ATWT Update Monday 7/10/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 7/10/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

On Magique Island (on the resort side), Mike is frantically passing out posters with Katie’s face on them. Vienna is making sarcastic and cynical comments. Mike is determined not to give up on her. Vienna sighs and tells him she will help him pass the pictures out, but a frustrated Mike walks away as she rushes after him.

On Magique Island (on the deserted side), Simon has built a tent from bushes and giant palm leaves. He sees the golf ball on the ground in the sand and scoops it up right before Katie walks over. She is thrilled but wonders where his tent is? She wants to also clean up and considers going to look for some freshwater somewhere. Simon doesn’t seem to want her to go do this and he tries to divert her attention, but she is frustrated and all she wants is for Mike to find her.

At Carly’s, Jade enters the room to find Will, dressed in a suit, standing sadly seemingly one thousand miles away. Where would he want to be right now if he could? He smiles and answers in his backyard about 11 years ago. He dug up his mother’s garden and Jen helped him cover by making a big bouquet out of the yanked out daisies. From then on, whenever she wanted to keep him in line, she would glare at him and say one word, “daisies.” He smiles warmly at the memory. Gwen and Johnny come downstairs with Carly. She thanks her for breakfast and tells Will they should get going; they are going to meet Johnny’s babysitter in a little bit at the church. After they leave, Carly notices that Jade did all the dishes and put some of the kids’ stuff away. She thanks her for that; Jade knows she has her hands full right now. Carly jokes that if she keeps doing what she is doing, she will want her to stay there forever. The doorbell rings interrupting them. Carly assumes it is Hal coming to get Parker to take to the church, but she is surprised to find Jack there instead. Jack sees her surprise and before she can say anything he explains Hal was tied up and he offered to come get Parker.

Carly tells him they had an agreement; he shouldn’t be popping in like this unannounced. Jack laughs nervously and tells her he won’t be long. Jade then passes through on her way upstairs; Jack sees this and immediately grills her as to why Jade is there? Carly explains that she is Will and Gwen’s friend and they invited her to stay with them while she was in Montana. She has no place to stay so she doesn’t see any point to kicking her out. Jack doesn’t want to hear this; she is bad news and she needs to go; Carly smirks at his demand.

At Java, Meg comes up behind Paul surprising him, as his thoughts are somewhere far away. How long has he been here? He couldn’t sleep so he has been sitting here for hours. He kept seeing Jen’s face; he remembered when she was a teenager and she got braces. She never wanted to smile again but he told her that she was so pretty he was certain she would be a model one day. They laugh realizing what he predicted came true. He now hears Jen’s voice telling him he must go to her memorial or she will never forgive him.

At the hospital, Hal asks Barbara what is going on as he sees her pacing outside Jen’s room? She explains that they can’t get Dusty to leave Jen’s room or let her be taken away to prepare her for her memorial service; he won’t let anyone near her. Hal tells the hospital attendants to give him a few minutes. He goes in the room to talk to Dusty. He softly tells him that it is time to finish his good byes. He has to let her go. Dusty slowly turns around and glowers at his words. He then turns back around and stares silently at Jen.

The head investigator on the island is talking to Mike. The ship’s captain has briefed him on where his wife and friend went overboard and he thinks they have a range of coordinates where they might be.

Mike mentions Katie being his wife and then Vienna mentions Simon being her boyfriend, but at the same time he is also Katie’s ex-husband. The investigator is a little surprised by this. Vienna wonders if there is a chance they are still alive? Mike is irritated by her question. The man explains that he has search personnel out in planes and by water. He has to ask; if there is any chance that his wife and her boyfriend planned this disappearance? He has a lot of men and money tied up in this search. Mike assures him that Katie went overboard by accident. They need to find them now. The man seems convinced and off he goes. Mike turns around and berates Vienna for implying there was something going on between them.

Katie smirks at Simon’s obvious attempts; he thinks a desperate situation, a comfy tent, coconut oil and she won’t be able to resist him? She will fall back under his charms? Simon teases third time is s a charm. She turns to go find some fresh water and Simon jumps to stop her. He already went that way and all it is is a jungle with some large snakes. This stops her in her tracks. Simon diverts her attention; they should try to find her wedding ring. Katie is frustrated because she can’t find it and she thinks Simon doesn’t care about it either; he probably found it and threw it in the ocean. She doesn’t love him anymore. Simon playfully pouts telling her he could never be so hurtful. She answers that he already has.

Carly is aggravated as she asks Jack where he gets off telling her whom she can talk to. Doesn’t she know what Jade did to Lily and Holden? She answers that she did hear something. However, she has been very helpful around the house and is great with the kids. Jack stands firm; she is bad news. Carly is just as firm; she was bad news once upon a time as well. She was broke and alone like her at one time and she won’t turn her back on her right now. Upstairs, they hear Parker giggle. Carly adds and if she can make Parker laugh like this now then she is all right in her book. Jade has lied, but so has she; Jade has made mistakes, but so has she. Unlike him, she thinks people deserve a second chance and she is going to give it to her.

Hal continues; Jen has lots of family and friends that need to say goodbye to her too. Dusty stares back at Hal but doesn’t say anything. He can’t change this and he can’t bring her back. After Dusty doesn’t respond, Hal leaves. Barbara wonders what he said?

Hal tells her he said nothing. It was almost as if he expected her to wake up. He is glad to see that Jen had someone like him though, someone that loved her so much that he doesn’t want to let her go. Barbara admits that as this went on and she watched him in there keeping vigil all night, she became resentful. They were married one day, but she is her mother. Hal sadly understands and acknowledges they had more miles with her but they also know she is no longer in that hospital bed. What are they going to do, Barbara worries? Hal doesn’t know.

Will and Gwen arrive at an empty church; they are concerned because they assumed Barbara would have had the place all done up by now. Will thinks they should call her, but Gwen reminds him she just lost her daughter, and maybe they should take care of it for her. She knows he lost his sister, but is that ok? Will appreciates her kindness and thoughtfulness. He knows what they can do, and he needs her help.

Meg worries that Dusty will not want him there; Paul smiles as he tells her that would be nothing new. He needs to be there for Jen; he has enough guilt about the choices he made regarding her before. Meg reminds him that a memorial service is for the people left behind. Paul wants to make peace with Dusty to honor Jen. Meg is still concerned about doing this at a memorial service. It will be fresh in Dusty’s mind about what Jen said about their kids growing up together. Meg gives in; what time is the service?

Barbara opens the hospital room door to talk to Dusty but her cell phone rings interrupting her; it is Paul. He starts off by telling her that she may not like what he is about to tell her. She cuts him off; she can’t deal with his problems today. Dusty refuses to leave Jen’s room or her side; he has been there all night and he won’t let anyone touch her. She doesn’t know what is going to happen with the memorial service now. Whatever issues he is having, she simply doesn’t have the time right now. She hangs up abruptly. Meg wonders what is wrong? Paul relays what Barbara just told him to a stunned Meg. She thinks this is a perfect reason why today is not a good time to get in Dusty’s face.

Will comes back with a couple boxfuls of pictures and he has some of Jen’s favorite CD’s. They are looking through the pictures smiling at images of Jen. Gwen finds a couple of pictures hidden that fall out that are cut up. Who would do this? Will admits he did it after Barbara left them. Jen obviously found them and took care to hide them away. Suddenly he throws his hands up; he can’t do this; Jen was the only good one in the family; the rest of them are not good. They are lying with their flowers and pictures, pretending to be a happy family. Jen was the forgiving one that kept them together; he is angry, resentful and holds grudges. Gwen tries reverse psychology; if he feels that strongly then they should leave. He lost the only family member that he was close to so he should forget about the rest. Will is stunned; is she kidding? She can’t mean that? He stops for a second and then tells her he can deal with his family for a couple of days. He smiles at her knowing what she did; he grabs and hugs her tightly making her promise never to leave him.

Jade comes downstairs to where Carly and Jack are in the midst of their discussion. She was helping Parker with his tie and he should be right down. She notices the tension and tells them she has an errand to run and will be back. After she leaves, in order to appease Jack, Carly promises to keep an eye on her but she will not kick her out because he doesn’t like her. Jack is worked up and reminds her his children live under this roof too. This comment really gets Carly on edge; she snaps for him to back off. He chose to walk out the door and now she runs this household and what goes on in it is now none of his business. He has zip to say about any decisions she makes.

Bob thinks they should get a grief counselor in to Jen’s room as soon as they can. Paul and Meg walk up and Paul tells Barbara and Hal he will talk to Dusty. Hal smirks and tells Paul that trying to talk to Dusty will only provoke him into probably slugging him. Paul doesn’t care; he tells them to get going to the church where they should be; he will take care of things on this end. Hal and Barbara begrudgingly leave.

Paul walks into the room, takes a deep breath and then demands to know if Dusty is trying to prove to the world that he loved Jen more then the rest of them? Dusty whips around and icily stares at him.

Simon is kneeling down when the golfer surprises him by walking up beside him with a drink in his hand. Did he lose a bet? Is he on some reality show, as they guy looks around for the cameras? Simon smiles and nods his head no. The man doesn’t understand why he would be here when a fully stocked bar is right over the hill. Simon drops his voice as he explains to the man that he doesn’t need to be rescued. Just then Katie calls Simon’s name. Simon smiles coyly; he lies and tells the man he and his wife are acting out a remote island fantasy, as he winks. Another man being here will kill the mood. The man smiles and gives him kudos for his creativity. Simon barely pushes the man out of the way before Katie comes up wondering if he was talking to someone?

The island investigator walks up to Mike and Vienna; is there any news Mike nervously wonders? The man explains there has been an emergency nearby. A ferry has crashed and they need to pull all the rescuers working to find his wife. Mike is stunned; they need all the help they can get, but the man thinks at this point the possibility of them surviving this long is remote. He is sorry but he has to go attend to this other emergency.

Jade walks into the church and sees Gwen and Will working on a collage of Jen. Is there anything she can do? The priest comes in and apologizes for being late. Are Will’s parents coming soon so they can make sure things runs smoothly? Will promises they are going to be there soon. He hands the priest some CD’s to play in the meantime. They look over the finished collage and Will thinks it is perfect.

Paul tells Dusty while he understands it is a difficult time; he has to say his good byes now. Dusty demands he get out! Parker and Hal have to make some arrangements. Dusty quietly says he will take care of it. Paul snaps slightly telling him not to be selfish. They need to do this. Dusty jumps up, grabs Paul’s collar and pushes him up against the wall. Dusty spits that he put up with him because of his sister but he should knock him out for what he did to her. Paul unwaveringly stares back at Dusty and tells him to punch him if he needs to. Ultimately it is not going to help his or anyone else’s pain, but he should do it if he feels otherwise. Dusty holds his stare.

Carly decides there needs to be rules. Jack chuckles at this. She tells him he can’t just drop in anytime. He doesn’t get to do that anymore now that he has decided he can’t be her husband anymore. Every time she forgets for a moment about that… her voice trails off. He needs to start calling first and if it is a bad time then she will tell him. Jack wonders why it might be a bad time? Carly turns around not answering. Jack gets the implication; there may be a person who might cause it to be a bad time? Carly answers that he put their marriage behind them and she has to learn to do that as well.

An edgy sounding Simon explains he was talking to himself, just trying to keep his spirits up. Katie wonders why he sounds mad? He reminds her that he didn’t think twice when he jumped in after she went overboard. Katie recognizes what he did for her. He goes on; all he hears about is how miserable she is and how much she misses Mike. She is acting like this is all about her. Katie pouts and then apologizes; she didn’t mean to do that. Simon then pretends he didn’t mean to tell her all that. Maybe Mike will find them he pretends. Katie tells him that he has been right; they need to work together if they want to be alive when they are rescued. Simon secretly smiles knowing he is working her sympathies.

Mike doesn’t know what to do; he then has an idea; he could call Margo since she is a cop maybe she will have some pull to get the search restarted. Vienna asks what she can do? Mike sarcastically tells her she can go home and forget Simon exists because when he gets his hands on that “Aussie” there won’t be much left of him. A group of men sitting at a nearby table overhear Mike say this. One of them asks if he is looking for an “Aussie” who is tall and dark haired? He doesn’t know if his name is Simon, but he thinks he knows where he is. Mike and Vienna are stunned.

Carly explains that he didn’t call yesterday when he came by with news about Jen and he didn’t call today. She is trying to find balance in her life between him being out her life but still in her kid’s lives. Carly stares longingly at Jack; it is hard for her to look at him or hear him even say her name without feeling things. Jack returns the yearning look. It isn’t easy for him either. Every time he heads to the house and sees her he can’t stop thinking about her. He still feels like they are married and always will be. They both are caught up in each other’s eyes.

Gwen wonders why else Jade came by? She tells Gwen that she thinks she may need to find somewhere else to live; she jokes wondering if she has more relatives? Gwen wonders what she is talking about? Jade explains that Jack stopped by and it was obvious that he was not happy she was there and since he is related to Holden and Lily, she would understand where his loyalties lie. Gwen thinks that Carly will make up her own mind since they are separated, but if she asks her to leave, she will help her find another place. Will comes back up to the front of the church where they are standing; where did the daisies come from? Gwen tells him that Jade brought them. Jade tries to downplay it knowing Will would know why she brought those particular flowers. She was just walking by the florist and saw them. She is going to leave now though. After she heads out, Barbara comes in wondering if she just saw Jade leaving and why she would be here, she demands to know? She stops suddenly when she notices the church all decorated. She is overwhelmed; she thanks Will hugging him tightly. Will tells her that she should be thanking Gwen since it was her doing. Barbara tells her that she can’t. Gwen misunderstands and awkwardly tells her that it is ok. Barbara explains she means that thank you would not be enough or a big enough statement for what she has done. Gwen is moved as the two women embrace.

Dusty sits back down staring at Jen. He tells Paul he keeps telling himself if he never leaves this room then she will stay with him. He would stop time in order to stay with her. Paul gently tells him that if he did that then he wouldn’t see Johnny grow up, learn to finger paint, walk, talk, go to his prom, graduate high school. These are all the things Jen wanted for Johnny and him. There is a long silence and then Dusty wonders if Barbara and Hal are still out there? Paul tells him they went on to the church; it is just them. He doesn’t want him to linger over the shell of Jen; she has moved on and she would want the same for him. Paul then turns and leaves as Dusty continues to fixate on Jen lying there in the bed.

Mike desperately asks where he saw Simon? The man explains he hit his golf ball way wide and tracked it down to the far side of the island. He met an Australian over there playing Robinson Caruso. He told him that he did remember the woman saying his name was Simon even though he never saw her. The man he met told him he didn’t need help and that he and his wife were acting out a fantasy. Mike whirls around to Vienna remarking he told her that Katie was alive!

Katie wants to head towards the highest part of the island to build a fire for their smoke signals. Simon diverts her attention by grabbing her hand; he knows he let her down in the past but he won’t do it this time. Katie tells him she is glad to hear this because he is all she has got as she hugs him, Simon smiles slyly.

Carly tells Jack if she were to have a husband she would want him to act like it everyday and not just when he is feeling nostalgic. She can’t have a home where he pops in anytime he feels that way like one goes to the supermarket. Jack understands; he just sees her as a decadent piece of chocolate cake that he knows he shouldn’t have, but he wants another taste. They seem to be inching closer to one another trying to fight the draw pulling them towards one another. He goes on. He has had a taste and can’t forget how good it tastes. Carly tries to slow this down by reminding him he is allergic to this cake. Jack continues to draw her in. Parker bounds downstairs thrilled to see Jack. Jack is forced to shift his attention. He tells Parker he is there to take him to the church. Parker wonders if his mom can come? Carly and Jack look at each other; Carly promises she will get changed and meet them over there. As Jack heads out the door with Parker, he looks back and they catch each other’s eyes again before he is gone.

Paul calls Meg; he is at the hospital but he thinks he convinced Dusty to let Jen go. Meg is glad to know he is still in one piece. Paul thinks he got through – for now.

The priest approaches Will and tells him apologetically that the CD player is not working so he won’t be able to play Jen’s CD’s. Will wants to have her music play so he offers to run home and get a CD player. Barbara tells him it won’t be necessary as she turns to Gwen. Will she sing for her daughter? Gwen is taken aback by Barbara’s genuine sincerity and immediately agrees to do this. Barbara gently hugs her.

The hospital attendants wheel Jen’s covered body out of the room as Paul and Dusty stand to the side. As they are about to leave, Dusty stops them, pulls down the sheet and looks at Jen. He gently strokes her face and kisses her. Then he slowly puts the sheet back up as they wheel her away. Paul, who is standing sadly in the background, slowly approaches him awkwardly. He pauses for a moment and then puts his hand on Dusty’s shoulder. Dusty shrugs it off and walks away as Paul stands there alone.

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