ATWT Update Monday 7/31/006

As the World Turns Update Monday 7/31/006


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the cottage, Mike wants to know from Simon if he has the job or not? Simon incredulously asks if he really wants to work for him? Carly and Katie both think it is time for the game to stop; they are not going to work with one another. Mike thinks it is not a game, but Carly should watch to make sure Simon doesn’t put her in danger though.

At the hospital, Lucy is talking to Holden about the baby being able to go home today, and as happy as Holden is, he can’t help but be sad at the thought that Lily is unable to come home as well. Lucy leaves to go facilitate the paperwork. Holden enters Lily’s room and talks to a still comatose Lily about how the baby is coming home and how he and Luke seemed to have worked through their issues, and it was perfect timing considering how much he needs him now.

Outside Java, Damian and Luke are talking about Damian’s ‘illness’. Luke doesn’t want to abandon him now that he is not well and most likely will be dying. Damian tells him he is focusing on the fact that he finally got to know the wonderful boy his son is and that he is so glad they got a chance to get to know each other. Luke tells him that he will help Holden and his sisters get settled with the new baby and then he will make plans to leave town with him. Damian pretends to finally come to terms with Luke reaching out to him. He asks him not to tell anyone about his illness though; he wants his privacy and he doesn’t want anyone’s pity. Luke agrees to keep his secret between only them. After Luke leaves, Damian makes a call to someone telling them he has good news because Luke is coming back to Malta with him.

At Crash, Gwen is singing a song in tribute at Lia’s memorial as all the kids listen somberly holding their lit candles. Meanwhile, just outside Nate is being savagely stabbed. He falls to the ground, his throat cut, and lies there in a pool of his own blood. Just inside, Gwen finishes her song and tells Casey she needs some air and is going to head home to meet up with Will. Is he ok if she leaves? Casey solemnly nods, as Gwen heads out. She is preoccupied as she is leaving and walks into a trashcan. As she looks at what she walked into, she realizes Nate is lying there in a large pool of blood, as she lets out a blood-curdling screech. Casey comes running out along with a group of teens behind him. Gwen continues to screech as she tries to explain and point put what she found. Casey tries to hold it together as he realizes he has come face to face with another dead classmate. He wants someone to call 911 as he calls his mom and tells her that, “it has happened again!”

Jade comes running over and Casey wants to know what she was doing? She tells him she was at the bus stop when she heard the scream. Did she see or hear anything? Jade didn’t see anything. All of the sudden Gwen and Casey come to the same realization that Maddie was with Nate and now is missing. Gwen is shocked and can’t believe Maddie could be dead and Casey takes off in a tear looking for her. Before he can leave, a girl Ann puts in her two cents worth about how it is obvious that since Maddie killed Lia and now she was with Nate and he is dead, she must be the killer. Casey glares at her.

At the Lakeview, Henry is on the phone with his bookie when he sees a frenzied looking Maddie walk through the lobby right near him. What is wrong, he asks? An anxious Maddie wants to know why people keep asking her that? Eve has now walked up and wants to know why Maddie looks so upset? Was the memorial bad? Were the kids means to her? She tries to reach for Maddie’s hands and when she pulls them to her, she notices they are stained with blood. Why are her hands covered in blood, she demands? Maddie looks concerned and confused.

At Java, Lucy sees Damian. She is happy to report that Lily and Holden’s baby is going home. Damian is happy for them. He is sure that Holden will handle things just fine because he is strong. She is happy to see that Damian is backing off; he could have caused problems when Luke and Holden reunited but he didn’t and she is glad he allowed that. Damian looks down guiltily.

At the hospital, Luke arrives to see Holden hoping they can talk, but Holden cuts him off gently telling him about his baby brother being able to go home. Luke is thrilled. Holden reminds him that he is glad he is around and is planning on stepping up because he needs him. Luke just smiles in response; Holden asks him what he wanted to talk to him about? Luke tells him it isn’t important right now; they will talk later.

Carly thinks that Mike is being dramatic about Simon being dangerous. Simon thinks they should settle this and not hide behind the ladies, should they step outside? They agree and head out as a worried Carly and Katie watch them go. Once outside, Katie is sure this is Mike bluffing trying to scare Simon off, but Carly isn’t happy about that because she needs the job and money. Meanwhile outside, Simon toys with Mike; does he feel he needs to baby-sit him out of fear of what his wife will do with him in town? Mike answers that he is probably the scared one thinking that Simon is probably worried about whatever he will dig up on him and whatever scam he is running? Simon tells Mike that he is sure he prides himself on being a homegrown red-blooded American, but maybe he is taking this job with an ulterior motive? He could be trying to sabotage him while he works on his building? Mike tells him that is how he works. Simon knows Mike isn’t working with him because he can’t get enough of him so what is his deal? He submitted a bid and does a great job; he gets a paycheck at the end of the day. If Simon is legit then he has nothing to worry about. Inside, Katie and Carly continue to worry about how long it is taking. Finally, Simon and Mike walk back in discussing business like they would the weather; Carly and Katie’s mouths are opened. They tell them that they are going to start working together next week. Their comment is met with an incredulous ‘no way’ from Carly and Katie.

Luke and Holden bring the baby home and Faith and Natalie run up to see him. They all sit on the couch cooing over the baby as Faith asks what the baby’s name is? Holden explains they haven’t figured it out yet, but asks her what she would name him? She giggles as she replies, “Wiggles Scrunchy.” They all get a laugh out of that. Holden wants everyone to pitch in and help and he remarks about how happy he is that Luke is back to help out. A sad Luke answers slowly that he is here for that day, but he can’t stay. Holden returns his words with a saddened but surprised look.

Maddie covers quickly by saying she must have fallen. Henry wants to know how she could fall in a car? Maddie tells him she wasn’t in a car because she left early because the memorial was a nightmare. Maddie is busy trying to scrub her hands clean wondering why the blood won’t come out? Henry goes to get her some water and Eve tells her that it is obvious that something else happened that night.

Casey and Gwen can’t find Maddie; Jade remarks coldly that the last time they saw her she was with Nate. Casey snaps that she doesn’t need to say that to the cops. Margo and Dallas are busy investigating, asking questions and surveying the crime scene. They want all the kids there to provide shoe prints. After Casey, Gwen and Jade go inside, Margo and Dallas talk about the scene. Margo thinks it was someone so big Nate didn’t have time to fight, but Dallas also adds that it could have been someone small and he didn’t feel threatened. Margo just sighs. They need to finish up and then go talk to the family; Dallas offers to go, but Margo explains that she knows Nate and his family. Margo comes inside wanting to know if anyone saw anything out of the obvious? Ann comes forward and mentions that Maddie was there with Nate that night and she is sure Maddie killed Nate just as she did to Lia. Margo asks where Maddie is now? She again remarks that she is probably busy hiding the knife she used in plotting her next victim. Margo asks her if she actually saw anything, which the girl begrudgingly admits that she saw nothing, but where is Maddie then? Margo cautions about throwing around false accusation, as Casey mentions the same thing to Jade.

Will walks back up to Crash and notices the tape on the ground and police officer standing guard. He tries to get by but the officer tells him it is a crime scene. Will tells him his wife is in there as he frantically calls out Gwen’s name. Gwen comes rushing out and hugs him, as she tells him that Nate is dead and she found the body. Will comforts and apologizes for not being there.

Margo tells the teens that they will need to come down to the station tomorrow to make full statements and give shoe prints. In the meantime if they know anything that can’t wait, they should step forward. Jade does that and Casey steps in front of her as if warning her to keep her mouth shut. Margo notices this and wonders what Jade wants to say? Jade tells her she feels obligated to say something. The other day after Lia’s death she saw Maddie throw something off the bridge, which Casey adds could have been anything if at all. Jade continues that she asked what it was and Maddie warned her to forget what she thought she saw; she was downright rude. Casey again adds she hates her and that is why she probably acted like that. Jade walks away after that. Margo tells Casey that Maddie is fine, which Casey is happy to hear but realizes that means she is watching her and probably still considering her a suspect. Margo claims it was only to make sure she was ok. After she leaves, Casey scowls at Jade.

Eve wants Maddie to tell her what happened? Henry wants to know where exactly she fell? Maddie, in a daze, mentions she fell somewhere coming home. Eve and Henry whisper to one another about something really being wrong; what are they going to do? Maddie is staring into her glass of water seemingly one thousand miles away.

Damian hands Lucy a cup of coffee; he is happy to have gotten to know her and he admires her loyalty. Lucy remarks about how good Holden and Lily have been to her. Luke, as far as she can tell, has the best of both worlds now. He has a charming Italian dad and a stable American dad. Damian smiles as he tells her that if she gives up her job as a doctor, then she could always be a diplomat. He will be sad when they have to say goodbye. Lucy is surprised and a little saddened looking to hear he may be leaving town soon. He remarks that this day had to come and that was the plan. She hopes his trip here was everything what he wanted. He answers that he will be leaving with exactly what he came for.

Holden comes back downstairs and tells Luke everyone is finally settled upstairs. Did he do something wrong? Luke tells him he didn’t but Damian needs him. This comment is met with a smirk from Holden. How does Damian need him more then his family? Luke thinks that Holden has a big family here with a lot of people to lend him a hand. Holden can’t help answer sarcastically about poor Damian suddenly desperately needing his son. Luke can’t do this, and Holden realizes he pushed it too far again because Luke sees him as having to defend Damian to him. Luke apologizes and quickly leaves.

Katie wants to know why Mike is subjecting them to Simon? The men decide to drink to their new partnership. Carly wants to know what Simon is getting out of this? Before he can answer, Katie reluctantly hands them all beers. They toast to a successful venture. Soon Carly thinks it is time to leave and Simon toys with them all by considering staying. Mike walks Carly out and once outside, Mike tells Carly it will be ok, but Carly worries that the two of them working together could put her job in jeopardy. Mike sees it as a win-win situation. He can keep track of Simon and make sure Simon doesn’t do anything that could get Carly in trouble and be the one to jeopardize her job. Meanwhile inside, Katie icily tells Simon he can take his beer to go, but Simon hands it to her instead. She goes back to the kitchen to toss them and comes out to find Simon staring at a few art pieces on the wall. She kept them? She always loved those pieces she quietly says. Simon uncomfortably looks down and then leaves as an emotional Katie watches after him.

Lucinda arrives at Holden’s house and is surprised to see him; she was planning on getting everything ready for his and the baby’s arrival. Holden explains the baby was released early. She is thrilled about that and that Luke is home now. Holden tells her that he actually isn’t going to be helping or around much; it would be hard to do being thousands of miles away. Lucinda doesn’t understand. Holden explains how Luke told him Damian needed him more. Lucinda can’t believe Luke would think that. She is convinced, as is Holden that Damian has told Luke something and is making sure he isn’t telling them what he has said. Lucinda is raring to go talk to Luke, but Holden stops her saying that Luke already thinks that they are not fair when it comes to Damian, and he feels that would only push him further away. He thinks they should give him a little time. Lucinda agrees finally but worries that he not give Luke too much time.

Casey snaps to Jade about her telling that information to his mother. Jade feels she had to because lives are on the line. Casey understands why Maddie had it out for her since she showed up in their group and if she hurts Maddie anymore with her lies, he will show her what it is really like to have someone out for her. Dallas comes back in to tell the teens that they are not to go in the parking lot alone – to buddy up and to make sure they have someone waiting for them at home. He tells Casey that there is a cop assigned to take him home. Casey doesn’t care; he has to close up, but Dallas tells him too bad because those orders came from his boss and Casey’s mother. Casey glowers at him. Dallas takes Will aside and asks him some questions; why did he show up right after the body was found? Where was he? Will answers that he had left to go home. Dallas thinks it would be impossible for him to get all the way home and back that quickly, but Will explains that he didn’t end up going home; he went for a walk. Dallas seems suspicious of his story; did anyone see him? Will answers flatly that he doesn’t think so. Gwen defends him by adding his sister just recently died and he wasn’t ready to handle another memorial service. Dallas’ cell phone rings interrupting them. He has a brief conversation telling the person on the line that Margo would want to know this information right away.

Eve, Henry and Maddie are heading upstairs when Margo arrives wanting to know where Maddie was that night? Maddie cautiously answers she went to Lia’s memorial with Nate. When did she leave him? Maddie seems dazed. Maddie thinks she knows why she left him early. Does she have to talk about it? Margo presses. Maddie explains that Nate came on to her and it hit her the wrong way and so she took off and ran and ran all the way home like a child. Henry doesn’t think that is all they are interested in. Margo tells the stunned group that Nate was killed just a little while ago. She hopes Maddie has a solid alibi for the time Nate was murdered. Maddie stares at Margo dumbfounded.

Katie is standing outside as Mike wonders if she is ok? She doesn’t know. Mike wonders then if she trusts him? He isn’t the problem; she doesn’t trust Simon. He can handle Simon, Mike assures her. Does she know the saying about keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Katie doesn’t think Mike needs to spend time keeping Simon from hurting other people. He is out of their lives, why bring him into it again? Meanwhile at the Lakeview, Carly is wondering if Simon is in fact over Katie then why does he want to work with her husband? Simon reminds her that Mike was the one who came to him, and he took him on in order to prove to Mike that he is on the up and up and this has nothing to do with Katie.

Damian pretends to be sympathetic of Luke’s choices. If he doesn’t want to go home with him to Malta he is ok and free to stay here in Oakdale. Luke explains he wouldn’t do that to him; it was just hard telling his dad. Damian then tells Luke he got a call from one of his doctors about some tests coming in and he has to be in Malta by weeks end. Luke tells him that he has one thing to take care of and then he is free to leave with him.

Lucy stops by Holden’s house to check on the new baby. Holden is happy to see her and updates her on her new cousin. Has she seen Luke though? Lucy is confused she thought everything was ok? Holden thought so too when he came home he thought he was there to stay, but Luke told him Damian needed him more. Lucy thinks that Luke will be back soon because when she talked to Damian it sounded like he was heading back to Malta very soon. Holden thinks that Damian would take his son with him. Lucy can’t believe Luke would up and go though, but Holden isn’t so sure anymore.

Will apologizes again for not being there for Gwen, but Gwen apologizes for the cop acting as if he was a suspect. They walk back into Crash to hear Jade trying to avoid giving the cop information about where she is living. After he leaves, Gwen asks where she has been staying? Jade tells them at a motel, but that is fine with her. Gwen won’t hear of this, and she and Will invite her to stay with them while this murderer is running around. Will adds that she should be with people she trusts during this. Jade thanks them and appreciates their concern. She won’t stay long though.

Casey is staring at the taped outline of Nate’s body; he mumbles that Maddie isn’t capable of this; she couldn’t have killed Nate.

Margo is repeating Maddie’s account of running all the way back from Crash. Henry can attest to this because he was in the lobby on the phone when Maddie showed up out of breath. Margo believes that but they need to be able to prove when she actually left Crash not that she showed up out of breath a little while ago. Maddie continues to seem out of it and Eve and Henry wonder if they can do this tomorrow? Margo reluctantly agrees and they all walk away. Dallas shows up with news. The preliminary autopsy results are back; multiple stab wounds, caused by the same pattern and blade as Lia, killed Nate. All evidence is consistent with what they found with Lia’s murder. He tells her that all of this points to them having a serial murderer on their hands. Margo stares as Henry and Eve usher a frightened and far away looking Maddie upstairs in the elevator.

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