddie went to her room but she doesn’t feel like seeing anybody. Casey starts to leave but Louis stops him because he wants to know his relationship with Maddie. Casey tells Louis that is none of his business and Louis thinks that Casey is the cause of all of Maddie’s problems and he shouldn’t be allowed to see her. Casey tells Louis and everyone he loves Maddie and he will stick with her no matter what anybody says to him. Casey leaves for the moment because it’s what Maddie wants but he tells Henry to tell Maddie he will be back to see her. Eve explains to Louis that Casey was Maddie’s boyfriend but she broke up with him. Henry tells Louis he might be the boss of a big computer company but that didn’t give him the right to speak to Casey that way.

At Java, Will asks Jade if she has seen Gwen and Gwen responds she hasn’t seen her since Gwen found out about their one night stand. Jade tells Will she will be thre anytime he needs her. Will thinks that if he had told Gwen about the affair after it happened she may have forgiven him. Jade tells Will Gwen wouldn’t have found out about the one night stand if it hadn’t been for the little murderer Maddie. Jade puts her hand on Will’s hand just as Gwen comes in and she runs out before Will can see her. Gwen is running out and bumps into Barbara who notices she is crying. Barbara asks what is wrong and Gwen explains that Will is with his new girlfriend whom he slept with on graduation night and she isn’t sure if they have a marriage anymore.

Barbara asks Will if its true that he ruined his marriage to sleep with this trash. Barbara explains that she just saw Gwen and she told her everything. Will starts to rush out after Gwen but Barbara persuades him to let her talk to Gwen because she probably won’t want to see him because the wound is too fresh.

At Fairwinds, Sergio warns Damian that Lucy is spying on him and to be very careful with her. Damian doesn’t listen and tells Sergio he can handle Lucy. Sergio tells Damian that he must be on a plane to Malta with Luke tonight or he could lose everything.

Outside Fairwinds, Lucy gets a call from Lucinda who wonders where she is and if she is okay. Lucy lies and says she is about to go into the operating room.

At Lucinda’s house, Lucinda hangs up the phone and tells Dusty what Lucy told her and neither of them believe that Lucy is in the operating room.

At Fairwinds, Lucy apologizes to Damian for taking so long and gives him a passionate kiss. Lucy asks Damian to postpone his trip because she is just getting to know him and she is sorry that their relationship can’t go further she wants more time to get to know him. Damian wants to make love to Lucy so he can have something to remember her. Lucy doesn’t think it’s a good idea because she doesn’t know him that well so she tells Damian they should stop their relationship at this point. Damian tells her he will obey her wishes and Lucy wants them to have tea and spend his last remaining hours in town getting to know each other. Lucy makes tea for both of them and puts something in Damian’s tea, which will put him to sleep so she can draw some blood from him for a blood test.

At Java, Will tells Jade they have to stay away from each other because she is a bad influence on him. Will explains to Jade that he has to concentrate getting his relationship back on track with Gwen. Will leaves and Luke arrives and stops a tearful Jade from going after Will. Luke asks Jade to keep him updated on his mom’s condition because he is going to live with his father in Malta. Jade tells Luke Will is upset because Gwen walked out on him. Will figures out Jade have a one-night stand with Will. Jade tells Luke that Will is her only friend and she doesn’t like to see him in pain. Jade also thinks that Will and Gwen isn’t such a great couple. Luke tells Jade not to hope that Will is going to stop thinking about Gwen even if they are separated he is going to spend all his time trying to get Gwen back in his life. Luke thinks that Jade will only get hurt if she keeps chasing after Will.

At Crash Barbara tells Gwen that Jade is to blame for the one night stand because she took advantage of the fact that Will was hurt and vulnerable. Barbara reminds Gwen that Jade is a wonderful con artist who also caused trouble for Holden and Lily. Gwen doesn’t think Will is capable of being in a relationship without lying. Barbara points out that are her fault because she wasn’t a good mother to Will. Gwen thinks its funny that Barbara is encouraging her to stay with Will. Barbara tells Gwen that she realized that after all her schemes to break them apart they stayed together because they have a strong relationship built on a strong love. Barbara doesn’t think Gwen should let a witch like Jade ruin her marriage. Barbara tells Gwen that she makes Will happy. Gwen wonders why if Will was happy why he cheated on her. Barbara explains to Gwen that Will’s world was shattered that night and he needed to escape the pain. Barbara reminds Gwen that Will took a chance on her when everyone had given up on her and she was fighting the world alone. Barbara tells Gwen that Will’s love and trust in her made her life better. Barbara asks Gwen to take a chance on Will now and help him be a better person. Casey arrives and tells Barbara to stay out of Will and Gwen’s relationship.

At the hospital, Dusty arrives looking for Lucy but is informed by a nurse that Lucy stayed home from work because Lucinda was sick.

At Fairwinds, Lucy and Damian make small talk and they make several toasts with their tea. Damian asks Lucy to stay at Fairwinds while he is gone.

At Crash, Gwen thinks that Lucinda is right she is a better person because of Will’s love. Casey thinks Gwen should go home and talk to Will. Gwen can’t go home and face Will so she plans to sleep at Crash. Casey invites Gwen to stay at his house since his parents aren’t home. Casey tells Gwen they can listen to sappy love songs that remind them of Will and Maddie. Gwen accepts Casey’s invitation and thanks Casey for being a good friend. Gwen also gives Casey a hug and Maddie sees them. Gwen tells Casey she needs to go home and pick up some clothes and asks him to go with her for moral support. Gwen has to stay and work so Casey tells her to call him when she is ready to go to her house and get her clothes.

Once Casey is gone Gwen cleans up and senses someone behind her and turns to see Maddie.

At Java, Jade tells Luke she may have a chance with Will because Gwen won’t be around much anymore.

At the hospital, Dusty calls Lucinda to find out if Lucy has called her and Lucinda yells him she hasn’t talked to Lucy since she told her she was going to go to the operating room. Dusty wonders what Lucy is up to and where she could be because he thinks she could be in danger.

At Fairwinds, Lucy sees Damian go to sleep and goes to get a needle to take a blood sample, which will prove if Damian is sick. Lucy is about to stick the needle in Damian’s arm when Damian opens his eyes and grabs Lucy’s arm.

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