ATWT Update Monday 8/7/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 8/7/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At Yo’s, Lucy is wondering why Dusty cares who she is hanging out with? Damian is a good guy so he shouldn’t worry. Dusty thinks it is strange that she is aligning herself with someone who is trying to take Luke far away to Malta and from his family when Holden needs him especially now. Lucy pretends that is not her business, and that she is not involved in that. Dusty can’t understand why she would do this when family is supposed to mean everything to her. Lucy stares at him for a moment and then answers, for someone who claimed to have once loved her then she is surprised that he would think she would betray her family. Dusty’s eyes widen as he thinks she is about to tell him something. However, Damian interrupts smiling awkwardly and mentioning he was worried about how long it was taking her. Is there a problem? He looks directly at Dusty as he then asks if she needs him to get rid of the problem?

On the plane, Simon smiles, as he wants to know why Carly changed her mind and decided to come to NY with him? Carly returns his coy smile by answering that it was his begging that did it – or rather his whining about how he couldn’t impress the investors without her, and it didn’t hurt that he had reservations at a five star hotel. Simon thinks she is trying to annoy Jack; Carly half agrees considering he waltzed off with her kids over nothing, so she might want to hit him where it hurts a bit. Simon thinks she should just accept the fact she deserves a break. She agrees and they decide to drink to that. What’s more they will drink to style, glamour, wealth and fame. While trying to open and pour the champagne though, Simon dumps it all over Carly.

At the police station, Jack asks Margo about the lab report on Maddie? She explains that her wounds are superficial, meaning they could have been self-inflicted. Jack is a bit more cautious of what that means, reminding her that she almost drowned. Margo knows and she doesn’t want to be the bad guy, but she can’t ignore some of the evidence staring her in the face. Dallas walks up and tells them that he talked to Will and Jade and has a funny vibe off of them; Jade did most of the talking, but Will looked nervous and the longer he was away from his wife, the more nervous he appeared. He thinks they are hiding something. Meanwhile, off to the side, Will is aggravated with Jade; Maddie never would have had anything to overhear if she hadn’t gone off on him. That is why he wanted space, every time they are together they have to hash out and talk about the night they spent together.

Inside the interrogation room, Gwen is trying to calm Maddie; Will and Jade did not try to hurt you. In a trance, Maddie repeats that they slept together and they wanted to stop her from telling. Gwen is angry now as she sarcastically asks Maddie if Jade came at her with a knife while Will tried to drown her? Let’s call them right now and ask them, Gwen snaps. Maddie doesn’t want her to because they don’t know she told her and she is sure one of them tried to kill her. Gwen tries to calm down again; how does she know it was them? She overheard them talking earlier by the pond. Then Maddie hears a voice echoing in her head about how she can’t tell anyone. She violently shakes the voice away and then tells Gwen she is so mixed up in the head. Margo interrupts and Gwen asks if they can go home? Margo tells them Maddie needs to stay longer; they have to finish taking statements. Gwen walks out of the interrogation room and sees Will and Jade across the station. Jade is telling Jack and Dallas how weird Maddie has been acting and how sick of her gossip she was so she called her on it. Maddie was way out there almost answering to some voices in her head. Dallas and Jack want to know from Will if Jade’s account was accurate? Will, who is more fixated on Gwen’s face trying to tell if she knows anything, simply mumbles in agreement.

Carly comes back to her chair in her slip with an oversized Captain’s coat on; she will pour the champagne this time. Simon wonders if she told Jack where she was going? She tells him she told Emma because she needed to know in case she needed her, but no she didn’t tell Jack. Did he tell Katie? Simon nods no he didn’t tell her either. They both smile at one another and realize they weren’t trying to make their exes jealous. Imagine that, they are really going on a business trip.

Damian wonders if this man is bothering her because if he is then he may have to do something about it outside? Dusty smirks and answers that he hopes Lucy brought her doctors bag because she may need it. Lucy tries to diffuse the situation by telling Damian that Dusty doesn’t care what she does because he doesn’t care about her; she is the reason he no longer has a wife and Johnny doesn’t have a mother. Damian realizes whom he is and says so; that was not her fault and she needs to stop taking the blame for that. Lucy tells him she just wants to go home and Damian is more then happy to oblige.

After they leave, Lucinda comes back into the bar and Dusty fusses at her about how she could allow her granddaughter to go off with the likes of Damian. He knows there must be something else to this? He will go to Fairwinds and find out if she doesn’t tell him. Lucinda stops him as he stands up; he needs to cool it because Lucy knows what she is doing. She relents and explains that Lucy is collecting information to help keep Luke in Oakdale. Dusty is concerned because he saw Damian’s face and he thinks Lucy is really into him. What does she think a guy like him will do when he decides he wants payback from Lucy? He wants to help.

At Fairwinds, Damian apologizes for what happened with Dusty, but Lucy lightens the situation when she jokes with him about how pleased he looked with himself when he asked him to step outside. Damian smiles and tells him he doesn’t like to see her hurt by him, and he knows she still is to this day. Lucy changes the subject to his health; what they do have control over now is his prognosis. He could come to Memorial and let them run some tests on him. Damian doesn’t want to. He realizes she is still suffering from how she couldn’t save Jen, and she wants to make up for it by trying to save him, but it is useless. He doesn’t want to waste the time he has left on who could have made errors or talk about his death, especially when he is in the company of such a beautiful woman; he moves closer and seems to be going in for a kiss.

In NY, Carly is staring out of her hotel room talking to herself. She is in NY having a great time and Jack is going to hate this; she picks up her cell phone. Then she notices a note on the table; it is from Simon. He has had wardrobe sent to her for her stay in NY. She walks over to the closet and notices the beautiful designer gowns hanging there; she then notices the accessories. She has beautiful heels and sparkly jewelry there too. She mumbles smiling to herself about what good taste Simon has. Then she opens the bureau drawer and sees slinky undergarments, and adds to herself that Simon also has nerve. She can’t help but beam at the loot she has acquired.

She goes to the phone and calls Simon’s room - where is he? She just wanted to thank him for the wardrobe and accessories. It is the nicest thing anyone has done in a long while. She hangs up, gets out of her coat and goes to try stuff on when there is a knock at the door. She covers herself with the coat and opens it to find Simon there with his bags telling her that his room was flooded. Carly asks him if he found another? He tells her he did – this one; he likes to sleep on the left, he says with a wink. Carly meets his wit with a snarl.

Gwen walks over to Will and hugs him. She tells him she was so worried when she was trying to save Maddie from drowning; Maddie says it was the slasher. Then she pulls away and stares at him nervously; did he see anyone when he was out there? Will answers just as nervously that he did not. Then she asks him why he never asked if Maddie was ok? Will covers by saying that he assumed she was fine since they were all in the police station instead of a hospital. Gwen nerves seem assuaged by those answers, as she hugs him again. Will seems relieved she is hugging him.

Henry and Eve want to know what is going on with Maddie? Dallas explains that they can’t take her anywhere yet. Eve thinks they should call a lawyer back so she is properly represented. Dallas tells them that Maddie doesn’t need a lawyer but rather a doctor. Meanwhile, Jade, Will and Gwen all go downstairs to finish up so they can leave.

Casey comes charging into the police station demanding to know from Margo where Maddie is? Is she ok? Margo tries to calm him by telling him she is fine and that her wounds are superficial. He needs to go home, but Casey doesn’t want to hear this. Margo tries to explain that Maddie is very vulnerable right now and that seeing him would not help her. She needs to trust him on this one. Casey seems to believe what she is saying and backs down; he doesn’t want to hurt her more. Margo reminds him that Eve and Henry are there for her so she isn’t alone. Casey leaves but as he does, he tells Eve and Henry to tell Maddie he was there. They thank him and tell him they will. Henry has had enough and tells Dallas he wants to see Maddie. He opens the door, walks inside and greets her with a big hug. Maddie is happy to see him but she just wants to go home? Henry hedges a little and then explains that she has to stay a while longer because the police seem to think she may have faked the attack. Maddie seems shocked, but then she even wonders to Henry if she did in fact try to hurt herself?

Jade corners Will in the hallway; where is Gwen? He tells her she is still talking to Jack. Is she ok? Will isn’t sure, but Jade is because she saw her with him and she wouldn’t have been all lovey-dovey if she knew the truth. Jade is relieved that for once Maddie might have kept her big mouth shut. Will and Jade reach out to each other and hold onto each other’s arms in a comforting way while trying to be inconspicuous. Gwen walks up and witnesses their exchange.

Carly is irate; she is sure he staged the flood as an excuse to stay with her. Simon smirks and tells her if that was his plan he would have come up with something better then having to ring out his shoes and pants. He starts to undress and Carly demands to know what he is doing? He tells her simply trying to dry off. She goes to chain lock the door because she is sure some photographer will show up, snap some pictures and then he will have incriminating photos to dangle over her head to use with Katie. Simon tries to get her to see he is not trying to use this situation, but she doesn’t believe him because he is always manipulating situations. Simon challenges her to call the front desk to prove he is telling the truth. Carly seems to be entertaining that before she decides he probably paid them off as well. Simon doesn’t want to talk about this anymore, but rather concentrate on their fabulous dinner plans later on. It is going to be hot outside so maybe she should come as she is, he teases drawing attention to her slip that she is in.

Will is starting to look nervous again by the whole situation and Jade suggests that he stop looking guilty or Gwen will know something is up. Will snaps at her telling her she needs to stop making well meaning suggestions. She needs to stay clear of his life with Gwen. Jade continues; Maddie obviously didn’t tell her. Will continues; he doesn’t want to talk about his wife anymore; their life is private and by talking about those kind of matters makes him feel as if he is cheating all over again. Jade pouts claiming that she is just trying to help. Will just wants her to leave. Will then sees Gwen across the room talking to Jack. Jack is asking if she wants him to call Carly? She tells him she is ok and just wants to go home. This is Will’s cue to swoop in and suggest they get out of there.

Dallas is talking to Margo again about the evidence. Maddie may be innocent. Margo has heard it from enough people and she is not trying to stick it to Maddie, but she needs to follow the evidence. Dallas thinks that being assaulted doesn’t make one a murderer. Margo agrees but she was holding in some trauma from a year ago, which came to a head now causing her to act very erratically. She didn’t like Lia and damaged her car to prove that. Then the same weapon murdered Lia. Then there was Nate, whom Maddie was with the night of his murder. Dallas reminds her that Maddie almost got killed that night though. Margo reminds him that her wounds were deemed superficial. So it is quite plausible she is still a suspect…. the main suspect.

Maddie admits to Henry that she can’t remember tonight clearly and she also couldn’t remember chunks of the nights when Lia and Nate were murdered. She sees and hears things that aren’t there; she doesn’t know what is real, and she is not at all herself anymore. Henry reminds her to cut herself some slack; she has been sexually assaulted. She has been deeply hurt and confused by this, but that doesn’t make her a killer. Maddie looks desperately at him as she tells him she thinks she is losing her mind.

Lucy pulls back from Damian’s attempted kiss. He is smooth by trying to distract her. He corrects her when he says he is simply trying to live life like every day is his last. Lucy wants to slow things down a bit and get to know one another. Damian hopes she feels there is something between them as well? Lucy tries to divert his personal relationship questions by bringing up his health again. How can he lose by getting a second opinion? They will have more time to get to know each other then. He feels he will lose time by wasting it with doctors. Lucy thinks he would be with doctors who are trying to save his life. Doesn’t he trust her? He does but not as much the doctors at Memorial. Her interests are piqued. Has he been there before? He has and the results have not been a success. Damian moves closer wanting to explore their feelings, but they are interrupted by Damian’s name being called from a man in the hall.

Damian meets the man, Serge, in the hall. He demands to know why he and Luke are not on a plane to Malta right now? They are running out of time. Damian doesn’t want him pushing because he is doing the best he can. Lucy walks into the hall and they cover when Damian introduces Serge as a friend from Malta.

Lucinda doesn’t want Dusty getting involved; he has treated her like a pariah. Dusty agrees because his wife had just died. Lucy has no business handling the likes of Damian. He can get the information she needs. Lucinda turns him down out of fear that he will tip him off. He needs to swear to her he will not get involved?

Simon is getting out of the shower, parading around in a towel. Did she find another room? She called all over Manhattan and there are none. She pauses then explains she did find one room in the Bronx though. Simon teases her and tells her they will go out to a fancy dinner and then a dance club and then he will get her a fancy cab to take her to her room in the Bronx. Carly sneers at him, trying not to fall for his teasing.

Jack is now convinced there is something between Jade and Will, as he talks with Margo and Dallas. They looked messed up in the woods and now they seem anxious. Dallas leaves to look into this further while Jack asks Margo if she thinks Gwen is ok with all of this? Does she think he should call Carly about Gwen? Margo gives him a funny smile, as Jack asks if she thinks he is using Gwen as an excuse to call Carly? He then explains that he probably is because when he saw Carly earlier he said a few things he shouldn’t have. Margo thinks he should do what he thinks is best. Margo walks away and passes Eve who stops her. She had mentioned getting Maddie to a therapist. She thinks that is for the best and she would like her help.

Henry tries to comfort Maddie by suggesting she is sleep deprived and not able to logically think straight. Maddie doesn’t seem convinced, but he does elicit a positive response when he tells her that Casey was there to see her and he wanted her to know he was there and that he cares. Henry steps out and Maddie wipes away a tear. She then has a vision of a skit in her head titled, “The three faces of Maddie.” She sees herself dressed all preppy and acting insecure talking to Casey about how he set up a picnic and then he explains he did it for her because he wants to date her. As they are embracing, Maddie picks up a knife and looks menacingly at it. Then she sees herself clad in a bikini sexily crawling over to Casey on all fours. She kisses him and tells him that she wants him now, as he can’t undress fast enough for her. Then she notices something on his chest. Is it a tick? She can use the knife to get it out, as she again picks the knife up. Then she appears to be normal Maddie as she has been in the months previous. They admit their love for each other and seal it with a kiss. Casey wants more and at first Maddie is willing but then she stops him. He explains that is what people do when they love each other. She yells for him to get away from her. Then she sees herself in a black hooded robe with red lighting in the background laughing maniacally holding a long butcher’s knife. She snaps out of it and is visibly shaken when she is standing there alone in the interrogation room.

Back at their cottage, Will wants to know if he can get Gwen anything to eat or drink? Gwen seems far away as she half listens and answers him no. Does she want to talk Will asks nervously? Gwen asks him if he ran into anyone who may have attacked Maddie? Will answers no. Was he with Jade? Will is becoming anxious by this line of questions and stammers, as he answers no again, but then answers that he meant yes when Maddie saw him, but then he left Jade. He didn’t come home because she would have seen him when she set out looking for him, Gwen pushes. Will answers quickly that he decided to go for a walk instead. Why? He just did, he answers with growing trepidation. Why was she looking for him anyway trying to divert the topic. Gwen explains that after talking to Barbara she was trying to calm her insecurities. Will reminds her that Barbara can do that to anyone. Gwen continues now with determination; Maddie was hysterical but she said more. She said she ran into him and Jade. What did she hear you two talking about? Will stares at her as if a deer caught in headlights.

Lucy asks the man if he lives in Oakdale? They explain he is an friend from Malta, who is here for pleasure and he and Damian like to get together to talk cigars thanks to Damian’s vast collection. Damian pretends he forgot they had plans. She doesn’t want them to change anything on her account. Will she wait up, Damian asks and hopes? She will if he wants. After they leave, Lucy’s cell phone rings. It is Lucinda wondering if she is ok? She is and was just about to call her. She thinks she has found a way to trip Damian up from some old medical records; she signs off quickly saying she has to go because someone is coming. After Lucinda hangs up, Dusty offers again to be the one to get the information she needs. Lucinda scowls at him and tells him that he would be more trouble to Lucy then Damian ever could be.

Damian and Serge walk back into the room where Lucy is; did he hear her talking to someone? She feigns getting a call from the hospital due to an emergency; she has to go, but she will see him first thing in the morning. After she leaves, Serge questions why Lucy is living there now? Damian explains that he likes it that way plus she is making the transition easier with Luke. Damian wonders why he cares? He answers he is just interested in the timing of all of this with Lucy plus her sudden interest in Damian. Damian smiles; he likes her sudden interest.

Carly is in the bathroom getting ready as Simon calls out to her wondering how she is going to get her wardrobe and accessories to the Bronx? He will just have to buy her a sparkly duffle bag for her to pack all of this stuff in. Carly answers that she isn’t the one that is going to be trudging over to the Bronx, he is. Simon turns up the stereo telling her he can’t hear her. Just then her cell phone rings. Simon looks toward the bathroom and then tiptoes over, picks the phone up and says hello. Jack is on the other end, and when he hears Simon’s voice and the music blasting, he doesn’t look amused.

Maddie is looking at the cuts on her arms and wondering outloud at what she has done? She hears someone walk in and looks up to find Casey standing there.

A flustered Will is trying to double talk; Maddie has always been on Jade’s case. When she presses at what they talked about, Will mumbles he doesn’t remember. Gwen tells him Maddie thinks he or Jade tried to kill her. Will laughs outloud. What did she say back to her when she was done laughing? Gwen is conspicuously silent. He sarcastically answers then that he and Jade were busy plotting Maddie’s death. Does she honestly believe he could be involved in the attack on Maddie? Gwen answers coldly that it wouldn’t make sense that she could because she lives and sleeps with him, but then she saw him and Jade at the station. There is an awkward pause and Will is frozen watching Gwen finish. It was the way they looked at one another; there was the way Jade touched him. Will tries to sputter out a retort, but Gwen cuts him off pleading with him to be real with her; she needs him to be the guy she fell in love with and married. He needs to tell her the truth; did he do it? Did he sleep with Jade?

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