ATWT Update Wednesday 7/26/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 7/26/06


Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo

Simon and Carly get hauled to the Police Station for breaking and entering. Simon explains that he has not yet purchased the building. Carly yells at Simon, but Simon says that she has to admit it was fun. Jack walks in and tells Carly she’s in a lot of trouble. Simon interrupts saying that it’s his fault. Jack, who was going to say he was talking to his wife, said he was talking to Carly. Simon tells Jack that Carly has agreed to work for him as an interior designer. Jack lets Simon leave the room to call the owner of the building. Jack tells Carly that he thought she was smarter than this. Carly tells him what she does now is none of his business. Jack leaves and Carly calls the babysitter, who needs to leave to see her mother. The cop tells Carly that the judge has gone home and she will be arraigned tomorrow. Jack comes in and takes off her handcuffs. Carly is convinced that Jack pulled strings to get her released, but finds out it was Simon who got the owner to drop the charges.

Jade and Gwen are on the bridge. Jade tells Gwen that she saw Maddie throw something into the river a little earlier. Gwen says it probably was a stick. Gwen tells Jade that she was supposed to meet Will at Carly’s but he never showed. Jade asked what they were fighting about. Gwen responds with “you.” She tells Jade that Maddie saw them hugging. Jade says that there’s nothing between them. Will walks up and informs Gwen that he has found a house. Gwen asks if Jade can come. The three arrive at the house Jen used to live in. Jade goes to check the back room, and Will asks Gwen why she invited Jade along. Gwen explains that she didn’t want Jade to think that there were any hard feelings. Jade says that she’s going to pay them back for everything and she’s going to start by leaving them alone to celebrate. But she never really leaves; she lurks around the house and looks through the windows.

Holden, Lucinda, and Bob are at the hospital. Bob explains that the baby has moved back into a breech position and they’re going to have to perform a c-secton. He also tells that Lily could die. Holden tells Bob to go along with the surgery because Lily would want to save the baby.

Damian and Luke are getting breakfast. Damian leaves to get something out of his car. Kevin walks up to Luke and yells at him for leaving him and his friends stranded in the middle of nowhere. Luke apologizes, but Kevin is still upset and calls him pathetic and tells him to lose his number. Luke is devastated by what Kevin said to him and agrees to go to Malta with Damian. Lucinda then calls and tells Luke to hurry to the hospital.

Emily, Susan, and Daniel go to the Lakeview after bowling. Daniel is over joyed that Emily is home.

Meg is at the farm trying to feed Buttercup, her lamb. Paul arrives and asks Meg if they can talk. Meg says t hat she wants to work everything out, but it’s not going to happen. She also tells him that he’s sworn that he was going to change too many times. Paul asks if he can feed the lamb. Meg informs him that she doesn’t want to be a part of Paul’s crusade against Emily. Paul says t hat he’s willing to agree on shared custody. Meg tells him that she doesn’t buy it. Paul then asks Meg to marry him. Paul tells her that he doesn’t have a future without her. Meg says that she loves him, but until he can prove that he can deal with Emily with out doing something underhanded, she can’t marry him.

Luke and Damian arrive at the hospital. Lucinda orders Damian to leave, but Damian refuses stating “I’m here to support Luke—he needs me.” Lucinda tells him to leave once more. Holden comes out from talking to Lily. Luke asks if it’s okay if he waits with him. Holden says okay. After the surgery Bob comes out to announce that both Lily and her new baby boy are safe.

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