ATWT Update Wednesday 8/9/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 8/9/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At Damian’s, Luke walks into the study and finds his dad poring over some papers at his desk. Damian claims the medicine keeps him up at night; he was just looking at their itinerary to return to Malta. Luke tells him he needs to swing by his house for a few last things, but Damian suggests he can just send for them, or worst case if the disease progresses the way it seems to be, then he may be back quite soon. A phone call interrupts them and Damian claims it is his doctor so Luke leaves. It is in fact Serge telling him that Lucy is digging deeper and if she doesn’t stop then they are leaving ASAP and he doesn’t care what type of influence she has on Luke.

At the hospital, Lucy is telling Holden that Damian’s records are too perfect and that she needs to get into the records room for the hospital to compare them. Holden worries that this is too risky, but Lucy reminds him that if she doesn’t do this then the alternative is Luke leaving for Malta. She will let him know what she finds out. She leaves with Serge hot on her trail.

At the cottage, Mike is listening to the message a nervous forcibly upbeat sounding Katie left for him about having to go to NY on business. He shakes his head slowly, grabs his keys and then heads out the door.

On the airplane, Katie has a vision of Mike standing in the aisle of the plane disapprovingly telling her that what she is doing is not right. When she realizes she is staring at a man who is telling her it is not right because she is in his seat. When Katie stares at him blankly, he wonders if she is ok? Katie simply grabs her phone and tries to call Mike, but he doesn’t pick up which worries Katie more, especially because the flight attendant wants her to shut her phone off now.

At the pond, Casey is crouching by the water’s edge thinking about Maddie when it looks as if someone is watching and then approaching him. Casey jumps up startled, but it is only Will. Casey warns him about sneaking up on people especially with what is going on with Maddie. Will glowers at that and tells him Maddie is not as innocent as he thinks she is. Casey wonders annoyed why he would say that because he thought he was on her side. Will answers shortly that he was until she trashed his marriage.

At Crash, an emotionally distraught Gwen comes rushing in looking for Casey. Jade walks up to Gwen worried about what is wrong with her? Gwen demands to know why she cares? Jade answers because she is her friend. Gwen snaps that friends don’t sleep with friend’s husbands. Jade snarls as she assumes Gwen has been listening to Maddie. This is greeted with a smack across the face from Gwen. She tells her to try again because she talked to Will and he told her the truth. A defiant sounding Jade tells Gwen that she did sleep with Will, but so what, it was a long time ago, and it shouldn’t have happened but it was a one time thing because he is married and they are just friends. Gwen laughs sarcastically; a friend would have sent him home to work things out with his wife. Jade tells her they didn’t say anything because they knew how she would react. Gwen smirks again; they knew she would be furious and hurt – how smart of them. Gwen shrieks about her needing a job, a place to stay and money for an apartment. That was not asked for out of the goodness of her heart because they were friends; she had something on Will. Jade denies it claiming she thought she could go to them as her only friends. Gwen spits that she doesn’t even think Jade is sorry. Jade assures her she is sorry for it and for both of them now because she is going about this in the wrong way; she can hate Will and her but she needs to move on soon. She has felt horrible since it happened because they are friends. Gwen is disgusted at her using that word to describe them. Jade angrily reminds her that she and Will made one mistake; is she only friends with people that are perfect? Gwen doesn’t want to hear it; she wanted him, well she can have him.

Will tells Casey that Maddie kept going on and on about him and Jade to divert attention from herself. Casey interrupts him; what is he talking about him and Jade? Will admits that months ago he and Jade slept together one time, and Gwen found out and took off and now he can’t find her. Casey now understands why he got Jade a job. Will assures him it wasn’t like that; it was one time on graduation night when he was drunk and he thought he and Gwen were done. Casey can relate because he made one mistake with Gwen and look where that got them. Face it he blew it.

Damian is in his study when he hears Holden’s voice calling for Luke. He meets him in the hall wondering what he is doing there so late? Holden demands to see Luke, but Damian tries to dissuade him. Holden will not be deterred; he has two choices Damian can go get him or he will get him himself. Damian relents and goes to get Luke. Holden walks into the study and notices the suitcases packed by the door. Luke comes in wondering if his mom is ok? Holden reassures him that she is fine. He is there to convince him to stay in Oakdale. Luke explains that he can’t because Damian needs him; he pauses for a moment and then admits that Damian is dying and he has noone. Holden asks Luke what if Damian isn’t dying and this has been one big lie to lure him to Malta?

Lucy lets herself into the records room, which Dusty sees as he walks into the hall with Johnny. Bob wanders up with a prescription for Johnny’s ear infection. Dusty is a bit preoccupied as he notices Serge standing just a bit down the hall conspicuously out of place. He jokes about being a nervous dad and how he thinks if he puts ear drops in one ear and then turns Johnny over to do the other side then wouldn’t the drops fall out? Bob smiles at this and suggests Dusty come to his office so he can show him. Dusty isn’t anxious to do this because he is aware of where Lucy is and this man following her. However, Bob won’t take no for an answer so off they go, as Serge watches close by.

Katie dashes in the cottage hoping to find Mike there, only she finds that he got her first message but not her second. She is worried where he could be. She heads out thinking he may be on the way to the airport to stop her. As she is heading back out the door, Mike is coming in with a grocery bag. He stops and calmly kisses her as he walks by to put his bag down. Does she was the black or green olives? Katie is confused; is he ok? She realizes Carly is a big girl, to which Mike responds with a nod. He tells her he was going to make his famous spaghetti and meatballs because she is probably tired from running to and from the airport. Katie smiles and races into his arms, placing a big wet kiss on him.

Will knows he blew it with Gwen, but he isn’t up for a lecture right now. Casey isn’t going to give him one because he has been where he is. What should he do? He should keep trying with Gwen. Will thinks it is over for good, but will he talk to her for him? Casey agrees but he really thinks Will needs to find that one thing that will make Gwen realize that he truly loves only her. He needs to fight for her hard or he will lose her. Will understands and leaves.

Gwen starts to walk away but Jade stops her; she shouldn’t break up her marriage over this. Gwen barks that her marriage is none of her business but she should be aware of the breaking up of their so-called friendship. She screeches about how she is a liar, cheat and manipulator and she isn’t friends with someone like that. Jade continues to try to get Gwen to see that Will loves her and that they didn’t keep it a secret because it mattered but rather because they were worried he would lose her. A teary eyed Jade reminds her that he just lost Jen, the one person other then Gwen he really trusted, and he can’t lose her. Casey walks in and tells Jade he needs to talk to Gwen now. Jade leaves and Gwen asks if he knows? Casey admits he saw Will and he is a mess. Gwen is glad, but in the next moment she breaks down in Casey’s arms sobbing.

Will comes back home desperately hoping to find Gwen there, but their place is empty. There is a knock and Will runs to the door in anticipation. It is Jade however. Will orders her to go away, but she doesn’t want to until she sees that he is ok.

Luke can’t believe that Holden would think Damian is lying about dying. Holden thinks the timing of the revelation was a little too perfect. Luke explains that Damian wasn’t the one who told him; he found out by accident. Holden thinks that could be easily manipulated. He let Luke think he and Lily were dead before. Luke reminds him that was years ago. He thinks this would be a little over the top even for him. What is he basing this accusation on? Holden explains that Lucy is checking into his medical records to compare them. Luke understands now why Lucy moved in. Holden wants him to understand she was very concerned for him. Luke tells him if the records are fake then he will come home, but he has lived with Damian; he watches him struggle to sleep, eat and take his medication. He needs to go to Malta, take care of him and when he dies, make funeral arrangements for him and only then will he come home. Holden is sure the medical records won’t match and then they will prove he is a liar and that he is using him.

Lucy is cautiously moving around the records room; she tries to log onto the computer and can’t. She then scans the file folders and once she can’t find anything there, she looks through old crates of folders where Damian’s records should be. As she is doing this though, the door handle rattles violently as someone tries to get in. A panicked Lucy looks around at a place to hide and then sees the phone and calls security. They put her on hold so she hangs up and grabs the lamp as a weapon. The door finally opens as Lucy raises the lamp, only to come face to face with Dusty. She snaps about how he scared her. He demands to know what she is doing there? She doesn’t want to talk about it, but Dusty calls her on the fact she is looking into Damian. She admits that his medical records have disappeared and Dusty thinks that means she has no business being in the middle of this mess. Does she want to get herself killed or did she miss the guy stationed outside the door who has been following her?

Luke reminds Holden they shouldn’t be looking at someone’s private medical records. Holden explains if there is nothing wrong and everything is on the up and up then there is no harm. Luke is sure that Damian would never fake this especially asking him to leave knowing his mom’s condition. Holden promises that he is not letting him leave without a fight.

Casey teases Gwen about it being a first because it seems he is always using her shoulder about Maddie. Casey assures her that he knows Will messed up, but they can get past this; she doesn’t think you can recover from this. She wishes he just told her way back at the beginning; she would have yelled, screamed and probably kicked him out for a day or two but she would have taken him back. He has been lying to her for months, keeping secrets and talking about this behind her back. How could she ever trust him or his word again? Casey tells her that it is a good thing no decisions need to be made tonight; she needs to give it time. Gwen wonders why she shouldn’t call the lawyer up first thing in the morning and get this over with? Casey has a simple response, because she loves him.

Jade explains that she saw Gwen at Crash when she was looking for Casey. Will wonders why she is looking for him? Jade reminds him that they are friends. She talked to her and set her straight because she is wrong to dwell on this and she should get over it. Will sarcastically answers that he is sure that went over well. She is trying to sound like she knows him better then his own wife; she needs to keep her mouth shut! Jade angrily snaps for him to not talk to her like that. There were two people on the bridge that night, and she never wanted Gwen to find that out. She was just trying to be his friend. Will angrily tells her that they are not friends nor will they ever be. Jade glares at him.

Katie smiles warmly at Mike as she acknowledges that they have grown up this past year. Normally she would have been on that plane racing to warn Carly and he would have followed and punched Simon out. Mike wonders what else the difference is? They are married now, Katie answers. She came back because she believes in that and missed him. She grabs him and gives him another kiss. After a moment, Katie pulls back with a giant Cheshire cat look and decides they need to make a baby. Mike meets this with a stunned look. Katie continues to babble; they always talked about starting a family so why not seize the day? Mike thinks they should slow down before making a life changing decision like that. They need to think about buying a safer car, designing and building a nursery. Katie smiles; they are talking about a baby and not a construction job. She pulls him in for another kiss.

Jade thinks Will is not being fair; they have been hanging around for months since the paper. Will smirks as he reminds her how that worked out. Everything that happened was just as much his fault as hers. Will reminds her that she pushed him about a job, a place to stay and money for a new place. Jade is irritated; she didn’t ask for any of that except for the job and she was desperate. She reached out to them because she considered them friends and to be the only people she trusted. Will tells her he doesn’t believe her. Jade starts to sniffle; he was the only guy she has been friends with that didn’t want anything from her; he is her friend and she hopes now that the word is out so to speak then they can all start over?

Gwen doesn’t think that love is always the answer, especially in this case. Casey reminds her that sometimes it is all you have. Gwen can’t accept that because she loved her mom and she sold her out; she deserves better. Casey agrees but who taught her that – Will. Casey thinks she should look at the facts at when this took place, but Gwen doesn’t want him defending what Will did. He isn’t but people make mistakes all the time and when they don’t, it is an added bonus. Gwen is just tired of people letting her down. Casey can understand that but he thinks she should remember that 90% of the time she and Will worked well together. Gwen tells him that he is not going to be able to convince her of that especially tonight. Casey wants to take her home, but Gwen tells him she is staying there at Crash tonight.

Holden just wants Luke to give them time to prove that Damian is lying, but Luke doesn’t want to. The doctor called Damian tonight; Holden wonders if Luke actually talked to him? He admits he did not, but he still believes him. He is sick, dying and wants to simply go home. Holden continues to plead with him to let them get to the bottom of whether Damian is telling the truth, but Luke can’t and he tells him he has to go finish packing.

Lucy is determined that noone followed her; Dusty wonders if she even saw him and Johnny in the hallway? She admits she didn’t, but still she is sure she is ok. Dusty describes a man five feet ten inches with dark hair and skin with a not so happy disposition. She wonders how he knows it is not a patient? Dusty looks at her as if to say he knows the difference between a patient and hired goon. Lucy snaps for him to back off. It feels good to be able to help someone especially after what happened with Jen. She doesn’t want him sticking his nose into something that is not his business, as she stomps off. Outside the room Holden bumps into an aggravated Lucy, as she relays to him how she can’t find Damian’s medical records anywhere. Holden wonders where’s Dusty? Lucy lets out an annoyed sigh; he already called him? He had no right to call him. Dusty shows up next to them and tells him about what he saw. Holden thinks it is time for Lucy to go back to Lucinda’s where she will be safe, but Lucy is sure Damian trusts her. Holden and Dusty continue to talk about her welfare with her standing right in front of them, which she calls them on. Holden reassures her that she helped and did her part and Luke knows she is trying to help them, but it is no longer safe. Holden leaves and Lucy rails at Dusty that he had no right. Dusty just walks off. A nurse bring by a cart, which Lucy spies. As soon as the nurse walks away, Lucy helps herself to some of the medical items in one of the drawers and slinks away. Serge walks up after and then calls Damian. He tells him he followed Lucy to the medical room after he overheard her talking to her friend and it was a good thing he got there first to swipe his records. Damian thinks he is overreacting because she does work at the hospital and was probably in there for a patient. Serge dictates that he wants him and Luke on a plane for Malta within 24 hours. Damian tries to explain how that isn’t possible, but he snaps that he is lucky he doesn’t make them get on a plane tonight. Damian slams the phone down with a “damn it” punctuating the slam. Luke walks in wondering what has gotten him so upset? Damian covers claiming it was his doctor with his latest test results; they need to leave right away because it could be any day now.

Katie doesn’t think they have to think about anything; she understands it will be crazy for a few months but it will be ok after. They will make great parents…won’t they? Mike stares into her eyes and then answers, yes. Katie flashes him a big smile, tells him to give her five minutes and then come up. She leaves and Mike gives her about 30 seconds before he smiles coyly to himself and heads up the stairs with a bottle of wine.

Will snaps that he can’t worry about what Jade needs; his world is falling apart. She understands that is what it feels like right now but it will get better. She just wants him to call her if he needs to talk. She is there for him and with that she leaves. Will is left staring at a picture of him and Gwen wishing outloud that she come home.

Casey tells Gwen if she stays then he will stay. In case she forgot there is a slasher out there and besides he and his mother are in disagreement about Maddie right now so he could use the break. He is going to fire up the grill and cook them some hotdogs. Gwen starts to look through some CD’s but stops when they remind her of Will.

Instead, she walks to the window and gazes out at the same time Will is at home gazing out his window.

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