ATWT Update Monday 7/17/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 7/17/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At Crash, Maddie seems to be in a far away place as she raises up a large knife while staring into the room as Lia moves in and kisses Casey. Jade walks up behind her and wonders what she is doing as Maddie whips around to face her hiding the knife.

At Java, Will and Gwen are grumbling about not having enough money for both of them to get coffees; they decide to make the best of it and share. Gwen wonders if Barbara was serious about the trust fund? Will laughs snidely; she probably meant it at the time when she promised to grant him access, but Barbara is famous for dangling his trust fund in front of him. Gwen thinks if she can sing a few more nights at Crash then they could get to go out on their elusive date night. They decide that it will be just as good if they rent a movie instead and pop some microwavable popcorn instead, as long as they are together. Barbara interrupts them; she is glad she found them because she needs to talk to them about the trust fund. It was more complicated then she thought. Will smirks knowingly where this is probably leading. He is floored when she continues by saying that after everything, he will have it today.

At the cottage, Mike and Katie are kissing. She looks down at her hand and tells him that this ring is never coming off her finger. Mike jokes when he tells her at least this one is insured. Mike then tells her that he has reserved a table for two at the Lakeview so they can continue to celebrate their honeymoon; Katie nuzzles up to him declaring the idea to be perfect.

At the Lakeview, Lucinda walks into the lounge and asks the nearest waiter if there has been money missing from the register; he answers confusedly there has not been. Then has any wealthy women reported any of their money gone? The waiter again answers no. She asks him if he has seen a dark haired Australian man around? He smiles and nods in the bar direction where she turns around to find Simon smiling charmingly at her. Miss me, he asks?

In court, the judge asks Emily how she pleads? Emily starts to answer when Dusty barges in; he is the victim and he wants to be heard. Some chaos occurs in the courtroom as Cass wants a recess and Tom announces that he is there to make sure Emily doesn’t go free. Tom directs his next statement to Dusty when he explains that there is a deal in place. Dusty informs him he doesn’t care about a deal. The judge orders a minute long recess. Tom tells Dusty he will get his justice, but Dusty answers him that he can’t and won’t. Meg and Paul are intently watching Dusty; Meg reassures Paul if he wants Emily to go free because of Jen’s dying wish, then they will deal. After a moment, the judge asks for Emily’s plea first before proceeding. Emily pauses and then answers, not guilty. Tom asks to approach the bench. Paul takes this opportunity to approach Dusty. He pleads with Dusty not to let Emily go after what she did to him. Dusty orders him away from him. Meanwhile, Susan is wondering if Emily should have said not guilty? She doesn’t know why Dusty is there and she is taking an awful risk, but Emily is sure and this is what she prayed for. The judge assumes the deal is now off the table? The two sides agree and they step back so they can set a trial date. Dusty interrupts the proceedings again to say he wants to be heard now. The judge explains he can testify and make a victim impact statement at the trial. That is not what he wants; he doesn’t want to go to trial. Tom doesn’t understand; Dusty explains if he takes this to trial then he will do it without his testimony because for him it is over now.

Jade wants to know what Maddie’s problem is? Why is she watching Casey and Lia? Jade looks towards them as they are kissing, as she speaks, and Maddie takes this opportunity to hide the knife in her purse. Maddie feigns not knowing what she means about watching them. She changes the subject; why is she there anyway? Jade answers that she works there and she is there to set up for the day. Jade remarks about the fire again and how they are lucky the place didn’t burn down, almost as if trying to bait Maddie. Maddie seems out of it and so Jade leaves and goes inside. Maddie goes back to watching Lia with Casey. Lia is hoping they can go somewhere to be alone, but Casey needs to set up for the tonight. Lia appears supportive as she takes the opportunity to mention how if Maddie did start the fire, she was probably trying to punish him since she knows how much he loves his job. Casey doesn’t think she would do that, but Lia is nervous for him supposedly and hugs him, as Maddie seethes while watching Lia play Casey. She turns and rushes out.

Barbara explains that there were a number of conditions in order to grant him access early. Jessica walks into the café and heads over to sit with them. She has the papers ready for them to be signed today. Will and Gwen continue to stare in disbelief. There has to be a catch? He can only get it once he graduates again or better if Barbara is allowed to pick out his clothes. Barbara and Jess smile and Barbara agrees she deserved that. However, there is no catch this time.

Lucinda smiles as she asks Simon why he would think she missed him? However, keeping an eye on him would be a public service. Simon returns the smile as he tells her that he heard about Lily and he is sorry, is there anything he can do? Lucinda appreciates that but she will come back to them soon. Lucinda teases him about bringing the ‘sincere Simon’ back to town. Why did he lure her there? Simon answers that he wants to buy her a drink. He has business on his mind. Lucinda thinks maybe he knows she is the only person he hasn’t bilked in this town. Why is he really in town? Mike and Katie arrive at the restaurant; Lucinda notices and smiles and turns back to Simon who has quickly ducked out of sight. Lucinda talks to them for a moment about how their cruise was. Katie and Mike offer their support with anything she may need while Lily is in the hospital. Lucinda tells them that they are going to be surprised when they see, as she whips around to face the bar, where Simon once stood. Mike and Katie are confused at what she meant at an empty bar, but Lucinda covers and they go on their way. Lucinda waves Simon back; she looked for him to be lurking behind a potted plant, but there wasn’t one for the size of his ego. He thanks her for not mentioning he was in town. Lucinda wants to know why he is hiding from Katie and her new hubby?

Will wonders if Gwen’s name can be on the account? Barbara smiles warmly and tells him that is for him to decide. He can add her easily. Jessica explains that the trust fund won’t be transferred in a lump sum but in installments for tax purposes. Barbara hands them their first check; will that be enough to start with? Will and Gwen look at the check and their eyes widen. They joke it should be plenty - for now. Will still expects there to be strings; Barbara reassures them again it is his free and clear, but then she adds there is something she wants, as Will knowingly smirks, sure this is his mother’s way of delaying it again until she gets what she wants. Barbara pauses for a moment and then simply says she just wants them to both be happy. Will and Gwen’s face show a mix of being stunned and relieved.

Jade approaches Casey about if his mom knows anything further about the fire? Do they have any leads and does he think they will arrest anyone? Casey knows that his mom won’t give this up, but why is she so concerned? Jade stares at Casey and then answers because she thinks she knows who started the fire. Meanwhile, outside Maddie rushes through the parking lot and she comes face to face with Lia’s car and her ‘fun’ vanity plate. In a trance, Maddie stares at it. She envisions seeing Casey and Lia kissing inside. She flashes back to seeing a dark room, a purse falling, a lamp, someone with their hand over her mouth, as she tries to reach for a knife. She hears the word fun echoing in her head as she repeatedly stabs the car seat.

The judge tells Dusty that he doesn’t decide if they do or don’t go to trial. Cass points out that without Dusty’s testimony they have no case or corroborating evidence. The judge asks Tom if that is true? Tom agrees that the case would be pretty much non-existent without Dusty. Paul is pleading with Dusty to not let Emily loose because they both know she could snap at any moment and this time they are endangering a child. Dusty calmly asks Paul is that is what he was thinking when he kept Johnny away? Paul understands but in his head these two situations are different. Dusty apologizes but tells him it is done. Tom tells the court that due to the new events, the state cannot proceed at this time. The judge announces the charges will be dropped against Emily. Paul jumps up yelling that they can’t let her go free; Emily is crazy and could snap at anytime; he has more proof because she shot him, as he rips open his shirt to show everyone. Cass quietly asks Emily to nod if it is true, which she does. Cass shakes his head in disgust; he stands back up prepared to put a spin on this. However, the judge stops him when he asks Paul if what he is claiming is true? An emotionally charged Paul answers that it is and most everyone in this courtroom knows this, including the defendant that admitted to it as well. Emily stands up and announces Paul is only trying to smear her name in order to get custody. The judge wants to know why there aren’t charges about this on file? Tom explains that at the time Paul was a fugitive and then he claimed the gunshot was self-inflicted. Paul adds that he was trying to cut her some slack by protecting her, but then she kidnapped another man and almost killed him. If Dusty doesn’t want to hold her accountable then that is his choice, but he does because Emily is a danger and shouldn’t be allowed on the streets. She admitted to the shooting months ago, but Cass in spin mode, reminds the court how confused she has been recently. Paul adds there was a deal made, but Cass spins that she was taking responsibility to get therapy to help because she was not in her right mind recently that doesn’t mean she was admitting to being held criminally responsible. The judge tries to calm everyone down and quiet the courtroom. Is there anyone who can testify on his behalf about Emily’s actions? Paul tells him yes, Meg Snyder.

Lucinda thinks it is funny that Simon didn’t know the difference from being minutes away from a resort or in the middle of a barren desert. Simon smiles; he did not follow them home; he came here because of her looking for a business partner. Lucinda coyly tells him she is always up for having a corporate eye candy on her arm. Simon grins back as he tells her he is too well funded for that role now. Simon looks past Lucinda and then ducks out of the way again as Katie and Mike walk back into the lounge because there is a problem with their table. Mike is irritated because he wanted things to be perfect tonight. Katie explains as long as people aren’t getting sick and noone is falling overboard, then it is. They decide to grab some champagne and go home to celebrate privately. Once they leave, Lucinda waves him back as Simon promises he is not here because of Katie, but rather to settle here for good. Lucinda smirks as she answers, or at least until he can win Katie back.

Jessica goes over more information about the trust fund and the people he can contact for financial help and questions. Will signs some more papers and then Jessica jokes he is now the envy of all his friends. Barbara happily walks Jessica out. Will and Gwen look at each other and start to giggle. They joke about now being able to get the super size popcorn with extra butter at the movies, but Will adds they could buy the movie theater now. Will wants to know what she wants to do with the money? Gwen happily talks about buying a bunch of music albums and maybe another guitar… or two. Will mentions that he would like to get a car. Then they fantasize about building a recording studio in their home, a studio for Will when he decides what he wants to do and a room for Johnny when he comes to visit. Will wants to set up a charity in Jen’s name, which Gwen thinks is a great idea. Gwen tells Will she has to go to work, as Will reminds her she never has to work again, but she loves to sing so she doesn’t consider it work. She will see him later to celebrate. As she is leaving, she bumps into Barbara; she thanks her for giving them hope when earlier they weren’t sure how they were going to make ends meet. Barbara thanks her for making Will happy and Gwen answers she plans on doing that for a long time.

Lia wants to stay with Casey but he balks; Lia pushes a bit and tells him she can do her stuff here at the club; she will just get her phone out of the car. She glances out the window and makes a noise of shock as she yells that Maddie is destroying her car. Casey runs to the window and then rushes out. Maddie is repeatedly stabbing the seat as the word ‘fun’ echoes in her head. She then flashes to her in a darkened room fighting someone and possibly stabbing them. Casey grabs her shoulder and Maddie comes out of her trance yelling for him not to touch her. He brings her back to present day; he wants her to give him the knife. Maddie glances over at Jade and Lia, but Casey wants her to focus on him. He takes the knife out of her hand and notices her arm is bleeding. Gwen runs up wondering what is going on? Did Maddie do that? Both girls nod. Casey wants to know what is making Maddie so angry; he pleads with her to talk to him. Gwen approaches them and tries to get Maddie to focus. Maddie, sitting with her legs pulled up to her chest pulls away from them, as Casey tells Gwen to call his mother.

Will comes back to the table with two coffees. He teases Barbara that he bought the most expensive and silliest coffee up there. Barbara returns the teasing by telling she is glad he is buying. Will asks how she is handling things? Barbara answers sadly that she still can’t believe Jen is gone. Will mentions Gwen thought she would be lonely and he wonders if she has any projects to keep her busy? Barbara smiles appreciatively and mentions she was at BRO yesterday but saw Jen everywhere. Will suggests she start fresh somewhere else then. She acknowledges the possibility, but she isn’t sure right now. Plus, she wants to be available to help with Johnny. She stops for a moment, looks Will right in the eye and assures him she will never put her career before her family again. She asks what they plan on doing first with the money? They want to start slow; they need a place of their own. Barbara smiles and mentions that she knows of a place that would be a perfect home for the two of them.

Tom is asking Meg questions about when she found Paul. She is explaining how she found Paul bleeding and shot after Emily rolled him over a bluff; he was nearly dead and she did everything in her power to save him. She is a nurse and has seen many gun shot wounds and was aware that he was shot in the back. Tom stresses that would make it impossible for someone to shoot themselves that way then? Meg wholeheartedly agrees. Tom is done, so Cass asks her questions.

Did she witness the shooting? Meg stalls then answers no. She knows Emily was furious for being jilted at the altar though; Cass interrupts her, but she has no direct knowledge that it was Emily that pulled the trigger though? The judge stops this and wonders if the state can proceed with a case? Tom reluctantly answers that he doesn’t have enough solid evidence right now. Paul answers that he was trying to give her a break when he protected her; Tom answers back that he did just that now. The judge decides that Emily is free to go. Susan and Emily jump up and hug; Susan happily tells Emily she did it. Paul watches with an icy look on his face and Dusty looks down at the floor with no emotion whatsoever.

Katie and Mike are lying on the couch wrapped in sheets after having made love. Katie wonders why they ever needed a change of scenery? Mike responds that she saved him when she took him on that cruise because things had gotten so weird. The doorbell rings and they kiss wanting to ignore it, but whoever it is, is persistent. Finally, Katie and Mike get up and answer the door. It is a deliveryman. They sign for the box and come back inside to open it. Katie reads the note, “Katie I found this after you left and I knew you would want it. All my best, Simon.” She exclaims that he found her wedding ring after she sees her wedding ring in the box. She happily puts it on her finger in front of the new one. Mike remarks bitterly Simon probably stole it off her hand as she slept. Katie thinks this is good news. Mike is confused how hearing from Simon would be a positive thing? Katie rereads the line about ‘all his best;’ it did not read love, or always will be patiently waiting for you. His statement means he accepts them. Mike is amazed she could read all of that into one line. Katie smiles and mentions how she thinks she will leave both on her finger even though she can’t really bend her finger. Mike smiles and kisses her.

Simon repeats that he is not in town for Katie; he is here to make more money. Lucinda needles Simon about Oakdale being where vast investment opportunities are, as opposed to New York or London. He knows people here though; Lucinda counters that people know him as well and they may scatter when they see him coming. He promises he is on the up and up this time. Lucinda wonders if he is biding his time till he figures out whatever it is he wants, and then he will see fit to tell Katie and Mike he is in town?

Barbara razzes Will about living in a suite at the Lakeview; there just happens to be one down the hall. Will smiles. He has got to get to class. Barbara doesn’t want him to be a stranger, to which Will promises she will be their first house guest for dinner.

Maddie seems to be half in a zombie state still. Gwen asks Lia and Jade if they know what set her off? Jade answers probably because she saw Lia and Casey kissing. She doesn’t get it though since she was the one who broke up with Casey. Gwen understands because if the same happened with her and Will she would go crazy if he was with someone else. Meanwhile, Casey is trying to bring Maddie out of it. Lia told him she thought she was jealous when she saw them together, but he couldn’t imagine she would be since she broke up with him. What is going on? Maddie finally answers that she doesn’t know, but things are so confused in her head. Casey wants her to talk to him before the police get there.

Cass quickly approaches Dusty thanking him, but also apologizing for his loss. Dusty just nods barely. Emily is stunned and thrilled; she and her baby are free. Paul is fuming over in the corner with Meg as he watches Emily’s jubilance. Meg tries to get him to leave; they have plenty of time to figure this out before the baby comes. Paul ignores her words and walks away and over to where Emily and Susan are. He won’t let her hurt their child. Emily’s eyes narrow, as she demands he get out of her way; he can’t touch her now.

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