ATWT Update Tuesday 7/25/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/25/06


Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo

Carly is at Katie and Mike’s house. Katie is outraged when Carly tells her she is working for Simon. Carly explains that she’s broke and needs the job. Katie tells her she understands but she should not work for Simon. Katie offers to loan her money, but Carly refuses. Mike tells her that Jack ran a check on him and Simon does have all the money he claims. Katie still tells her to think about it, but Carly says she has to do it. She doesn’t want Jack to clean up her messes; she wants to be independent.

Carly then gets a call from Simon. He tells her to meet him for drinks and “wear the most striking thing in your closet”. When Carly leaves Katie asks how he could let her do that. Mike tells her that they need to mind their own business. Katie asks why he punched Simon if he wasn’t worried about him. Mike explains that that was a warning to keep him away from their house. Mike kisses Katie to calm her down. Katie and Mike talk about their relationship status. They then sleep together under the stars.

Simon and Lucinda are at the Lakeview. Simon assures Lucinda that he is not trying to win Katie back. He tells her that he’s hired Carly to be his designer. Simon begins to go to his table but turns around and kisses Lucinda.

Dusty and Johnny are standing out on the bridge. Dusty tells Johnny that this is where he purposed to Jen. He also tells him that they’ve got to move on. Dusty and baby Johnny sadly walks of the bridge.

Casey and Tom enter the police station. Dallas tells him he needs to ask him questions about Lia. Casey asks where Margo is and realizes that Margo thinks that Maddie killed Lia. Casey refuses to believe that Maddie had anything to do with the murder. Casey then lashes out at Dallas telling him that it’s all his fault because Maddie’s been acting like a basket case ever since he came around. Casey is convinced that Dallas is trying to frame Maddie. He also says that his sticking by her side even if no one else will.

Margo, Henry, Eve, and Maddie are in a hotel room. Margo questions Maddie about where she was the night before. Maddie thinks back to when Casey and Lia were kissing at the Lake View pool. Maddie lies and tells her that she was in the hotel room watching “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Henry covers for her and says she was there with him and Eve. Eve reluctantly confirms the story. Margo is still suspicious, but Maddie insists that she’s telling the truth. Before Margo leaves she tells Henry that Maddie and Casey need to keep their distance. Henry agrees. Eve is furious and scared about lying to the police. She is worried that somebody saw her and that Maddie really was at the Country Club. Eve states that Maddie is not herself and who knows what she could have done. Henry refuses to believe that she could kill anyone. Eve decides to call Margo, but Henry stops her.

Henry asks Maddie what happened. “If I tell you, promise not to hate me?” Maddie says that she doesn’t remember where she was last night. Eve asks if she remembers anything, but Maddie doesn’t answer. Maddie leaves to go lie down, but runs back to grab her bag from Henry. Eve is suspicious, but Henry says it’s probably just her diary in there.

Carly meets Simon at the Lakeview. Carly tells him that he can’t order her around. She explains that she has a family and is not going to come running every time he calls for her. Carly asks why she’s there. Simon asks when was the last time she wore that dress but Carly can’t recall. He takes a sip of champagne and says, “that’s why.” Carly explains that he’s sneaky, but Simon says she is too. Simon says that he always will love Katie, but he knows they’re over. Carly agrees to work for him, but on one condition. He can never mention Katie. If she hears her name she’s quitting. Carly asks about the building and Simon takes her to go see it.

Lucinda sees Dusty and Johnny at the Lakeview. Dusty tells her that he wants her to shut down Street Jeans. Lucinda is shocked to hear this, but Dusty explains that Street Jeans is where he and Jen fell in love. Lucinda suggests keeping the business in memory of her. Dusty disagrees with the idea because he doesn’t want it to turn into something that Jen wouldn’t want. “It’d be like losing her all over again.” Dusty says that he may be quitting Street Jeans, but he still wants to work for her. Johnny starts to cry, but Dusty doesn’t know why. Lucy comes by and offers her assistance. Lucy’s diagnosis is that Johnny is teething and would probably like something cold. It does the trick and Johnny stops crying. Dusty leaves.

Lucinda tells Lucy to not take it personally; she’s not to blame for Jen’s death. Lucy disagrees. “He thinks I am, and he always will.”

Margo walks in the Police Station just as Casey starts out. Casey refuses to answer any of Dallas’ questions. Tom is shocked to learn that Maddie is a serious suspect. Margo tells Tom Maddies story. “You don’t believe it?” asks Tom. “Not a Word.” Margo is worried for Casey’s safety. A cop informs Maddie that Casey is gone. Margo asks about the knife Maddie used to destroy Lia’s car. She finds out that a knife like that could possibly have caused the stab wounds. Margo asks if a knife is missing from Crash. Dallas says two are, and they have one of them.

Casey arrives at Henry, Eve, and Maddie’s room. Henry tells him that it’s not a good idea to see her. Casey says that she needs to know that he’s on her side no matter what. Henry goes to check on Maddie. Henry tells him she doesn’t want to see him. Casey leaves. Henry tells Eve that Maddie is not in her room.

Maddie is on the bridge. She is having flash backs of when she destroyed Lia’s car. Jade walks up and tells her that she doesn’t like how people over react. Jade warns her to stay away from her or she’ll tell Margo what she just say Maddie toss over the bridge. Maddie tells her to mind her business and walks away. Jade yells that she’s gone over the edge. Maddie says quietly “You’re mean and sneaky. Like Lia.”

Carly and Simon are at the house. Simon tells Carly that he doesn’t have the keys and that she’s going to pick the lock. Carly, with help from Simon, picks the lock, and steps inside. Carly then imagines what the place will look like. A cop comes in and tells them to put their hands up. The cop explains that the owner of the building reported trespasser. Carly is confused. “You’re the owner. Aren’t you?”

Casey returns to the station. Margo orders Casey to stay away from Maddie.

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