ATWT Update Friday 7/28/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 7/28/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Crash, Casey gets everything ready for Lia’s memorial service Will and Gwen arrive for the service and Casey asks Gwen to sing a song for the service. Will and Gwen think it’s strange to be going to a memorial service for someone their age that was murdered. Jade arrives and tells Casey, Gwen, and Will that she hopes the killer doesn’t make one of them next on her hit list.

At the Lakeview, Maddie gets out of the elevator all dressed up and ready to go to what she tells Henry is her therapy. Henry is happy that Maddie decided to take Margo’s advice and talk to someone about her attack. Maddie tells Henry that she has decided the best therapy for her was to get on with her life so she is going to Lia’s memorial service with Nate. Henry doesn’t think it’s a good idea but when Nate arrives to pick Maddie up he doesn’t object to her going with him to the memorial service.

At the hospital, Dusty arrives to give Holden a present for the baby from Johnny and he also encourages Holden to be strong for Lily. Holden tells Dusty he is trying hard but it is hard when you are trying to be strong alone. Holden thinks Dusty should understand how that feels given what he is going through now. Dusty admits to Holden that he feels like someone is slamming a fist through his stomach and he can’t fight back. Holden tells Dusty that whenever he feels that way he should hold on tightly to Johnny. Dusty admits that sometimes he wonders if he can be the kind of father Johnny needs him to be. Holden advises Dusty to let Johnny be the son he needs him to be and things will be fine. Lucy is very moved as she watches Dusty talking to Holden. Holden tells Dusty that the only bright spot right now is that Luke is coming back home to be with the family.

At Java, Luke asks Damian to tell him the truth about his illness. Damian continues to lie for a few minutes until Luke tells him that he spoke to Lucy and she explained to him that those pills are prescribed for someone who is very ill. Damian admits to Luke that there is no cure for his disease and he wanted to spend some time with Luke before it was too late. Luke cries a little and feels it isn’t fair that Damian is dying just when they are getting to know each other. Luke wants to go to Malta with Damian so he won’t die without some family around him. Damian thanks Luke for giving him love and respect he also doesn’t want to cause trouble for Luke with Holden. Damian forbids Luke to go to Malta with him. Luke tells Damian he will make his father understand why he has to leave but he again makes it clear he is going to Malta so Damian won’t die alone. Damian gives his son a hug and smiles very pleased with Luke’s reaction to his news.

At the Lakeview, Simon gives Carly a retainer check and instructs her to spare no expense in decorating the building. Carly wonders why Simon is allowing her to spend all the money she wants and accepting the absolute lowest bid for the contractors. Simon tells Carly that contractors don’t interest him but the decoration of the building does interest him. Simon goes to his hotel room to get all the bids for the contractors. Katie sneaks out of her hiding spot and asks Carly to tell her what Simon’s plan is to win her back. Carly tells Katie that Simon hasn’t even mentioned her name. Katie seems hurt instead of relieved and insists that Simon always has a plan. Carly assures Katie that Simon has accepted he won’t be a part of her life. Carly thinks Simon is determined to move on with his life. Katie warns Carly not to trust Simon because he can be very sneaky. Katie leaves and sees Simon in the hallway and again warns him to stay away from her and Mike and also not to take advantage of Carly. Simon tells Katie that when they were on the island he finally understood they didn’t have a future together so he has decided to move on with his life. Simon advises Katie to move on with her life as well and Katie walks off confused and mad.

At Jennifer’s graveside, Lucy tells Jennifer that she made a big mistake by allowing her to leave the hospital. Lucy says she now knows that she should have called Bob and he would have strapped her to the bed. Lucy cries and apologizes to Jennifer for taking her away from her husband, son, and family who love her so much and Lucy offers up a beautiful prayer for Jennifer. Lucy promises Jennifer that because of her mistake she will be a more careful respectful, and humble doctor who is more sorry then she can ever say. Lucy is unaware that Dusty is listening to her until she turns around and sees him. Lucy tells Dusty that when she saw him talking to Holden she thought of her new little cousin who right now doesn’t have his mother with him. Lucy explains to Dusty that is why she felt she had to come to Jennifer’s grave and apologize.

At Crash, Maddie arrives with Nate and Ann cries and blasts Maddie for killing Lia and Gwen calms Ann down by asking her to help pick some of Lia’s favorite songs. Casey pulls Maddie aside and asks her to tell him what is going on with her so that he can help her.

Maddie tells Casey that she is scared to go to the therapist like Henry and her sister Eve want her to do because she is afraid of the things the therapist will find out about her. Jade blasts Nate for bringing Maddi to thee memorial service because everyone knows she killed Lia. Nate says that she isn’t qualified to judge anyone because she stole his test answers to help Will cheat on a test. Madie is about to confide in Casey about being attacked in Chicago when Nate interrupts and wants to take Maddie outside to get some air. Casey tells Maddie to go with Nate to get some air because it would be good for her. Simon tells Carly about his talk with Katie and wonders if Carly still wants to work wirth him since Katie warned her not to trust him Carly tells Simon that she is very capable of taking care of herself. Simon gives Carly the winning bid envelope too open and Carly is shocked to seethe winning construction company.

At Mike and Katie’s place, Katie arrives home and paces back and forth and tells Mike about her latest confrontation with Simon. Katie tells Mike she is very worried Simon will take advantage of Carly. Katie thinks Simon isn’t listening to her because he hasn’t said a word. Mike tells Katie he has been listening to every word and he thinks she is right about Simon. Mike gives Katie a kiss and tells her not to worry because he has a plan to take care of Simon. Katie wants to know about the plan but Mike thinks its better she not know the details. Katie agrees to take Mike’s advice and focus on their relationship.

At the Lakeview, Eve returns from buying Maddie some clothes to cheer her up she tells Henry she also bought Maddie some energy bars because she hasn’t been eating. Henry tells Eve he let Maddie go to Lia’s memorial service. Eve thinks if she and Henry hadn’t been so permissive with Maddie she wouldn’t be in so much trouble now. Henry and Eve are both very worried about Maddie because she hasn’t been acting like herself.

At Crash, Will tells Gwen he has to leave because he just can’t handle another memorial service so soon after Jennifer’s death. Gwen tells Will she understands and gives him a quick kiss. Will sees Jade outside and she tells him she is upset because she just found out Lily had her baby and nobody bothered to call her. Will tells Jade that didn’t have to call her because she isn’t family or even a friend now. Jade wants to go to the hospital and see the baby so Will tells her she should go now instead of being at a memorial service for a girl she didn’t even know. Maddie walks outside with Nate and thanks her for being so kind to her and explains she just needs to get herself together. Nate tells Maddie he has always wanted to date her ever since the first day he saw her at Oakdale Latin. Nate gives Maddie a small kiss and tells her it was just like he always thought it would be. Nate gives Maddie a longer kiss and she remembers the guy who attacked her and pushes Nate away from her. Nate screams what’s the matter with you maybe you are a psycho. Maddie cries and runs away. Nate tries to tell Maddie he is sorry but she is already gone.

At Mike and Katie’s place, Simon arrives with Carly and shocks Katie but not Mike when he announces Mike has won the construction bid for his new building. Simon thinks that Mike is playing a strange game but Mike assures him he just wants to do a good job for him. Carly and Katie both think that Mike and Simon can’t work together because they will kill each other.

At Crash, Gwen sings a beautiful song for Lia and everyone who has lost someone before their time. Outside Crash, Nate waits for Maddie and he sees someone who he thinks is Maddie even though Maddie isn’t seen a knife comes out and stabs Nate and once again another Oakdale citizen is left in a pool of blood.

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