ATWT Update Wednesday 7/12/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 7/12/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At Java, Maddie is blocked between Casey and Dallas. She tries to squeeze by to walk away, but Casey steps in front of her telling her he is not going to let her leave until he gets to the bottom of whatever is bothering her.

At the hospital, Tom comes into Emily’s room where Susan is. She explains that Hal arranged for Emily to attend Jen’s memorial service. They had become close recently again. Is there a message she can relay? Tom is trying to give them a heads up so the transition is as comfortable as possible. She knows the hearing is tomorrow, but what transition is he talking about? Tom tells a shocked Susan that in order to prepare Emily for her hearing tomorrow they have to transfer her to the Oakdale PD later and then after the hearing she will either be going to jail or another secured mental facility. Either way, she will not be coming back to the hospital.

At the church, Gwen sings as all of the people attending sadly listen caught up in memories of Jen. After she is done, the minister thanks her for singing and then he talks about Jen’s passing and how her spirit doesn’t die but rather it is alive and living on in Jen’s family and friends. As the priest continues to speak, Kim leans over to Bob and whispers about how she is worried about Dusty and is wondering where he went?

Outside the church, Lucy is explaining how she came to pay her respects; Dusty tells her not to go in. She wasn’t planning on doing that until the service was over. Is there anything she can do, she wonders? Coldly Dusty answers, no she has done enough, as he walks away from her. Lucy persists; she knows him and how he gets with someone he loves. It is hard for him to communicate how deeply he feels. She just wanted him to know she understands him. Dusty answers flatly that the only person who knows anything about him is dead. She reminds him they were friends before anything else and she still considers him one; she came to check on him… as a friend. Dusty shakes his head; he doesn’t know what she is looking for, but if it is forgiveness she wants, then she has come to the wrong place.

Meanwhile inside the service is coming to a conclusion. The priest invites everyone back to Barbara’s. Paul and Meg get up quickly to make their exit, but Emily goes after them. Paul snaps that it isn’t a good time, but Emily continues since she has no choice being on a short leash and all with the hearing tomorrow. Paul is irate at how she is pressing the issue now. He thought she supposedly didn’t need for Jen to go to bat for her? Emily agrees but she appreciated Jen’s support anyhow. Paul spits that he knows she was using his sister as a means to end… a get out of jail free card; she is gone and it is just him she has to deal with now, and he won’t let her get away with this.

Susan wants to know why Tom wants to persecute her? Tom wonders how what Emily did is his fault? She was the one who committed the felony. Does she think it is easy on him to see the mother of his child behind bars and for Daniel to never meet his half brother? Emily brought all of this on herself.

Casey is mad because everything was fine with them before Dallas came to town and now he hears from Henry that Maddie is talking about leaving town. Dallas answers by saying maybe that is what she needs right now; there is pressure on her and maybe getting away would help her emotional well-being. Dallas leaves to give them some privacy. Casey turns to Maddie and asks if she feels he is pressuring her or making things worse? He just wants her to talk to him. Maddie stops for a moment and then agrees to. Casey tells her his feelings haven’t changed and he doesn’t think he needs to keep convincing her of this. Maddie offers that her feelings haven’t changed for him either. She has never felt this way though; she feels as if she has no control. When they started to get closer seeing Dallas reminded her of something she didn’t want to think about. Casey wonders what Dallas wants from her though? He is not connected to her in a way that he might think. However, until she can control or get rid of the bad memories she can’t be with him, but it in no way has anything to do with him. Casey thinks the solution is to slow things down, go back to the beginning and take the pressure off. Maddie smiles at his thoughtful suggestion. He takes her hand and tells her they will get back to just having fun. Maddie cringes as she hears the word fun echoing inside her head.

Emily pleads that she is just asking for some consideration before her hearing tomorrow. She just wants to be a part of her child’s life. Paul reminds her she is going to jail, but she tells him he doesn’t know that. Paul wonders how she could ask to be a part of her child’s life? Does she want him to bring their child to visit her at the prison, so they can talk through bars? Does she think their child should show her mug shot at show and tell in kindergarten? Emily brushes tears away as she says no. Paul is glad because that means they are on the same page.

Hal is talking to Margo about how memorial services are supposed to help with closure but this didn’t help with that because he has a hole in his heart he feels never will be filled. Margo assures him that is natural. Hal is watching Carly play and hug Parker as he tells Margo that the message here today is to keep your children close. Margo hands Hal an envelope, which Adam had sent overnight to him so he would have it today. She apologizes for him saying it was so sudden that he couldn’t get away, but he was worried and thinking of him and he sends his love, as she hands him the envelope.

Parker tells Carly how he misses her; he loves his dad but it is hard and sad living there right now. Carly understands but doesn’t think they should talk about this with Hal right now; he needs their support so they should head over and say hi. Parker runs over to Hal and asks how he is doing? Hal answers that he is ok but he has been thinking about how Parker must be missing his mom; he thinks it is time they talk about it. Carly and Parker’s face show cautious hope.

Emily doesn’t want to put her child in an awkward position but she can’t just turn her back on her child either; she wants their child to know she cares for him. Paul tells her that he is filing for sole custody. Emily’s voice is sounding desperate as she reminds Paul that Jen wanted their children to grow up together and know one another. She will be in jail and that is all that matters now. Emily then turns her attention to the fact she should talk to Dusty. Paul tells her that he won’t want anything to do with her because he just buried his wife. Dusty remembers only how she kidnapped, tortured and would have killed him; he wants nothing to do with helping her. The officer assigned to Emily sees her getting riled up and suggests they go now, but Emily has worked herself up into a frenzy; she needs to talk to Dusty as she pushes the officer away. Emily is crying as she reminds Paul that Jen forgave her. Paul answers that she would have changed her mind if she had witnessed this. Her actions right now are why he is filing for sole custody; she has proven again how volatile she is.

Lucy is defending her actions to an angry Dusty. She warned Jen of her condition, she noted it in the chart and she even suggested he look at her chart. Dusty reminds her that she never told anyone that mattered though. Lucy isn’t even sure that it would have mattered if she had stayed in the hospital. Maybe Jen knew that deep down, and that is why she was desperate to get home to be with her child and him. She never wanted Jen to suffer or die. What does he want from her? Dusty stares at her for a moment and then tells her his wife died because of her and he walks away. He strides quickly by Emily, Paul and Meg and when Emily calls desperately out to him, he ignores her and keeps going. Emily stares not knowing what to do next. She walks up close to Paul and whispers that deep in his heart he knows what he is doing is wrong, and then she is led away by the officer. Paul sarcastically remarks how funny it is to hear her talk about what he is doing is wrong. She is the one that held her fetus hostage. Meg is staring at Paul. Why is she looking at him like that, he asks Meg? He called Emily’s bluff about Dusty. Since Jen’s death he has no idea what he is planning on doing about Emily. Paul remarks sadly that he doesn’t know much anymore himself either since Jen is gone. Meg holds his hand as she suggests they get out of there. Paul wonders if he should talk to Dusty to see where he stands, but Meg cautions against this. He will not respond well if Paul corners him as Emily just did to him. Give it time, as she drags him out of the church.

Jack tells Parker they should go get the ball out of his car and play catch so his parents can talk. Once they leave, Hal explains that since he just lost Jen he doesn’t want Carly to feel she is losing Parker. He made a mistake when he tried keeping Parker from her, and he has no idea what he was thinking. He misses Jen so much and he doesn’t want her to feel half of that by not being with her son. Carly thanks him so much as they hug. They go off to tell Parker together. Hal tells him outside that he has been thinking about how good it was to have him living with him, but he thinks he should go back to live with his mom. A happy Parker asks if it is ok? Hal reassures him that it is, but he wants him to come by for pancakes on Sunday. He is sure JJ and Sage misses and need him too. Parker hugs him appreciatively. Margo and Hal leave. Parker asks his mom if it is ok to feel happy on such sad day? Jack answers that adults often feel conflicting emotions at the same time and it is ok. Parker wants Jack to come home with them, but Jack can’t. He will make an effort to see him soon though. Parker is sad and doesn’t understand why things can’t be the same. Carly tries to explain that there is always going to be change in life. Parker doesn’t like this answer so Carly tries to divert his attention further by asking if he wants to call JJ from the car to tell him the good news? Carly ushers him off with a quick sad backwards glance towards Jack, who returns the gaze.

Dusty thanks Will for his words and for standing up as his best man. Will tells him that he is glad they are family because he means a lot to him, as they hug. Gwen hugs and kisses Dusty as well and then they leave. Dusty approaches Barbara, whose back is to him, as she stares at the blown up picture of Jen. She steps forward to take it down, but Dusty stops her telling her to leave it. Barbara tells Dusty that her daughter loved him completely and that means the world to her. She hugs him, as she silently cries. She wants him to come by now, get some food and spend time with Johnny. Dusty tells her he will later after he spends some more time with his wife. Barbara kisses him and after she leaves, Dusty sits down in front of her picture and just stares at her.

Maddie seems to be out of it as she is experiencing this memory. She jumps up suddenly and pulls away from Casey. He wants to know what happened? He won’t touch her anymore if that will help; she needs to take a deep breath. He loves her and he would never judge her; she can tell him whatever happened and he won’t even talk or say anything back if that will help. They can start over. Maddie stares at him for a moment and then starts to cry as she tells him she wishes they could, as she turns and runs out. She doesn’t even realize she almost knocked down Lia on her way out the door. Lia seizes the opportunity and slowly approaches a depressed Casey; how are things going at Crash? Casey tells her that things are great and she should come check it out sometime. Lia tells him coyly that maybe she will, as he walks away.

Emily comes back to her room where Susan is packing her stuff up. What is she doing? Susan tells her that Tom came by to tell her about the hearing tomorrow; she will not be coming back to the hospital; she will either be going to jail or to another secure facility. Emily thought that she would be staying there while she was awaiting her trial. Susan apologizes for that. Emily laments that noone wants her to be a mom and noone is on her side. She tells Susan how Paul stood up in church and told everyone he would be raising his child on his own and then later he told her he was filing for sole custody. Dusty won’t even look at her. Susan recognizes maybe Dusty is preoccupied right now though. She wants Emily to concentrate on the next day and how she has to be on top of her game to deal with the judge. She is going to get another plastic bag for her toiletries. As she is heading out the door, she turns and tells Emily that no matter what, she is proud of how generous she was for Johnny. Emily smiles slightly in appreciation, but then after Susan leaves, sinks heavily onto her bed.

Meg and Paul arrive at the Lakeview; they are going up to Barbara’s but he needs a minute after his run in with Emily. Meg starts; she thinks Emily had a point. Paul asks sarcastically if that was before or after she attacked the guard? Jen forgave her and she wanted them to do that as well. Paul thinks there is a big difference between forgiving and exposing his child to danger. Meg doesn’t think it is fair to judge Emily now since her back is up against the wall. Paul answers that she is in court tomorrow because she is a criminal when her back is up against the wall. She thinks she loves the baby she is carrying and that keeping them apart is making a big mistake. It isn’t a mistake; it is common sense and he is not letting that woman anywhere near his child. Meg looks worried; is he is listening to himself because he is doing it again.

At her suite, Barbara is smiling over some photos that were delivered to her today; they are of Jen and Johnny. Gwen offers to put them in the book with the other pictures. Does she want them to get out the food? Barbara tells them she wants them to sit down. She tells them how much she appreciates their help and support. She turns to Will. Does he know how much she loves him? He probably doesn’t and that is her fault. She never showed it in a truly loving manner. She has learned something from Jen’s death, and that is that you can only protect you kids so much. You can love, cherish and advise but that is it. She is trying to be a kindler and gentler mom when she tells them that she is releasing his trust fund back to him with no strings attached. Of course she wants him to finish high school and graduate college but she won’t push, as she smiles. Gwen intercedes with a smirk that she will make sure he did that anyway. Barbara laughs for a second when she tells her she knew she liked her. She will go to the bank tomorrow and make arrangements. A stunned and silent Will finally speaks as he wonders why she is really doing this?

At the hospital, Lucy is trying to stop herself from crying as she is trying to put on her lab coat. Damian comes up behind her and helps her. Why has she been crying, he asks concerned? She tells him she just came from Jen’s memorial service. Damian connects the dots; Jen was the patient she was talking about the other day? It was, and now her husband hates her. Damian thinks she is using too strong of a word. He thinks she should give him time. She knows he blames her and he is right to do so because it is her fault. Damian comforts her by hugging her.

Maddie is back at Java looking behind the sofa when Lia comes up holding her purse; is she looking for this? Maddie tells her she was and goes to take it from her but Lia pulls it back; she wants to talk to her first. She is not the type of girl to go after someone else’s boyfriend. Casey and her are through right? They are friends so she just wants to know before she takes Casey up on his offer to go out. He made it sound as if they were over, so are they? Maddie glares at her and then tells her to do what she wants.

At the Lakeview, Casey meets up with his parents outside Barbara’s door. Margo wonders if he talked to Maddie? He tells her for what it is worth he did, but she doesn’t’ want to talk to him. He bemoans that he thinks she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Margo assures him that is not the case, as she gives him a hug.

Damian gives Lucy his handkerchief. She thanks him but tells him she is going to be late for her shift. He wonders if it was a shift she was assigned or one she took on to get her mind off of things? Lucy smiles as she tells him he knows her. He suddenly suggests she come home with him, which raises Lucy’s eyebrows. He could make something to eat, get her a cold drink and he knows Luke would love to see her. Lucy isn’t sure. He must not have come here to see her dealing with this issue? He answers that he was here to see how Lily was and there has been no change. Lucy reminds him that the baby is still stable and ok. Damian tells her there is nothing he can do for Lily so he asks her again to come to the house with him… he could use the company.

Does he want to take another baby away from its mom? Do they want to go down that road again? After the service today she wonders about how they took Jen’s baby and the regret they live with now. Paul wonders why she has done a 180 when it comes to Emily? When someone dies, you look at things differently, she explains. She is not implying she doesn’t want to help him raise his child, but she has reservations now about how to handle Emily. She does not want to deny her access to her own baby or lie about her. She can send letters from jail; the baby won’t learn to read until 5 so they have many years before they have to cross that bridge. She doesn’t like when he starts to live in a world that is black and white. Emily is not a monster. Paul strongly feels his job is to protect his baby against Emily. Meg strongly thinks they shouldn’t be going against Jen’s dying wish for them. Maybe he can live with that, but she can’t, as she stomps off.

Emily is quietly sitting on her bed; Susan is worried. She tells her she is just thinking of her baby. Susan wants her to focus on her baby and the fact that it is healthy. She will be right back. After Susan steps out, Emily rubs her stomach talking to her baby; if Dusty won’t help them then they will just have to find another way.

Barbara tells Will that he is a grown man with a remarkable wife. Either way he can spend the money, not spend the money, or he could leave it in the bank and let it grow. She knows he will use it wisely. She just wants him to be comfortable and she wants him to have a home because she knows he hasn’t had it easy. She loves them both and she is happy Gwen is a part of her family. She just lost her daughter and it is a comfort to know she has such a wonderful daughter-in-law. A knock at the door interrupts them. Barbara takes a deep breath and goes to get it. In walk Margo, Tom, Casey, Kim, Bob, Lisa and Nancy. What would she do without her friends? They pour the champagne and Barbara wants to toast to her beautiful loving child, Jen. Everyone smiles and raises their glasses.

Meanwhile, Dusty is still sitting silently in front of Jen’s picture at the church. He seems mesmerized by her picture, lost in memories.


In loving memory of Benjamin Hendrickson 1950-2006

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