ATWT Update Thursday 7/13/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/13/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Crash, Maddie is just outside the door when Casey dedicates a song to his girl and she smiles as she starts inside but then she sees Casey give Lia a quick kiss and tell her he dedicated the song to her. Kevin introduces Luke to a friend of his girlfriend Libby and thinks they should all double date. Luke tells Kevin that he isn’t into girls but Kevin doesn’t understand what Luke means Kevin just says that he knows girls can be a hassle but men can’t live without them. Jade tells Luke he should tell Kevin he is gay but Luke is determined not to ever tell Kevin the truth.

At Java, Lucy cries a little as she tells Damien she went to Jennifer’s funeral and Dusty threw her out because he thinks she is responsible for Jennifer’s death. Damian takes Lucy’s hand and tells her Dusty had no reason to treat her that way because she only went there to pay her respects to Jennifer. Lucy thinks Damian is like her guardian angel because he is always there for her when she is feeling sad. Damian tells Lucy that he thinks Luke needs her to be his guardian angel because Holden blames Luke for his mother’s accident and that has created a distance between them. Damian also tells Lucy that Holden has a hard time controlling his temper lately and he is afraid Holden might do something to Luke. Damian asks Lucy to let him know when Holden leaves the hospital so that Luke can come by and see Lily. Lucy doesn’t believe Holden would ever take out his anger on Luke. Lucy also doesn’t think its right to spy on Holden so she refuses to tell Damian when Holden leaves the hospital. Damian tells Lucy Luke has been very sad and Lonely since Lily’s accident and he thinks it would be wonderful for him to be able to sit and talk to her even if she is in a coma. Lucy agrees to tell Daman when Holden eaves the hospital.

Luke arrives to get some take out food and gives Lucy a kiss on the cheek as she leaves to go back to the hospital. Damian tells Luke that Lucy agreed to help him see his mother.

At the Lakeview, Dusty drowns his sorrows at the bar and isn’t thrilled to see Meg but when Meg tells him she doesn’t know Paul’s whereabouts then he decides to buy her a drink. Paul arrives at Jennifer’s suite and Barbara gives him Johnny to hold and asks him to tell her what is really bothering him which he can’t seem to tell anyone else. Paul tells Barbara that he had a fight with Meg because Meg thinks that he should honor Jennifer’s last wish and at least let Emily have some contact with her child even if she ends up in jail or a hospital for treatment. Paul explains to Barbara hat he thinks Emily is just as dangerous as Craig and he feels that he should protect his child from her. Barbara agrees with Paul and tells him he should put his child’s needs above everything else even Meg. Paul suddenly realizes that he doesn’t want to become the kind of parent Barbara is and maybe Meg has a point. Barbara tells Paul that one thing that she has learned from Jennifer’s death is that nothing should come between a parent and their child because they need to spend time making memories. Paul tells Barbara that he loves Meg and they will make up eventually because she knows him better then anyone else and loves him anyway.

At the hospital, Henry, arrives to give Emily moral support the night before her hearing. Emily smiles and gives Henry a hug as she asks for his help to escape the hospital and go on the run. Emily explains to Henry that Paul is rich and he is determined she will never have contact with her child. Emily tells Henry that going on the run is the only way she can protect her child and watch it grow. Henry tries to make Emily see that thins will only get worse if the police catch up to her. Emily is determined to go through with the escape even though she has no idea what she will do once she is out of the hospital. Henry helps Emily against his better judgment and he sneaks her outside on a gurney.

Henry gives Emily some Money he won in a race and Emily is about to leave when Susan arrives and manages to persuade her daughter to go back to her room and face whatever happens in the hearing tomorrow.

At Crash, Casey makes a date with Lia because Maddie is watching him and he wants to make her jealous. Casey whispers to Lia that they should go have some fun and Maddie remembers kissing Casey and her attacker telling her they should go have some fun. Lia comes over and acuses Maddie of stalking her and Casey. Lia reminds Maddie she asked her if it was okay to date Casey and she told her that she could have him so now she should give her a chance with him. Lia and Casey leave and Maddie again has the same memory of kissing Casey and her attacker whispering to her that they should go have some fun.

Maddie decides to go outside of crash and burn some things that Casey gave her while she keeps replaying these mixed up memories in her head she puts to many matches in the barrel and the fire gets to big. Casey and everyone outside see thee fire and Casey is the first one to run and begin to try and put the fire out.

At the Lakeview, Dusty and Meg sit at the bar and Meg starts to see Paul’s point that Emily is dangerous and he should keep the baby away from her. Dusty thinks that Paul sent Meg there to persuade him to be tough on Emily at the hearing tomorrow. Meg tells Dusty that Paul didn’t send her to talk to him she just needed a drink. Dusty screams for Meg to stop lying to him and grabs her arm. Meg tells Dusty that she understands his pain but violence won’t bring Jennifer back to him. Dusty tells Meg that she, Paul and Emily took precious time from him, Jennifer, and Johnny and he doesn’t know if he can ever forgive any of them. Dusty tells Meg to leave and eventually Paul catches up to her and he tells her that he must fight for his child. Meg says she understands and she feels terrible because Dusty thinks she, he and Emily are evil for taking time away from he and Jennifer and the worst thing is she thinks he is right. Meg tells Paul she understands his side of things now and Paul tells Meg she understands his point but she is still confused about the right thing to do. Dusty arrives at the suite and Barbara gives Johnny to Dusty and offers to stay with the baby for a while if he needs to get some rest. Dusty thanks Barbara for her offer but he wants to be alone with his son.

Dusty sits on the couch with Johnny and thinks about what he should do tomorrow. Dusty imagines Jennifer is with him and she tells him she understands how much he loves her but seeking revenge against Emily won’t give them back the time they lost with each other. Jennifer tells Dusty that keeping a mother away from her child won’t bring her back to life. Dusty tells Jennifer that he can’t ever forgive, Emily, Paul, and Meg from stealing the time he could have had with her and Johnny. Jennifer asks Dusty that if he can’t forgive he should let it go for his sake and for Johnny because if he hangs on to the bitterness he and Johnny will never be happy. Jennifer tells Dusty that the thing she wants most for him and Johnny is for them to be happy. Jennifer’s image fades and Dusty repeats that he will never forgive the people who robbed him of time with Jennifer.

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