ATWT Update Tuesday 7/11/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/11/06


Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo

Katie and Simon are on the “deserted” island.  The two have agreed on a truce.  Katie tells Simon that they are not together any more.  At that moment Mike comes out of the bushes.  Katie rushes to him and Mike gives Simon a dirty look.  Mike tells Katie that he found her thanks to the golfer at the resort.  Katie is stunned that they weren’t really deserted on an island and Simon lied to her again.  Simon denies knowing about the resort a few feet away.  Katie defends Simon by saying that he kept her safe.  Mike says that he knew they weren’t stranded.  Katie refuses to believe it and goes and tells Simon thank you.  As she’s walking away she steps on the golf ball.  Katie picks up the golf ball and throws it at Simon’s head.  Mike tells Katie to go to bar.  Mike stays behind to talk to Simon.  Simon continues to lie about knowing about the resort.  Mike turns to walk away then punches Simon.  Mike warns him that he’s not going to tell him to stay away again.  Mike joins Katie at the bar.  Katie says that she lost her ring and Mike suggests getting married again.  Meanwhile, Simon is on the beach.  Then he finds Katie’s wedding ring in the sand.

Margo and Casey are at Java.  The two discuss Will and the memorial.  Margo asks if Maddie is going to be there, but Casey assures her that she’s not going to go if she thinks he’s going.  Margo tells Casey that he should try to talk to her.  Casey then realizes that Margo knows why Maddie is acting so strange.  Margo tells him that she doesn’t know for sure.  Casey tells her that he thinks it has something to do with Dallas.  Margo thinks back to when she and Dallas were in the interrogation room and she asks Dallas if Maddie was sexually assaulted.  Dallas answers with “you know I can’t tell you that”.  Margo then asks Casey if he loves Maddie. Casey says yes.  Margo gives him some advice, “don’t let her run away from you”.  Casey says he’ll talk to her and the two leave for the memorial.  As they’re walking out the door Jessica and Dallas come in.  Casey gives Dallas an evil look and walks out. 

Maddie is at Jen’s memorial.  Will comes up behind her and Maddie jumps a little. Gwen walks in and asks Maddie if she is alone.  Maddie says yes and Henry sends his condolences.  Gwen then asks why she broke up with Casey.  Maddie says that she doesn’t want to talk about it.  But Gwen doesn’t relent.  She says that if she weren’t so miserable she wouldn’t keep asking.  Maddie leaves right after telling Gwen that Will needs her more than she does. 

Jack and Parker are waiting outside the memorial.  Carly walks up and asks why they are still outside.  Jack tells her that they are still waiting for Hal, who is still at the hospital.  Carly suggests that the three of them go in together, but Parker refuses.  Jack explains that Parker is mad at God because of Jen’s death.  Parker tells her that they prayed for Jen, but she died; they prayed for Jack to come home, and now they’re getting a divorce.  “God doesn’t listen to me”. Carly tells him that God doesn’t answer prayers exactly the way we want.  She also tells him that he shouldn’t think about how sad he is, he should be thinking of how happy and lucky he is to have had such great times with Jen.  She explains that they should thank God for all that he’s given us, even though we don’t always have it for as long as we want.  As she says this she glances over at Jack who looks back at her sadly.  Parker asks Jack to sit with them at the memorial and Carly agrees saying, “I think it’s a great idea”.  The three then go into the memorial together.

Paul and Meg are at the hospital. Meg asks Paul if he convinced Dusty to let them remove Jen’s body.  Paul says that he did, but it made everything seem so final.  He then confesses that he’s not only there because of Dusty; he’s there because of Emily.  Meg is shocked when Paul says that Jen would want him to forgive Emily.  She says that he tried to forgive her after she shot him and Emily repaid him by stealing Dusty.  Meg tells him that they should go to Jen’s memorial.  Paul isn’t sure if it’s a good idea, but Meg tells him that he’ll regret it if he doesn’t go.  Paul warns Meg that every woman in his life winds up either dead or crazy.  Meg promises that she won’t die or lose her mind anytime soon.  Paul tells her that he wants to be a good man.  Meg says, “Jen died believing in that man. And I believe in him, too”. The two hug and leave for the memorial.

Hal and Emily are in Emily’s hospital room.  Emily pleads with Hal to let her do something to thank Jen for forgiving her and being her friend.  She swears that she is not doing this to get to Dusty and make him drop the charges.  With tear’s beginning to fill her eyes, she says she needs to say goodbye to Jen.  Hal tells her that he might be able to find a way for her to leave the room.

Dusty is in Jen’s old hospital room.  Even though Jen’s body has been removed, he returns to the room and gently strokes the pillow.  A nurse come in and Dusty asks if they have seen a hair band of Jen’s.  The nurse tells him that they cleaning crew was just in and they probably through it out.  She says that she’ll look for it, but she doubts that they’ll find it.  Dusty then notices the hair band on the floor.  He picks it up and remembers Jen saying “I’ll try to show you everyday how much I love you”. Lucy then walks in and stares at Dusty.  Dusty tells her that he blames her for not doing her job.  Lucy defends herself by saying “I did do my job.  I was respecting the rights of my patient”. So Dusty says, “And now she’s dead”.   Then Kim comes in and says that Bob will meet them at the memorial.  Dusty and Kim leave for the church while Lucy stays behind and feels guilty.

Lisa and Nancy are at the memorial consoling Barbara. Barbara is torn up at Jennifer’s death.  Lisa tells her that she’s there if she needs her. 

Casey and Maddie are waiting for the memorial to start.  Casey sits behind her and tells her hi.  But Maddie ignores him and continues to stare forward. 

Dusty walks into the memorial and doesn’t say a word to anyone.  The minister then begins the memorial.  Dusty simply stares at the picture of Jen in front of him.  Kim gets up to speak then kisses Jen’s picture.  Will then gets up to speak after Barbara says she can’t. 

Will says that Jen was always there for him and she never gave up on him. He says that Jens last words to him were to “be happy”.  He says that he cant right now, but he’s going to try.  He then begins to cry and says he’s not going to say goodbye to her now, not ever.  Paul then stands up and begins to speak.  At that moment Emily shows up and everyone turns their head to look at her. 

Paul ignores Emily and continues.  “I think it’s tragic that someone would leave the world right after they’ve figured out what it’s all about to begin with”.  He says that there’s no way to repay her for forgiving him.  He explains that if he can put his baby before himself, maybe Jennifer will be proud of him.  Paul sits down and Lisa begins to speak.  She talks about how Jen generated joy to everyone at every time.  Maddie begins to cry and walks out of the memorial.  Casey follows her.    Casey tells her that he loves her, but Maddie tells him to never touch her again.

Lucy is in Jens hospital room staring at Jens empty bed.  Bob tells her that she needs to get over any issues that she has with Jennifer’s death.  Bob tells her that what she did was ethical, but some think it was wrong.  Lucy asks him what he thinks.  Bob tells her that he has his opinions on how it could’ve been handled but that wouldn’t allow them to move forward.   He then leaves to go to Jen’s memorial.

Dallas and Jessica are at Java.  Dallas is explaining that he answered a call when he worked for the Chicago Police Department.  He says that it was from Maddie and it was a cry for help.

Hal then gets up to speak at the memorial.  He says that all he wants to say is that he loves his daughter.  He stares at the picture and says, “I love my Jennifer”.  The minister asks if anyone else would like to say a few words.  There is a pause then Dusty stands up.  He says that his wife shouldn’t have died and everybody knows it.  Then he walks out angrily. 

Gwen then stands up to sing.  As she sings Dusty reminisces about Jennifer.  He smells Jen’s hair band and Lucy touches his shoulder.  He stares at her sadly.

Maddie runs to Java.  She tells Casey not to follow her, but he does anyway.  She runs into Dallas.  She turns to run out, but Casey blocks her. 

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