ATWT Update Wednesday 8/2/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 8/2/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the hospital, Dr. Schiller tells Emily that her blood pressure is high and rising. Has she had any headaches or blurred vision? Emily doesn’t think so, but she is worried that something is wrong with the baby? The doctor advises her to stay calm while she runs some tests. Emily worriedly asks Susan if she is going to lose the baby?

At the pond, Paul hangs up his cell and tells Meg that he needs to get to the hospital because of Emily. Meg wonders if that was Emily calling? Paul tells her it was the hospital, and all he knows is they suggested he get there as soon as he could; Meg agrees, but Paul wants her to come. Meg looks unhappy.

At their home, Gwen and Will are snuggled on the couch talking about how happy they are to be in their own place, and how much better it was then living in the car, rooftop or boarded up club. They might have starved if it weren’t for Maddie. Gwen wishes they could do more for her. Will agrees, but Maddie is so shut down he doesn’t think anyone can reach her right now, which is so unlike her. Gwen thinks that is part of the problem, for the first time in her life she is up against something she doesn’t have the answer to, but Gwen is sure Maddie is not a murderer, plus Lia moved in on Casey after they broke up and Will adds that she was friends with Nate, however, half the school would disagree. Gwen knows Casey is still crazy about her though, and unfortunately now Margo is stuck on keeping them far apart. Gwen jokes about wanting to know what is it about mothers and sons? She smiles as she suggest when they adopt, they should adopt girls; they seal it with a kiss. Cue the door knock and Barbara smiling as she peers through the window at them. She has brought a housewarming plant. When the phone rings and Gwen goes to answer it, Barbara realizes they don’t have an answering machine so she offers to buy them one too. Will appreciates the gesture and doesn’t seem to get irritated like he normally does with her. She is happy to see them both looking so happy, and she is glad they moved here and are putting the trust fund to good use. She always loved Jen’s old place. Gwen walks over to Will holding the phone telling him it is Jade and she needs to talk to him about the money for the apartment deposit.

After Will steps away, Barbara declares that they are out of their minds. Meanwhile in the bedroom where Will has gone for privacy, Jade tells him she is looking at apartments but the landlords won’t show any until she has proof of the deposits. Will tells her quickly he will meet her at Java with the money in 15 minutes. Jade thanks him and hangs up. Casey walks up and glares at her; he tells her to stop spreading rumors about Maddie or he will start spreading rumors about her.

In the Lakeview lobby, Henry and Eve think since it is such a nice day they should go for a picnic to get their minds off of everything, but Maddie doesn’t feel like it. Eve wants her to not worry because what happened to those other two teens will never happen to her; Maddie wonders how she knows that? Before Eve can muster up some type of answer, Margo and Dallas arrive wanting to talk to Maddie at the police station. Maddie explains she told them everything she remembers, but Margo is more interested in Maddie telling her what she has done with the knives she took from Crash? Maddie stares for a quick moment before running off, with everyone hot on her heels.

Meg tells Paul is there is something wrong with the baby then she is the last person Emily will want to see by her bedside. Paul assures her he cares about her and not Emily though. He is sure it is a ruse, but since the hospital was who called him, he should probably go check it out. Meg urges him to do, but after he leaves she looks bothered.

Emily is crying as she begs outloud to not be going into labor because it is too soon. She can’t lose the baby she tells Susan. This baby saved her and Johnny. What if she did something wrong? Susan tells her this is up to God, but Emily wonders if she is being punished? Susan tells her that she is not the center of the universe. Emily is concerned that she may have taken something away from her baby when she did the operation that he or she may need now.

Barbara understands that both she and Will are new to money and she knows they are the types to take care of the people they care about, but they need to protect themselves. Gwen assures her she really doesn’t care about the money, and Barbara can appreciate that, but there are people out there who only care about money and are willing to do whatever, except work, in order to get it. Jade is not like that, Gwen explains, but Barbara begs to differ. She showed up in town and scammed the Snyder’s and then after they threw her out she landed in their place at Carly’s and now she is with them in their own home. She is concerned about Jade’s bad influence considering she helped Will buy a paper; Gwen never would have done that. Gwen tries to defend the fact they both made mistakes. Does she know Jade’s future plans then? Does she plan on going to college, finding a job… like they are? Gwen explains Jade’s future is about finding a home. Barbara thinks they shouldn’t feel responsible for Jade. Where will it stop then? Will has been listening silently in the background; he finally steps forward and gently but forcefully asks if she gave them the trust fund really with no strings attached? If so, then it is none of her business.

Jade explains she is not spreading rumors; she just told Margo what she saw. Casey spits that she was trying to make Maddie look guilty. Jade adds quickly that Maddie is doing a bang up job of that all by herself. Casey thinks it is hard on Maddie when her so called friends wonder if she is a murderer. Jade sees the facts; she sliced up Lia’s car with the same knife that killed Lia, then she threw something over the bridge, and then she was with Nate right before he was killed. If she is not the killer, then there is someone out there doing a good job at making her look like she is.

At the police station, Eve and Henry are wondering what is taking Margo so long with Maddie? Dallas thinks they should relax because they are simply trying to get to the bottom of this. Something traumatic happened to Maddie in Chicago and it broke her spirit. She ran into him and now all the years of hiding it have bubbled to the surface and caused a change in her. Henry snaps that he is not Dr. Phil and that just because Maddie was sexually assaulted doesn’t make her turn into a serial murderer. Dallas agrees, but he thinks it is time they tell him the truth though.

In the interrogation room, Margo is telling Maddie that the knife used on Lia’s car was the murder weapon, and now another knife has gone missing from Crash. She wants to know where that knife is? Maddie appears anxious, but remains quiet.

Emily wonders some more between sobs if a higher power could be punishing her for her life choices? Susan continues to try to calm her; the way she is thinking is not helping her or the baby. She wants her to try to relax right now. Paul rushes in and asks Emily if the baby is ok?

Barbara doesn’t want them to get defensive because she is just trying to lend them some advice, as would Paul or Jen. Gwen tries to explain that they are winning in this situation as well. If they help Jade get a place then they will have their place to themselves again. Barbara is concerned that Jade has a tendency to get what she wants, and obviously she is not above lying either to get whatever it is, as her track record shows with the Snyder’s. Will explains that this is a one -time thing, but Barbara wonders if Jade knows this? Will tells her that he is on his way to see her and tell her this. Once Will leaves, Barbara stares intently at Gwen as she warns, if she wants to keep her husband, she will nip this thing with Jade in the bud now.

An angry and defensive Casey tells Jade that Maddie has one of the softest hearts of anyone he has ever known, and she has a strong conscience which would her render able to murder someone. Jade reminds him that she is not alone in her feelings on Maddie. Casey snaps that they would have arrested her if they had something solid on her. Jade gets up and tells him if he wants to hold Maddie’s hand then that is fine with her, but he should just do it in public where he is safe. Casey snaps stronger this time that she better lay off. As Jade is about to leave, she asks Casey if he is trying to convince her or himself of that?

Dallas understands that they love and want to protect Maddie, but teens are dying. Henry barks that has nothing to do with Maddie though. Dallas concedes for now, but they need to find out what trouble she is in or how she is connected to what is going on before she is targeted next.

Margo presses; where is the other knife? She knows she is involved. Maddie is sitting there off in her own world. She sees a flash of a dark room where she is reaching from a bed to a table that has a knife on it. Maddie starts to mumble about how she almost had the knife, but he was on top of her. Margo asks if she is talking about Nate? No! Maddie seems to come out of it and is confused why Margo would be asking if Nate was on top of her. Margo starts to repeat what Maddie said, but she doesn’t remember saying this and doesn’t believe her. She yells for her to leave her alone, as she hugs herself tightly.

At Java, Will has arrived and asks Casey if he has seen Jade? Casey grunts that she left. Will asks what is wrong? He explains that he is ticked that Jade is spreading rumors about Maddie. Will tries to justify that she is probably just freaked out about two teens being killed. Casey snarls that Jade is a proven liar. Will changes the subject and wonders how he is? Casey admits he is on edge because all he is doing is worrying about Maddie. Will tells him that Maddie is lucky to have him in her corner. She is obviously in trouble and she is going to need all the support she can get.

Maddie is crying as Margo presses for her to tell her what happened. She mentioned reaching for a knife. Maddie promises through tears she didn’t kill anyone and she should know her better. Margo thinks that the best people can do the worst things when under stress. Maddie yells back that she is not stressed out except when her and Dallas bother her. Dallas reminded her of a time she wanted to forget and she hasn’t been acting like herself; she goes away for a moment when she has a memory, but then she is back. She couldn’t have hurt Nate because she liked him. Margo continues; she wants to help her in anyway she can, but the only way she can do that is to tell her what happened the night Nate died?

Eve is fed up with Dallas and his premonitions. Dallas points out that Maddie knew both victims; it is critical that they get to the truth before someone else dies. Henry smirks and mentions that Dallas is trying to be the good cop, and then at the same time they realize Margo is playing bad cop then. She has been in there too long they decide and they head for the door as Dallas unsuccessfully tries to stop them. Once they charge through the door, Eve demands to know if her sister is under arrest? Margo explains that they are still talking, but Eve slams down her lawyer’s business card on the table and tells her to call him before she wants to talk to Maddie again. She grabs Maddie and ushers her out of the room promising that they are going home.

Barbara is sure Jade will go after Will if she hasn’t already. She knows Gwen has considered that possibility, and by Gwen’s face, she realizes she is right. Gwen explains that she asked Will point blank if she had anything to worry about with Jade and he promised her no because they are just friends and she believes him. Barbara thinks she should, but she thinks Jade may try to drive a wedge between them especially now that he has money. Gwen doesn’t believe Will would let that happen. Barbara explains that she worries because she wasn’t the best mother at instilling the best instincts in her kids. They can be led astray easily because of their unusual upbringing. She tells Gwen that while she is not trying to butter her up, she is the best thing that has ever happened to Will and she only wants the two of them to be happy, and the only way to do that is for them to stay married forever.

Will walks up to the pond to find Jade sitting there. Why did she tell him to meet him at the pond? Jade doesn’t get why it matters. What is wrong? Will blows off the question and quickly tells her he has the money for her. He hands her the envelope and in it Jade sees a lot of money – more money then she has ever seen before. She hugs him as she proclaims how generous he is. Will corrects her by telling her the money is from him and Gwen and that they wanted her to not worry about anything right now. He has to leave he tells her soon after. Jade wants to know why he can’t stay and celebrate with her, but he explains Gwen is waiting. This is a perfect time for him to explain that since she will be getting her own place, then they should take some space. Jade’s head snaps as she whirls back around demanding to know what he means?

Meg is sitting at a table at Java having coffee with Emma. She can’t deny the fact anymore that she loves Paul, but at the same time she is not blind to some things. She doesn’t want to be in the middle of things with him and Emily. She can’t marry him she told him until after the baby is born and he proves how he is capable of acting. Emma of course is thrilled to hear this slowing down between Meg and Paul, and she tells her how smart of a choice she made. Meg goes on to explain how they were on a date at the pond, Emily had some pain and was at the hospital, and he rushed over. She told him to be nice to Emily but something still didn’t feel right. Meg worries also that Emily may use this kindness against them.

Paul anxiously asks if everything is ok with the baby? Emily explains that Dr. Schiller is running test, and Susan excuses herself to go find out if they have heard anything yet. Emily wonders how he knew she was there because she didn’t call him? The hospital called him because he is the father afterall. Is Meg with him? Paul pauses and then answers that she wanted him to come right away, but she actually didn’t come with him. Emily hides a slight look of delight. The doctor comes in and tells her that tests reveal she has preeclampsia. Emily anxiously wonders how her baby is? The doctor reassures her the baby is fine, but she is going to need to take medication and be on bed rest. Emily hopes she can go home. Dr. Schiller tells her they will try it at home, but she wants to make sure she really stays off her feet and avoid all stress; she will check back with her in a few days. After she leaves, Paul is thrilled to know the baby is fine. Emily is rubbing her stomach seemingly far away as Paul nervously asks if he needs to go get the doctor? Emily promises she is fine, it is simply that the baby is moving; she thinks it is a foot she felt. Does he want to feel? Paul asks if he can? Emily smiles and tells him of course because he is the father. He slowly sits on the bed beside her and gently feels her stomach.

Emma reminds Meg that Emily is capable of doing anything and everything in her power to get what she wants. She wishes Meg would just stay away from both of them. Meg wonders how Emma thinks she should stay away from someone she loves? Emma gently answers that she has loved many over the years, but she needs to find someone who loves her back. Meg tells her that Paul does. She doesn’t need a lecture right now because all she is looking for is some advice on what to do. Emma sighs and then says that the baby is not going away and if she wants to be with Paul then she had better accept that Emily and the baby are there to stay. If she really wants Paul and all his baggage, she needs to fight for him, but she had better be really sure that is what she wants because there is a child involved now.

Jade is becoming emotional; she thought they were friends? She guesses she made a mistake. Will tries to calm her down by explaining he needs to focus on Gwen, but a worked up Jade is explaining she is not trying to ruin his marriage. She has done everything he has asked and not mentioned a word about them and he still doesn’t trust her apparently. Will tries to stop her from walking away, but Jade pulls away angrily. This isn’t money to help her find a place to live because he wanted to help; it is hush money. He is blowing her off and it hurts. Will stares nervously as Jade has her outburst.

Gwen bites back that she trusts her husband; he would never betray their marriage. Barbara relents but she thinks she should watch the time they spend together and that they should be living alone. She realizes a lot of their friends are not married so the concept is new but when you are married the rules are different and your spouse becomes the priority and your friends take the backseat. Gwen nods in agreement now. Barbara continues on her rant for a bit longer when she quietly asks if it was Will’s idea to give Jade the money? Gwen nods. Did he ask her first? Gwen slowly nods no. Barbara exclaims that she rests her case.

Margo tells Dallas about what Maddie said to her about reaching for a knife. Dallas wonders if she was talking about Nate? Margo seems to think that she was having a memory. Casey stomps up and without waiting interrupts them and tells his mother he wants to talk to her. Margo answers about how rude he is acting but Dallas excuses himself. After he leaves, Margo chides Casey about no matter what he is going through, it doesn’t excuse bad behavior. Casey snaps that he wants to know where Maddie is? He heard that she dragged her out of the Lakeview. Margo smirks at the idea of her dragging Maddie anywhere, but then is instantly irate to hear Casey was over there. Tom and she specifically asked him to stay clear of there. Casey answers that he can’t.

Eve, Henry and Maddie are arriving back at the Lakeview as Eve is trying to placate her husband on the phone. After she hangs up she explains he wants her to come home, but he has to understand that she isn’t going anywhere until this is settled. Maddie wants to go for a walk, but Eve and Henry don’t think it is a good idea with a murderer running around killing teens. She doesn’t care, but they do. Maddie walks off declaring that she is not worried about the killer, as Eve and Henry nervously look at one another.

Emily guides Paul’s hand on her stomach; can he feel it yet? Paul can’t so Emily moves his hand around somemore. Paul jumps back after feeling the movement, amazed at having felt his baby. They both laugh with joy, as Meg watches this from the doorway. Paul turns, sees her and jumps up happy to see her, as Meg is happy to see everyone is all right. Emily stares at them both with a slight disappointed look on her face.

A distraught Casey explains that Maddie needs them, but Margo is more concerned about two teens being murdered. How could she think Maddie hurt Nate? This is the girl that lived with them that couldn’t go to sleep without a nightlight. He begs her to be a mom and not a cop. If she were, then she would start realizing there are other suspects out there she should be looking at. Margo warns for him to stay away from Maddie until the case is resolved, but Casey explains that he can’t because he is going to prove her wrong about Maddie.

Gwen knows that Barbara is trying to help, but she is starting to feel insulted. Barbara reassures her she is not trying to do that especially since Will is her son. She is just trying to warn her that Jade is conniving; don’t let her get too close. Gwen is definite; she is not worried because Will wouldn’t betray her.

Jade is reeling; she has behaved and kept their secret. She wouldn’t shame him. She isn’t trying to mess things up with Gwen, but what happened with them was special, and she thought he understood that as a friend. Now she sees that he doesn’t care about her and that she was just some girl he had sex with. Will tries to calm her down, but she won’t be deterred. He should feel confident that the debt has been paid now, but she wouldn’t have ever told anyone that they slept together because she never would have wanted to embarrass him. She turns to stalk away and Will grabs her arm. Maddie, who has just walked up to the pond, witnesses this.

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