ATWT Update Tuesday 7/18/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/18/06


Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo

Damian and Luke are at the hospital.  Damian tells Luke that he wants him to have sometime alone with his mother.  Luke asks how he knew that Holden wouldnít be there.  Damien tells him that Lucy told him.  Luke is suspicious, but Damien tells him that he and Holden are at odds and he should be able to see his mother.  Luke hugs him and goes into Lilyís room.

Lucy sees Holden at Java.  Lucy asks Holden if heíd like to have a cup of coffee with her.  Holden tells her that he was just on his way to see Lily, but agrees anyway.  Lucy tells Holden to get a table outside.  As he walks out, Lucy calls Damien.  Damien asks her to stall Holden so Luke can have more time with Lily.  Lucy tells him that she thinks it would be a good idea if they ran into each other; they would have a chance to talk.  Lucy tells him that she feels uncomfortable spying on Holden and says that she will have a cup of coffee with him and thatís it.  Damien tells her that he thinks thatís a good idea.  That way, Holden and Luke can talk it out.  Lucy goes outside with Holden.  Lucy asks how things are with Luke.  Holden tells her that Luke blames himself, but it isnít his fault.  He tells her that heís tried to tell him but he cant get in touch with him now that heís moved in with Damien.

Back at the Hospital, Damien goes into Lilyís room and tells Luke that Holden is on his way and itís probably a good time for them to leave.  Luke tells Lily that Holden blames him for her condition and hasnít tried to call him.  He also tells her that heís moved in with Damien and heís the only person on his side.  He kisses her hand and leaves. Luke tells Damien that heís going out on a double date with Kevin and his girlfriend.  Luke leaves and Holden comes in.  Holden tells Damien that he knows Luke would never hurt Lily and he knows that Damien had something to do with the Kreeger foundation.  Holden goes in to see Lily and Lucy asks where Luke is. 

Lucy tells him that he is not helping Luke and Holden.  Lucy tells him he doesnít want to argue about this. ďYou can do what you want.  Just leave me out of itĒ. 

Maddie, Casey, Lia, Gwen, and Jade are outside of Crash.  Maddie has just destroyed Liaís car and is now sitting by the front wheel with Casey.  Casey begs her to tell him what is wrong.  Maddie begins to tell him that she was sexually assaulted, but Margo interrupts. Margo asks whatís going on.  Casey explains what Maddie did.  Margo asks Maddie if that was true, but Maddie just stares in front her.  Jade tells Gwen that she thinks Maddie set the fire at crash too.  Dallas reads Maddie her rights and handcuffs her.  Casey asks if he could ride in the police car with her. 

Margo begins to answer, but Lia begins to cry.  She says that sheís freaked out and Margo suggests that Casey stay there.  Lia cries on Casey shoulder as Maddie is driven away in a police car.

Paul, Emily, Dusty, Meg, Susan, Tom, and Cass Winthrop are at the courthouse.  Emily has just been set free because of Dusty and Paul is furious.  Emily tells him that she and her baby won.  Paul is worried that she will shut him out but she tells him that unlike him, she wonít deny him time with his child.  Paul informs her that he will do whatever he has to do to put her away.  Emily tells him that he doesnít scare her anymore.  She begins to walk away but stops at the door and looks back at Paul.  Paul starts after her but Susan stops him.  Susan tells him he belongs in jail and the only reason heís upset is because he didnít get his way.  Meg suggests that they go home; Paul doesnít listen and goes to talk to Dusty.  Dusty tells him that he let Emily go because his wife asked him to and he should respect that.  He walks out of the courthouse and passes Emily and Susan.  Emily calls after him but Susan stops her.  Susan tells her that Dusty doesnít want to talk to her, and she should focus on planning her future.  Emily is exciting and canít believe that just the day before she was either going to jail or an institution.  Susan tells her that she owes it all to Jen.  Cass and Tom come out of the room and Emily asks if she could see Daniel.  Tom says that Daniel would be thrilled. 

Cass invites Susan and Emily to have a drink to celebrate. 

Henry is drinking at a bar.  He is talking to an unknown person on the phone and tells her to get there as soon as she can.  Emily walks in.  She tells him that because of Jennifer, she is a free woman. Emily hugs him and tells him that he is her best friend.  Henry then gets a call from Margo telling him that Maddie was arrested for destroying Liaís car seats.  Henry is shocked with the news and tells Margo heíll be right there.  He hangs up, and calls the person that he was talking to before Emily came in.  He tells her that its getting worse and she needs to be there as soon as possible.

Meg and Paul are still at the courthouse.  Paul is telling Meg that heís going to get Emily put in jail.  Paul tells her that she is not taking away his child.  Meg tells him that itís Emilyís child too.  Meg tells him that he has to share custody.  She tells him he needs to accept that and focus on them.  Meg tells him that he canít keep his baby away from its mother.  Paul asks her why sheís so mad all of a sudden.  Meg tells him that sheís losing him.  She says that he wonít be happy until he does what Jen said and forgive Emily.  Paul says that they should hire a lawyer.  Meg gets frustrated and tells him that heís trying to control things again.  She tells him that he better spend more time with her, or heís going to lose her.  Meg informs that he needs to forgive Emily and build a relationship with the child that will respect the fact that he as a mother.  If he canít do that, sheís leaving.   

Maddie and Dallas are in the interrogation room.  Dallas tells her that she needs to talk to him.  Margo comes in and asks Dallas to leave.  Margo takes Maddies hand and tells Maddie that she probably doesnít even remember slashing Liaís seats.  Maddie says yes and starts to cry.  Margo starts asking questions about that night.  Maddie then has flashes of her struggling to get a knife when she was sexually assaulted. Maddie tells her that she needed to stop Lia and Casey from kissing.  Margo says she has to talk to her as a friend, not a detective.  Margo reveals that she was sexually assaulted as well. 

Outside of Crash, Gwen, Jade, Casey, and Lia are standing around the car.  Gwen says that sheís still able to drive it, but Lia says itís not the same and her daddy will buy her a new one.  Lia tells them that sheís scared of Maddie and she could be coming after her next.  Gwen tells Jade to take Lia inside and call her dad.  Lia thanks Casey for staying with her and kisses him on the cheek.  Gwen asks Casey if he thinks that Maddie did all of that because she was jealous.  Casey wonders that if she was jealous, why did she break up with him?  Gwen says that itís obvious she loves him, but there something else going on.  Gwen asks about him and Lia.  Casey tells Gwen that heís not interested in Lia.  Gwen tells Casey that Maddie scared of something and he cant give up on her.  Casey says that he wants to help her, but he doesnít know how. 

Emily thanks Dusty for not sending her to jail.  He tells her that he doesnít forgive her; he was just doing what Jennifer wanted.

Dusty meets Barbara and Johnny at Java.  Barbara asks how heís doing.  Barbara says that she should do something everyday that Jen would approve of.  Dusty tells her that he too did something that Jennifer would have wanted.  Barbara asks what it was that he did.  Dusty tells her that he left Emily go free.  Barbara is furious.  Barbara tells him that heís hurt all of them and will regret it.  He said that he did it because itís what Jennifer asked. 

Luke is outside Java.  He calls Kevin and tells him he canít go out.  Kevin and the two girls walk up behind him and beg him to come.  Kevin puts his arm around Luke, who is looking very uncomfortable with the situation, and they leave to go to the party. 

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