ATWT Update Wednesday 7/19/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 7/19/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the cottage, Mike is looking at the note Simon sent along with Katie’s wedding ring. Katie walks into the room, sees this and wonders why he is dwelling on it? He thinks that he is up to something, just as he was when he lied about where they were when they were stranded. He is convinced they haven’t heard the last of him. Cue the knock at the door, which unsettles both of them. They breath a sigh of relief when it is only Carly. She needs to talk to them, and she needs a favor.

At the Lakeview, Simon is sitting at the bar ordering a drink when Vienna shows up bothered by the fact he left her high and dry without so much as a goodbye. Simon replies casually that she knows he hates goodbyes, but she corrects him by saying he hates messy goodbyes and that is what it would have been because noone moves on unless she tells them they can. Simon smirks in response.

At the police station, Margo is pleading with Maddie to tell her what is going on. She opened up to her about her sexual assault because she wanted her to talk but she didn’t, and now she is acting out in a self destructive way. The pain of her hurt is making her do strange stuff. Maddie is visibly shaken and upset as Margo is talking, but when she manages to talk all she can get out is if she can pay a fine and leave? Margo wonders what will happen next time if they don’t address the problem? Maddie promises there won’t be, but Margo can’t be sure; she does know that the catalyst to her acting like this was not her fault. The door opens at this point and Henry walks in saying to Maddie that she needs to tell them what is going on (and with Henry style he adds) because she is in so much hot water right now she won’t need to bathe for a week.

Luke is at the mill with Kevin, his girlfriend and her friend. Kevin and his girlfriend go inside leaving an awkward Luke with the other girl. Luke thinks that they should go home but the girl presses him to stay because she likes him, but Kevin did warn her that he was not into girls.

At the hospital, Damian is talking to Lucy about Luke and Holden; it is a misunderstanding. Lucy doesn’t think so and tells him so; she has been in the middle of her parent’s power struggles before. She thinks it wouldn’t be difficult for him to make it so Luke can spend time with Holden. Luke should not be in the middle of their tug of war. Lucy is getting more worked up, so much so that Holden comes into the hallway to ask what is going on? Damian tries to explain it away that they were simply talking about Lily, but Lucy doesn’t follow suit. Damian asked her to do something she isn’t proud that she did. When Damian continues to balk, Lucy demands to know if he wants to tell Holden or should she? When Damian won’t she tells Holden how Damian asked her to tell him when he was away from Lily so Luke could spend time with her. Holden is confused, so Lucy explains that according to Damian he (Holden) doesn’t want Luke around. Holden is irate that Damian would twist things around, but Damian pretends that Holden brought this on himself by the way he gave Luke the cold shoulder after the fall. Holden is concerned about the way Damian is spinning stories to fit his agenda and he wonders bitterly what other lies he has been telling Luke?

Annoyed, Luke starts to explain that Kevin was being a jerk when he told her that, but the girl goes onto to explain how Kevin told her he was in the market for a woman not a girl. She tries to plead her case that she probably has the same experience Jade has. Luke wants to go home and he certainly doesn’t want to talk about Jade. The girl presses because she just wants to have fun. She is into him and she wants them to party as she whips put a bottle of vodka; this should put him in the mood; Luke looks at the bottle longingly.

Katie and Mike look over Carly’s sketches and business plan and are very impressed. Mike thinks it is one of the better sketches for interior design he has seen. Katie wonders when she went from fashion to doing interior design? Carly thinks they are kind of related just one involves dressing up a person while the other is dressing up a house. Katie wonders if she needs a loan because she has some money from the royalties, but Carly wants to do this on her own. She explains she is really nervous and just wanted their opinions and any suggestions they may have before she goes to her meeting with Steve Phillips, VP of business development at the bank. Mike knows him from working with him and offers to put in a good word but again Carly wants to do this on her own. She hopes the man goes for her idea because she really likes the idea of working for herself at her own company. Mike and Katie wish her luck and Mike makes a comment about him being glad it was she instead of Simon. When Carly inquires what he means, she hears how Simon sent back the ring with the note. She thinks it sounds like Simon has moved on to his next mark. Mike again looks suspicious.

Vienna is irate that he would come to the one horse town for Katie. Does he realize how many Mike Kasnoffs there were in the phone book? Simon explains that this place is like home for him. The people here are kind, loyal, straightforward and not impressed by showy displays of wealth. Vienna continues; he is not going to break up Katie and Mike no matter what tricks he pulls out; they are deeply in love. Her plane is at the airport and they could get on it and fly to Madrid. Simon jokes that there are too many bulls there, and Vienna gives it back when she tells him that he speaks that language so he should feel right at home. He tells her it isn’t in the cards for them anymore and she needs to move on. Vienna ignores this by telling him his tan is fading already and he is committing social suicide by staying there. Simon doesn’t seem to be budging from his choice and an angry Vienna tells him she will not be thrown over for Miss Congeniality, as she throws a drink in his face. Simon simply smiles as he dabs his face and shirt.

Margo thinks Henry should give them a few more minutes to talk but Maddie wants him to stay. Henry wants to know why she did what she did? Maddie answers that she was angry, but Henry answers that all she had to do was yell then, not destroy a car. Maddie sadly tells them she doesn’t know what happened or why. Just then a woman walks in and rushes over to hug Maddie, who returns it just as fiercely. Henry introduces the woman to Margo as Eve, their sister. She left a message for Lewis and came as soon as Henry called. She tells Maddie she never should have let her leave Chicago, but she had been so moody and distant that she thought a change pf pace, new school and friends would help. They realize that whatever is happening with her obviously started to unravel in Chicago. Dallas comes in and makes a comment about Maddie needing to settle down and stop running. Eve and Henry are confused as to how he would know anything about Maddie? Dallas explains that he was a police officer in Chicago and he met her there. Maddie hisses that it is his fault; she was fine until she saw him and it all came back. Henry knows she needs to talk now so he walks to her side, hugs her and tries to calm her so she will open up. He paints a serene setting of them being at the Lakeview watching “A Wonderful Life” for the 10th time. Maddie seems to calm and Henry tells her that she needs to open up and tell them what happened in Chicago. There is a long pause and finally Maddie agrees to do just that.

Katie and Mike are sitting around talking about Carly and how aggressive she is by jumping into this venture; Mike thinks she has a lot to prove, morseo to herself now that she is alone. Mike then recalls how he felt when he thought he would be facing life alone after she went overboard. Katie assures him she is never going anywhere again. Mike wonders if she truly believes that Simon got the message? Katie really believes he did otherwise he would have been holding onto her wedding band as some type of sick trophy.

Vienna tells Simon she wants the ‘old Simon’ back. Simon again tells her that they have reached the end of the road. There is a world of pretty people with deep pockets. A dejected Vienna tells him fine she will leave and go to where the parties are hot as are the men. She looks Simon over one more time and starts to walk away. Simon grabs her and passionately kisses one last time before he sends her on her way. After she leaves, Carly walks into the lounge to meet the VP; Simon sees her and turns his head away from her so she won’t spot him. Carly sits for her meeting and starts to make her pitch as Simon eavesdrops.

The girl tries to tempt Luke by telling him it is a shame to waste this, as she takes a big swig. Luke watches closely. She apologizes for getting personal. Luke then apologizes back trying to explain he has a lot going on right now with his mom in the hospital. The girl empathizes and suggests that they don’t have to do anything more then talk if he wants. They start to sit when Kevin comes out and pulls Luke aside. He is short on supplies, as Luke eyes him not knowing what he is talking about. Kevin tells him he is talking about condoms. Luke tells him he doesn’t have any and when Kevin is ready to throw caution to the wind simply to finish what he started, Luke tries to stop him from having unprotected sex, but Kevin isn’t interested in hearing this and leaves to go back to his girlfriend. As he is heading back inside, he chides Luke in front of the girl about what is taking him so long; he needs to be a man and conquer. After he leaves, the girl smiles nervously and then laughs about his comment. He is a pig, but a fun pig. Luke watches after him for a moment and then decides he is ready for that drink, as he takes the bottle from her and takes a gulp.

Lucy tells Holden she hopes he and Luke are able to work things out and then she leaves. Damian continues to try to justify his actions; He made Luke feel bad after the fall. Holden sees him as twisting things. Just then though, Lucy comes back and nervously tells Holden that the nurse has paged Bob because there is a problem with the baby. Bob arrives a moment later to tell Holden that the baby is now presenting itself breach so they need to fix this. It could be very serious if Lily went into labor.

Lucinda arrives anxious to find out what is wrong? Bob continues by saying that they need to rectify the breach issue because performing a c-section under these circumstances on a comatose woman could be highly risky. They feel their best option is a procedure where they implore techniques outside the abdomen. They first have to do a no stress test on the baby to see if the heart is performing fine and if it is under duress. This procedure is their best option. He looks nervous as Holden asks the question everyone is thinking but noone is willing to ask. Are Lily and the baby in such risk that he could lose both of them? Bob pauses for a moment before he answers yes. Holden tells him to do the procedure. Holden and Lucinda go inside to sit with Lily. Holden tries to lighten the situation by explaining that the baby is doing summersaults and Bob has to do a procedure to fix it. He then turns to Lucinda he’s worried if he made the right choice. Lucinda stands by his decision as the only option they have. Holden thinks they need to find Luke so he can be with his mother. Lucinda tells him she will go call him now. Holden follows her out of the room and tells Damian he wants to know where Luke is now because Lily needs him – no more games.

Luke and the girl are now relaxed kicking back drinking. She is glad to see him loosened up. She thinks it would even more fun if they were out at his family’s pond; Luke tells her next time, which thrills her. She leans in and kisses him. Luke responds for a split second and then quickly backs off. He jumps up and the girl, a bit offended wonders what it wrong? He tells her he can’t do it. He hears Kevin’s voice echoing in his mind telling him to be a man. He turns and takes off.

Carly is showing Mr. Phillips her designs, but he is more interested in the bottom line. After reviewing her business plan he admits it is ambitious. She wants to know where to sign? He tells her on the dotted line, which she is in the process of doing, when he also tells her that he husband signs right below. Carly stops dead in her tracks. Why does her husband need to sign - this is her business. The man explains that she needs a cosigner with a stable financial base. Carly still doesn’t get why her signature alone is not fine? He gently explains that her credit is only fair with some late bills, plus she hasn’t been working consistently. She remarks bitterly that she has been busy raising kids. The man understands that but rules are rules. Carly starts to mention Mike’s name and the man tells her he would be a perfect cosigner, but Carly wasn’t mentioning he would be her cosigner, but rather a reference. That just won’t do, he explains. Carly tells him that her husband will not be cosigning her loan. Mr. Phillips then explains that without a cosigner the bank and she cannot do business. She needs to think this through and then get back to him. The man walks away and Carly is left sitting there solemnly fidddling with her business card, as Simon is still sitting nearby having heard the majority of the conversation.

Henry tells Maddie there is no reason for her to feel she needs to run away anymore. Maddie sits and then slowly starts her story. She had been living with Eve and Lewis when one night a bunch of her friends were invited to a frat party. She was tired of everyone riding her about always having her nose in the books and not being able to have fun. She pretended to be going to a sleep over. They were at this party and everything was fine until someone got her a drink. She slows down as everyone in the room listens closely and waits for her to gather up more courage knowing where this is going. She continues; she started to feel sick and the room started to spin. Next thing she knows, she is a room fighting off this guy who is too strong for her; everything is in slow motion. She picked up something to fight him off and then everything goes black. AS she is relaying this story, she gets those same quick flashes. The next thing she remembers she is in the emergency room and Dallas is there.

Margo pipes up first through the stunned silence. Did she have an exam? Maddie admits that she didn’t because she just wanted to go home. Is there anything else she can remember? Maddie doesn’t answer, so Dallas asks if her attacker was short, tall, black or white. Maddie then hears the word ‘fun’ echoing in her head. Maddie snaps loudly that she said she doesn’t remember. Margo thinks sometimes when you push and really try to focus, memories come back you never thought you had. Maddie isn’t interested in any of this though. Margo and Dallas leave to give them privacy and as they are leaving Maddie asks Margo not to tell Casey any of this, which she agrees to honor her wishes. A guilt ridden Eve wonders why she never told her or Lewis? All Maddie can answer is that she just couldn’t. Eve is upset that she should have seen this or sensed something. Henry, who is also racked with guilt, hugs Maddie promising that will never let her feel that alone or scared again. He apologizes for being so wrapped up with Emily not to notice her downward spiral as well.

Luke is driving in a trance; he remembers Lily falling down the stairs and then having a seizure. Kevin’s words then echo through his mind. He picks up the bottle and takes another gulp as he swerves a bit in the process. This is met with lights and a horn blowing, which wakes Luke up to what he is doing a little.

Damian tells Holden he has tried Emma’s and Java. He was supposed to be out with friends. Holden is annoyed that he doesn’t know where he is supposed to be. Damian admits he was trying to give him space. He has another thought; he may be out in his new car with his friends. Holden is shocked to hear this, but before he can get into this Lucinda comes back and Holden leaves. Lucy walks back up to Damian who is heading out as well. She hopes he understands why she did what she did. Damian tells her simply no he doesn’t understand.

Carly is somberly sitting at the table when Katie and Mike call asking how it went? She tells them sadly it didn’t go well. They ask if she wants to come over; she declines at first but then when Katie pushes suggesting they could brainstorm, she decides to take them up on it.

Eve promises Maddie that they will get her help and they will get her through this as a family. They start to leave, but Margo stops them and tells them unfortunately Maddie is being charged with criminal destruction of property and can’t go anywhere.

Carly is at Katie and Mike’s feeling sorry for herself. Her only option is to rob a bank, she jokes. Then maybe she can design for prisons. Mike and Katie promise that there is someone else out there who will not be afraid to risk working with her.

Simon has walked over to her table and picks up Carly’s business card looking like the wheels are starting to turn.

Lucy snaps at Damian that he put her in the middle of a bad situation. Damian tells her he was simply looking to her for help. Lucy is angry because she feels played because Luke should be with Holden. Damian snaps back that all he wanted was the best for Luke and if she knew him at all she would have trusted him on this, and with that he leaves in a huff.

Lucinda tells Holden she is still unable to locate Luke, but she left him a strong message; he will be there soon. Meanwhile, she has had Dr. Shiller paged so she can talk to them further about the procedure.

Luke is driving still as he picks up his cell phone and listens to his message. Almost immediately he hears Lucinda’s message and he exclaims Lily’s name outloud when he hears there is trouble. Intoxicated, he drops the phone, and when he goes to retrieve it, he veers towards a car whose headlights shine directly into his face.

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