ATWT Update Wednesday 7/26/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 7/26/06


Written By Suzanne

Carly is shocked to learn that Simon does not yet own the warehouse they just broke into. He confesses that the deal will go through in the morning. The security guard arrests them. They go to the station. Carly and Simon are put into a room; she pulls the blinds so Jack won't see her. Simon thinks it's no big deal that they are arrested, but she is angry. Carly admits that it was fun, though. Jack comes in and yells at Carly for getting in trouble again. Simon tries to take the blame, but Jack won't let him. Carly declares that she is the one responsible. Jack can tell she's been drinking, so Simon tells him that they were celebrating her new job with him. Jack wonders what he means, so Simon says that he's hired Carly to design his new building. He offers to phone the current owner so that he can seal the deal. Jack ignores him and yells for another officer to take Simon away. Carly yells at Jack for assuming she's guilty. She points out that she is working, but he yells at her some more. She tells him that it's not his business, but he reminds her that they have kids together. He asks her what she thinks a judge will do to her, since she's violated her probation. She doesn't think it's come to that. Jack regrets telling Mike and Katie that Simon would never sucker her because she's too smart. He guesses he was wrong, but she tells him again that what she does is not his business. After she tells him off, he leaves her there. Carly phones her baby sitter to ask if they can keep the kids tonight, but she can't. A cop comes in and tells her that she will be arraigned tomorrow, so she has to go to lockup. She tells him frantically that she can't do that because she has kids at home and the babysitter can't stay. He offers to call social services, but she yells that she is not putting her kids in foster care. He leaves her alone again so she can phone someone, but she stands there, considering her options. Jack comes in and takes off her cuffs. Carly wonders what he did and reprimands him for helping her. Simon comes in and tells her that it was his doing. He phoned the owner and offered him 25 grand more in exchange for dropping the charges. Jack is forced to uncuff Simon, too. He says nothing as he leaves. Simon tells Carly that was fun and asks, "What's next?" She laughs. He suggests teaching her how to hot-wire a car next, so she laughs some more. Carly admits she had fun, except for the getting-arrested part. He apologizes. She tells him that next time they have to keep it legal. He is glad that he didn't scare her off. They joke around some more. She tells him that she's looking forward to this. They walk out with his arm around her in a friendly way.

Gwen finds Jade at the top of a hill; Jade explains that she found Maddie there earlier and thought she saw her toss something in the water. They wonder what it could be and can't see anything in the water. Gwen tells her that she was supposed to meet Will back at Carly's, but he didn't show up. Gwen admits that they were fighting about her. Jade is surprised to hear it. Gwen explains that Maddie told her something that started the fight with Will. Jade assures her that they are just friends. Gwen agrees that she knows that. She figures they are just feeling raw from what has happened. Jade offers to move out, but Gwen assures her that it's fine for her to stay. Will appears, so Gwen hugs him gladly. He says he has a surprise--he found them a place to live. Gwen hugs him again. They chat about it, and Will says they can move in tomorrow. Gwen asks if Jade can come, too. Jade and Will exchange a look. they all go to look at the place. Gwen and Jade both admire it. It is Jennifer's old place. When Jade goes to check out the back room, Will asks Gwen why she invited her. Gwen explains that after their talk, she didn't want Jade to think she was jealous. They both agree that they need to help Jade. Will says that Lucinda says they can have a couple of days to decide, but Gwen tells him to go ahead and sign the lease because she loves it. She describes how she can see them living there. He tells her that he loves her and they kiss. Jade walks in just then, carrying some flowers. Will confesses that he put them there as a surprise to Gwen. Jade admires the place. Gwen assures her that she will find a good place, too. Jade hugs Gwen, saying that she will leave them alone to celebrate. She gives Will a lonely look. Will and Gwen kiss and start to make love in their new place. Jade watches from outside sadly and then leaves.

At the hospital, Lucinda asks Holden to fill her in. Bob comes out and tells them and Lucy that the baby has moved back into breech position. They discuss their options. Bob says there is significant risk to Lily, but the baby is able to live outside the womb and he recommends surgery.

Damian and Luke go to the Lakeview, glad that Lucinda is not around. Kevin comes over and yells at Luke for leaving him and his girlfriend stranded the other day. Luke apologizes, but Kevin calls him "pathetic". Kevin blasts Luke for letting him down and then tells him to lose his number. Luke is upset but covers it up to Damian. He says he is ready to leave town. Damian shows him some brochures that he got out of the car that show a great school near where he lives, and an airfield where Luke can learn how to fly his plane. Luke thinks it's great and that they should leave right away. Damian is happy to hear it but wonders when he will discuss it with Holden. Luke knows that Holden won't approve and will bring up the past. Damian assures him that he would never risk his life Luke knows that and says that Damian has been "amazing". Luke is touched by what he says but suggests that the settle things with Holden first. Luke tells him to just go ahead and book it. Lucinda phones. Luke tries to hang up, but she tells him to get to the hospital right away because Lily is going into surgery and Holden needs him. Luke looks shocked.

In the Snyder barn, Meg tries to feed a baby lamb whose mother won't feed it, with a baby bottle. Paul comes up and wants to talk, but she doesn't think they have anything to talk about as long as he's obsessed with Emily. He says he's willing to do anything. She doesn't believe him. He suddenly asks if he can feed the lamb, so she lets him. Paul talks to the lamb about Meg's bad cooking as she watches with amazement. Paul claims that he was just shocked when he found out that Emily was getting off scot-free. He wants to sit down with her and Emily and work out some kind of agreement about custody. Meg still doesn't buy it. After Paul feeds the lamb, Meg puts it back into its cage. Paul keeps working on Meg. She keeps talking about how he goes after what he wants no matter what the consequences. He claims that he's had time to re-think his actions. He asks if she still loves him. She admits she does, so he asks her to marry him. She is shocked. He gets on his knees and gives a nice speech. He asks her again, holding a ring. She tells him to get up. He asks what she's feeling, so she replies that she feels ambushed. He keeps trying to talk her into marrying him, and she is clearly torn. He makes more nice, romantic speeches. She brings up Emily again. He says he can't promise that things will be perfect, but he promises to go about everything in a legal way. Meg is still not sure if she can trust him or the situation. She tells him that until he can prove that he won't do illegal or underhanded things when things don't go his way, she won't marry him. He asks if they can have a long engagement, but she won't do that. She advises him to find his way on his own, do what he needs to do, and then they'll see. He's buoyed by the fact that she didn't say no. She says she will marry him because she trusts him. They agree that they both need time. He leaves with tears in his eyes. Meg says to the lamb that she hopes he comes through for them.

Susan, Emily, and Daniel sit to have dinner after having gone bowling. They joke around about Emily's lack of bowling skills but tell her that they're very glad she's home. Emily assures him that she's not going anywhere. Later, Paul walks in and sees them together. Daniel is feeling the baby in Emily's stomach. She looks over and sees him. He walks out.

Holden and Bob discuss the options some more. Bob says a Caesarean is the only thing that will work. Holden is upset that Bob is asking him to choose between his wife and baby; Bob agrees, looking pained. Holden tells him to do the surgery. Bob tells him to stay with him as he gives him a pat on the back. He goes to get the OR ready. Holden talks to Lily, saying he did what she would have wanted. He says that she will get through this and he doesn't want her yelling at him when it's over.

Luke arrives, so Bob explains what's going on. Lucy asks if she can scrub in and observe, to be there for Lily, so he assents. Lucinda begs Bob to save them both. They hug and Bob goes. Lucinda tells Luke that she's proud of him. Damian walks up, so Lucinda tells Luke that she suddenly feels light-headed. Luke finds a place for her to sit down and goes to get her water. Damian offers to call a nurse, but Lucinda jumps up (she was faking). She tells him to leave. He says that he's there to support Lily and Luke. Lucinda maintains that Luke would be better off if Damian made himself scarce.

Holden is still talking to Lily when Bob comes in to get Lily for the surgery. Holden tells Luke what's going on, so Luke offers to wait with him. Holder is grateful, and they walk away together, leaving Damian behind with Lucinda. Damian walks out past them. Luke suggests to Holden that Lily is strong, so she may wake up. Holden is glad to have him there. Bob and Lucy come out to tell them that Lily is fine and that the baby is "beautiful and healthy". Holden goes to see Lily while they get the baby ready. Lucinda and Luke hug and then dance around. They suddenly wonder whether the baby is a boy or girl. A little later, Holden brings out his new son and shows him off to Luke and Lucinda.

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