ATWT Update Tuesday 8/8/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/8/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Mike and Katieís house, Mike and Katie eat chocolate covered strawberries and drink champagne to celebrate their three-month wedding anniversary.  Katie feels badly that Carly quit her job with Simon because of them so she asks Mike to call Carly and check on her.  Mike gets a call from his construction foeman and is informed that they need him at the job site because Simon is New York with Carly.  Katie isnít happy to hear that Carly decided to work with Simon again and she begins to worry about Carly again.  Mike gives Katie a quick kiss and tells her they will continue the celebration later. 

Jack calls Carlyís cell phone from the police station and is not happy when Simon answers the phone.  Jack wonders why Simon is answering the phone.  Simon explains that Carly is in the bathroom and canít come to the phone right now.   Jack is mad and hangs up the phone.  Carly comes out of the bathroom and after some coaxing she gets Simon to tell her who was on her phone. 

Carly blasts Simon for answering her phone and tells him to stop butting in to her marriage.  Carly realizes what she said and stops herself.  Simon thinks Carly canít decide if she wants to have a career or be Jackís wife.  Carly admits that Simon is right and she wants to have both in her life but she knows that is impossible now.  Simon tells Carly it is possible she just has to have thee right teacher.  Simon and Carly drink champagne and he gives her lessons on how to run a good con.  Simon names Carlyís company CTS designs and Carly draws a logo for the company while Simon writes a press release which says that Carlyís company only handles the most exclusive clients.  Carly makes it clear to Simon there are certain rules to their partnership he canít give her gifts, Use her to make Katie jealous, or make romantic advances toward her they have to keep it strictly business or she will quit again.  Carly also tells Simon he canít answer her phone or touch her personal things anymore. 

At the Police station, Henry tells Eve they should help Maddie escape and take her to a town where nobody knows her and give her a new identity.  Eve doesnít think that Maddie running away is a good idea because she kept the attack bottled up and that is what got her in this mess. 

Maddie tells Casey to stay away from her or he could be the next victim of the killer.  Casey asks Maddie to talk to him because he wants to help her and no matter what happens he will always love her and dream of a future with her.  Maddie tells Casey she doesnít have a future anymore and he should get on with his life.    Casey tells Maddie he believes that she didnít kill anyone because she isnít capable of murder. 

Maddie asks Casey how he can be so sure she didnít kill anyone when she isnít sure that she isnít the killer.  Maddie sees Margo and tells her that Casey snuck in the station to see her. 

In the woods, Jade tells Dallas that in her opinion they should lock Maddie up and throw away the key.   Dallas wonders why Jade is so intent on hurting Maddie.  Jade tells Dallas she and Maddie never got along but it is clear that she is a killer and should be stopped before she kills another person.    Dallas tells Jade to be careful walking in the woods alone but Jade thinks the killer is the least of her worries right now. 

At Gwen and Willís place, Gwen demands that Will tell her the truth and asks again if Will slept with Jade.  Will avoids the question by saying that Gwen shouldnít listen to Maddie because she hasnít been acting like herself lately.  Gwen agrees that Maddie has been a little confused but she wouldnít hurt her on purpose by making up this lie.  Gwen tells Will she can tell a lot by the words that he isnít saying so he should just tell her the truth.  Will finally admits to Gwen he slept with Jade and says it was the night he got drunk and thought his life was over.  Will tells Gwen Jade Means nothing to him and he still loves her with all his heart.  Will apologizes to Gwen and begs her nit to give up on him because of one mistake.  Gwen pushes Will away and punches him in the chest and screams how many times did you lie to me when you came to our bed and you told me I was the only woman for you. 

At Mike and Katieís place, Kim arrives and asks Katie to fly to New York and represent the station at an affiliates meeting.  Katie jumps at the chance once she finds out the meeting is in New York.  Katie leaves a message for Mike and heads to the airport. 

At the police, station, Casey asks Margo to stop suspecting Maddie and do her job and look for the real killer.  Margo asks Casey to stay away from Maddie for his own safety.    Casey tells Margo he loves Maddie and he is going to help prove she isnít a killer. 

At Gwen and Willís place, Will tells Gwen that everyone in his life walked out on him and the night he slept with Jade he was afraid that she would leave him as well so he was looking for comfort.  Gwen is sick of Willís constant excuses for all of his mistakes and reminds him that her mother was a drunk too and she didnít have anybody either but when she makes mistakes she takes responsibility for them and faces the consequences.  It finally dawns on Gwen that Will doesnít have faith in himself or his decisions that is why he makes so many mistakes and instead of fixing them when he makes one mistake he immediately makes another mistake.  Will admits that Gwen is right and he promises to do whatever he has to do to fix their relationship because she is the only good thing in his life and he canít lose her.  Gwen packs a bag and starts to leave but Will stop her by holding on to her and begging her not to leave him.  Will asks Gwen to trust him and give him one more chance.   Will asks Gwen not to leave because there is a killer on the loose and she could get hurt.  Gwen tells Will she doesnít care about anything anymore.   Gwen tells Will she canít trust him anymore Gwen pushes Will out of the way and walks out the door.  Will is so angry he throws things to get his anger out. 

At the police station, Jessica arrives to defend Maddie and Henry and Eve are relived that someone is there to help their sister.  Jessica talks to Dallas who fills her in on the case.  Dallas tells his aunt that all the evidence points to Maddie but off the record Dallas tells his aunt he doesnít think Maddie could have committed such gruesome murders.  Dallas thinks that Maddie is the same scared girl who was attacked in Chicago and that she isnít capable of killings that are so full of anger and rage.  Henry informs Maddie that Jessica is her lawyer now and she should listen to her.  Maddie wonders if she could be the killer.  Henry holds Maddie and tells her that is impossible because the girl he loves and raised would never kill anyone.  Jessica arrives and tells Maddie not to say another word to anyone about the case. 

Eve confides to Jack that she wishes her husband were there because he would know how to help Maddie.  Eve cries a little and wonders why the people you love canít understand that you are only trying to help them.  Jack tells Eve that is a very good question.  Eve thanks Jack for listening to her and tells him she is going for a walk to get some fresh air.    Henry takes Maddie home because the police arenít officially holding her as a suspect.  Jessica tells Dallas she doesnít think Maddie is the killer either. 

On the airplane, Katie is on her way to New York determined to protect Carly from Simon. 

Mike is disappointed when he hears Katieís message on the machine telling him she is on her way to New York. 

In New York, Carly and Simon decide to go out on the town to celebrate their new business partnership.

At the station, Dallas tells Margo he can see the motive in Maddie killing Lia but he canít find a motive for her killing Nate.  Dallas thinks they should find out exactly what happened in Chicago. 

In the woods, Casey sits and thinks about Maddie unaware that someone is hiding in the bushes. 

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