ATWT Update Monday 7/24/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 7/24/06


Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo

Holden and Lucinda are at the Lakeview.  Holden is worried that he is losing Luke after getting into a fight with him the night before.  Holden tells Lucinda that Damian got him a new car and Luke drove drunk and got into an accident.  Holden tells her that Luke thinks that he blames him for Lily’s condition.  Holden says, “He’s right. I did”.  Lucinda refuses to believe it, but Holden tells her that when Luke said he was gay everything was crazy.  And when Lily took the fall, he didn’t want to deal with him.  Lucinda tells Holden that if they can get rid of Damian, Luke will come back.  Holden says that he would love to send Damian back to Malta, but it isn’t going to happen.  He says that when he and Damian got into a fight, Luke defended him.  Lucinda offers to make a call to rid them of their Damian problem, but Holden declines the offer.

Luke and Damian are at the Police Station.  Damian invites Luke to go to Malta with him, but Luke tells him his place is in Oakdale with his family.  Damian continues to beg Luke to join him, but Luke still has his doubts.  Damian then leaves the interrogation room to see if Luke can leave.  Luke’s phone rings and Damian answers.  Lucinda asks for Luke, but Damian says she’ll have to call back later.  Damian then tells Luke that he’s a free man and the two leave to go have breakfast.

Simon sees Carly at the Lakeview.  Simon continues to push Carly into business with him. Carly refuses, but Simon reminds her that she’s got no other choice.  Carly is still skeptical, and is convinced that he’s using her to get to Katie.  Simon tells her the only thing he wants her to do is design a lobby.  Carly continues to think it over.  Carly says that she needs to make it on her own without Jack.  Simon asks one more time.

Casey is at the country club.  He calls for Lia.  When she doesn’t answer he checks the shower.  He finds Lia dead lying in the bloody shower.  After he finds her he quickly calls Margo.  Margo tells him to check for a pulse.  Casey is hesitant but eventually does it and confirms that Lia is dead.

Katie and Mike are outside the house.  Mike is worried about Simon, but Katie tells him that they’re just going to have to learn how to deal with him. The two go inside and kiss.  Carly comes knocking and Katie tells her her timing stinks.  Carly announces that Simon offered her a job and she accepted.

Margo, Dallas, and Casey are at the country club.  Casey tells Margo about him and Lia sneaking in after hours and him waiting in the car as Lia took a shower.  Margo continues to ask him questions.  Casey tells her that after he went out to the car he left the door unlocked.  Tom walks in and Margo tells him about the murder.  Casey leaves to wash the blood off of his hands and Margo tells Tom that Casey is the number one suspect at the moment.  The coroner arrives and Margo leaves to go speak with him.  Tom stays with Casey.  When Margo leaves, Casey tells Tom that Margo thinks he killed Lia.  Tom says that no ones going to let him get blamed for something he didn’t do and that Margo is just upset that he had to go through that.  Dallas asks Casey about Lia and if she had any enemies besides Maddie.  Casey is outraged when Dallas accuses Maddie.

Margo and Dallas are talking to the coroner at the country club.  The coroner tells Margo that Lia died of multiple stabwonds.   Dallas tells Margo that they have not yet found the murder weapon but they’re searching everywhere until they do.  Margo thinks back to when Maddie was destroying Lia’s car.  She then leaves in a hurry.

Maddie walks into her, Henry’s, and Eve’s room.  Eve asks Maddie where she’s been all night.  Maddie says that she woke up early and went for a walk.  Eve tells her that she checked her room at three and she wasn’t there.  Maddie sticks to her story but Eve doesn’t believe her.  Maddie gets defensive and Henry walks in.  Henry continues to ask her questions but Maddie refuses to answer.  Then Margo comes knocking at the door.

She asks Maddie a few questions about where she was the night before.  Maddie stalls by asking what Margo thinks she did.  Margo gives her a choice, answer the questions, or they can go downtown.  Maddie remembers to when she was watching Lia and Casey at the Country club last night.  Margo asks one final time where she was.  Maddie replies with “Right here.  I never left this suite.  I was here the whole time.”

Lucinda and Holden are still at the Lakeview.  Lucinda is furious that Damian hung up on her.  Holden says he has to get back to the hospital.

Damian and Luke are getting breakfast.  Luke goes to the bathroom to wash his hands.  At that moment Lucinda walks by.  Lucinda tells Damian that soon Luke will see him as the schemer he really is.  She also tells him that he does not belong in the country.  Luke jumps in and defends Damian.  Lucinda begs him to not shut him out, but Luke replies with, “I’m not grandma.  You and dad have shut me out.”

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