ATWT Update Thursday 8/3/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 8/3/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At The hospital, Holden makes sure Lucy wants to go through with the plan to find out if Damian is lying about his illness. Lucy tells Holden this is the only way to possibly keep Luke from going to Malta. Luke warns Lucy to be very careful because Damian can be very dangerous.

At Fairwinds, Luke packs up some family pictures and books that remind him of home. Damian tells Luke he won’t have time to read books while he is in Malta because there are to o many things to do Luke asks Damian once again if he can’t go see another doctor to see if there is anything else they can do about his condition. Damian tells Luke that he doesn’t want to waste the precious time he has left going to more doctors.

At the Lakeview, Katie arrives to meet Mike wearing a beautiful dress and wonders what is the special occasion. Mike gives Katie a wrist corsage of orchids and a tiny gift-wrapped box. Mike explains that he wanted to celebrate their three-month anniversary and he also tells Katie not to open the box until she gets home because it’s a very tiny bikini. He wants her to wear for him when they finish the deck. Katie gives Mike a kiss and wishes him a happy anniversary and thanks him for the wonderful evening. Katie asks Mike to stop working for Simon as an anniversary present to her but Mike refuses to do so. Katie asks Mike how Simon treated Carly on their first day of work.

At Carly’s house, J.J. helps Carly pick out the colors for some of the rooms she is decorating so that J.J can forget about his fight with Parker. J.J talks about how much he misses Jack and when Carly’s cell phone rings J.J rushes to answer it because he thinks its Jack. J.J is very disappointed when a funny sounding guy wants to talk to Carly. Carly takes the phone and Simon tells her to get dressed up and come help him because he has a meeting with a man who wants to buy space inside the building. Simon also asks Carly to wear her fanciest dress and meet him at the Lakeview for dinner. Carly tells Simon she is going to have a hard time finding a baby sitter but if its important she will be there. J.J. is annoyed that Jack can’t come over and baby sit but Carly explains that Jack is working and they all promised not to bother Jack so much.

At the Lakeview, Jack arrives and tells Margo he is covering for O’Neil because he is watching his kid in a play. Margo is a little annoyed because Jack can’t follow Maddie because she knows him. Jack tells Margo he is perfectly capable of following a teenage girl without her seeing him. Jack also informs Margo that Maddie isn’t in the hotel and nobody has seen her and they have no idea of her whereabouts. Margo admits to Jack that she is scared she might have messed up by letting Maddie go and she fears that since Casey is determined to prove Maddie is innocent Maddie might make him her next victim. Jack tells Margo that there was no way she could have thought Maddie was the killer because she had no prior police record. Margo tells Jack she doesn’t want to belive Maddie is the killer but she doesn’t want to risk Casey’s life just because in her heart she doesn’t believe Maddie could kill someone.

On the grounds of Lucinda’s property, Will and Jade hear a noise and ask the person to come out. Maddie comes out of her hiding spot and Jade wonders if Maddie was walking around searching for her next victim. Jade also asks Maddie to show them her hands to assure she isn’t carrying a knife so Maddie opens her hands to show that they are empty. Maddie then blasts Will for cheating on Gwen with Jade. Maddie also tells Jade she is disgusting for doing such a thing to Gwen who has only been a good friend to her. Will tells Maddie that she misunderstood what she heard but Maddie tells him not to deny it because she heard what he said to Jade.

At the hospital, Damian arrives because Lucy called him because she thought he should have the chance to say good-bye to Lily before he leaves Oakdale. Damian thinks Lucy is feeling sorry for him because Luke told her about his illness. Lucy makes it clear that Luke didn’t tell her anything she guessed because of the questions Luke was asking her. Damian tells Lucy he is very grateful for her thoughtful gesture and he gives her a hug. Lucinda walks in and is outraged that Damian and Lucy are sucking face in her comatose daughter’s hospital room. Lucy demands that they discuss this outside because she won’t fight with her inside a patient’s room. Lucy tells Damian to take this time to say good-bye to Lily.

At Carly’s house, J.J is thrilled that his new bay sitter is a friend of Gwen’s who is musician named Sky Blue. J.J plans to have a little concert while Carly is gone. Carly tells the baby sitter where everyone’s phone number is in case of an emergency and then she leaves for her meeting.

On the grounds of Lucinda’s property, Will tells Maddie his night with Jade was a big mistake and he is very sorry but he thought he had lost everything that night and he had no hope. Will tells Maddie that Gwen took him back because she loves him a fact, which he will never understand or explain but he doesn’t want to break her heart. Will tells Maddie his night with Jade was just a stupid drunken mistake that will never happen again. Will asks Maddie not to tell anyone and his words make Maddie remember her attack and she screams no I won’t tell and she runs away. Will starts to go after Maddie but jade stops him because she reminds Will that Maddie was acting strangely and she could hurt him. Jade thinks Maddie will tell Gwen everything and then they will both be in trouble. Will doesn’t think Maddie will say anything to Gwen because she is a friend. Will tells Jade he doesn’t think Maddie is a killer and she wouldn’t hurt him. Jade goes to take care of the little snitch and make sure she doesn’t tell anyone the truth. Will also follows Jade to make sure things don’t get out of control.

At the hospital, Lucy explains to Lucinda that Damian just gave her a hug it isn’t a romance. Lucinda tells her granddaughter that she always had a soft spot for tall devious men. Lucy thinks it’s a low blow to bring up her father so she blasts Lucinda and tells her she doesn’t respect her or her deccions. Lucy tells Lucinda she is going to move out of the house because she can’t live with her anymore. Lucinda leaves and Damian holds Lucy while she cries about the argument with her grandmother.

At the Lakeview, Jack has to leave when he gets a call that there is an emergency at home. Katie can’t concentrate when she sees Simon with Carly because she thinks Simon is taking advantage of her. Mike tells Katie to ignore them and tries to distract her with a kiss but it doesn’t work. Simon tells Carly that the client cancelled so they should have a nice business dinner together. Simon tells Carly she has been doing a wonderful job and invites her to go on a business trip with him to New York. Carly tells Simon she will think about it Simon almost kisses Carly and she jabs him in the chest and screams that she won’t be used to make Katie jealous. Carly gets up from the table and in front of Mike and Katie and the whole restaurant she quits her job telling Simon she won’t work for a slimy user.

On the grounds of Lucinda’s property. Maddie calls out to Will and Jade because she is lost someone comes out of the bushes and both Maddie and jade who was in the bushes scream. Maddie goes after Will who manages to fight Maddie off but he does get stabbed. Jade comes out of the bushes and pulls Will to safety but Maddie hides and stares at the blood on her hands. Maddie then goes out and checks on Will who is unconscious.

At the hospital, Damian invites Lucy to stay at Fairwinds and she accepts his invitation.

At Fairwinds, Damian arrives with Lucy and tells Luke she will be moving in with them until they leave Oakdale. Luke wonders why Lucy is really there so she tells him about her fight with Lucinda. Lucy sends a text message to Holden saying that she is in and also sends her love to him and Lucinda who is worried she hurt Lucy with the words she said to her. Luke tells Lucy he really doesn’t want to leave Oakdale or his family but he doesn’t want Damian to die alone. Luke also tells Lucy that Damian has refused to see other doctors. Luke tells Luc it is strange that Damian carries his medical files with him and keeps them in his desk drawer.

At Carly’s house, Jack explains that the punk rock baby sitter made pancakes and set off the smoke alarm and the alarm company called him. The baby sitter also plugged in her amplifier a shorted the circuits so that is why thee house is dark. Jack tells Carly the kids are at the farm with Emma. Carly is angry and blasts Jack by telling him that the baby sitter was a good one and she was a friend of Gwen’s and the smoke alarm goes off every five minutes because it is so closer to the stove. Carly tells Jack she doesn’t need him insinuating himself in her life and rescuing her anymore she can make it on her own. Jack explains that there is a slasher on the loose and he was only concerned for his family. Carly screams at Jack that thi family isn’t his concern anymore because she can handle things. Carly cries as she takes out the garbage and Simon arrives and apologizes to her.

At Fairwinds, Lucy tells Damian she wants to have some tea before she goes to bed. Lucy is about to search the desk drawer but Damian comes back in the room and wonders if Lucy is searching for his medical records.

At Mike and Katie’s house, they both smile when they remember Carly yelling at Simon and they both decide they shouldn’t worry about Carly being able to hand le Simon.

On the grounds of Lucinda’s property, Maddie and Jade both go in the lake and struggle for the knife. Maddie trying to stab Jade but missing every time. They fight for several minutes pushing each other down into the water then coming back up until eventually Maddie screams as jade lies motionless in thee water and Maddie goes down in the water but doesn’t come back up.

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