ATWT Update Thursday 7/27/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/27/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Park, Meg and Emily come face to face while they are both on a break from Jogging. Emily finds it strange that Paul isn’t with Meg and asks her about his whereabouts. Meg responds that she doesn’t know where Paul is so Emily knows that they have had a fight. Emily asks Meg why she looks depressed and Meg says her problem isn’t Paul it’s her. Meg tells Emily that she knows she kept the baby to have a permanent tie with Paul and to possibly get him to come back to her. Emily insists that she wanted to raise her baby alone and had no intention of letting Paul be part of her baby’s life until he insisted on being a part of the bay’s life. Meg tells Emily to save that story for someone who might believe it.

At the Lakeview, Barbara encourages Paul to find a way to guarantee that he will have sole custody of his child. Paul isn’t sure he wants to fight for sole custody of the baby and he tells Barbara he wants to reach a joint custody agreement with Emily because that is what Jennifer wanted for him to make peace with Emily. Barbara tells Paul she has given Will his trust fund and promised herself she wasn’t going to interfere in the happiness of her children.

At the hospital, Holden holds his newborn son and explains to Lily that the baby reminds him a little of Natalie, Faith, and Luke. Holden tells Lily that he thinks Luke will be happy to have a little brother. Luke was there watching them but Holden hadn’t noticed when he finally turns and sees Luke he once again apologizes for treating him so badly Holden asks Luke to please come home because his family needs him and his sisters miss him very much. Holden tells Luke that he will also need him to help take care of his little brother in case the baby gets out of the hospital before Lily. Lucy arrives to check on the baby and hold it for a little bit. Luke asks Lucy if it is okay to use the cell phone outside in the hallway. Lucy says yes and Luke goes in the hallway to call Damian. Luke tells Damian he was wrong about his dad and he feels he can’t go to Malta because his family needs him right now. Damian heads to the hospital to talk to Luke face to face.

At Will and Gwen’s place, Will and Gwen awaken and still can’t believe they have their own place. Will and Gwen are tired so they both roll over and decide to go back to sleep. They hear a knock at the door and wonder who could be knocking on the door this early in the morning. Jade arrives and apologizes to Will and Gwen for waking them but she felt they had to know the news. Jade gives Will the newspaper, which says that Lia was found, stabbed in the country club shower. Jade tells Gwen and Will that she thinks Maddie stabbed Lia because the same kind of knife was used that Maddie used to slash Lia’s car. Gwen tells Jade that Maddie is a good person and she would never kill anyone. Will points out that he is a good person but he killed Rose.

At Java, Lia’s friends think that Maddie killed Lia but Casey arrives and defends Maddie and tells them she isn’t a killer. Amber tells Casey that Lia called her yesterday and she sounded really scared of Maddie. Henry, Maddie and Eve arrive for breakfast and Maddie gets a dazed look on her face when she sees a butcher knife someone left on the table. Henry notices Maddie’s strange reaction and is very concerned about her. Maddie tells Henry she is fine except she is very hungry. Henry and Eve ask Maddie to go see a therapist Maddie is hurt because she thinks her brother and sister think she killed Lia. Maddie insists she doesn’t need any help and ask Henry and Eve to stop pressuring her. Maddie tells her brother and sister she never wants to talk about what happened last night or being attacked in Chicago.

At Will and Gwen’s place, Jade tells Will and Gwen she saw Maddie at the bridge yesterday and she had just dropped something in the water. Jade tells Will and Gwen that Maddie was acting strangely when she asked her what she dropped in the river. Gwen calls Casey and leaves a message to call them if he needs to talk.

At Java, Lia’s friends ask Casey to help them plan a memorial service for Lia at Crash. Casey tells them he would be glad to help with the service. Casey admits he feels guilty because he wasn’t there to protect Lia from the killer. Zach tells Casey he couldn’t have done anything and the killer would have probably killed him too. Zach invites Maddie to Lia’s memorial service but Maddie tells Zach that Lia’s family probably wouldn’t want her there because of what she did to her. Zacch thinks Maddie is talking about what she did to Lia’s car Zach tells Maddie that if she changes her mind about going to the service she should let him know so he can take her to the service.

At the Lakeview, Paul finds it hard to believe Barbara is trying to change for Jennifer’s sake. Paul again tells Barbara that he also wants to change to honor Jennifer and that is why he is going to try and make peace with Emily. Barbara tells Paul that Jennifer was too trusting and she saw the good in everyone that is why she is very glad she had Dusty to protect her from the people who tried to hurt her. Barbara encourages Paul to fight for his child. Paul tells Barbara that Meg broke up with him because she thinks Emily has the right to help raise her child and maybe she is right.

Susan arrives for a spa appointment that she made for her an Emily and is told there is no record of her apointment and they can take her tomorrow. Susan gets really angry with the spa lady but in the end there is nothing she can do. Once Susan leaves Paul talks to thee lady and shows her a big roll of bills and tells her he hopes they can work out this problem.

At Will and Gwen’s place, Will explains to Gwen that in his heart he doesn’t think that Maddie killed Lia but he understands that sometimes people do things they wouldn’t normally do. Gwen asks Will to never be afraid to tell her anything because nothing he says or does could make her stop loving him. Will gives Gwen a hug while he wonders if he should tell Gwen about his one nightstand with Jade.

At Java, Casey is determined to talk to Maddie although everyone is telling him not to see her. Dallas stops him from leaving and again tells Casey it is best for him to not talk to Maddiie. Casey blasts Dallas for not looking for the real killer instead of focusing all his attention on Maddie. Will and Gwen arrive to give Casey moral support, Casey explains to Will and Gwen that his mother is having him followed by the police because she has forbidden him to see Maddie. Will and Gwen tell Casey they are going to see Maddie later and ask him if he wants them to give her a message. Casey tells them to tell Maddie his is with her in this mess. Casey tells Will and Gwen about the memorial service for Lia and Will and Gwen promise to come to the service.

At the Park, Barbara encourages Meg to accept Paul’s marriage proposal and be happy and not to reject happiness just because Paul isn’t perfect. Barbara points out that nobody’s perfect and in five years when Paul has worked things out with Emily and is raising his baby she will be alone. Barbara also tells Meg not to worry about being a mother to the baby that she should follow Hal’s example because from the day Jennifer was born she was his daughter.

At the Lakeview, Susan and Emily are upset because they can’t go to the spa but then the spa lady arrives and tells them they found their appointments and gives hem to cards for the deluxe spa package. Susan says she didn’t get the deluxe package but Paul arrives and tells Emily and Susan it was his gift. Susan wants to refuse but Emily accepts Paul’s gift. Paul tells Emily he wants nothing in return but for her to think about reaching an agreement about the baby. Emily agrees to think about an agreement between them and then she leaves for the spa.

At Java, Will and Gwen arrive and give Maddie Casey’s message and Maddie tells them to thank Casey for his support and tell him not to worry because she is fine. Maddie leaves quickly and tells Will and Gwen she has to catch up to Henry and Eve. Maddie sees Zach and gets a strange look on her face.

At the hospital, Luke explains to Damian that he doesn’t feel he can leave his family now because they need him. Damian tells Luke he understands and he will call the pilot to tell him he is going back to Malta alone. Damian drops a pill on the floor and covers it with his foot. Luke notices the pill so Damian puts it back in the bottle and tells Luke they are his allergy pills. Damian leaves and Luke tells Lucy the name of thee pills and she tells him they are an end stage hormone treatment for someone who is very very sick.

At Crash, Will tells Casey to calm down and think about when Lia was murdered and see if he remembers anything. Casey remembers something but he doesn’t tell Will what he remembered he just tells Will it was the most violent thing he has ever seen and the person who killed Lia must be really sick.

At Java, Maddie accepts Zach’s invitation to go to Lia’s memorial service.

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