ATWT Update Friday 7/14/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 7/14/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Mike and Katie’s place, Mike carries Katie over the threshold and they start kissing once they get inside the house. Mike and Katie hear a noise and Mike is on guard and calls out for Simon. Carly comes out and wonders why they thought she was Simon. Mike and Katie tell Carly the whole story about Simon crashing appearing on their honeymoon cruise. Carly tells Mike and Katie the sad news of Jennifer’s death from complications of her pneumonia. Mike is hit hard by the news and when Katie is in the kitchen he asks Carly to stay with Katie while he goes to run an errand. Carly asks Mike if she should say something to Carly in case she worries about him. Mike tells Carly just to tell Katie he loves her. Katie comes out of the kitchen and Carly gives her Mike’s message. Mike goes to the Lakeview to meet with Nancy who picked up a present that Mike wanted to give to Katie. Mike walks Nancy out and a few minutes later Simon arrives at the hotel and checks in telling the clerk that he plans to stay for a while. Mike Carly tries to take Katie’s mind off Mike by offering to help her make dinner but Katie tells her they have no food in the house. Carly offers to go grocery shopping with her but Katie worries Mike is slipping away from her again. Carly encourages Katie to fight for her marriage. Carly tells Katie that she and jack are over and now she wants to get a loan from the bank to start her own business. Mike arrives home and Katie runs in his arms and they begin to kiss so Carly leaves the lovebirds alone. Mike explains to Katie that Jennifer’s death made him realize he shouldn’t put things off until tomorrow. Mike gives Katie a ring box that holds an exact duplicate of her wedding ring, which she lost on their honeymoon. Katie cries a little and gives Mike a hug and a kiss. Mike vows that he won’t ever lose Katie again. Katie repeats the same words back to Mike and they begin kissing.

At Crash, Lia and Casey arrive to meet Margo and talk to her about the fire. Lia tells Casey she suspects that Maddie burned her sweater and started the fire. Casey asks Lia not to say anything to Margo because he doesn’t think Maddie is capable of starting a fire. Lia gives Casey a kiss and promises not to say anything for his sake. Margo arrives and Lia tells her she hung her sweater on a chair and went dance with Casey and the next thing she knew her sweater was on fire. Once Lia is gone Casey asks Margo to act like his mother and not a cop and listen to what he is going to tell her. Margo promises to do so and Casey tells her that Lia suspects Maddie sent the fire. Casey explains to Margo that he asked her not to say anything because even though Maddie broke up with him he didn’t want to see her dragged to the station in handcuffs. Margo promises to handle things with Maddie but she asks Casey to promise not to try to handle things himself. At the Lakeview, Lisa tells Maddie that the police suspect arson in the fire at Crash. Lisa leaves with her order of coffee for Margo and Jade wonders why Maddie lied about being at Crash. Maddie tells Jade she wasn’t at Crash but Jade tells her she saw her there and if the police ask her she won’t lie to them. Maddie tells Jade that she could also implicate her as a suspect since she was also at the club. Jade makes it clear to Maddie that she won’t take the blame for something somebody else’s crime.

Henry arrives after Jade leaves and wants to cry on Maddie’s shoulder because Emily asked him to leave the courthouse. Henry notices that Maddie looks like something is bothering her. Henry encourages Maddie to tell him what her problem is so he can help her. Henry thinks its Casey but Maddie assures him that she is over Casey. Henry tries to coax Maddie into telling him her problem but she gives him a kiss and says she must leave to do an errand. Maddie runs outside to get way from Henry’s questions. Maddie ends up at Crash and she sees Casey and Lia sitting in a booth. Maddie has memories of her attacker again and Mixes them up with memories of Casey and their relationship. Maddie grabs a big Knife from the counter and holds it as she continues to watch Casey and Lia.

Margo arrives at the Lakeview and tells Henry that Maddie is a suspect in the fire at Crash. Margo advises Henry to encourage Maddie to tell him what is bothering her because if she continues to act out it could lead to some dangerous consequences.

At the courthouse, Tom tells the judge that he is happy that Emily is sorry for her actions and that she helped save Johnny but she still must face the consequences of her crimes. Cass tells the judge that Emily is truly sorry for her actions and she saved Johnny’s life because she cared about this child and wanted him to live. Cass tells the judge that Emily never thought that donating her stem cells to Johnny would keep her from going to jail. Emily tells the judge that she did all of these horrible things because she had a psychotic break when Paul refused to marry her on their wedding day. Emily tells the judge that she has worked really hard in therapy and now she understands why she did those terrible things. The judge asks Emily if she has anybody to take care of her baby while she is gone. Paul stands up and says that he is the baby’s father and he and his girlfriend Meg will be taking care of the baby. The Jude goes to chambers for about half an hour to decide what to do. Dusty returns to the mountain cabin and walk through the cabin slowly and remember everything Emily did to him while she held him captive. Dusty tells himself that Emily deserves whatever she is going to get from the judge. Jennifer appears to Dusty again and advises him to let go of the past and concentrate on a happy future with Johnny. Dusty tells Jennifer that it is so hard to live without her and she and Johnny are in his head all the time. Jennifer strokes Dusty’s hair and tells him she understands his pain. Jennifer reminds him that if it weren’t for Emily Johnny wouldn’t be with him now to help him get through the pain of losing her.

Jennifer tells Dusty that dwelling on the past isn’t good for him. Jennifer tells Dusty she wants him to move on and be happy so that Johnny can grow up to be a happy and confident young man. Jennifer disappears and one tear rolls down Dusty’s cheek as he asks Jennifer to wait. At the courthouse, the judge is empathetic to Emily and is glad that she saved Johnny’s life. The judge reminds her that she still must face the consequences of her crimes. The judge decides that Emily should go back to jail while she waits on a date for the trial. Paul and Meg arte happy they won and they go outside in the hallway. Cass asks the judge for a few minutes to discuss her plea. Cass encourages Emily to plead guilty and he will try to make a deal for a ten-year jail sentence. Emily cries a little as she considers her options. Dusty arrives and Paul tells him the hearing is over and even if he spoke on Emily’s behalf the judge has already said that Emily is going to trial. Dusty pushes past Paul and Meg and bursts inside the courtroom. Dusty demands to speak to the judge. The judge asks Dusty who he is and what his connection is to the case. Dusty tells the judge that he is the victim and he wants to be heard.

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