ATWT Update Thursday 7/20/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/20/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Crash, Jade arrives to work to cover for Casey who just couldn’t work with everything that has happened to Maddie. Gwen thanks Jade for coming in to work and tells Jade that she will really miss Carly once she and Will finally get their own place to live. Jade gets all serious as Gwen smiles and explains that Will’s mom gave him control of his trust fund. Will arrives and tells Gwen that one of the apartments has a media room a swimming pool and a tennis court. Gwen smiles and jokes that she never imagined she would marry a guy with a trust fund. Will sees the look on Jade’s face and squeezes Gwen’s hand as a sign not to make such a big deal about things because Jade is upset. Gwen apologizes to jade because she forgot Jade was living at Carly’s and assures Jade that Carly will allow her to stay at her house. Jade is positive Carly will ask her to leave the house because she doesn’t know her at all and now that Gwen and Will are getting their own place Carly has no reason to let her stay at the house. Jade runs out to get some air and Will leave to talk to her.

At the police station, Maddie wants to speak to Casey to explain why she vandalized Lia’s car. Henry and Eve don’t think it’s a good idea that Maddie speak to Casey because he is what triggered Maddie’s vandalism. Eve asks Maddie if she is ready to tell Casey she was attacked in Chicago and Maddie shakes her head no and Eve thinks that Maddie should stay away from Casey until she feels better.

At the Park, Margo talks to Casey and Lia and informs them Maddie spent the night in jail. Casey becomes worried and wants to speak to Maddie but Margo asks Casey to stay away from Maddie until she works out some problems in her life. Casey wants to know what sort of problems but Margo tells him that she can’t say anything to him because its police business. Margo tells Lia that Maddie is very sorry for what she did to her car and she is positive that Maddie’s family would pay for the insurance deductible if Lia would drop the charges against Maddie. Casey asks Lia to drop the charges against Maddie because she has to be going through something terrible to make her want to vandalize a car. Lia tells Casey that she doesn’t want Maddie to go to jail so she will drop the charges against her as long as Margo will make sure Maddie stays away from her. Margo promises to do so and reminds Casey too stay away from Maddie until she feels better.

At the Lakeview, Carly calls Katie because she is excited because she is meeting a new investor. Carly asks Katie to come by the Lakeview to celebrate in an hour.

At Mike and Katie’s place, Katie walks outside and sees Mike building something so she asks him what he is doing and he responds that he is building their future.

At the Lakeview, Carly is shocked to learn that Simon is the potential investor for her company. Carly accuses Simon of wanting to invest in her company because she is a friend with Katie and he wants to get back in Katie’s life. Simon tells Carly that he missed Oakdale and he wants to set down roots and it has nothing to do with Katie. Carly knows better and tells Simon to take his offer and shove it. Simon tells Carly she won’t get another investor because she has bad credit and her business is too risky.

At the hospital, Lucy informs Holden the baby is out of the breech position for now but there is a risk that the baby could return to a breech position.

At the Park, Jack finds a drunk Luke passed out inside his car. Jack gets one of his men to call an ambulance and he also calls Holden to tell him about the hospital. Holden rushes to the site of the accident to talk to Luke.

At the police station, Eve apologizes to Maddie for letting her down and not realizing she had a problem when she left Chicago. Eve informs Maddie and Henry she is going to stay in Oakdale for a while to get Maddie through this crisis. Eve gives a scared Maddie a hug and Maddie feels a little better.

At Mike and Katie’s place, Mike explains to Katie that he is building a deck for the house because he needs to feel like a part of the house is his and not just the house she shared with Simon. Mike tells Katie he imagines her having her morning coffee in her pajamas and bare feet, them holding their children on their lap and after the kids have gone to sleep they would go out on the deck and watch the stars together. Katie thinks that Mike is very sweet and they share a kiss.

At the hospital, Damian asks Lucy where Luke is because he didn’t come home last night. Lucy hesitates but eventually tells Damian what happened and he heads to the accident site.

At the accident site. Jack informs Holden that Luke had a 1.1 alcohol level but it may have been higher when he had the accident. Holden blasts Luke for drinking now when he promised he wouldn’t do so and his family needs him. Holden asks Luke why he was drinking and Luke recalls that he couldn’t kiss the girl on his date. Luke doesn’t answer his father’s question. Holden gets a call from Lucy that he must rush down to the hospital because the baby is in breech position again. Holden asks Jack to take care of Luke at the station until he can meet him there. Damian arrives shortly after Holden Leaves and Luke tells Damian he is in trouble for drinking and his mother’s condition has gotten worse. Damian promises Luke he will take care of everything.

Outside Crash, Jade promises Will she would never ask him for money to keep her mouth shut about their one night stand because she doesn’t want to hurt Gwen. Will offers to help Jade pay for a place to live in Jennifer’s memory and Gwen would also want him to help her. Jade gives Will a hug and Maddie sees them and goes inside to tell Gwen. Maddie asks Gwen where Casey is because she needs to see him even though Margo advised her not to do so Gwen refuses to tell Maddie where Casey is because it is what is best for her. Maddie explains to Gwen that she has to find Casey because Lia is doing the same thing to him that Jade is doing to Will. Gwen is puzzled by this remark so Maddie explains she saw them hugging and when she caught them they looked like they had something to hide. Gwen thinks Maddie is just a little paranoid now because of everything that happened with Casey. Maddie yells for Gwen to stay out of her life and take care of her own life. Gwen finds Will who tells her that he is giving Jade money to find her own place because he thought it was something that would make her (Gwen) happy. Gwen is bothered because she is afraid Maddie might be right about Will and Jade.

At the Lakeview, Carly tells Katie Simon was her potential new investor and she turned him down but he told her he plans to put down roots in Oakdale.

At the Park, Lia and Casey make a date to meet after Crash closes for the night. Casey really doesn’t want to get serious with Lia so soon after Maddie but Lia promises to make him forget all about Maddie. Maddie arrives after Casey leaves and Lia tells Maddie she and Casey are together now because he would never want to date a Looney like her again.

At the Lakeview, Katie rushes to her house to tell Mike about Simon being in Oakdale to stay before Mike hears the news from someone else.

At Mike and Katie’s house, Simon arrives and tells Mike he is going to stay in Oakdale. Mike very calmly tells Simon he understands a man has to do what a man has to do so he is sure Simon will understand why he has to do this Katie arrives just a few seconds before Mike punches Simon in the face. Katie screams no Mike don’t but Simon is already on the ground.

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