ATWT Update Tuesday 8/1/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/1/06


Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo

Will and Gwen are in their new house.  They wake up together and Gwen tells Will how she loves the house. Will tells her sheíll love it even more once Jade is gone.  The two start to kiss. Jade flings open the door and says that thereís someone outside, ďitís the slasher outside the door!Ē  Will and Gwen get out of the bed and look around.  Gwen suggests calling the cops but Will tells her that itís daylight and itís probably nothing.  They hear another noise. Will tells the girls to go wait in the bedroom.  Armed with a bat, Will goes to open the front door.  Will says he found the killer and Jade runs back into the room.  Lucinda appears in the front door. 

Lucinda explains that she was just doing some yard work, but apologizes for waking them up. Will tells Jade that she can come out.  Lucinda is shocked that she is living with them and demands to know why.  Lucinda tells them that they should get Jade out of their house and they canít trust her.   Lucinda then goes back outside to finish her job.  Jade tells them that sheís right and she canít be trusted. 

Will is worried that she might tell what happened between them, but Jade begins to talk about helping Will cheat on his test.  Gwen says that Will is even more to blame for cheating than she is.  Jade leaves to go check some places.  Will and Gwen go back to bed. Jade walks out the door and Lucinda comes running to her saying, ďthey threw you out already.Ē Lucinda tells her that she better not do anything to Will and Gwen.  Back in the house, Will and Gwen are discussing Maddie. Will says that he does not want to spend their first day at home talking about Maddie.

Damian is at the Lakeview talking to man who hands him Medical documents. The man asks how things are going with Luke.  Damian replies with ďEverything is going as planned.Ē  Lisa walks up and tells Damien that they still havenít had their dinner.    Damian thanks the man for delivering the documents and sends him on his way.  Damian tells Lisa that he and Luke are going to Malta together.  Damian says that itís time he step up and guide Luke into the kind of man he can be proud of.  Lisa defends Holden and says heís been doing that for years.  She asks if Holden knows about the trip.  Damian says that he doesnít know what Luke has told him.  Lisa tells him that something is wrong here.  After Lisa leaves, the man who delivered the documents comes back.  He tells Damian that Luke better go with him to Malta or there are going to be serious consequences. 

Lucy and Holden are at Holden house.  Holden tells Lucy that Luke said that he is staying with Damian but didnít mention he is going to Malta.  Lucy says that Luke is going back to Malta to say goodbye to Damian forever.  Lucy explains that Damian is taking medication prescribed to people who are terminally ill.  Holden refuses to believe it.  Holden says that the only reason Damian did come and tell him about it is because he would expose him as a fraud.  Lucy says that sheís seen patients who are sicker than they look.  Holden wants to call Luke, but Lucy stops him.  Holden tells her that he wants her to talk to Luke. 

Luke is at the Hospital with Lily.  Heís telling Lily that he has to go to Malta, he doesnít want to but he has to.  He pleads with her to just open her eyes.  He tells her that love fixes things.  He also tells her that he will be a better son when he returns to Malta.  He kisses her hand and starts to leave.  Lucy is standing in the doorway.  They go in the hallway.  Lucy asks why Damian needs him.  Lucy asks if it was about that drug that he showed her.  Luke says yes. Lucy tells him that going to Malta isnít the answer because there are plenty of treatments and tests and they could reevaluate Damienís condition.  Luke tells her that he canít let him die alone.  Luke asks her to promise not to tell anyone.  She says she wonít.   

Meg and Paul are at Java.  Paul says that he has a fantasy planned for the two of them.  Meg agrees to go along.   As theyíre walking out Emily walks in.  Emily thanks Paul for the massage and leaves.  Meg then tells him that she doesnít want to go anymore.  She walks out and Emily smiles.  Paul explains that he overheard that Emily and Susan were having a problem and he was just doing what she wanted.  Meg tells him that smoothing things with Emily wont work unless thatís what he wants.  Paul tells her that he is Barbara Ryan and James Stenbecks son and swallowing his pride doesnít come easily to him.  He says that he hopes being with Meg will make him a better man.  Meg then decides that she wants to go on the fantasy adventure after all.  Emily watches as they leave. 

Paul and a blind folded Meg arrive at the pond.  He hands her a fishing rod.  She is shocked that Paul remembered that her best childhood memory was fishing with her brothers.  Meg pushes Paul in the water and he drags her in with him.  They jump out of the water and start to kiss.  Meg stops him. Megs tells him that they need to slow down.  Meg tells Paul that she loves him.  The two jump into the water together. 

Emily and Susan are at Java.  Emily tells Susan what happened when Paul told Meg about the Spa treatment. She then tells her that Meg knows that she cant compete with her baby and Paul will turn into the jerk he always was and destroy their relationship. ďThat, in my eyes, is what divine justice looks like.Ē  Emily then starts having pains.  Susan takes her to the hospital. 

Luke is at Java.  Jade walks in and they discuss Damian.  Jade asks if he could tell her if there is a change in Lilyís condition.  Luke tells her the he cant because heís going to Malta with Damian.  Jade tells him that Lily stayed by his side when he was sick.  Luke yells at her and tells her not to lecture him.  Damian walks in.  Luke tells Jade to leave.  Luke tells Damian that Lucy knows heís sick but she wont tell anyone. 

Lucy returns to Holdenís house.  She tells him that Luke was saying goodbye to Lily and that Damian is taking the drug.  Holden suggests that Luke only thinks heís taking it.  Lucy tells him that they need to expose Damian now.  Holden says that he doesnít quit on his kids. 

At the pond, Paulís phone rings.  Meg tells him to not answer it.   His pager beeps s o he decides itís something important.  He looks at the pager and tells Meg that thereís something wrong with the baby. 

Emily and Susan are at the Hospital.  Emily tells Susan that she canít lose her baby.

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