ATWT Update Friday 7/21/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 7/21/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Crash, Gwen tries to pretend that it doesn’t bother her that Will gave Jade money to find her own place. Will coaxes Gwen to talk about what is bothering her. Gwen finally admits that she feels badly that Will didn’t talk to her before making a decision on how to spend the money. Gwen tells Will it is his trust fund and he can do whatever he wants with his money. Will insists on knowing what Maddie told Gwen about Jade. Gwen tells Will that she didn’t pay any attention to what Maddie said until he started answering questions she didn’t ask.

At the Country club, Lia tells Maddie that she and Casey are planning to break into the club after it has closed and go skinny-dipping. Casey calls and tells Lia that he thinks breaking into the country club isn’t a good idea. Lia pretends that Casey told her he is excited about their date and she hangs up the phone before Casey can say another world. Lia tells Maddie not to worry about the damage to her car because her daddy already ordered her a BMW.

At the Lakeview, The waiter calls Lisa because Carly can’t pay for the champagne she ordered. Carly explains to Lisa that she has no cash in her bank account and she has been living on credit cards until she gets her business off the ground.

At the police station, Damian tells Luke he hired a heavy hitting lawyer to get him out of this mess. The lawyer arrives and wants to speak to Luke alone so Damian goes out in the hallway. Jack tells Damian to make sure Luke stays until Holden arrives to talk to him.

At Mike and Katie’s place, Simon arrives to inform Mike and Katie his is going to stay in Oakdale. Simon also tells Mike and Katie he is a very rich man because he struck oil in his sheep ranch in Austrailia. Mike and Katie both think that Simon is conning them so Mike goes to call Jack to run a background check on Simon. Katie cries a little and pleads with Simon to stay away from her, Mike and her friends because she can’t stand seeing him everywhere. Once Mike returns Katie makes it clear to Simon that she and Mike have a solid relationship and they love each other so he has no chance to get her back.

At Crash, Gwen tells Will that Maddie told her that he and Jade were hugging and that when she saw them they jumped apart like they had something to hide. Will tells Gwen not to believe anything Maddie says because she has been acting strange lately. Will explains to Gwen that Jade was giving him a thank you hug and that it meant nothing. Gwen smiles and tells Will she knew that she was just testing him. Gwen admits that she is worried having money will change their relationship and tear them apart because people who win the lottery often end up with lonely life because of the money. Will promises Gwen that money won’t change them and their relationship will always be as romantic as the movie lady and the tramp. Gwen suddenly gets a craving to have spaghetti in bed with Will. Gwen tells Will she will go to the store after work and he should meet her at home.

At the Police station, Luke explains to Damian he drank because he is tired of pretending he isn’t gay in front of his friends. Luke feels badly because he gave Holden something else to worry about on top of worrying about Lily and the girls. Luke tells Damian that he wishes he could go someplace far away where nobody knew him and have a fresh start.

At the Lakeview, Lisa suggests Carly ask Jack for spousal support but Carly refuses to do that saying this is her problem and not jack’s problem.

At the Country club, Lia waits for Casey and notices that Maddie is calling Casey on his cell phone so she turns off the phone.

At the police station, Holden tells Damian to stop trying to turn Luke against him and also to stay away from Lily and the rest of his family. Luke defends Damian and tells Holden Damian didn’t say anything to turn him against him (Holden) that he did that all on his own. Luke explains to Holden that the day after Lily went into a coma he got upset with him for holding her hand and kicked him out of her room because he blames him for her accident. Holden tells Luke he made a mistake that day because he was upset and he apologizes to Luke. Holden also tells Luke he doesn’t blame him for the accident because it was nobody’s fault. Holden asks Luke to move back home because the family needs him. Holden tells Luke that his mother also needs him to visit her at the hospital. Luke tells Holden that he is sorry about the drinking and adding to his problems while the family is in a crisis.

Luke tells Holden he feels confused and lost right now and he doesn’t know where he belongs and he doesn’t think Holden should have the extra pressure of his problems right now. Luke tells Holden its best that he stays with Damian although he will go visit Lily at the hospital. Damian asks Luke to go to Malta and live with him so he can have a fresh start.

At the Lakeview, Carly is upset that Lisa called Jack and told him about her money problems. Jack offers to pay for the champagne but Carly refuses saying he isn’t her husband anymore and she isn’t his responsibility. Carly tells Lisa that she will wash dishes to pay the bill but Jack tries to make Carly realize that she is the mother of his children and he wants her to be all right. Jack offers to pay for the bill again but Carly insists that she must learn to stand on her own two feet and not depend on Jack to rescue her. Lisa agrees to let Carly wash dishes while Jack makes it clear to Carly he won’t offer her his help again.

Outside the country club, Casey doesn’t want to take a shower with Lia but she coaxes him into it. Outside the country club, Maddie remembers Lia’s words to her and cries as she picks up a knife. Casey kisses Lia a few times then feels like its not right that they broke into the club so he tells Lia they should leave now. Lia tells him if he is still thinking about crazy Maddie he can leave but she is staying to take a steamy shower. Casey leaves Lia alone to take her hot steamy shower.

At Mike and Katie’s place, Jack confirms that Simon struck oil on his sheep ranch and is so rich he never has to work again. Mike worries that Simon will use the money to try to get Katie back in his life. Katie tells Mike that will never happen and if it does she will just keep reminding Simon that she doesn’t love him anymore. Katie begins to tell Jack how Simon tried to invest in Carly’s business but Jack doesn’t want to hear anything because its none of his business anymore. Jack is confident that Carly is too smart to fall for Simon’s schemes.

At the Lakeview, Carly and Lisa finish the dishes and have the bottle of champagne to celebrate. Lisa wonders how Carly will solve her money problems and just when Lisa finishes the question Simon arrives and Carly looks over at him.

At the country club, Lia sees someone’s shadow in the bathroom and thinks its Casey. Lia calls Casey’s name a few times and when she doesn’t get an answer she opens the shower curtain and is shocked to see someone standing there with a knife. The person dressed in dark and wearing black gloves starts to stab Lia and Lia screams for help several times and puts up a good fight but the person keeps stabbing her until Lia is lying in a pool of blood inside the shower.

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