ATWT Update Friday 8/4/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 8/4/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Carly’s house, Simon apologizes to Carly for what he did and asks her to come back to work for him. Carly asks Simon to leave because she is tired and doesn’t want to deal with him right now. Jack turns the lights back on and comes into the living room when he sees Simon he asks him to leave because he has already caused Carly enough trouble. Simon tells Jack he will leave only if Carly wants him to leave.

At Fairwinds, Damian asks Lucy if she was trying to look at his medical records and she says she would never violate doctor patient confidentiality by looking at his medical records without his permission. Damian tells Lucy he was hoping she cared enough about him as a friend to want to sneak a look at his medical records.

At the Lakeview, Barbara sees Dusty outside in the hallway with JD and is glad that he came out of his room. Barbara tells Dusty that staying in his room with the baby isn’t a way to live his life and Jennifer wouldn’t want that for him she would want him to be happy. Dusty tells Barbara that it is hard to live his life without Jennifer. Barbara takes the baby from Dusty and encourages him to do something for himself before he turns into an obsessive father. Dusty takes Barbara’s advice and leaves JD in her care.

On the grounds of Lucinda’s property, Gwen hears streamlining and arrives to see if someone needs help. Jade stands by the lake holding the knife. Jade hears Gwen arrive and runs to hide Gwen arrives just in time to see Maddie head pop out of the water. Gwen dives in and at first Maddie resists her help because she thinks Gwen is the killer so Gwen makes Maddie understand she is there to help her and she drags Maddie to safety. Gwen asks a nervous and shaking Maddie if she remembers what happened and Maddie responds that somebody tried to kill her.

At Fairwinds, Damian gives Lucy his medical file so she can ensure that he is getting the proper medical treatment. Lucy looks at the file and tells Damian she will do anything she can to help him get well again. Lucy decides to go out and Damian wants to go with her so she sends him upstairs to tell Luke. Lucy calls Holden and tells him that Damian’s medical records look too neat like someone copied them out of a medical book. Lucy tells Holden she has to get closer to Damian to find out his reasons for lying to Luke and wanting Luke to go to Malta with him. Lucy quickly hangs up the phone when Damian comes back downstairs.

At Carly’s house, Carly makes it clear to Jack he doesn’t have guest approval rights anymore and her business with Simon is none of his business. Jack gets a call from the station and has to leave Carly asks Simon to stay. Jack tells Carly he will bring the kids back from Emma’s tomorrow. Jack tells Simon he shouldn’t be so happy because the only reason Carly asked him to stay is to stick it to him. Simon thinks Jack is right but Carly doesn’t want to discuss Jack with Simon. Once Jack is gone Carly asks Simon to leave as well because she is very tired. Simon apologizes to Carly again and asks her to comeback to work for him because he needs her to prove to everyone that he can be a respected businessman Simon admits to Carly he was using her to make Katie jealous. Carly blasts Simon for making her miss out on the mom night she promised her kids just so he could waste her time. Simon tells Carly that if they make this business work they can both prove to everyone they can stand on their own two feet.

At Yo’s, Dusty has a drink and Lucinda sees him and invites him to sit with her because she is wondering if he is okay. Dusty tells Lucinda that it is hard to live without Jennifer. Dusty asks how Lily is doing and Lucinda tells him that she is the same but the baby is home and healthy. Lucinda admits to Dusty that Damian is insisting that Luke go to Malta with him and she isn’t happy about it. Dusty wants to know what Lucinda plans to do to make sure Damian leaves Oakdale without Luke.

On the grounds of Lucinda’s property, Jade and Will scare each other and they both look very dirty and tired they both tell each other they have not seen Maddie. Jade and Will both wonder what the police are doing there but are scared to find out for fear that when they are questioned they will have to tell the police that Maddie ran away because she found out about their one night stand.

A nervous and shaking Maddie tells Margo she didn’t see who attacked her. Gwen tells Margo she heard screaming and found Maddie drowning in the water and got her out as quickly as possible. Gwen also tells Margo she was in the woods looking for Will and Jade and once Maddie hears that she remembers Will and Jade’s secret and says I promise I won’t tell anyone. Margo asks Maddie what she means but Maddie refuses to say anymore. Maddie and Gwen get inside the squad car and head to the station. Margo tells Dallas to search for every scrap of evidence.

At Caarly’s house, Carly is forced to admit to herself what she has always known in her heart that Simon is nothing but trouble. Simon asks Carly to go with him to New York for a very important business meeting. Carly laughs because she can’t believe Simon actually told her the truth about the New York business meeting. Carly refuses to go to the business meeting with Simon and opens the door for him to leave but she wishes him luck with his meeting. Simon again apologizes to Carly and tells her he thinks they would have made a great team. Carly agrees with Simon and tells him good-bye before he leaves the house.

At Yo’s, Lucinda tells Dusty that she and Holden have been working on a plan to uncover Damian’s true motives and get him out of Oakdale. Lucinda tells Dusty there are parts of the plan she doesn’t like at all. Lucinda is about to tell Dusty the details of the plan when Lucy walks in with Damian. Dusty is not happy to see Lucy with Damian and asks Lucinda what is going on but she can’t tell him anything right now. Lucinda goes over to Lucy’s table and screams for her to come home now and get away from this awful man.

Lucy tells Lucinda that she is living with Damian and Luke because he respects her and takes her opinions seriously. Lucinda storms off Dusty once again asks Lucinda what is going on but since Lucinda can’t say anything Dusty remains very confused about what is going on with Lucy and Damian. Dusty sits at the bar and has a drink and is very bothered by the fact Damian is flirting with Lucy.

At the police station, Maddie remembers the person who attacked her was wearing black pants, black shirt, and black gloves and she can’t remember anything else. Margo tells Henry and Eve she wants to hold Maddie for a few hours at the station. Once Henry and Eve are gone Margo tells Dallas and Jack that she thinks Maddie gave herself superficial wounds so she could claim she was attacked so that she could throw the police off her track. Dallas tells Margo he found no evidence except a few pieces of Maddie’s clothes. Dallas tells Margo Jade and Will were near the crime scene so he brought them in to make a statement. A very nervous Maddie paces and tells Gwen she doesn’t think the same person who killed Nate and Lia tried to kill her. Maddie also tells Gwen that Will or Jade tried to kill her so she wouldn’t tell anyone the secret she knows about them.

At Yo’s, Lucy gets up to go to the bar and get a refill on her and Damian’s drinks so Dusty asks her what she is doing hanging around with Damian.

On Simon’s plane, Simon tells the pilot that he will be flying to New York alone but Carly surprises him by getting on the plane a few minutes before it is set to take off.

At the police station, Gwen asks Maddie what Jade and Will’s secret is and a nervous Maddie blurts out that Will and Jade slept together one night.

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